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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 39)

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Originally posted by palz_ArTi4ever

dear i cant bear with sad all i can request u to come with a happy os this time..hope u wont mind.

aapka hukm sar aankhon parLOL

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Originally posted by ..Priyanka..

Loved it ....Tongue

thank youEmbarrassed
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Ok guys... I know I'm late... it's been quite long since I wrote somethingUnhappy... I did not post anything on Valentines alsoOuch, but kya karoon... I was travellingOuch... so... 

here's a SS on MayUrSmile... I hope you like itEmbarrassed

Heart...i never knew...Heart


"Crap!! This is so not happening man!!" Nupur was looking at her schedule that had just reached her table.

"Kya hua Nupsi? Anything wrong?" Gunjan, her best friend, room-mate and colleague, peeped from the neighboring cubicle.

"Naah! Nothing wrong Gun!" She was at her sarcastic best "I have just got a Valentines gift from our dear Boss" She threw the paper in front of a worried Gun who started reading it:

12th Feb (Mumbai) – meeting with Malhotras @ 1:00 p.m.

                                     – meeting with Khannas @ 6:00 p.m.

13th Feb (Bangalore) – meeting with Rastogis @ 9:00 a.m.

                                        – meeting with Shergills @ 5:00 p.m.   

14th Feb (Bangalore) – meeting with Sharmas @ 9:00 a.m.

15th Feb (Delhi) – meeting with the CEO and Board members with all the details of the three days @ 5:00 p.m.

"Now that's seriously crap." Gun could not suppress her disappointment either.

"Yeah! Now as per the schedule, I'll have to work on Valentines Day, in BANGALORE, and then give a report the very next day here in Delhi. Tell me something Gun… ek khoon ki saza kya hoti hai?"  

Gun… was not shocked. She had answered this question several times before today. So she calmly replied "wohi… jo maine tujhe pichli baar bataya tha… aur agar tu abhi ghar jaakar apna bag pack karna start nahi karegi… toh I'm sure Mr. Boss ko wo saza zaroor mil jaayegi… tera khoon karne ke liye."

"Arrey ruk naa yaar… champu has gone to get my tickets… uske aate hi I'm leaving… and haan… zyaada sad dikhne ki zaroorat nahi hai… mujhe pata hai mere jaane se tu bahut khush hai…"

"kyun?" now Gun was shocked.

"Kyunki….." Nupsi leaned over near her ears and whispered "you get the flat all by yourself on V-Day… to enjoy with Samrat"

"Nupsi… I'll kill you" a red Gun was about to place a tight slap on her best friend's back when Champu, the peon, interrupted "Nupur madam… aapki tickatss"

"Thanks champu…" and our dear Nupsi almost flew away from the room, but she didn't forget to flash her typical naughty grin combined with a wink at Gun, who was still going red on her cheeks.


Nupur boarded her flight from Mumbai to Bangalore on 12th Feb 9:00 p.m. She has had a long tiring day, with irritating and nagging clients, whom she had to attend with utmost politeness. All she wanted right now was a good night's sleep, which was still 2 hours far.

"Good evening passengers. This is Captain Mayank Mehta welcoming you….  

She jolted out of her thoughts. "Mayank" It has been three years, she has not seen him. Diya, Benji, Uday, Annie, she had met all of them at least once after college, but Mayank… she knew he was alive and fine, because of his regular updates on facebook. The three years of college flashed before her eyes. The projects, the fights, the bike rides to the hill, the parties, his frequent make-ups and break-ups with various girls, the lonely evenings they used to spend on the beach, everything.


"Go away Mayank. Tujhe meri yaad tab aati hai, jab project karna hota hai, hai naa? Go to your Ria now. Don't bother me." A 19 yr old Nupur crinkled her nose and moved towards her hostel room, when Mayank tugged on her arm.

"Nupsi… aisa mat kar yaar… main fail ho jaaonga…"

"toh fail ho jaa… I don't care"

"Nupsi… tu toh meri best friend hai naa??" he tried making the puppy face

"Oh puhleez… don't gimme dat best friend crap… din bhar tu Ria Tia Sia ke saath ghoomta rehta hai… tab Nupsi jiye yaa mare, koi fark nahi padta… and project ki baat aayi… to Nupsi ki yaad aayi… tab Nupsi is your best friend!!!" 

"Nupsi yaar… I said naa I'm sorry… mujhe Ria se milne jaana tha, I had promised her, isliye main tere saath survey pe nahi jaa paaya… par Benji to tha naa tere saath, phir kya problem ho gayi…"

"Problem ye ho gayi Mr. Sharma.. ke iss survey mein tu mera partner tha, Benji nahi…"

"Achcha baba… I'm sorry… le maine kaan bhi pakad liya… ab to maaf kar de… I promise, aage se aisa kabhi nahi karoonga… please… jaane bhi de, jo bhi hua, jaane bhi de…"

"Hmm…" Mayank was looking really cute holding his ears, Nupur suppressed her smile with a lot of effort "thik hai… but this is the last time I'm doing your project… and I want a CCD treat for this… bol… manzoor??"

"zyaada khaayegi moti ho jaayegi…"

"Thik hai… as you wish…" She turned back again

"Achcha achcha baba… manzoor, manzoor" He gave in.

Nupur, Mayank, Benji, and Diya… the fantastic four of Excel College…

Mayank – the trouble maker, Nupur – the problem solver, Benji – the cupid and Diya – the diva

There were other members in this gang too, Uday, Annie, Jacko, Rahul, Simi, and many more, but these four were the leaders of all activities. They were inseparable when they were in college, but after that fate parted them. Nupur got through a good b-school in Delhi and landed up with a high profile job at the end of her MBA, Diya stayed back in Mumbai and became a top-notch model, Mayank took over his father's business in Bangalore and Benji moved to US.


"Mayank is in Bangalore" the sudden realization dawned over Nupur and a smile spread over her lips. She quickly turned on the Gtalk in her mobile, and was overjoyed to see him online.

"Hey dude!! Wht's up??"

"Hey Nupsi!! M gud.. wht bout you?"

"m fine 2 dude… so… u still in b'lore?"

"yep… jeena yahan marna yahan…iske siva jaana kahan…"

"God!! Tu bilkul nahi badla…"

"Nahi badla jaaneman… abhi bhi waisa hi hoon…"

"Achcha thik hai mister filmy… sun, I'm coming to b'lore… wanna meet up?"


"calm down dude… I'll be dere 2morrow… m coming for some official work…"


"yes… 2morrow… I hv a meetin @ 1.. tink wl b free by 4… so wht say?"


"chillax Mayank… it was a very sudden trip… aur maine at least bataya toh…"


"continental… and plzz shut de caps lock off… its getting on my nerves"

"OK OK.. le off kar diya… khush?"

"Ok J bye now.. kal milenge…"

"yup.. bbye…"

Mayank closed his laptop with a bright smile playing on his lips, a smile that had not appeared on his face since the last three years.

"She is coming to meet me" he whispered to himself as he looked at the collage of his college pictures that hung on his wall. He traced his fingers on one of them, a single portrait of Nupur. He clicked this picture on the beach when they had gone to see the sunset. Nupur was busy removing the locks that fell on her face due to the wind, when he called her from behind. She had looked back, and he instantly clicked, capturing the beauty of the moment in his frame.  


Mayank was a typical Casanova in college; he had dated every single girl in his sight during those three years, even Diya; but he never dated Nupur. She always remained his best friend. They fought everyday, but when she was sad, he was the only one who could cheer her up. They would go to the beach that time, or a ride to the hill. She used to love bike rides, and he always took her for one whenever she said. He would roam around with girls and had fun partying with them, but when at times he needed a friend, he would come to her and no one else.

"Mayank…" She flipped the pepsi can in her hands "kya tu ek aisi ladki nahi dhund sakta… jo khubsurat ho… aur jiske paas thoda sa dimaag ho…"

Mayank, who was flashing his victory smile after yet another conquest, replied indifferently "oye.. miss kuch kuch hota hai… Shahrukh ki kasam… aisi ladki maine aaj tak nahi dekhi… aur jo dekhi hai… who meri girlfriend kabhi nahi banegi…"

"haan… actually yeh sahi hai… kyunki jis ladki mein thodi si bhi akal hogi… who teri girlfriend kabhi nahi banegi…"

"Achcha… to isska matlab Diya mein dimaag nahi tha??"

"maine aisa kab kaha? Diya mein dimaag hai… tabhi toh ussne tujhe ditch kiya…"

"NUPSI… teri toh main!!" Mayank ran after Nupur who had by then disappeared in the nearest classroom.  


Life was so cool those days, he wished it remained like this forever, but fate had some other plans. After a month of their graduation, Mayank's parents passed away in an accident, leaving behind an ailing business to be handled by a 21 year old Mayank. He dropped his plan of MBA, and took up the huge responsibility on his young shoulders, to fulfill his father's dream, and he is still struggling with it. He lost contact with all his college friends, apart from the status messages on Facebook, and he missed them, especially his best friend, Nupur. And after three long years, he will meet her once again. "I missed you so much Nupur…"


"Thank you Mr. Shergill… I assure you that you have just got yourself the best deal in the market…"

"I hope your words are true Ms. Bhushan…"

"Don't worry Sir… you'll have no opportunity to regret this…"

She shook hands with the delegates and escorted them till the lobby, when her eyes fell on the clock "3:00… I still got an hour. Thank god my boss had the brains to book my stay in the same hotel" she told herself, and rushed to her room.


His wristwatch said 3:30… he entered the lavish hotel and approached the beautiful receptionist smiling over her desk

"Excuse me… I have come to see Ms. Nupur Bhushan"

"Just a moment Sir…" She brushed through the computer screen in front of her "Room no. 302 Sir… May I know your name please?"

"Yes… I'm Mayank Sharma…"

"Please wait for a minute Sir" She picked up the intercom "Ma'am… Mr. Mayank Sharma is waiting for you"


"Sure Ma'am" She put it down, "Please have a seat Sir, she will be here soon" she said without letting the smile go off from her face. 


He stood up and stared at the staircase as she took her steps downwards.

"Kitna badal gaya hai"

"Bilkul nahi badli hai"

"He looks so pale"

"She's still as bright as the sunshine"

"White shirt? Isse kabse white pasand aane laga?"

"Yellow sundress?? Yeh toh maine gift ki thi!! Isske paas abhi tak hai??"

They looked in each other's eyes, trying to believe the moment, trying to believe that they were actually standing in front of each other. Silence prevailed for several moments, before he engulfed her within his arms, burying his face in the crock of her neck. She wrapped her arms around him, and closed her eyes. She didn't know why, but a lump in her throat prevented her to say anything, and he was silent too, for he had just lost his words.    

They broke the hug, and stared at each others face again, and suddenly burst out laughing. Perhaps it was to bring the situation back to normal, because their hearts had suddenly started behaving pretty weirdly.

"Oh My God!! Someone's looking hot"

"And someone's looking handsome too"

"Thank you ma'am" He bowed down "Now, may I have the privilege" he forwarded his hand, all dramatic.

"Sure, Mr. Sharma" she smiled and placed her hand in his, and they walked towards the exit.

"Such a perfect couple" the receptionist whispered to her colleague, who nodded with silent smile. 


"…aur pata hai, mera Boss, Mr. Murugeshwar Ramaswamy, he is one creature you know. I have never met a more annoying person in my life"

"Thank God, at least mere saath yeh problem nahi hai… main khud hi apna boss hoon… and trust me… mere employees bahut khush hai mujhse…"

"Achcha… apne muh miyan mitthu??"

"What?? What miyan?? Yeh language tune kahan se seekhi?"

"Arrey, meri delhi waali roomie se, Gunjan… she's damn cute yaar… She's from Morena, MBA mein hum saath padhte the, phir dost ban gaye, and job bhi same company mein lag gayi. Ab toh wohi meri best friend hai…" her tone changed suddenly from excitement to disappointment "mera actual best friend toh mujhe bhool hi gaya hai"

He lowered his head. It was not true. He had missed her every moment after they left college.

"Itna sab kuch ho gaya… tune mujhe bataya kyun nahi Mayank… kya hamari dosti itni hi thi??"

"Aisi baat nahi hai Nupsi"

"Toh kaisi baat hai Mayank? Graduation day pe tune bataya ki tere dad chahte hai ki tu unka business join kare, isliye tu Bangalore chala aaya… lekin uske baad… na koi phone, na koi message… tu reunion pe bhi nahi aaya… jab Benji US jaa raha tha, tab bhi nahi aaya… bas FB pe sorry message bhej diya… kya hamari dosti ab FB tak hi limited reh gayi hai??"

"Mujhe nahi pata mujhe kya ho gaya tha Nupsi… it was a very bad phase for me… Mom–Dad ke achanak death ke baad unke business ki poori responsibility mere upar aa gayi. Aur mujhe nahi pata tha ki main ye sab kaise handle karoon… I was a total mess Nupsi… aur main aise tum logon ke saamne nahi aana chahta tha… nahi chahta tha ki tum bhi mujhe sympathy ki nazron se dekho… jaise baaki sab log dekh rahe the…"  

"Sympathy Mayank?? Tu yeh keh raha hai?? Tujhe yaad hai, jab second year ki diwali ki chhuttiyon mein main Maa aur Paa ke saath Shirdi nahi jaa paayi thi, aur who dono kabhi Shirdi se wapas laut ke nahi aaye??" a tear drop brimmed in her eyes "maine toh tab aisa nahi socha tha Mayank… ki tu mujhe sympathy dikhaayega… us waqt mujhe mere dost ki zaroorat thi, aur tu tha mere saath… par jab mere dost ko meri zaroorat thi, tab tune use mere paas aane se kyuun roka Mayank? Bol? Kyuun roka??"

"Nupsi… I am sorry" He wiped the tear off her cheeks "please mujhe maaf kar de" he smiled, because he suddenly remembered something "le maine kaan bhi pakad liya… jaane bhi de, jo bhi hua, jaane bhi de…"

She could not help smiling at him; he still looked as cute as before with that puppy face. "Achcha thik hai… par promise kar… from now on you'll be in touch…"

"I promise… Shahrukh ki kasam.." he touched her hand "I'll be in touch…" and they burst out laughing again.


He dropped her at the hotel around 11:00 in the night.

"So… what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow..." She sighed... "I have a meeting in the morning 9 o'clock, and after that I have the whole day to compile my work, as I have to present it to my boss on 15th in Delhi."

"Listen, I don't want to hear your work schedule. Tomorrow we're going to spend the day together. We'll have lunch on M.G. Road, then watch a movie, and raat ko we are going to the club."

"No Mayank… I have work to do…"

"Oh please… as far I know you Nupur Bhushan, you have already compiled all your meetings till date and you only need an hour to put together the last part. And that you can do on 15th itself."


"No buts… I'm picking you up sharp at 12 tomorrow, be ready by then."


Did you like it? Agar achcha naa laga ho toh I'm sorryOuch... but please do comment... I'll update the last part sometime tomorrowEmbarrassed

and wish you all a very HeartHAPPY VALENTINES DAYHeart

and thanks Ishita and Achoose(sorry I don know ur name) for liking it b4 I wroteLOL

luv ya allHug

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sorry double m still da 1st 1 to comment.......Wink

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yaayyyyyyyyy 1st 1 to comment......m sooo happy......
ok my happiness aside.......awwwww jiya sisi i loved it alooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt............its damn perfect.......all da college memories were soooo beautiful..........gosh dey remind me of how badly m missing mjht gosh i miss it lyk hell............tnhx alot for dis ss its really perfect for reviving those memories n haapy belated valentines day to u too.........plzzzzz cont. soon n how ws ur trips to pune n mumbai???????hope u had a great tym.......Smile

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awesome n amazing update
loved it very much.....
plzzz continue soon
thanks 4 the pm

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