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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 43)

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pearl10

wonderfully written.......Clap

Mayank ' the trouble maker, Nupur ' the problem solver, Benji ' the cupid and Diya ' the diva.....these lines r so sweet.....

omg mayu is filmy.....our nupsi so sincere....

nice...gr8 work...Clap

thanks a lot... m glad you liked itEmbarrassed

yes... i have played a little role reversal here... Mayu is filmy and Nupsi is sincere (but definitely not a sadu)... i hope kisiko isse problem nehiLOL... 

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

its such a nice cute ...n lovly...adore there frndship....
n continue soon

thanks a lot fizaEmbarrassed
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SupriyaluvsMN-

Congos 4 ur new ss..Party
awesum start jiya...Clap
i soo luvd Corporate style in MN's story..Day Dreaming
aww... i simply luvd it!!!Day Dreaming
do continue soon!
B'lated Valentine's day 2 u as wellEmbarrassed
luv ya!Hug

thank you so much SupriyaHug
luv you too dear

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by achoose

awesome start dear..i juz adore their friendship..missing my friends now...............

thank you so much... glad u liked it Embarrassed

Originally posted by mahakmev

lovely dear and romantic too

thank youEmbarrassed

Originally posted by -moona-

oo Jiya u r very nice writer..
its amazing..
loved it..
loved their friendship...
do continue...
thnx for the pm sweety 

thank you so much Embarrassed
glad u liked it

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tasnim2623

ths is aweosme...
cont soon
n pm me

thank you tasnimSmile

Originally posted by DhanakZ

Nice concept Lovely start 
Thanks for pm
cont soon

thank youSmile

Originally posted by roshneerakhali

reminded me of the friendship of rahul and anjali.

awww... thanks a lot for dis compliment dearEmbarrassed

Originally posted by mayur4evr

hey! nice story..
loved it..
do PM me when you cntinue!

thank you so much...glad u liked itSmile
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

awesome start.
it was so Mayur friendship.
truely amazing.
waiting for next part.
update soon.
thanks for the pm.

thanks a lot sujataHug
hope you like the next part tooEmbarrassed
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Faria-

it was a very beautiful SS
loved mayur frship................
and i felt sad for mayyank
beautiful part jiah
too good
plz update next part soon

@ishi- even i thought that maynk was the captain.....LOL

thanks a lot Fari... it means a lot coming from youEmbarrassed

--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
hey guys... first, thank you sooo much... you all have been a lot of encouragement to me... if it weren't for you guys, i might never had shared my stories on such an open platform... thanks a ton for motivating me so much and liking my work...

now coming to the story... i had first thought i would end it in the second part only... but when i started writing it... it became pretty long... so thought i would continue it for one more part... i hope it's okay with you...

so here it goes... 

Heart...i never knew...Heart


"Look here Mr. Khandelwal' I was supposed to meet Mr. Sharma today' and I'm sorry to say this, but this kind of unprofessionalism will not be tolerated with us' I want to meet Mr. Sharma, and that's it' Please ask him to come down, or we are taking this order back'" AngryNupur burst on the poor guy who was trying hard to explain the absence of his boss from the meeting. But, when it came on work, Nupur Bhushan was a hard nut to crack. She glanced at her watch which said 9:15 a.m. "Mr. Khandelwal' I don't have time to waste'"

"Ma'am please' don't take this order back' I'll just speak to Mr. Sharma' he must be on his way'" OuchMr. Khandelwal managed to utter as he dialed his cell phone.


"What the hell Purab' ek kaam hota nahi hai tujhse' chhod' main aata hu'" AngryMayank slammed his cell phone down and rushed towards the cupboard. Wrapped in only a white towel, water dripping from his hair, he looked no less than a greek god (ok girls' u are allowed to drool'LOL but do go back to the story in timeWink). He brushed through all his formal shirts "ek bhi saaf nahi hai L" and finally took out a black roll-sleeve casual shirt "yehi pehen leta hoon", pairing it up with dark blue denims.

He locked his three bedroom apartment and hurried down the stairs, when he realized that he had grabbed his bike keys instead of his car. Going back 4 floors did not seem a very good idea, especially when the lift was not working and he had an important business deal at stake, so he took out his black Karizma, and zoomed towards his office, leaving behind a huge no. of drooling eyes on his way.


"Mr. Khandelwal' It's 10:30' how much more do I have to wait?? This is heights' I'm sorry but I have a prior appointment' I can't wait any longer'" AngryAngryNupur was fuming with anger, she got up to leave.

"Ma'am please' he is on his way' he'll be here any moment' please wait for a minute more" He had just uttered these words when a miniature windstorm entered the room.

"I'm so sorry for being late, actually I'" suddenly it seemed that time has stopped right there. Shocked would be an understatement to describe Nupur's reaction when she saw Mr. Sharma in front of her, Mr. Mayank Sharma, M.D. of the Sharma Industries, with whose service her company is not at all happy and is planning to cancel the deal. That's the reason why she's here today.

"Purab' you may leave now'" Mayank tried to gather himself while Purab left the room.     

Nupur dropped herself on the chair, and looked at his face "Mayank'"

"Nupsi' it's all right. I know why you are here, and I promise, our friendship will not be hurt with the decision you take today'"

"Mayank' it's not my decision' it's taken by the company' I'm just a messenger'" She could not look into his eyes, for they were filled with lost hopes.

"Okay'" this was not new to him, "but isn't there one last chance??" he almost pleaded, as this contract was one of the very few income sources of his ailing organization.

"Mayank' you have defaulted three times before' you are running late by almost a month on your current production' how can you expect another chance??" She had tears in her eyes, because the person standing in front needed her the most, and she was being the one to snatch away his hopes.

He did not have an answer. Business had no place for emotions, and he had learnt it the hard way. All the old associates of his company left him after his father's death, as they could not trust a 21 year old boy with zero experience. "It's okay Nupsi' I understand'" he forwarded his hand "Give me the papers'"

She looked at his emotionless face "Wait Mayank' just wait'" She hurriedly dialed a no. on her cell, and went at the other corner of the room. He stared at her, as the sadness on her face gradually changed to anger and then disappointment and then finally a happy glow crept on. She cut the call and ran into his arms "wo maan gaya Mayank' he agreed' you got your last chance Mayank' you got it'"

He couldn't believe his ears. "I got it'" he held her more tightly, close to his heart, never wanting to let go, he whispered "thanks Nupur' thank you so much'"   

She broke the hug, as her heart had started behaving weirdly again. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she scolded it hard, and then forced a smile on her face. "Ok ok' ab bahut hua rona dhona' chal ab khush ho jaa' smile now'" she drew a smile on his lips with her fingers "and haan' this is actually your last chance Mr. Sharma' I had to fight a lot to get you this' you better not lose it" she commanded, putting her hands on her hips.

Mayank had just been staring at her till now "I promise I won't let you down" was all he managed, for he was busy figuring out the weird behavior of his heart.


"What movie we are watching today?" She asked staring at the long queue before her. It was a Monday, no one would have expected such a long queue on a Monday, but how could they forget, that it was Valentines Day, of course it will be crowded.

"I don't know' jiske bhi tickets mil jaaye'" He answered while scanning through the list to find out a hindi name amongst a horde of Kannad movies.

"Sorry Sir' only this movie is available" the person at the ticket counter pointed at a Kannad name.

"Hmmph' ok, thanks anyways" He came out of the queue disappointed.

"Kya yaar Mayank' tu itne saal Bangalore mein raha' and you don't know Kannada"

"Shut up Nupsi' Naanu gottu Kannada' Neenu gothella" he angrily replied  

"what??Shocked" she did not understand a word

"See!!! That's what I said' I know Kannada' you don't'" he burst out laughingROFL

"Grr...AngryWhatever' par ab kya karein?Confused"

"Hmm...  Philhaal toh I'm hungry' let's eat' kahan chalegi bataa' Mainland China ya phir Oye Amritsar??" 

"mmm'" she squinted her eyes, "how about McDonalds?"


"tu toh jaanta hai naa how much I love McDonalds' waise bhi abhi mera heavy khaane ka mood nahi hai'"

"yaar' par McDonalds?? Ms. Nupur Bhushan ke status se ye match nahi karta'" he crinkled his noseDead

"Oh please' tu yeh bol naa' ki Sharma Industries ke M.D. ke status se match nahi karta'Evil Smile" she folded her arms and stomped her foot "mujhe toh McD hi jaana hai bas"Cool

"Fine' junk food kha kha ke moti ho jaayegi' tab mat batana mujhe'" he frownedPinch, and he looked so utterly butterly cuteEmbarrassed, that she couldn't help smiling "nahi bataoongi'LOL ab chal'"


"NUUUUPPPPPSSSSIIIIIIII!!!!" He lifted her up by her waist and spun around.

"Mayank ke bachche'Shocked neeche utaar mujhko'.Angry"


"Mayank mujhe chakkar aa rahe hain'Dead neeche utaar'Ouch"

"Chakkar aa rahe hain???Shocked" He quickly put her down, and slapped his forehead, "bas yehi hai tumhaare sankskaar?? Yehi tumhaari siksha??" he became all dramatic "he bhagwaan' ye sunne se pehle mere kaan phat kyun nahi gaye'D'oh"

"Mayankkk'Shocked teri toh main'Angry" she started showering punches and slaps on him, while he ran for his life.

He paced to the corridor and bumped into someone, "err'Ermm Shukla sir' Sorry Sir, maine dhyaan nahi diya"

"Mahoday Mayank'Geek" Professor shukla adjusted his glasses, "aapka dhyaan aakhir rehta kahan hai? Jab aap kaksha mein hote hai, tab aap ka dhyaan kaksha ke bahar hota hai' jab aap bahar hote hai' tab aapka dhyaan kahin aur hi hota hai' aap ki bhalai issi mein hai ki aap apna dhyaan vidya ki or lagaye, varna humein apna dhyaan aap par kendrit karna padega'"

"Ji SirCool" he looked at Vidya who was passing by "hum aajse apna pura dhyaan sirf aur sirf Vidya par hi lagayenge'Silly"

"Vaishaakh nandan'Angry" Professor Shukla groaned and huffed past. Mayank turned back to find Nupur who broke into splits laughing.ROFL


"Kya item the naa Shukla Sir!!" Mayank almost fell off his chair laughingROFL, while Nupur tried hard to control herself. She sipped on the coke that was lying before her, to only worsen the matter. Soon she was found coughing, choking and tomato red on face.

"Oye!!! Aaraam se madam' aaraam se'" He flew to her side and patted her back, until she calmed down.      

"Sach mein'*cough cough*' Shukla Sir' lolzzzzROFL *cough cough*'.lolzzzzROFL'.*cough*"

"Bas bas' bas kar'" He caressed her back, as she continued giggling and coughing simultaneously' her cough subsided, and they realized their dangerous proximity and the stare they had gathered from the surrounding. He sprang back to his chair, and she dared not look at him.

"What is wrong with you Nupur? Itna ajeeb kyun behave kar rahi hai tu? Wo Mayank hi toh hai?" She was trying hard to figure out the turmoil inside her, and his condition was no different "Mayank!! Get a hold on yourself. Wo Nupur hai' Nupur' itna ajeeb kyun behave kar raha hai tu?"

"Mmm' Nup'. Nups!!"


"Chal chalte hai"



The situation was getting all the more awkward. Mayank tried hard to make it normal.

"Yaar' tu Bangalore aayi' tujhe shopping nahi karni??"

She did not at all like the silence that had prevailed a few seconds back, so she responded being her usual self "Shopping?? Chal chal'Dancing" and she almost dragged him out.


"Shopping?? Kabhi nahi'" Mayank and Benji shouted in unison, while Nupur and Diya looked at them with a disgusted expression.

"Kyun?? Kyun nahi??" Nupur demanded.

"Yaar' tum ladkiyo ke saath shopping jaana' matlab pura din barbaad'" Benji retorted

"Aur nahi to kya'" Mayank snapped "dus tops try karke ek kharido ge' 1 rupee discount karane ke liye ek ghanta ladoge' aur end mein saari ki saari bags hum se uthwaoge' Hum nahi aa rahe hai' That's it..."

"Achcha!!!" It was Nupur's turn to answer back "agar abhi humaari jagah Priya hoti' tab to tu kud ke chala jaata' aur hum keh rahe hai' toh mana kar raha hai??? Ruk.. abhi priya ke saamne tera bhaanda phodti hoon main!!"

"Arey' tu har baat pe blackmail kyun karti hai??"

"Soch le' chal raha hai.. yaa??"

"Ok fine' Benji??"

Benji had no other option. He would be bored to death if he stayed back alone, so he also gave in "thik hai'"

"Good'" the girls flashed their victory smile, while the boys' faces sank.


Mayank and Nupur walked down the street, hands full of colourful shopping bags of different companies. It was 7:00 in the evening, and there was no sign of tiredness on their faces.

"Sun' abhi I'm dropping you at continental, and will pick you up at 9:00' ready rehna'"

"But' where are we going??"

"You'll see" Winkhe winked at her as he started his bike. She shrugged, because she knew it was of no use pestering him, and hopped on, struggling with the huge no. of bags that she had collected in the past few hours.


She glided down the stairs, looking like an angel. Wearing a white dress strapped at her shoulders, that draped till her knees, her long hair tied behind with a white clutch, a single diamond pendant adorned on her neck and a diamond bracelet on her wrist, he felt being blessed by the heavens to have the privilege of being with her today.

She could feel his gaze on her, and she felt the warmth that crept on her cheeks. She tried to distract herself by looking away, but couldn't. Step by step, she reached up to him, and he tried hard to be back on his ground, it was not at all easy. He stepped nearer to her and leaned forward. She closed her eyes, not being able anticipate what was coming next. He reached the clutch on her hair, and removed it. The dark brown long locks flowed down till her waist, a few strands rested on her bare shoulders. "Beautiful'" he whispered in her ears, and she opened her eyes. He moved a step back, and she murmured a "thank you", her eyes still gazing on the ground.

He cleared his throat "Let's go" and turned back, moving towards the exit. She followed suit, silently. 


Okay so... how was itEmbarrassed... i hope it was okEmbarrassed

please do comment/criticize

luv ya all

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