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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 69)

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 3:55am | IP Logged
ufff...jiya i loved it alot.....

n 1st of all i wud say dat all ur dreamz n wishes cum true....AMEEN...dnt u worry sisi.....i knw u'll surely get in...WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

n well da os....jaan leva tha...i miss mayur alot...u always bring back da old golden memories.....yup nupur will always b nupur......LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

n loving da kids......esp dey were soo cute when da chnged da sweet n cute na....TongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongue comments....well women will always remain like dis....loved dis alot....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

i jus loved da care n affection u showd n da worry in nupur'e eye...da pain ws soo words were needed to describe it.....ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

n i knew samrat wud b behind all dis drama.....TongueTongueTongueTongueTongue well jus loved da way mayank reminded me when he ws actually drunk.......n nupur's sob n silent tears.....dat clearly indicated her love for her husband n family.......

all in all wonderful piece of work.......EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

n all b waiting for ur kismat update before u leave.......Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

loads of love n careHeart

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Nice os.

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part 1 page 39-
such a cute ss
and such a cute update
i toh loved it

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pg 43- part 2
this was fab
flashbacks were gr8

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pg 46
simply picture perfect

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Hii Jiya,
I read the one on Page 65
Gish! It is beautiful!!!
So nicely written, I could imagine everything Big smile
it was wonderful!!!
It was like as if am watching MJHT
Lovely Hug

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Thank you so much for the overwhelming response, I really don't have words to explain my happiness... Thanks a lot


@Fari - thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Mujhe un do nanhe shaitano se bahut pyaar haiEmbarrassed, aur main holi pe unhe kaise miss kar sakti thiBig smile

@Ishi - th...oops *hugs* for the lovely wordsHug, and one more for unreserving all ur postsLOL I love it when you take the pain to write a complete analysis, I wish I could do that tooErmm 
Nice to know that I managed to take you in Mayur dreamlandBig smile, did you see me there?WinkLOL

@Mehak - you don't know how I feel when I see your comment, its just unexplainable. Thank you, thanks a lot Mehak

@Sujata-di - I'm so glad you liked itBig smile... I hope you like the next one tooEmbarrassed, because it's specially for youEmbarrassed, and I'm scared of datConfused

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@Umi - my dear sister, Hug for liking the OS, and I'm glad I could bring back the golden memoriesEmbarrassed

@Sam - thank you so much for liking itEmbarrassed, I'm so happy that I could remind you of MJHTBig smile Thanks a lot for your encouragement, it really means a lot to me

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Thank You so much for the lovely comments, I'm really sorry I'm not replying to each one of you separately, but all of them mean a lot to me. Thank you so much again.


Thank you guys for being such a big support for me. I really don't know what I would have done without your encouragement. Thanks for being there.

with loads of love


P.S. turn to the next page for the storyEmbarrassed

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~Heartthe Bozo and the GirlHeart~ 

It was a tiny apartment at some corner of New York City. The giant clock on the wall showed 11:00 a.m., but the young man who lay disheveled on the couch, refused to budge a wink, even after his cell-phone screamed for the seventh time since the last five minutes. One look around the room told the story of last night clearly. Heaps of dirty laundry lay carelessly on the bed, the reason why the man was on the couch. Three beer bottles rolled on the ground, staining the carpet with the last droplets that had been spared, leftover pizza crumbs served as a feast to the ant clan. A lone ketchup bottle watched over the scenario and perhaps looking for its missing cap... Gosh!! This man was dirty...

 "Mayank!!!!!" A voice screamed from outside in a perfect American accent, simultaneously banging hard on the wooden door, "Mayank!!!! Get up you bozo!!!" He stirred with a frown on his face "Get lost Nupsi!! Lemme sleep yaa!!"

But Nupsi did not seem to act as she was instructed "Mayank!!! Open up this moment!!! or trust me I'll break it down!!! GET UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!" 

"Fine!!" He grumbled as he moved out of his paradise and made way through the mess to reach the door. "What!!! Can't a man sleep even on Sunday??" He glared at the girl who was standing outside, reciprocating the same expressions that he had. "Do you mind putting on a shirt before opening the door?? Yuck!!" She pointed out making a disgusted face as the man before her was only in his tracks. 

"As long as you mind waking me up so early on Sunday!!" He shot back, blocking her way inside.

"Early??? Puhleezz!! And move dude!! You are stinking!!" She pushed him hard and made her way in, only jump right back "What the f??" She shrieked as few black ants showered their love on her "eww!! eww!! ewwwww!!" Mayank burst out laughing at her condition, but his laughter vanished the next moment, as she started showering kicks and punches on him. "You dirty monkey, idiot, dumbo, duffos!!" He ran to save his life, with her after him. 

"Nupsiii!! Stoppp!!" After a few rounds around that tiny apartment, he grabbed her by her wrists pinned her on to the wall. Both were panting heavily after the running. His bare torso was less than an inch apart from her petite structure, his hot breath mixed with her scent. For a split second, the brown and the hazel eyes met, and...

"Mayank!! You stink!! Get off me you buzzhead!!" She screamed right in his ear and he sprinted away. "Would you mind telling me why you are here?" 

"Don't tell me you forgot?" She narrowed her eyes looking at his confused face "err... amm.. uh..."

"Duh!! How can I even think???" She nodded her head disappointedly and made way towards the couch looking for a place to sit. "Dude... today is 3rd April!!" She looked at him expecting that he would remember the significance of the date, but he showed no such signs. She let out a big sigh "Mr. Mayank Chatterjee!!! Your parents are coming today!!"

"Huh!!!! OMG!!!! Freak!!!! How can I...??? Oh Shit!!" He looked bewildered as he looked around his apartment, finally realizing that it actually looked like a trashcan. She chuckled looking at his state, and moved to make herself more comfortable on the couch, but something disturbed her posture, and as she dragged it out, it turned out to be a white vest which smelled badly of beer "ewww!!!" It flew away from her hand just to land on Mayank's worried face. If it had been some other day, Mayank would have started another round of Tom and Jerry chase, but he had a bigger problem to take care of right now. "Nupsi!!" he looked at her making a puppy face, but she vehemently nodded "no ways!! I'm not cleaning your junkyard"

"Nups!! You are my best friend naa!! Won't you do this much for me??" he tried doing the cute act, but she knew him too much to melt at that "No Mayank!! Not this time!!" 

"Nupsi pleeeaaasssseeeee" He came nearer to her, bending on the couch, he neared his face towards her, "all right all right!!" She turned her face to another direction making a far more disgusted expression "now move off!!" He smiled and moved away from her "And for god sake!! Put on a shirt!!" She screamed as she made way towards the kitchen.

"you know girls die to see me like this" he said in a matter-of-fact tone, to which she stuck out her tongue towards him "but... how can I forget? You toh are not even a girl" he nodded in mock disappointment, and ducked just in time to escape the spoon that came flying towards him "if you are done blabbering, can we clear out your douche bag now?"

So, as Mayank and Nupsi cleanup the apartment, let me tell you their story. Mayank Chatterjee, 28 yrs old, photographer with Verve fashion magazine and obviously in love with his.... job. He is a total hunk, and an absolute party animal. When happy, he would be the best person around, but he could be a freaky nightmare when he was in an off mood. He had been living in New York since the past 6 years, and doesn't really mingle with the Indian crowd here, especially the Bengalis. Well, as they say, there is always an exception. The exception in Mayank's case was Nupsi, or Nupur Mitra, his best friend, and perhaps his only true friend. 

Nupur Mitra, 25 yrs, writer cum reporter of Verve, and Mayank's best friend. She was the only one who had the guts to face him when he was angry, and she was the only one who could handle his mood swings. She lived alone in the apartment opposite Mayank's. It was similar to his, but only in the structure, not the way Mayank kept his apartment. Being born and brought up in New York, she had cherished a hidden desire to know about her roots ever since. She left no opportunity to interact with the Bengali family in their building whenever she could. However, it was a matter of everyday that she would pick up a fight with Mayank regarding this matter.

"Mayank!! I don't understand!! Why do you despise the Ganguly-s so much?" 

"Please Nupur!! I don't want to fight on this stupid topic again!!" 

"Come on dude!! They belong to your place, you should be......" 

"Nupsi!! They are so over-the-top yaa!! I don't understand how you handle them? If they so miss Kolkata, why the hell are they staying here??" 

"Mayank!! But..." 

"Nupsi please... why are we fighting on this??" 

"Hmph!! Fine!!"

So, this was how the situation was between Nupur and Mayank. And today, after 6 long years, Mayank's parents were coming to meet him, and their flight was to arrive in another 2 hours. They had managed to bring the apartment to a presentable stage by now. It looked a lottttt better now. 

"What are you bozo?? A man or a monkey?" Nupur scowled at Mayank as she wiped a sweat droplet from her forehead. Her t-shirt and jeans showed patches of dirt here and there, and Mayank, who had finally put on a shirt, had grease marks all over him that he got while cleaning the window. "Gosh!! How can someone be so dirty??" Nupur grumbled again, and Mayank sheepishly smiled at her, looking like a complete idiot. "Stop smiling now, and go take a shower, the flight lands in another hour." His idiotic smile became wider and he planted a kiss on her cheek in excitement "thanks Nupsi" and vanished into the washroom before she could even react. "Eww!! gross!!" she rubbed her cheek vigorously, and stomped away to her own apartment.


"Hello Aunty, hello Uncle" Mrs. Aparna Chatterjee frowned a little seeing the girl clad in a baggy t-shirt and fitted jeans greet them. She looked at her husband, Mr. Saikat Chatterjee with a what-is-she-doing-in-Mayu's-home look, while Nupur came forward and touched their feet. They were astonished as they put their hands on her head blessing her. "Aamaar... naam... Nupur (My name is Nupur)" She managed from her limited stock of the language "aami.. Mayank... bondhu (I am Mayank's friend)" Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee were still to recover from the shock when their savior arrived with the baggage. "Hey Nups!! Help me settle the luggage naa" He said handing her the trolley, and then turned to his parents "Maa, baba, ei holo Nupur, jaar kotha bolchilaam raastay (this is Nupur, about whom I was telling you on the way)" Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee nodded at him and finally smiled at the girl.


"Sorry aunty" Nupur guiltily looked at Aparna as she paid the delivery boy from the local Chinese restaurant, "actually the Indian Food Lounge is closed today, so I ordered Chinese, I hope you don't mind" she looked at her feet while she bit her lower lip.

"Naa Nupur, its okay" Saikat smiled at her, and Aparna nodded in approval. "tomra ekhane bengali khabar paao?" Aparna said in bengali, to which Saikat suppressed a laugh. "Oh sorry, I mean, do you get Bengali food here?" But Nupur was more than happy "Aunty, I understand Bengali, please talk to me in Bengali only" her eyes sparkled with joy "aa.. aa.. aapni... amake... uhm...teach korbe? (will you teach me?)"

"Nupsi!! You started again??" Mayank glared at her, only to get a glare back from his mother "eto khub bhalo kotha!! Tui oke bokchis keno? Aami nischoyi sekhabo tomake Nupur!! (That's really nice, why are you scolding her? I'll surely teach you Nupur!!)" Aparna happily declared, and Nupur flashed her victorious smile to a frowning Mayank. 


Though Aparna had promised to teach Bengali to Nupur, it was not actually happening. Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee were here for only 2 weeks, and so, on Nupur's request, Mayank has taken an off for the time being. So, on one hand, when Nupur was buried under work pressure, Mayank was busy taking his parents for site seeing, and they would spend the whole day outside and return in the evening, totally exhausted. Therefore both never really had the time or opportunity to meet each other.

"Hey Nups!!" Nupur removed her eyes from her PC screen to locate the source of the voice, and the frown on her face eased a little seeing the face. "Hey Mike!! What's up??"

The handsome American man smiled at her, "nothing as such!! When is Mayank joining back?"

"On 18th" She said, but what she didn't realize was the sudden spark of happiness in her eyes that came on the mention of Mayank.

"Thank God" He let out a sigh.

"Why? Any important photo shoots coming up?" she asked in an indifferent tone.

"No, but we are missing something important, which will be back after he comes back."

"And what is that?" She was curious now.

Mike stepped a little forward and bent on her table "your smile." She looked at him with astonishment as he smiled and turned away. She gazed towards his retreating figure, thinking about his words "Why did he say that? Am I not smiling? Of course I am" She tried to look into her reflection on the PC screen, and grinned widely, and then shook her head "Silly Nupur!! You are not smiling. But why??? Because you are missing Mayank... NO... I'm not... It's because... because... oh yeah... I am not smiling because I have loads of work to do." She seemed convinced with the reply... or was she? "Aah... whatever... now concentrate Nupur, you got work. Else Johnny is gonna blast your head off." Johnny was her boss, and the Chief editor of Verve magazine.


"See maa, this is my favourite spot" Mayank proudly declared looking over the clear blue water of the East river. His parents admired the tall Brooklyn Bridge that stood at a distance. It was perhaps the most... sorry... the only peaceful place in the busy New York City. 

"It's really beautiful Mayank" Saikat exclaimed in admiration as Aparna seconded his thought by her smile. 

"Hmm..." Mayank seemed a little lost in his thoughts looking at the calm and serene water, but he quickly gained his composure back. "Actually this place was Nups' favourite first, but now its my favourite too" He excitedly started describing how Nupur had once dragged him here, after he had a fight with their boss. He was smiling all through while he was explaining every single detail, and his parents were listening to him totally amused. It was not new for them though, they had got used to it in the five days they had spent with him. They knew every habit of Nupur by now, despite the fact that they haven't seen her after their first day encounter. Saikat looked at Aparna raising his brows: Are you thinking what I am thinking? 

Aparna smiled: Yes I am, but does he know this yet?

He pressed his lips together: I don't know, and I don't think so...

She looked a little confused: So...

He slightly nodded: Not now, I think we should meet her first...

She smiled again in affirmation: Hmm... okay...

Aparna turned back at her son, who was still continuing his jabber "Mayu..."  

Mayank stopped "Haan Maa??" 

"Is your office closed on Saturday?" She plainly asked, raising his curiousity, "sobsomay naa (not always)" He said in a little disappointed tone, "But why are you asking? I have taken the whole two weeks leave" he assured her. 

"Arey!! I know that!!" She nodded at her son, and quickly added the sentence that brought a BIG smile on his face "I was thinking of asking Nupur to have lunch with us tomorrow, and I'm going to cook"

"Wow Maa, great idea" Mayank jumped like a 5 year old kid, and hugged her, at the same moment being surprised at his act Why am I so excited?? This is not the first time Nupur is coming over for lunch. Maybe because... I did not see her since last five days, and I'm missing her... NO... I am excited because... because... yes, I'm excited because maa is going to cook... yeah, that's right...  He straightened his face as he broke the hug, "Chalo, let's go, amaader aaro onek jagay jete hobe (we have to go to other places also)" he plainly stated and started walking away, while Saikat and Aparna chuckled in their minds before following him. 


"Mmmm..." Nupur's eyes gleamed in happiness as she put a morsel of luchi (Bengali style poori) dripping with the Dum Aaloo gravy in her mouth "It's amazing Aunty!!" She declared, before diving back on to the plate. Mayank chuckled at her childish behavior, and shook his head. 

"What??" She glared at him, only to amuse him more. He chuckled again, and then widened his eyes "Nupsi, you'll become fat if you eat so much." She stuck out her tongue towards him "I don't care."

"Of course, why would you?" He said in a matter-of-fact tone, at which she squinted her eyes, "you see... girls worry about their figure... but I forgot... that you... are NOT a girl" he added looking at her with a straight face, while her eyes shot daggers at him. If it were another day, Mayank would have been dead by now, but the presence of his parents saved his life today. She gritted her teeth, "at least I am not like those girls whom you flirt with everyday." He almost got choked, and glared at her "Nups!! I don't flirt!!"

"Oh yeah!!" She mocked at him "then what were you doing with Ashley last Saturday??"

"Err.. aah... she's a friend okay?" he tried clearing the air, "and why are you jealous?" he added in an attempt to turn the table. She was a little taken aback, but just for a spit second, and then she was back in form "Jealous?? Puhleez!! I am not jealous? Why should I be?"

"Yeah right!!" he shot back "I forgot again... girls become jealous... you are NOT a girl!!"

"Mayank!! That's enough!!" She looked totally pissed off by now, and pushed the plate from in front of her. Seeing the situation turn serious, Aparna, who was till now enjoying the cute banter, intervened. "Mayu!! Why are you fighting with her? Oke shanti-te khete de na baba!! (let her eat peacefully son!!)"

"See aunty!!" Nupur shot another glare at him before looking at Aparna "he is always after my life... hmph!!" Mayank had just begun with the reply "that's because you..." but was cut short by Saikat, "Mayuu!! Stop troubling her!!" Mayuu looked at his dad with a hurt expression "you too Dad!! I'm your son, or she's your daughter??"

"I am" Nupur promptly replied flashing her victorious smile while Saikat came and sat beside her. He smiled in affirmation to Nupur before looking at Aparna, who was sitting on her other side. Their eyes met, and then they both hugged her from both sides, you will be darling, you will be. Mayank had a terrible expression on his face, and the three were laughing at him hysterically, but on the inside, he felt content. He was himself amused with the feeling, but he let the happiness take over, and didn't question it.

 His thoughts were intervened with Nupur's voice again, but it was not directed to him. "Oops!! Aunty, I forgot to tell you... there are 2-3 bengali families in this locality, and they have planned a get-together on next Sunday morning," she stopped to take a breath "its p... p... p..." she struggled with the word which Aparna completed "Poila Baishakh (1st day of the Bengali New Year)"

"yes!!" she heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. Mayank slapped his forehead "Nups!! How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like them??" 

"Who's asking you anyways" She made a face to him.

"But Nupur... poila baishakh is on Thursday naa?" Aparna stated totally ignoring her son; he was shocked.

"Yes Aunty, but Thursday there is no holiday" she said a little disappointed, and again went back to her excited expression "Aunty, Uncle, please please do come!!I know it's nothing like Calcutta, but you'll like it" She made her famous puppy face which had the capacity to melt a stone, and Aparna and Saikat were mere humans. 

"Of course we'll come" they said in unison, and Mayank slapped his forehead once again, but his despair had not yet ended, "and Mayu will also come." He gaped in horror towards his parents, as Nupur rejoiced her victory.


Another week passed by in the same way. Both of them kept denying that they were missing each other, but they were, and that was prominent.

It was the middle of the night, and sleep seemed miles away from him. What's wrong with you dude? He tossed on the couch for the fifth time, and sat up with a jerk. In the dim light of the night-bulb, he could see his parents sleeping peacefully on his bed. He quietly stepped down, and went towards the door. He was about to open it, but he turned back remembering something. He went towards the couch, picked up the shirt that was lying carelessly on the backrest, and put it on. Then he quietly made his way out of the apartment.

Before he could knock on the door, it opened, and there she was. "Come on in" she plainly stated and turned back. "How did you know I was here??" he was surprised. She looked at him, I don't know, I just wanted to see you, and you were there!! she smiled so as to hide the conflict that was going on in her mind, but she didn't succeed much. But the restlessness inside him prompted him not to take the matter ahead. 

"Coffee?" She asked, "okay" came the answer. She quietly went to the kitchen, and he followed her. He hopped on the slap as she turned on the coffee maker. "Is anything wrong?" he looked at her faced trying to figure out her expressions. Yes!! "No!!" She was quicker than he expected. "Okkaayy" he was a little surprised, but he again tried "So.. what's going on in Verve?" She looked up, at the middle of the night you came over to ask about Verve?? "Nothing much, the Versace New Collection is going to launch in the next month, and the Gucci collection is also lined up next, so... yeah... its pretty hectic these days" She tried hard to sound normal, "oh.. I forgot... Mike was missing you" she added with a wink. He smiled and nodded she'll never change "Oh God!! Really!! I thought Mike was straight!!" he appeared shocked. "Eww!! Mayank!! You and your dirty mind" she made a face, instigating a laughter that was badly needed. 

They sat on the couch with the coffee. They never needed a subject to start talking; they didn't need one now too. They were chatting like they have found each other after ages, only they didn't realize it. 

I missed you, his eyes sparkled.

 I missed you too, her eyelids fluttered in happiness.


It was Sunday, and Mayank frowned hard as his mother held the white kurta set towards him. "Why can't I go in my t-shirt and denims?" 

"Because it's poila baishakh and you are supposed to wear traditional clothes" Aparna nodded firmly before adding "be thankful that I am not making you wear dhoti." (Authors Note: Dhoti-Kurta is the actual traditional Bengali dress for Men) 

"But maa..." he pleaded, only to be shut off again, "No buts... you are coming and you are wearing this" she declared the verdict and turned away. Mayank looked at Saikat in despair, but he had a mom's-word-is-the-last-word-son look on his face. "Fine!!" he grumbled and made way to the washroom. 

Just as Mayank came out of the washroom, Nupur stepped in to the house. She was wearing her usual baggy t-shirts and fitted denims. "OMG!! Mr. Bozo!!" she gawked at Mayank, who was looking quite handsome in the kurta "You look good!!" she smiled naughtily at him further increasing his frown. "Maa, even Nups is not wearing traditional, why do I have to?" He tried once again, only to get a glare from Aparna. "Nupur!!" she looked at Nupur who seemed to be in a fix, "why aren't you in traditionals?"

"Traditionals??" she was shocked, "uhm.. aunty... I don't have any" she spoke the truth. "Hmm..." Aparna seemed to think about something, "okay, Mayank, you go with your Dad, we are coming in a while." "But aunty..." Nupur tried to intervene because she could anticipate what was going to happen, but she was to know a lot more about Aparna "no buts..." She passed the ruling firmly, and the two men silently made their way out.   


Mayank was bored, irritated and totally pissed as his Bengali neighbours seemed overwhelmed to see him and his father at the function. Saikat mingled with them easily and was chatting away as Mayank yawned for the tenth time. He was looking around for a way to escape when his eyes fell on the entrance, and he felt as if the world had stopped spinning.

She entered the hall with his mother. The white saree with a red border looked perfect on her slight dusky complexion. Her long dark brown tresses draped till her waist, a thin silver bracelet adorned on her wrists with matching danglers; she lifted her hands to tuck a disturbing lock of hair behind her ears, and that was when he breathed again. She could feel his gaze on her; she was surprised by the warmth that crept up her cheeks. Aparna giggled in her mind, as Saikat mentally patted her back. She let go of Nupur and stood beside Saikat. Nupur walked up to Mayank silently, and waved her hand before him, "Mayank!!" breaking his trance. He blinked in an attempt to get back himself, and smiled. "You look..." he took in a deep breath, and so did she...

"You look like... a girl" Her downcast eyes shot up as he burst into laughter. "what??" She looked at him in a failed attempt to burn him down, "you monkey!!" she started hitting him on his shoulder, but he ducked after the second blow and started running. She attempted to run behind him, but she forgot that she had worn a saree for the first time in her life. 

She shut her eyes tightly as she found herself going down, but opened them as she felt being stopped in mid air. She opened her hazel eyes and looked straight into his brown ones. His face was barely an inch apart from hers, his hot breath lingered on her face, torturing her to the maximum. She closed her eyes again as he pulled her up on her feet. His hands still lay on her bare waist, the heartbeats stopped for a while, the sensation was unexplainable.

"Ahem!!" she opened her eyes hearing his voice. He mumbled a "Sorry" that collided with her "Thanks." The situation was awkward, because they didn't know if the other felt the same. "Uh... I'm gonna get a coke" he managed looking elsewhere, "you want?" "No thanks" she nodded disappointedly and turned away. "By the way..." she turned back to face him; he leaned forward towards her, her heart skipped a beat. He neared his lips towards her ears, and whispered, "You look beautiful"  

Mayank leaned on the drinks counter as he sipped on the coke, managing to steal frequent glances at her. She looked busy talking to some elderly ladies along with Aparna, but her condition was the same as him.

"Mayank!!" he jerked back from his state of daze as Saikat patted on his shoulder, "She's a beautiful girl." Mayank looked at his father and smiled, "she is..." Saikat nodded at his smile, "and she understands you too" he nodded in affirmation, trying to figure out what his dad was trying to say, "then why don't you just tell her??" He was shocked, but Saikat was his father. He smiled at his son "I know what's in your heart son, and I think you have realized it too. Why don't you just tell her?" Mayank looked bewildered for a while as he let the feeling sink in. He looked at his father, "What if she says no?" his eyes showed hurt in anticipation of a heartbreak. "She won't" Saikat assured him with a smile, "trust me, she won't." A smile crept up Mayank's face as he felt confident. He again looked back at her, just in time to see her quickly lowering her eyes. "Shit!!" She cursed herself, as she knew he had seen her staring at him. He grinned widely, because he was assured completely now.

[1 year later] 

"MAYANKK!!" She screamed and threw a pillow at him which he ducked successfully and stuck out his tongue to her. "You idiot, monkey, dumbo, duffos!!" She continued chasing him all around the apartment, throwing things at him at regular intervals. "I told you to put away the pizza box, look what you have done!!" She screamed again pointing at the cardboard box that lay at a corner, serving as a feast to the ant clan again. "I said I'm sorry naa Nupsi!! Now will you kill me for that or what??" he shouted back ducking another cushion that came flying to him. "Yes I will" she sprinted towards him, but he twirled around and grabbed her wrist pulling her on to him, but they both couldn't hold their balance and toppled on the bed.

"Leave me" she wriggled under him as he pinned her further to the bed. 

"No, I won't" He winked mischievously at her. 

"Mayank!! Leave me, or I'll shout" she glared. 

"Go ahead!! I know how to stop you. Don't tell me I didn't warn!!" he grinned naughtily, bringing his face nearer. 

"Ma..." she was stopped before she could utter any further. He captured her lips, savoring their smooth touch, nibbling, kissing and sucking on them. Her eyes were closed in delight, she had forgotten by now that they were fighting a few seconds back. She parted her lips ever so slightly, and felt the velvet of his mouth. It seemed as if time had stopped for them to let them cherish the moment.

She felt a sense of loss as he moved back; she opened her eyes, not appreciating the breathlessness that ran between them. He looked right into her, flashing a wicked smile that said I-win. She knew him in and out, her lips curved up to a naughty smile too. She lifted her head a little and whispered in his ears...

"Do you mind taking off you shirt?"

"Not at all, Mrs. Chatterjee"     

***[The EndWink]***

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