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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 46)

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 February 2011 at 6:04am | IP Logged
okk guys... here is a looooong part... agar bore ho jaao toh maarna mat pleaseLOL...
waise i hv split it into two...  

so here it goes...

...i never knew...Heart


So no one told you life was gonna be this way *clap clap clap clap*
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been you day, your week, your month, or even your year

A pillow came flying in on a sleeping Nupur  "NUPSIIII!!! TERA PHONE BAJ RAHA HAI!!!"

"huh! Hmm'mm" Nupur groaned, and hugged the pillow that had landed beside her.
I'll be there for youuu'
When the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for youuu...
Like I've been there before
I'll be there for youuu...
'Cause you're there for me too

"Nupsi!!!!! Phone utha yaar!!! " Diya screamed again, as her beauty sleep was being ruined.

"argghh!!" highly irritated, Nupsi answered the phone, with her eyes still closed  "hello!!"

"Will you be my Valentine??"

It was not at all shocking to her. "no Mayank' "

"par meri baat toh sun!!! "

"Mayank' main iss mein teri koi madat nahi kar sakti' mujhe sone de' good night'" and she cut the call, further cuddling inside the comforter .

So no one told you life was gonna be this way *clap clap clap clap*

"Mayank kya hai yaar!!! Sone de na!!! "

"Nupsi' agar tu abhi isiwaqt apne window pe nahi aayi' to tu apne best friend ko kho degi'"

"Kyaa??" She opened her eyes with great difficulty , and looked at the window. The very next moment, she was found standing by it.

"Mayank!!! " She shrieked in a hushed tone "tu pagal ho gaya hai kya?? Agar warden ne dekh liya to dono rusticate ho jaayenge?? "

"aur agar main thodi der aur aise latka raha'" he hushed back "to pakka gir jaaoonga' "

"ok' fine'" she helped him inside "ab bata' raat ke do baje girls hostel mein janab kya kar rahe hain?? "

He put his arms around her shoulders " main toh apni Valentine se milne aaya hoon"

"Shut up Mayank"  she jerked them off "main teri date nahi banoongi' soch na bhi mat'"

"Tu mere liye itna nahi kar sakti?? " he made a very cute puppy face, but Nupur was adamant this time 

" Ji nahi' bilkul nahi' tu Kiara se peecha chhurane ke liye mujhe leke jaana chahta hai!! How disgusting!!! "

"Please yaar' wo ladki bahut chipku hai'  agar usse leke gaya toh main'" he hits his forehead with his fist, typical majnu style ( ) "main kisiko mooh dikhaane layak nahi rahoonga!! "

"I don't care Mayank' I'm not going with you, and that's final "

"Par kyun?? " 

"Kyunki'. Aah'" she fumbled a little "kyunki main Varun ke saath jaa rahi hoon!!"

"Varun????  Par wo toh' wo toh Isha ka boyfriend hai naa??"

"Haan' wo... wohi"

"bas Nupur' yehi teri dosti?? " he sniffed "dost dost naa raha!!"

"Mayank!!! " she squinted her eyes "Tu kitna bhi drama kar le' mera answer nahi badal ne waala' aur agar tu abhi yahan se nahi gaya naa' to tere Shahurkh ki kasam, main tujhe issi khidki se neeche phek doongi' tab Kiara to kya, koi bhi ladki tere izzat pe hamla nahi kar paayegi "


The lawn was beautifully decorated with red roses and red heart shaped balloons, soft music was being played, love was totally in the air. Mayank got out of his car, looking handsome as ever in his black jacket paired with black denims. He opened the door of the passenger seat, and forwarded his hand to his Valentine for the night, Nupur, who was looking as beautiful and serene as an Angel.

As they entered the place, a beautiful girl in her mid-twenties, probably the host of the party; squealed in excitement and pulled Mayank into a big hug  "Hey Mayank!! I'm so happy ki tum aaye."

Mayank responded with equal jest "tum bulaao' aur hum naa aaye? Aisa ho sakta hai kya? "

"Ahm..hmm'" Nupur coughed, intending to gain attention, and she was successful

"Oh.. this is'" Mayank started to speak, but was cut down

"Nupur' right?" The girl was beaming with joy. 

Nupur was shocked "Yes' but' have we met before?"

"No' but I know everything about you'" she almost leapt on Nupur and hugged her  "Thank god tum aa gayi'"

Nupur hugged her back; she was still not over the shock ; she looked at Mayank who was busy on a phone call

"yeh dekho' main bhi kitni pagal hoon'  Hi! I'm Nicole' Mayank ki dost"

"Hi! Waise tumne bataya nahi tum mujhe kaise jaanti ho?"

"Isn't it obvious?  Mayank ne bataya!! Wo to tumhaari baat karte thakta hi nahi tha'  Nupur aisi thi, Nupur waisi thi, usse paani-puri pasand hai, use chocolates pasand hai, sabke bare mein sochti hai, par apne bare mein nahi' etc etc. Waise tum itne din kahan thi? Bahut miss karta tha wo tumhe. "  

"Par main' "

"Achcha chhoro' Ab tum aa gayi ho naa, ab sab thik ho jaayega' "

"Kya thik ho jaayega?" Mayank returned from his phone convo "Kya baatein ho rahi hai? "

"Kuch nahi' main Nupur ko daant rahi thi' ki wo tumse itne din dur kyun rahi'"  Nicole pulled on Mayank's cheeks  "itna pyaar karne waale boyfriend se wo kaise dur reh sakti hai?"

"Kyaa??"  Nupur was shocked out of her wits.

"Kyaa??"  was the reaction from Mayank too "Nicole' Nupur meri girlfriend nahi hai'  wo meri dost hai' sabse achchi dost' samjhi??"

"Achcha??  Par tum toh'" Nicole was about to snap at Mayank, but was cut in between by another handsome man "O Bandit Queen!! Apne reception ke din toh jhagda mat karo."

Mayank shared a manly hug with the guy "Hey Arjun!! Congrats dude' aur samjha de apni Bandit Queen ko'"  he showed fake anger on face, and Nicole responded with an identical expression .

Arjun laughed at the two  "thanks bro'" and he turned to Nupur "Hello Nupur!"

"Tum bhi mujhe jaante ho? "

"Hum sab tumhe jaante hai' "


Nupur entered the hall, her hands entwined in Varun's arms. The theme was black and red, and Nupur almost killed a dozen boys with her stunning black tunic that was paired with a red shrug. Varun was looking handsome in his black shirt, but a little tense. Both of them were trying to locate someone special from amongst the crowd.

Nupur saw Mayank near the drinks stall, and she was shocked to see the girl he was accompanying. She almost rand towards him and tapped on his shoulders angrily.

"Tu Isha ke saath kya kar raha hai? " She whispered eyeing Isha, who made a face and went away.

"Jo tu Varun ke saath kar rahi hai' " He winked at her mischievously.

"Mayank' main Isha aur Varun ka patch up karane ki koshish kar rahi hoon, aur tu permanent break-up. "

"Tujhe lagta hai tu Varun ke saath Valentines Ball pe aa jaayegi to unka patch-up ho jaayega? "

"Mayank' maine achcha plan banaya tha' tune sab bigaad diya' "

"Kuch bhi nahi bigda hai'  tera plan flop hone waala tha, kyunki jab Isha ko pata chala ki tu Varun ke saath aane waali hai, to usne mana kar diya tha aane se' "

 "Kyaa?? "

"Haan'  badi mushkil se main usko leke aaya hoon' aur ab sun meri baat'" and he started whispering something in her ears, and gradually her grin became wider .


"So Nupur'" Arjun handed over a glass of soft drinks to her, and landed at the chair beside "tum batao' tumhaare kya plans hai?"

Nupur took a sip of the cold drink "plans?? Matlab??"

"Plans' matlab future plans!! Shaadi and all'"

Nupur almost blurted out the drink  "Shaadi?? Abhi toh bilkul nahi'"

"Kyun?? Koi problem hai??"

"Nahi problem toh koi nahi'" she replied, but her tone seemed a little distant "bas I'm waiting for the right person'"

"You're still waiting for the right person?" Arjun said eyeing Mayank, who was at the bar, pretending to be engrossed in some important business talk, but actually stealing frequent glances at Nupur.


Mayank went up to the DJ in the hall, and spoke something in his ears. He nodded smiling in assurance. Suddenly all the lights went off and a spotlight flashed on the staircase, Mayank standing beneath.

Masti mein bajta guitar ho dhadkan jaise
Phir bhi dil chhere yeh taar kaise'

Another spotlight flashed on Isha, and Varun emerged from behind her,  giving her a startle 

Yeh chehra yun khilte khilte kyun rootha aise
Oh Baby' yeh raat mujhse pooche'

He circled around Isha and held his ears

Hain yeh mujhko pata' mujhse hui khata' chhoro jaane bhi do na why
Mayank neared Nupur and winked at her mischievously, pulling on her wrist'

Jo dil mein who baat baat badh char kar bole 
Kuch keh do' to baar baar barse 

Nupur looked at him with angry eyes , and he moved back a step' 

Teri baaton ka asar' sabko lagta hai darr'

She grabbed his collar and smirked ,  lightly pushing him away

Chhoro jaane bhi do na why 

Everyone cheered and joined them as the music continued.   Varun kept on hovering around Isha who continued ignoring him' 

Ik pal ki dosti jo agle hi pal tooti' maanoo mein galti I'm genuinely sorry

Nupur slapped her forehead as she saw Isha giving trouble to the poor guy 

Koi sapno ki duniya mein rahein to kya karein
Arey dekho dekho interval ko the end samjhe 

Mayank leaned on her shoulder giving her a typical look , and flicked her nose 

Mann kyun tera yeh jalein' tedhi medhi kyun chalein'
Chhoro jaane bhi do naa why

Varun continued his pursuit of cooling down his angry girlfriend, and it seemed that he was getting success

Masti mein bajta guitar ho dhadkan jaise
Phir bhi dil chhere yeh taar kaise'
Hain yeh mujhko pata' mujhse hui khata' chhoro jaane bhi do na why
Ho chhoro jaane bhi dona why!!!

He was at the middle of the floor, on his knees, holding his ears, it was quite an embarrassing moment , but it turned out to be a sweet embarrassment, as Isha finally smiled at him. He got up quickly and hugged her , to which she hugged him back . Mayank looked at Nupur who was smiling ear to ear, and then she jumped into his arms... 
mission accomplished

scroll down for the next part

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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wonderful update Jiya.
loved it.
thank god.......mayank gt another chance......nups was so sweet.
love their past n present.
shukla sir part was really hillairous.....too funny.
cant wait for next update.
waiting for something special.
update soon.
thanks for the pm.

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beautiful update Jiya.Clap..

i soo luvd it
MN convos.... nups givin last chance 2 mayu 4 d dealEmbarrassed
d Flashbacs of Shukla sir!!!ROFL
& Naanugo... Kannada  gottu....EmbarrassedLOL
aww... i'm sooo excited 4 d dinner date now....Day Dreaming
simply luvd it...
luv ya!Hug

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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very nice part

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wowww amazing each step was beautiful from the update loveddd it

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awesome update Jiya!
waiting for the next update
continue soon
nd thnx for the pm Smile

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Heart...i never knew...Heart

Part 3B (Last)

"May I have your attention please?" Arjun grabbed the mike. "As you all know, that this Valentine's Day is very special to me, as today, I have officially shed off my BACHELOR TAG." Everyone hooted and cheered for him, while he waved his hands "and so… to inaugurate my married life," he stepped down from the dais, and bent on his knees before Nicole "I would like to ask my lovely wife, Mrs. Nicole Arjun Raheja, to have this dance with me." Tears of happiness brimmed on her eyes as she placed her palms in his. "Yes" He kissed her fingers, and escorted her to the dance floor, and all the lights became dim.

HeartIt's amazing how you can speak right to my heartHeart

Arjun encircled his arms around her waist, and Nicole placed her head on his broad chest. They slowly started moving with the music. 
Mayank looked at Nupur, and saw a tear glisten in her beautiful eyes.

 HeartWithout saying a word you can light up the darkHeart 

She looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at her. Almost all the other pairs had joined the happily married couple on the stage, only these two remained.  

 HeartTry as I may I could never explainHeart 
 HeartWhat I hear when you don't say a thingHeart 

He forwarded his palm towards her, and she accepted it. They walked towards the dance floor, looking like the perfect two. He put her arms on his shoulders, and encircled his around her waist, pulling her closer. An innocent smile glowed on her face, making her look more angelic.

HeartThe smile on your face lets me know that you need meHeart 
HeartThere's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave meHeart

He twirled her around and pulled her back; she rested her back against his chest, feeling secure in his strong arms that went around her.

 HeartThe touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fallHeart 
 HeartYou say it best when you say nothing at allHeart 

They looked in each other's eyes and moved with the music. The awkwardness that was there between them a few hours back; had vanished now. So has the consciousness that they were amongst a lot of other people.
HeartAll day long I can hear people talking out loudHeart 
 HeartBut when you hold me near, you drown out the crowdHeart 

She encircled her arms around his neck; he tightened his grip on her waist. So close they were that they could hear each other breathe. She felt content in his arms, and he found the solace that he had been looking for since the past three years.

 HeartOld Mr. Webster could never defineHeart 
 HeartWhat's being said between your heart and mineHeart 

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, and she closed her eyes. A strand of her hair fluttered on her face, disturbing the serenity of the moment. He lightly tucked it behind her ears; the touch of his fingers on her face sent a slight shiver inside her. She opened her eyes, and smiled, trying to suppress the blush that crept on her cheeks.  

 HeartThe smile on your face lets me know that you need meHeart 
 HeartThere's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave meHeart 
 HeartThe touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fallHeart 
 HeartYou say it best when you say nothing at allHeart 

The music continued as she hid herself in his broad chest. He lowered his head and rested it against hers. He felt moisture on his shirt, but didn't question it. They only wished for the moment to stop there, but didn't know how to face it. Their hearts spoke the unsaid words, hoping the other might hear them.

 HeartYou say it best when you say nothing at allHeart 

Nupur reached the airport and was about to check in, when a familiar voice called out


She didn't want to face him at that time, she had a lot of questions to figure out. But she didn't have a choice.
"Tu? Yahan? Tujhe toh office mein hona chahiye tha!! Dekh Mayank, maine bahut mushkil se tera contract bachaya hai… please don't mess it up…"

"Arrey bas bas… saans to lene de pehle…" He took out an envelope from his pocket and forwarded it to her "yeh le…"

"Yeh kya hai?" She narrowed her eyes and took it.

He leaned forward towards her face, and she closed her eyes in anticipation. He neared her trembling lips, but then tilted his head and whispered in her ears "tere sawalon ka jawab"


2 years later...

"Mr. Khandelwaal!! Aap mujhe bata sakte hai aapke boss kahan hai??" Nupur snapped at the guy, who had no clue where his boss was.

"Wo… Ma'am… Wo…" he tried hard to search for an explanation, but a little cyclone entered the room and saved him from her wrath.

"I'm very sorry… wo main kuch urgent kaam se gaya tha…" Mayank sheepishly looked at Nupur as he gestured his p.a. Purab to leave.

"Where were you Mr. Sharma?" Nupur asked in a stern voice. 

"Haaye…. Tu gusse mein kitni cute lagti hai? " Mayank pulled her towards him. 

She tried getting away from his grip , but he was too strong "Chhod Mayank… yeh office hai…"

"Mujhe pata hai… mera hi office hai " he was in no mood to let her go

"Kahan tha tu itni der tak? Yeh koi time hai office aane ka? " Nupur let go of her trials to free herself, because she knew it was of no use

"Main tere liye kuch lane gaya tha…"  he cutely pouted


He pulled out something from inside his coat. It looked like a nameplate. A tear of happiness rolled down her cheeks as she read the name on it. He wiped it off, and kissed on her eyes.

"Nupur… agar tu nahi hoti, to mujhe nahi pata main kahan hota… aur yeh company kahan hoti…"

"Par Mayank… yeh…" She couldn't say anything else, because Mayank had by then sealed her lips with immense love . She encircled her arms around his neck, and he tightened his grip on her waist, dropping the name plate on the table behind. It read
Mrs. Nupur Mayank Sharma
...CEO, Sharma Industries...

okkEmbarrassed... so... I'm ready for all the rotten tomatoesLOL
but plzz do comment... reserve karke bhool mat jaana plzzLOL

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged sweet.........loved it

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