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With You...Forever... (MayUr OS Pg 87) (Page 19)

stuti123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:48am | IP Logged
amazing update jiya ......was eagerly waiting for update soon..........

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x.Heena.x Goldie

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Poor wife nupur should be a lil more carefull...
-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
OMG.. MN fight!!Ouch
part 7.. soo heart wrenchin!!!Broken Heart
aww... i'm soo worried.. ab aage kya hoga!!!Disapprove
& jiya... u didnt pm me.. dis tym also!!!Unhappy
do update soon!!!

-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 3:04am | IP Logged
I just had the chance to read all the parts...WOW! U have a nice style of writing. Loved the Mayur romance in the last part and am so sad to see Mayur fighting in Part 7. Mayank is being mean!! I hope she gives him a hard time before she comes around. Looking fwd to the happy ending. Please do Pm me and do write more.
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Ishita16

I just had the chance to read all the parts...WOW! U have a nice style of writing. Loved the Mayur romance in the last part and am so sad to see Mayur fighting in Part 7. Mayank is being mean!! I hope she gives him a hard time before she comes around. Looking fwd to the happy ending. Please do Pm me and do write more.

thanks ishita....this coming from you is really overwhelmingEmbarrassed. as i personally love your writing. thank you so muchHug. I will update the last part soon.  

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -SupriyaluvsMN-

OMG.. MN fight!!Ouch
part 7.. soo heart wrenchin!!!Broken Heart
aww... i'm soo worried.. ab aage kya hoga!!!Disapprove
& jiya... u didnt pm me.. dis tym also!!!Unhappy
do update soon!!!

don't worry....aisi fights to hoti rehti hai
in words of Nupur "pyaar mein roothne se zyaada manane mein maza aata haiWink"
coming up next is a happy endingSmile
and i am sorry again for not pm-ing u, i'll pakka do it nxt time Smile

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Ritu.V IF-Rockerz

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Very nice Update..... Waiting to read next update Smile
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Part 8

Thanks a ton for appreciating this story till now. This is the last part of this OS. Thank you so much for your motivation.

Today is a very important day for Nupur. It's the day of her show. She is nervous, as for the first time, she will do a solo act. She needs Mayank's support; she wants him to be there with her. But things have not been well between them, mostly because of the excessive work pressure, and both their egos were enough to extend the distance. But today, Nupur needs him.

We see Mayank, sitting on their bed, surrounded by files and glued to his laptop, while Nupur is brushing her hair, sitting in front of the mirror. She sees his image in the mirror, his face reflecting tension. She thinks of something, and then calls out…

 Nupur: "Mayank!!"

He doesn't respond. She calls again, raising her voice a little.

Nupur: "Mayank!!!"

Mayank (responds, but without removing his eyes from the screen): "Hmm…"

Nupur ("how to start a conversation?"): "Main kaisi lag rahi hoon?"

She was looking gorgeous in a white churidaar. But he doesn't budge.

Mayank: "Hmm…"

Nupur: "Mayank please!!! Dekho toh…"

He finally lifts his eyes from the laptop, irritated. He looks at her, and then goes back to his work.

Mayank: "Tum achchi lag rahi ho Nupur"

Nupur: "mmm….achcha…….achcha tum aa rahe ho naa aaj?"

Mayank: "kahan?"

Nupur: "auditorium…aur kahan? Thik 7:30 baje pahuch jaana, thik hai?"

Mayank: "Nahi Nupur," he gets up from the bed, and is trying to find something in the drawer, "main nahi aa sakta, meri aaj 7:30 baje ek important meeting hai"

Nupur: "Par Mayank…."

Mayank (his voice raises a little): "Nupur, zidd mat karo, main nahi aa sakta"

But Nupur seems adamant.

Nupur: "Nahi….main kuch nahi sunna chahti, tumhe aana hi padega….tum pichli baar bhi nahi aaye the…aur…"

Mayank gets very irritated now. Before she could finish her sentence, he turns to her and yells…


Her heart sinks in. She did not expect him to react like this. She still tries to say something in a feeble voice, "but Mayank…" when she is cut off again "STOP BEHAVING LIKE A KID NUPUR!! MERE PAAS TUMHAARE STUPID SHOW KE LIYE TIME NAHI HAI, SAMJHI TUM?? NOW PLEASE, MUJHE KAAM KARNE DO." Tears well up in her eyes, she feels her heart tearing into pieces, but not a peep comes out. She stands there for a while, in silence, and then starts walking away. Just as she reaches the door, she turns back, and looks at him, his face still red with anger and frustration; he was not looking at her. She murmurs, "I'll wait for you Mayank."

He looks at her retreating figure. He throws away the files on the floor and sits down on the bed with a thud, burying his face in his palms. 

That day evening


The auditorium is jam-packed; we can see people clapping. The show has already begun. Nupur is sitting in the green room, getting ready for her performance. She looks at her watch; it is 8:30, and yet no sign of Mayank. She goes to the wings and takes another look at the cheering audience. Her eyes search desperately for Mayank, but he's not there. Just then, she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around exclaiming "Mayank!!", but it's not him. It's one of her crew members, "Come on Nupur! You are still not ready? Go and change fast!! Your act will be up in the next 15." "Yaa, I'm going." Disappointment is clear in her voice. She looks at the audience one more time, and then returns to the dressing room.    

The curtains go up, the stage is dark. A mild spotlight flashes at the centre of the stage. A girl is standing there, her hands held high up in the air, in a beautiful dancing posture. Gradually, the stage lights up, and the girl's figure becomes clearer to the audience. She is facing her back towards them; her long hair draped till her waist. The music starts playing, and she turns. It's Nupur, looking absolutely stunning in a red Anarkali, and complementing her attire is a beautiful diamond maangtika dangling on her forehead. Her face is reflecting beauty, but her eyes are sad. They are still waiting for someone. The song starts…

O re piya…..haaye…..o re piya….  

O re piya…aaaa...haaye…..o re piya…

O re piya…aaaaa...haaye…..o re piya…

Uddne laga kyun….mann bawara re…

Aaya kahan se….yeh hausla re…

O re piya…….o re piya……..haaye

Her feet are dancing to the melody, but her heart is still eagerly waiting for her love. "Mayank!! Where are you??"

Taana baana taana baana bunti hawa

Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yaahaan

Saazish mein saamil saara jahan hai

Har zarre zarre ki yeh ilteja hai

O re piya….o re piya…haaye…o re piya haaye…o re piya

Tears well up in her eyes, again and again, blurring her vision. The dancers encircle her, and the act flows on like a river. The audience watches in awe, mesmerized.  

Nazrein bole duniya tole….dil ki zubaan

Ishq maange ishq chahe….koi tufaan

Chalna ahistey….Ishq naya hai….

Pehla yeh vaada…..humne kiya hai…..

O re piya haaye…..O re piya haaye……O re piya….

As the song progresses towards its last phase, her last hope of his arrival seems to gradually disappear. "Please aa jaao Mayank!" she prays "please!"

Nange pairon pe angaaron chalti rahi……haaye…..chalti rahi

Lagta hai ke gairon mein main palti rahi………haaye

Le chal wahan jo mulk tera hai….

Jaahil zaman dushman mera hai…..

O re piya…haaye…o re piya haaye….o re piyaaaa

The song is about to end now. The last stanza music plays, and she is taking her last turns. And then, she sees him. "He's here." Her eyes light up instantly. "He's running down the aisle. He's come for me." A drop of tear trickles down her eye, and suddenly, the world goes dark.


Mayank is at his office. It's 7:00 p.m., and he is all set for his meeting. Just then the phone rings. He picks it up and answers in an irritated voice "Hello! Who's this?"

Voice: "Mr. Mayank Sharma?"

Mayank: "Yes"

Voice: "Mr. Sharma, I am calling from K.N.Associates. I wanted to inform you that today's meeting has been cancelled. Actually, Mr. Mehta who was supposed to meet you; he had to go out of town suddenly due to some urgent work.

Mayank: "Oh! Ok….no problem. Please inform me when next I can meet him as he returns."

Voice: "Sure Mr. Sharma. Thank you." and the line gets cut. He remembers his conversation with Nupur in the morning, how he shouted at her for no reason. He hated himself at that time. He takes a look at his watch "May be I can still make it", he says to himself.


"Shit! It's 8:30 and I am still stuck in this stupid traffic." Mayank grumbles, as he impatiently taps on his car steering. Just then, the signal goes green, and he rushes out, only to find another red signal waiting ahead. "That's it!!" He says angrily, and parks his car at a side. He gets down and slams the door hard. He looks at his watch again. 8:40 p.m. he looks around, "I'm not that far", he thinks. And he starts walking. He increases his pace with each passing moment until finally he sees the auditorium. He is about to enter, when he is stopped by the security.

S: "Kahan jaa rahe ho saab?"

Mayank: "Arey wo…aaj show hai naa…"

S: "Arey saab…ab toh wo khatam hone waala hoga…ab jaake kya karoge?"

Mayank: "Nahi…mujhe jaana hai" and he dashes inside. He hears the song playing O re piya… and he runs in the direction of the music, and there she is, on the stage, looking beautiful as ever. She has seen him, and he can see the instant glow on her face. He runs down the aisle, and suddenly the world comes crashing in front of him. He sees her fall on the stage. A cry escapes from his voice "Nupur!!" The music has stopped, and the audience is overwhelmed. They give a standing ovation to the astounding dancer they saw on stage as the curtains draw in closure. He frantically tries to go back stage, but is stopped by the cheering crowd. He manages somehow to slip in, but all he could see are unknown faces all around. Amongst these unknown faces, he recognizes one, the leader of the troupe. He is looking worried. Mayank goes near him, and asks, his voice trembling "Nupur? Kya hua usse?"

Guy: "We…we don't know. Humein pehle laga ki she improvised on the steps, par…."

Mayank (almost shouting): "Par kya?? Tell me what happened!!"

Guy: "we…we don't…we don't know….she just….wo uth hi nahi rahi hai"

Mayank: "Please…..mujhe usske paas le chalo"

They go to the dressing room, where she lay. Her co-dancers surround her, all of them trying to bring her to senses. He brushes past them, and sees her; her eyes closed; her face reflecting an untold pain. He takes a look at her, and his eyes well up. A voice runs in his head "She needs to be happy Mr. Sharma, usse khush rakha kijiye. Warna baad mein hum kuch nahi kar paayenge…"

"Main tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga Nupur", he tells himself. He lifts her up in his arms gently, and says…

Mayank: "I am taking her to the hospital" He turns to the guy he came in with "can you please arrange for a cab?"

Guy: "Don't worry Mayank….I will drive you there…come"


It's very dark, and a ray of light emerges at a distance. She hears a familiar voice calling her "Nupur! Nupur!" the voice comes nearer, and the darkness goes away gradually. She opens her eyes. "Where am I" she thinks. The place is not familiar to her. She sees a blurred image of a human figure, but a very familiar one. The image slowly appears before her, it is Mayank. A faint smile escapes her lips, as she sees her husband sitting beside her bed, holding her hands. His face has a mixed expression of concern and happiness on it. He's been eagerly waiting for her to open her eyes.

Nupur: "Mayank? Kya dekh rahe ho?"

Mayank: "I am sorry Nupur." And he lowers himself onto her, wrapping his arms around her. She gets lost within his embrace.

Nupur: "Darr gaye the?"

Mayank: "Mar gaya tha"

She pushes him off and tries to sit up. He helps her. She could see a drop of tear waiting to descend from his eyes. She cups his face in her palms, and kisses his forehead with affection. "Main tumhe kabhi chhodke nahi jaaoongi Mayank. I promise", she says with a smile. He again pulls her close and hugs her.

Mayank: "Aur main tumhe kahin jaane bhi nahi doonga, tum jahaan jahaan jaaogi, main tumhaare saath saath chaloonga."

She breaks off the hug; she has a smile of mischief on her lips.

Nupur: "Achcha?? Aur tumhara kaam??"

Mayank: "Mere liye tum dono se zyada important kuch bhi nahi"

Nupur (She's puzzled): "Dono? Matlab?"

Mayank (he has tears in his eyes but these are the tears of happiness): "Haan…tum dono…ab tum akeli nahi ho Nupur…tumhaare saath koi aur bhi hai, jo hamari iss chotisi family ko poora karegi"

Nupur: "Sach?" (Her voice reflects happiness, her eyes glittering with joy)

Mayank: "Haan Nupur" (he hugs her again with love; and whispers)…."humein hamari Rajkumari milne waali hai"

And they held each other in a passionate embrace, feeling the joy of having the best gift of their love, that would arrive soon in their lives, their baby J, with whom they'll live happily ever after.

The End           

Sorry if I have disappointed you, I know it was too dramatic. Still, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your love and support, and for motivating me so much. Please do give your comments.

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