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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 65)

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
OMG was very beautiful but painful........i had tears in my time plz write it wid a happy ending...MN are always a hapy couple.plz let them be:)))))))

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Mou. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged
it was sad...i can't c sadness for MN..t was beautiful jiya yet it was sad ...very sad!!!Ouch

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prerna_agrawal Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
omg..... such an awesome os....... simply loved it!!!....... too good!!..... plzzzz do write more n plzzzz do pm me when u update!!.... :)

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged


Hello mere pyaare doston

Surprise surpriseBig smile... I'm back with an OSBig smile... hmm... I was thinking, ki I should stick to OSs only... FFs are so not my cup of coffeeConfused (I know the phrase is wrong, it should be tea, but I hate teaDead, the only factor I disagree to my angelEmbarrassed)... anyways... arey arey, don't panic babaLOL.. I will continue KismatWink... I was just kiddingLOL... okay, sorry for being carried away, let me go back to the pointBig smile... ok, the point of this message board is that this OS will be my last update.... arey.. phir ghabra gaye kya??LOL last update for the time being.. happy nowBig smile... I'm not leaving IF forever... and you people have to jhelofy me for a pretty long time... jiya se peecha churana mushkil hi nahi, namumkin haiLOL... I'll be gone for some days for some study purpose, and so I may not be replying/commenting for some time... so guys, chill... and don't even dare to not pm me your updatesEvil Smile... thik hai??

and yes.. I'll try to update Kismat before I leave... its not a promise, but I'll try

huh!! pata nahi maine itna kyun likha... actually... likhne ka mann kar raha tha... isliye... sorry for taking you to the land of boredom... and so, here I rest my case [bowing down] 

with luv,

P.S. please please please guys... pray karna ki main jis kaam ke liye jaa rahi hoon wo ho jaayeEmbarrassed

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged


It was an usual lazy Sunday morning. The sunrays peeped through the window and found him sleeping peacefully. Oh how cute he looks in his sleep. They kissed him right on his eyelids, and he stirred a little, creasing his brows. He felt something soft on his cheeks, a gentle caress, he stirred some more, and tossed around to face the other side. The soft touch followed. He fluttered his heavy eyelids, before opening them fully. HAPPY HOLI PAPA!!! He woke up with a jolt to his two 6-yr old devils. They were flashing their naughtiest grin ever, their hands were smeared in colours. He touched his cheek, and was not surprised to see his fingers turn green. He took one glance at the giggling faces before pouncing upon them. Happy Holi!!!


They tip-toed into the kitchen, she was there, facing her back towards them. The breeze that came in through the window, played with her long dark brown tresses making them flutter. He was standing right behind her, all set to attack, but he forgot, that she was his wife. Before he could do anything, she swiftly turned around and once again his face was smeared in colour, this time red. Happy Holi Mayank!!! She squealed in her usual self splitting into giggles. Mayank was flabbergasted, and awed at the same time. Gosh!! She still looked like the college going Nupur Bhushan, even after 10 years of being Mrs. Nupur Mayank Sharma. She opened her arms towards the kids, and they jumped into her embrace. Happy Holi Mamma!!! They squeaked as they put colour on her cheeks. Pranav!! Arushi!! A voice rang in from the door, and they jumped down from her lap Uday Mamu!! and ran out. She was about to follow them, but a pull on her wrist made her bump right back on his chest. She felt the little heat that crept up her cheeks. It's been 10 years, and he still had that effect on her. He smiled within himself, and pulled her closer. Mayank! Kya kar rahe ho? Chhoro na! He nodded nearing his face to her. Mayank please! Uday Bhaiya aa jaayenge! Her voice was getting softer, but he nodded again, nearing her more. She trembled in anticipation and closed her eyes, she could feel his hot breath lingering on her lips. Happy holi Nupur! He whispered and rubbed his cheeks onto hers, adding some more red to her already scarlet cheeks.

Maasiiiii!! They sprang apart as 5 yr old Neha dashed into the kitchen. She jumped up to Nupur's lap and transferred all the yellow from her palms onto her cheeks, Happy Holi Maasiii!!

Happy Holi Shona!! She hugged her little niece, and made her way out to the hall, leaving a frowning Mayank inside, who disappointedly nodded his head before following his wife.


The whole gang was there, Uday was already busy with the jalebis while Benji tried hard to save some for himself, Diya was frowning looking at the colours that were so unhygienic, Samrat was busy making a devious plan with his two partners in crime, and Gunjan was sorting out the sweet packets. Gunjan!!! Nupur screamed in delight, and Gunjan smiled and ran to her sister. Not that they haven't seen each other since ages, they have met last night too, but this was how they behaved every time they saw each other. Women!! Mayank sighed as Samrat looked up to his wife and best friend cum sister-in-law. Diya joined in the sisterly hug and another sigh was let out, this time it was Benji. Women!! The only man oblivious to the situation was Uday, who had been spared of the horror; that is how it is put by the three married men in the household.


It was raining colours out there. All the three kids looked the same, the only factors that still helped for identification were Arushi's ponytails and Neha's height. Mayank's white shirt had turned into a rainbow, and Nupur's white suit was not exempted either. Samrat lifted the hose-pipe and passed an evil grin towards Nupur, whose way to escape was already blocked by Benji, Pranav and Uday. She looked helplessly towards them, waiting for her doom, but girl power was on to the rescue. Neha crawled through the gap in between Samrat's legs from behind, and pounced on him… Yayyyyy!!! Maine papa ko lang laga diyaaa!! Yayyyy!!! She rejoiced sitting on his chest while Diya and Nupur split into giggles. Achcha, phir toh papa bhi lagayenge… Samrat tried to get up but Arushi soon joined her sister. They were rolling on the ground laughing, and little Pranav felt jealous now, so he also joined in, adding to the torture on poor Samrat. He had completely forgotten that minutes back he had teamed up with his dear Samrat Chachu (they decided to maintain Samrat Chachu, coz Samrat mausaji sounded… err… complicated). Mayank!! Samrat called for help, but the help he called for was busy in a serious discussion with the fellow book worm Gunjan, but he was not spared either, because minutes after, Nupur and Arushi were standing in front him with an empty bucket in Nupur's hand. They were laughing their hearts out, as coloured water dripped from all over him.


After a tiring fun filled day, Nupur, Gunjan and Diya were busy with their usual girl talk, when they noticed the guys sneaking away.

Kahan chal diye tum log? Mayank shuddered hearing the voice and all the four froze where they were. Samrat nudged Mayank, but he vehemently nodded, it was hard to lie to his Jhansi ki Rani, and there was no option of telling her the truth Hello!! Tum se puch rahi hoon!! Kaha chale?? She was not the one to let go so easily.

Nupur… wo hum… finally Samrat gathered the courage to face her, hamare ek dost ki party hai, usme jaa rahe hain…  

Kaunsa dost? It was Gunjan this time, and in no way Samrat wanted to answer that.

Arey…. Wo apni class mein Adi tha na… uski party mein… Benji gained an admire from his friends for the answer

Achcha? Par humein toh kuch nahi pata iske baare mein? Diya narrowed her eyes, while Nupur launched the bouncer Mayank, tum itne chup kyun ho?

Nahi… he was afraid of this question only, so he gathered all the courage that he had inside wo.. actually.. only men party hai, isliye tum logon ko nahi pata…

Hmm… She squirmed her eyes further, and Mayank knew what the next statement was going to be. Thik hai!! Not only Mayank, but all of them were shocked out of their wits. Nupur Mayank Sharma agreeing to this without arguing even once, now that called for marking the day with red letters. The boys fleeted out and disappeared even before the other girls could think of anything, while Nupur casually retreated back to her room.

Di!! Nupur!! Gunjan and Diya gasped looking at her calm face. Tum?? Kaise?? Kyun??

Nupur looked at her sisters with the oh-I-am-so-innocent look. Kya hua?

Tumne unhe aise hi jaane diya?? Koi question nahi?? Kyun???

Kyun matlab?? Tum dono bhi toh puch sakte thhe??


Dekho Diya, Gunjan, mujhe pata tha ki wo jhoot bol rahe hai. Par main nahi chahti thi ki aaj holi ke din mera aur Mayank ka jhagra ho… isliye maine kuch nahi kaha. She casually said as she made herself comfortable on the couch. Gunjan nodded and slumped down beside her and was soon joined by Diya Waise babes… achcha hi hai… kuch der ke liye hi sahi, but unke nakhro se chhutti toh mili… Diya winked at the two as they burst into giggles again.


Pranav and Arushi were already into deep slumber when Nupur tucked them in their beds. It was already past 12 o'clock in the night and she was getting worried now, because Mayank had not yet come home. Gunjan called her to inform that Diya had dropped her and Neha safely home; her concerned voice clearly stated that even Samrat had not turned up yet. She was sitting in front of the mirror, brushing her hair, shayad mujhe usse nahi jaane dena chahiye tha… pata nahi… abhi tak nahi aaya… kahi kuch… she shuddered at the sudden thought, and before she could realize, a tear dropped from her eyes as her hand reached the sacred thread around her neck, hey bhagwaan... tu ye kya soch rahi hai Nupur?? plzz god, usse kuch nahi hua hoga naa?? her eyes searched for her phone for the umpteenth time in the last few minutes, but what met them calmed her anxious heart instantly. She saw his image at the door; if she had wings, she would have flew, but she could only run. She hugged him tightly. Kahan chale gaye the tum?? Itni der kyun laga di??

Nupur… the moment he uttered the word, she felt something was wrong. She parted herself and looked at him. His smile was different, he was stumbling a little, she gasped Mayank… are you drunk??

He nodded a yes, Nooo!!!

She moved away with a jolt, Mayank Sharma!! TUM SHARAB PIKAR AAYE HO??

This time his head coordinated with his words, Naiii!! Maine sharaab naii pii!!

She looked at her husband in utmost horror, as if she was watching an alien. She started moving further back, but was pulled back closer to him. Mayank!! Chhoro mujhe… mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni…

Par maine to sharab pi hi naii… He pouted like a five year old, but did not let her go.

Mayank please!!! Chhoro mujhe… she was struggling very hard to get out of his grip. He saw pain, and not anger in her eyes.

I'm sorry… He realized that the joke had gone a bit too far, main mazak kar raha tha, wo Samrat ne force kiya toh maine thodi si bhang pi thi, but I'm not drunk… dekho!! He smiled at her, but she frowned harder, tumne mere saath mazak kiya, meri jaan nikli jaa rahi thi yahan, aur tum!! She once again struggled to free herself. I'm really sorry… dil se sorry… duniya mein jitney sorry hai sab sorry, please maaf kardo… phir kabhi nahi karoonga!! He let her go, and held his ears, pouting cutely to make her smile. She sighed looking at him. How could one say no to that face?? Mayank tum… ahh!!!… tum jaante ho mujhe kitni chinta ho rahi thi… kaise.. ajeeb ajeeb se khayal aa rahe the mann mein… kitni raat ho gayi aur tumhara phone bhi nahi lag raha tha… She stopped to take a breath, when Mayank used this chance to pull her back into his arms. He chuckled first looking at her face that had gone red with anxiety, but was dumbfounded when he saw the tear glistening at the corner of her beautiful eyes, Nupur!!

Mayank main… she wanted to hide the crack in her voice, so she hid her face in his chest Mayank please… mujhe kabhi chhod ke mat jaana… He could feel her silent sobs, he hadn't realized before that such a small incident could lead to so much, Nupur please… please rona bandh karo… dekho main yahi hoon naa, tumhaare paas… He lovingly moved his fingers into her hair, and made her look up to him, mujhe der isliye ho gayi, kyunki mujhe benji ko ghar drop karne jaana para… uski car to yaha thi naa… isliye… he cupped her face in his palms and wiped the tear that was shining on her cheeks, tum itni chinta kyun karti hon?? Hmm?? Dekho kya halat bana li hai?? He looked at her with so much love that she lowered her eyes. He kissed her forehead, it said I will always be with you. The kiss on her closed eyes was an assurance for those unsaid words, and then… he closed her lips with his, therefore sealing the promise forever.  



Okay guys... that was it... do comment/criticizeBig smile

and Ishi!!! for god sake... unreserve ur posts nowEvil Smile


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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged

ao hum res res khelte hain. LOL




a mayur OS on hole -wo bhi do nanne shaitano ki saath...... awwwwwwwwwww its so sweet and cute

this two adorable kids applied color on maynk face with their lil lil hands- awwwwwww i can imagine it dear- what a beautiful scene.......

hahahahah poor mayu- he was planning to apply color on nups but our jhansi ki rani was too smart. She got to him b4 he could. shabash Nups- luve

awwwwwwwww holi ki din bhi romance. i loved it jiya

She was about to follow them, but a pull on her wrist made her bump right back on his chest. She felt the little heat that crept up her cheeks. It's been 10 years, and he still had that effect on her. He smiled within himself, and pulled her closer. Mayank! Kya kar rahe ho? Chhoro na! He nodded nearing his face to her.

i also loved gangs masti specially loved the masti of sam-neha-arushi and pranav

it was too good yaar.

and then the night scene of mayur- nupr was getting scared due to mayu's late arrival

and later she was angry on maynk a lil bit upset on him

but our mayur he knw well how to manaofy nups- By GOD mayur were too romantic and sweet

mayur kissed on nups forehead  nad hugged her tightly- awwwwwww so cute

ita was a lovely os jiya

i have enjoyed it a lot

waiitng for ur next

take care


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-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged

-Aww….I loved how the twins woke up Mayu!! So cute!

-Lol, Mayank! She got to him before he could…he was so cute admiring her. Day Dreaming

-He still has that effect on her? How sweet!! Loved their cute moment!! Aww…poor Mayu, his moment with his wife was disturbed!

-"who had been spared of the horror; that is how it is put by the three married men in the household." – ROFL

-I loved the attack on Samrat by the  Mayu was in serious discussion on holi too ???he'll never change….LOLROFL and then the attack on Mayank ….LOL!! LOL

-Wow, the women are too good!! I loved how Mayu was scared of his Jhansi ki Rani. And she left him even though he was lying…awww..

-Mayu was drunk!!!  "I'm really sorry… dil se sorry… duniya mein jitney sorry hai sab sorry, please maaf kardo… phir kabhi nahi karoonga!!"  - reminded me of the first holi…I love them! Heart

-"How could one say no to that face?? "–awww….Mayu is just too cute when drunk …LOLLOL

-He could feel her silent sobs, he hadn't realized before that such a small incident could lead to so much – This is a nice situation....shows the care and concern of a wife, I'm glad Mayu understood her….Smile

-"He kissed her forehead, it said I will always be with you. The kiss on her closed eyes was an assurance for those unsaid words, and then… he closed her lips with his, therefore sealing the promise forever."  – That was Beautiful!! Aww….I'm in Mayur dreamland now….



ANother Awesome OS Jiya!! Love u so much!! Will miss u!! Hug 

Everything will go great hun!! Thumbs Up


(Will unreserve all my posts in awhile...Smile)


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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
awwwww...that was lovely, beautiful, sweet, romantic, full of love and togetherness..keep writing!

and all the best for ur work..

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