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Originally posted by -Yamz-

me firsssttt Day Dreaming

AISH AISH AISH! what do i do? what words do i use for your magnificient work...WHAT WHAT WHAT ROFL pls help me :/ im sorry i m so bad at doing khud ki taareef Stern SmileROFL 

i can't even describe in words how bloody MAGICAL your work is man! hats off to you Approve lalala yayyy i love you <3 

GOSH GOSH ALKSJAHKALA everything is beyond STUNNING, how the hell are you so GOOD at this. THOSE ICONS...omggg! man i'm going crazzzyy here. your colouring is KILLER killer killer! :/ i loveee the way you've experimented with different styles/textures/colouring and SIZES! woaah! i hope these dont start getting copied too :/ your work is work of a professional man, i mean even a real professional's work will looks ordinary in front of your edits <3 GORGEOUS Heart AWWW I CANT EVEN SAY PBBB THAT MEANS THE WORLD, THE UNIVERSE, THE FREAKING GALAXY TO MEEE <3 and lolomgidk about the copying part i'll just pretend i didn't read that :D hehehe.

those long icons! HOLY HELL! Shocked they are absolutely marvellous <3<3 do i even need how brilliant the colouring it, i love the way you give these an amazing exposure. I wish my colouring was good as yours Heart i could stare at these all day long :/ your colouring is gorgeous. kay? kay. 

SIGGIES...OMFGOSHHH! i've not seen better sigs than these anywhere of IF i think i read this sentence a lot of times..alskaklaklaklksll;ls...excuse me from the excessive drooling, you have no ideaaa how crazy i am going at the moment ROFL :OO  EACH SIGGY looks freakin flawless man...especially THESE :OO <333 utter perfection EEE SO HAPPPYYY :D <3

MAN I just wonder how perfect are these!! SHITTT man! Heart Silly

SPAAA! omg omg omg! FABULOUSSS avi's :O:O each one of them is breathtaking...No words left just amazed! and HOW ADORABLE were our Kryan...Day Dreaming KD was like all over excited and sooo happy! Heart yesss they were amazinggg like always and im so glad you love the avis <3

I love love you PB...this completely made my DAY! Day Dreaming just waiting for KT-KD to see this magic <3333 Hug I LOVE YOU EVENEVENEVENMOREEE. Heart

Originally posted by Oblivion.

..I was gonna just comment but too much prettiness :| I need a moment Day Dreaming

lelo timeLOL

Originally posted by Dangelz

FIRST PAGE FINALLYYY! Dancing ROFL After a very veryyy long time! Be prouddd LOL! Big smile LOL

I wish I could edit this NOW...but I'm working on an essay :/ Totally sucksss, but I will edit this after Thursday! Cause I'll officially be DONE with classes for the year! Big smile Big smile

The overload of Kryan has left me in a daze Day Dreaming...even if I'm not such a big big fan of them or anything. LOL 

yesss i'm sooo proud :D i'm sooo jealous too laka;la;l;sl don't even talk to me okay. i'll drown in study while you go be happy and that is no fun :'( anyway thankyou though Embarrassed

Originally posted by indiandoll89

AISH! I'm dying from the perfection! <3
Now I need to change my sigs again *siigh* Why do you make such amazing sigs and gifs? Embarrassed I'm absolutely in love with everything and now I'm going to have to work hard to choose what to use Tongue
Love you,
Meera <3

eeeklakslka that's because you are so amazing. the end. muaaah i love you too <3

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Oooh, will they include mine?Tongue  Hope you post them soon, Aish, been waiting sooo patient (or impatiently, however way you want to define itLOL).
Gorgeous update, btw, all the sigs and avis turned out brilliant. This one is my favorite.

yes yours too Janu :$ LOL omg i'm so sorry once again and thankyou SO much :D <3

Originally posted by perdimenticare

WAIT OMG I WILL BE BACK. h i h i h i h i h i :D 

OKAY so basically that update was so intense, I had to take a bajillion days to digest everything. 
DEAR GOD, AISH. ARE YOU THE LOVE CHILD OF GOD AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON EARTH OR SOMETHING? HOW DO YOU EVEN EXIST. WHAT ARE YOUR PHOTOSHOP SKILLS. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW YOU ARE SO PERFECT.GAAHH WHAT EVEN SWETHA? if i said the same to you like a million times a day that wouldn't be enough and ok this is just LOL since we already talked about love child of god and most beautiful woman on earth. *hides*

 I LOVE the texture you used in these icons. sooo pretty. and this pic is so cute. hehe. awwwie thankyou :D i think i abused this pic the most. it makes me AWWW. 

 omg so cute, kill me now. i can't, Karan. :/ notice how the main focus is their handsss lalalala. 

OMG THIS IS SO PRETTY. EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT. THE PICTURE, THE COLORING, THE TEXT. SO FLAWLESS. GAAAHHH. WHAT ARE YOU? ok please. it was b/w to begin with. i..did..almost..nothing. and yes, i am me. Krystleee :D 


so beautiful, yaar. thankyouu :*


LOVE THIS. but i just realized that I think this is edited /: like the person clapping next to Karan looks like Krystle /: they just cropped her out. idddkkk man LKALSKALK WHAAATTT THE FK? oh that better be Nia or some other dudette. IT BETTER BEEE. 

so cute so cute! that's you and me. that's why.

flawless people being flawless <3 :D agreeeddd. 

THE COLORING ON YOUR SPA GIFS IS LOVE. I think I'm going to go make some big SPA gifs of SaRun. hehehehe. don't mind me. thankyou my love. you are awesome. what happened of those gifs? :D 

Originally posted by -Kruti.S-

ok KT-KD needs to see this for REAL...this is beyond awesomeness man...Day Dreaming

i know i know i know. i mean not about the awesomeness but about KT-KD. EmbarrassedLOL

Originally posted by BeautyfulDesire

Aish, amazing KryAn creations. They are so beautiful...OMG! I am speechless. You are beyond the best creation maker ever!

thanks so much..that means eveeerythinggg to me :D 

Originally posted by Jaan.


AISSHHH TU MERA HEROO-O-O-OOO haye haye..tu meri heroine phir toh. :$

Okay. W. T. F. Dead i have to admit that emo scared me zomg whaaat? HOW CAN YOU BE SO FLAW FREE?? i mean seriously aish this update is just too good. and i think it is even more beautiful because you love Kryan so much and I really really hope they see this update. ME TOO. anyway idk about that but you're too cute and if i don't agree then i have to face that freaking joke avi again sighs i can't stand it :/
Okays. Here we go. 
Icons love the coloring and texture on this one eeepp the COLORING. plus that was one of my fav pictures. THIS. IS MY FAVORITE PICTURE OUT OF ALL OF THEm. and your icons just makes it look sooo beautiful. :/ 

Long Icons
Love them ALL. But I love this one and this coloring the MOST, the pink looks fab and they are just SO CUTE. Using Using. :)
 that's my fav colouring omg you know what after like 2 years of sig making i've finally found a colouring of mine i want to sit and stare at and yeahhh. LOL ok.

Large Icons
Love the coloring you did on the large Icon Set, you should STACK them for us. :D. aap kar dijiye, kripiya hamare haathon ko baksh de :/ I love love the purplish b/w coloring fab, the texture and the coloring is just tooo good and ohmygod i dun even know how you manage this because this is flawless you are flawless. I LOVE this one --> reaaally? is it just me or i don't see anything that way in this alskkdddjk i am so tired i dont even make sense

CYRING. They are all flawleesss
I love the texture/text use on this one, and the coloring and the border and everything basically. don't cry jaanuuu. thankyouuu <3

GAH WHAT IS THIS AISH. STOP BEING SO FLAWLESS how is anyone going to look at anyone else's stuff??
So perfect. Simple but perfect. the coloring and texture overlay is STUNNING 

Seriously I just can't comment on these. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS PERFECT. and the best part of all of your work on this is you've taken 4 or 5 pics and just made so many things that are SO beautiful but SO Unique and SO different. and just so beautiful, my mouth was OPEN when I was scrolling through. no joke. no okay i have to agree about the 4-5 pics million siggys part so yeah. now enough making me blush

EEEKKK  coloring is fab and KRYAN IS Just LOVE basically.  I love love the large ones too thaaankyou :D 

I LOVE THESE. The coloring and texture is Fab and I loved the way you cropped it, for some reason looks SO GOOD. Oh I know why. Cause your dabest. :D nananaa b/c she is beautiful and i have a huge girl crush on her and..thats it. 

Siggy is beautiful as well. 
Basically Aish I love you and I just admire your creativity so much and i know that as I said, this is reflection of your inner beauty and honestly seeing your stuff makes me so happy so I just wanna thank you for that. see now my turn to be emotionaaalll. :') if anyone should thank anyone then it should be me thanking you b/c you're so nice to me 24*7 esp about my workkk but more b/c i loved you and you love me and ok enough
Now that I'm done being sentiii update soon. :D LOL

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Aishhh fab job gal <3
Sigx r soo perfect..
Textures and coloring looks gr8 !!!
Font is super adorable..
Saved awl these sig !!!

thanks hinuEmbarrassed

Originally posted by -Pooja-

ummm am confused what to use pinch me :O 

just stick the whole update in your dabba :/

Originally posted by ..Kirann..


This time im not late:-P & its a good thing cuz if i dont edit comments i keep thinking about ti & i feel so depressed. Once i do it i feel relieved:-P haha...i know im weird:| but whatever look @ the update...its super duper gorgeous! Ahhh KrYan are HOTNESS! They both complete each other <3 Everything i looked at is marvelous. I dunno what to say SERIOUSLY! U left me speechless literally & is stared @ everything for atleast good 5 mins each! Coloring, blending,. textures. styles, borders, text...everything is perfection!

awww Kiran kiran kiran you make me blush so much its not even funny lol thankyouuu <3 

 Goshhh look @ 'em. TOTALLY DREAMY! I love the coloring on these icons & the texture. Every single icon in this style is amazing!
<-- Icons in this style are amazing as well. i've said it before too every single style, coloring looks fabulous! Look @ KT int his icon...haha so cute & I love his smile<3 i know. i can keep staring at that pic forever. they are so cute it kills me. :/
<--Day Dreaming They are perfect together!<3 
<-- All the long icons are awesomeness! OMG! Look @ this one...THEY LOOK HAWWTTT!! Somebody call 911:-P haha PLEASE YES OK OMG.
<--- BEAUTIFUL!<33 & this coloring is so prettyyy! Aisshh the stuff i pasted here is my favorite as in pics! aww thankyouu! so glad you love everything you mentioned :D <3 But every single coloring & style is gorgeous! I loved everything!
Moving onto sigs, so many sigs & every single one is stunning! <-- First of all KT looks adorable! Cant get over it & i love this texture! <-- Coloring is amazing! & the style & texture is awesome!<-- Gosshhh! This is outstanding! Love that yellow ball thingy at the back.<-- This is phenomenal! Love love the b&w coloring! Looks superb!
*SUFFOCATING HUGS* kakjska;lslkd<-- This one is THE BEST! Love love the background & coloring so so much! Everything about this one is BRILLIANT! haha idk. that one seems to be a fav.<-- yellowish coloring looks fab on this one!
Moving onto SPA stuff, SPA were amazing! I've watched 'em 100 times. SaRun+KrYan simply rocked it! I watched it for SaRun & KrYan <3 The coloring on avis is beautiful! yesss mee too :D
<-- Loved when they both hugged each other both times they won. they are like sisters off-screen as well. So cute<3 
^ loved they both hugged each other when both of 'em got awards so cute 
^ this kiss was so cutteee! Amazing moments<3
^ this siggyy look absolutely fantastic! Borders are lovely! Overall, everything looks beautiful Aisshhh. Gorgeous update...okay im done. Bye<3 thankyou SO much once again Kiran. you are too too tooo sweet. alkslks;l;l.

Originally posted by -Ravjot-

Me lovesBlushing 

who? me? i know :$

Originally posted by HotMess

omg :| how the hell are you so creative

lalalala idk but i surprised myself this time. so yeah.

Originally posted by Tani91

I hate you for making me drool over your freaking amazing stuffAngry and these two I swear I hate them for making me crazy for themSilly...why do they have to be so perfectDay Dreaming

And I just realized that this is the first time I commented on your gallery and I insulted youROFL

yeah LOL i know first time commenting first time insulting W*F whyyy ROFL i kid umm but thankyou Taniii, that's so sweet! muaaahh

Originally posted by Ragz.

Gorgeous update omfggg :O everything is sheer perfection can't decide which one I like the most ROFL Smile fair enoughhh coz i cant either Smile

Ily Heart update soon again smiley Big smile ROFL ily tooo <3 sigh where do i get the energy and time :/ 

Originally posted by romanticgurl070

the pics r awesome!!! 


Originally posted by Sanugr8fan

OHH maaan! how many siggies have u exactly made? =O 

.als;ls;lklk like 15+ :/ which isn't a lot

Originally posted by ZumSrK



OMGG The update is KRYANlicous Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingThey both are adorabe<3 and your work on them make them more Awesome<3
Iam Like speechless Jus starring at your workDay Dreaming

cant wait to see my reqEmbarrassed
Main khogayi Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Love youHug

awww bb i love you tooo Hug you are just the sweetest thing in the world. <3

Originally posted by -Hoor-

aishiii, the update is beyond beyond gorgeous!
Eeeks, so much of KryAn stuff is making me crazyyy Silly
Is there any way i could just copy/paste your whole update into my dabba? Embarrassed LOVEEE everything <3

thankyou so much hoorEmbarrassed

Originally posted by -Harshu-

OMG stunning update !!!

Everything looks beyond gorgeous <3 

Love the icons esp the long ones <3 
Sigs r AMAZING !!! These r my favs :)

Styles , textures , colouring , blending , borders, text..everything is just PERFECT :D Love it !! 

SPA avis r fab !!!!!! Gorgeous colouring on them :)

Amazing work !

thankyouuu harshuuu Hug means the world to meee :D <3

Originally posted by Veeyasfan

Oh wowww.. alll the pics are awesomly awesome... I dont often cum here bt yamzy di's post on the adda brought me here... and it was worth it...!!!!!!!

awww thanks so much, so glad you didEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Cute.Sadaf

Okay , searching my words to praise your stunning effort and Update. LOL

What the ? Stern Smile Icons are really really prettyful man. Just HEART it. Heart
Kryan Stuff came out so fantastically Stunning. Day Dreaming  Long Icons are hell Amazing and beautiful. Now , i'm confirmed confused which Signature I have to choose where all the basket is full of colorful roses. Its needless to mention everytime how much i adore and love your magnificent coloring. You have some hypnotic magic in your hands through which your every creation never fails to gives it charming essence and most importantly , I LOVE that. Okay , decided, I LOVE all the Siggy's , the coloring , text , font , blending , borders and textures are so so so so so so so breathless. <33 The Avi's sections are so charismatic Girl. Stern Smile Your coloring is flawlessly ravishing and killer. Stern Smile Just LOVE , LOVE , LOVE , LOVE it all. Heart

I LOVE your whole page Aish. Day Dreaming Gorgeous <33

Hug you know what. you're an absolute sweetheart. like every time i read any comment of yours it always leaves me with the massivest smile ever b/c you never stop praising my work and (especially colouring..see, i noticed) alkja;lk;laks;lkklk yeah idk anymore really. but just so you know, you're amazing. muaaah <3

Originally posted by SobtiObsession

Gorgeous stuff, Aish!! I adore the colouring of the icons the most. It looks really pretty :))

x x

OMG ZOAH THIS IS YOUUU? wowowowow. where were you? hehe. but thanks :$<3

Originally posted by priya_luna

Wow Aishh! The update is amazing , lovin the icons they are soo pretty. Kryan are soo adorable. The Spa avis are stunning , love the colouring .

The Kryan photo shoot siggies are amazing , they are soo pretty<3

These three are my favourites , they are soo simply gorgeous -
Love the textures and text styles you have used they are simply fab!!

Keep rockin Aishh :)

thankyouuu Priya EmbarrassedHug

Originally posted by shaal619

Have no words to describe this. its just AWEEE,Heart omggomgomgomgomggg! Heart
i LOVE LOVE LOVEEE thisss :')
so simple yet sooo AMAZING.ClapClap 


Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..


kuch naa kaho..kuch bhi naa kaho, kya kehna hai..kya sunna hai..mujhko pata hai, tumko pata hai..and if i don't stop now i'll just end up singing the whole song. :/

Originally posted by Savage

Watch it there, woman! Shocked 

Gosh, eeh - I haven't had the pleasure before to see someone do as much work on one couple as you have. Clown But my, it all looks straight stunning, like kinda when you really like what you're making, it comes out even better, which happens to me when I make stuff on my favorite couple and HP. So, I get how you've made all this, yo! Although, your speed is uncanny. Requests were made to you like two months back, I know but Kryan stuff is WAY more than all those requests put together. You're an inspiration, hoping University's awesome in the going, even thought stressful. Thumbs Up haha well. i don't think i've loved any couple to this extent and all it takes is obsession for me to work on something :D LOL tell me about requests and i'll just pretend i didn't read anything :/ i guess uni's alright?Embarrassed although i have endless complaints and..nvrmnd

Let's tell you what my absolute favorites are from the update to wrap up, and and tell you what, the icons, and the bigger icons and the long icons, I would have like used all of em in turns if I were a fan of Karan and Krystal, THAT good, the coloring, the texture, it is all nothing more or less than splendid. 
thankyou SO muchhh <3 eeek that means the world. seriously..when people say they almost feel like using things even though they don't ship the celeb/ makes me happiest Embarrassed

PS. Here's a little suggestion. Would you like to incorporate some Mami from IPKKND stuff in your next update? That woman is awesome. Try to make some stuff on her, epic. Please. LOL kaaay can i push that another update ahead? :D


Originally posted by ScatteredCastle

everything is so so so preddaaay. :| imma brb. =/ can't take my eyes off it. <3

oh and, thankyou. 

Originally posted by ShilpaLuvsKMH

OMFG :D Kriyan Stuff Is Sooo Huge And I Damn Looove It :))
Youre Icons Are Soo Gorgeous :)) And Especially The Long Icons Are Soo Damn Beautiful :) No Words Yaar.. And The Siggies Are Out Of This World.. Really MASTERPIECES Dear :))
The SPA Avis Are Also Soo Gorgeous :) Suuuperb Coloring Dear :)
The Whole Update Is PERFECT :) *running to my dabba*

thankyou thankyou thankyouuu shilpa <3 Embarrassed

Originally posted by Ankita.M

OMG Aish this update has to be one of the best amongst all the other perfect ones LOL

I think obviously Karan and Krystle helped inspire you too, because they indeed are a very cute couple both on and off screen, I definitely like them. The siggies are so perfect, especially since the coloring is so gorgeous and as usual the use of textures splendid. 

^This has to be my favorite even though all the others are equally stunning, BUT IDK this one just has everything right. 

The avis from SPA are so vibrant sharp and well colored, can't stop staring. The icons are gorgeous. And even though you've made so much stuff on them, all looks different :) 

Greattt update

thankyou sooo much ankita! <3333 lol you know i have a bimaari of not being able to make anything the same way and sometimes that works well for me. hahah. thankyou :D <3

Originally posted by aishi.muffin

Lovely update Aish (: All the Kryan stuff is really nice!

thanks aishEmbarrassed

Originally posted by -.Aisha.-

LOVE all icons.. and beautiful brushes..


thankyou aisha :)

Originally posted by .VanishingDream


u never fail to surprise me aish Day Dreaming

I am totally fida over their pics already Day Dreaming ab tere update pe bhi mein fida hogayiDay Dreaming

sooo Ermm i am soo out of words Stern Smile..umm yeh acha hoga sabse BADA CUTOO update just like u Hug *pull ur cheeks*Embarrassed, tum nahi mana karsakti Tongue, i havent pulled ur cheeks since ages TongueLOL

aww aish Hugtera note at the top of the update so cute of u Hug,cutoo Embarrassed

abt reqs LOL its okie baba Tongue sab samjhte hai ki tu kinni busy hai :)

i hope ur doing well :) havent talked to since ages as usual LOL

do keep making more :) Dancing 
i love you HugHeart

teri basanti Dancing

I LOVE YOU MORE MORE MOREEE <3 kitna bhi cheek pull karle..i misss youuu
and thankyou thankyou thankyou, thankyou for understandingEmbarrassed 

Originally posted by idreamaboutyou

Gorgeous stuff Aish ! I'm going to use some of the Kryan stuff ! Your amazing and a talented sig maker ! The SPA avis are cute <3 Amazing work and beautiful coloring !

thankyou so much mona :D <3

Originally posted by AishuJSKfan

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work is definitely one of a kind! No one can ever come close to you in siggy making! You're like the Da Vinci of photoshop! Exaggerate nahi kar rahe hum! Bilkul sach bol rahe hai! I mean WOW! Everything is just so GORGEOUS yaar!

I always so love your icons! They're so beautiful and magical! And all just 100x100! It shows how much care you put into every little thing that even these 100x100 size things look so adorable!

And your style is so pretty and modern! I just love the way you made this particular sigg! Waah bhai waah! Kyaa baat hai!

And the orangish textures and the way you wrote the text on this one is so damn beautiful! Didn't you make a Nia and Kushal one just like it? I love this style!

Haieee Ram! The SPA avis are so bright and lively! I just want to stare and stare at them for hours! Your work is truly the best! Keep it up!


And as for the tumblr, I find it truly disgusting that someone would do that! Thank God the page got removed! But no worries, no one can replace you! This stupid copy cat business had to have an end.

IDKKK OK BUT I WAS JUST REMINDED OF're also a marathi mulgi? lalala same pinch this is kind of weird so i'll shut up now but yeah so am i :D eeek and thankyou so much for the endless amount you can write on how amazing you find my work..brings the hugestestestest smile on my face Embarrassed

Originally posted by -aakanksha-

I can kill for your coloring. No kidding Stern Smile Your style and designs, without a second thought, unique and flawless. I like the way you did borders in so many different ways.. creativee! :) This one is absolutely fav. - The text looks rocking Day Dreaming Another fav. - This looks like classic vintage stuff -.- Idk how to explain it lol.. but yes, got that old love sorta feel to it Day Dreaming - WOOOH. Heavenlyyy. Your coloringgg.. so beautiful and surreal. How do you hit perfection all the time Stern Smile Sighs, i keep scrolling up and down.. everything is just DREAMY<33 And your blending.. wow, another thing I should mention.. the blending in sigs is excellent! I came after a long time but you just got better and even more fab.. if that was possible. But really, if I was a fan, I did print them all out and put in my room! Embarrassed

Sorry to hear about the tumblr mess. Its shitty how people can even think of doing such stuff Dead I hope the person 1800's and buy's a life Dead

ankuuu uuu uuu i've stopped getting better. it doesn't happen anymore. i don't think so. but you saying that just makes me so happy Embarrassed

Originally posted by Farzu.

 That is honestly INSANEEE! I cant believe how much time some losers have to hate on other people. Like do you not have a freakin life? :/ Goshhh! Hope she gets banned or something from tumblr. I'll report from my side too! Anywaaay, your KryAn update is AMAZINGGG! omg i loveee loveee the sigs especially. Your coloring on each one is so different and beautiful. You rock :) the avis are gorgeous too!! Day Dreaming

thankyou so much farzu Hug

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Aish ... how much time did u take to make all that. GOSH Woman ..those are Awsome! Truely Gorgeous i would say. Just cant choose the best of them all. Each one of them is GORGEOUS

Good going Aish!!!

umm umm i don't really know? heheh. thanks Preeto <3

Originally posted by Miss-Pakiie-KMH

These FOUR has to be my faavs one for all different Colours Big smile And the WORST is that i can't choose one from them Stern SmileLOL AMAZING work yaaar Heart

The Siggies came our SOOO well maaanShocked ! i am DEAD ! and i would ask you the same Question ! How do you manage all that ? ROFL ! i can't take my Eyes from this siggy because you'r the only person i know who can make that Coloring effect on SomethingEmbarrassed ! and i can't Stop admiring it LOL

The Siggy is Saying it Itseelf ! BEAUTIFUL Day Dreaming Do not Stop making sigs with this Coloring ! Big smile

the Avis are SOOO perfectEmbarrassed ! perfectly perfect are the suitable words LOL i have really no more words but yaar your Stuff is always unique and Stunningly Beautiful ! Alfaaz kam par jaate hai yaarLOL ACHHA i am off now ! wheen could i request something ? =D

about the Copycat Embarrassed: GLAAD that that person's Account has been deleted ! ROFL
Do not pay Attention at Such persons Angeel <3EmbarrassedLOL

awww bb firstly thankyou so much for such a beautiful comment Hug muaahh <3 so glad you love everything you mentioned! and as for requesting..tbh i have absolutely no idea at all..i know people really really want me to open but i don't see that happening for a looong time :/ so yeah. but i'll try Embarrassed ily. 

Originally posted by ..-Jia-..

stop being so freaking talented. :| Embarrassed <333 

kabhi toh show me your chaand sa mukdhaaa and then i will try. Embarrassed

Originally posted by yulZ

O M Y F R E A K I N G F I S H !


i swear i have been here soo many times but every time i come i just cant staring at those AWESOME ke bhi baap licious type of icons and siggies :O:O:O:O why are u soo damn talented Aish ? why are u so perfect ??

*stares at those siggies and the pics of kryan like some crazy ladka*


*gets amazed by aish talent again*

*tries to type something but wants to keep staring at the siggies*

fgt it i will come later when i finish drooling over them Day Dreaming

LOLOMG what the heck kitna blush karega, kitna makkhan lagayega..itniii taareef Stern Smile i don't have any answers for you like i always dooo </3 

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You know u guys are mutually Admiring each other and in this Me and ArTi are left aloneLOLLOLLOLLOL

No But srsly .... I love My AR's .... mere Do Anmol Ratan has to be Sujal Kashish and Mayank NupurLOL

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JaiShriSitaRam

Amazing update, Aish! All your creations are sooo cute, and I'm simply in love with the IPKKND stuff, really beautiful! Your avis are really something. aww thankyou SO much JanuEmbarrassed

Whenever you get the time, which is probably not often lol, would you be able to teach me how you make avis on PS please? I've only begun making them myself since 2-3 months, but they're still so juvenile, lol. of course. let me PM you after i'm done replying to commentsLOL

Originally posted by priya_luna

Such a gorgeous update ,sooo love the filmfare awards avis . Using the Madhuri avis , she is such a timeless beauty -Love this one its soo cute and love the use of colour too , and another favourite ,PC she looks so pretty and your avi is soo pretty too<3

The Suku creations are fab and I soo love the Kryan siggies they are sooo cute <3

Sarun ,SPA  avis are just love , but I am so disappointed that they gave soo much screen space to the Vahus Ermm. But the colour you have used on the avis is gorgeous and I just love the offscreen random Sarun avis saved a load of them :D

Finally the requests , they are soo amazing ,especially Jenny's itss so gorgeous <3

Keep rockin aishh<3
thanks so much priya Hug i love youuu <3 <3 

Originally posted by Shamsaaa.

OMGG Madz avi's ahh res :Di looveee her tooEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Aisshhh awsm stuff yaar <3 sooo love ur creations <3
Especially the aviz...i have the soft corner for them lol...
Open up ..i wanna rqust...Stern Smile aww thanks hinu Hug opening..LOL god knows when that'll happen

Originally posted by -Afridimalikk-

OH MY GAWWDDD! Stern Smile
How did you do this:
Day Dreaming its so so so so so stareable!!!!
amazingly done!
the icons are lovelly
and the filmfare avis are LOVE! Heart
ily. period.
oh oh oh
SUGG: Fawad-Mahira esp from the new ad, and ofcourse HS Embarrassed
thankyouuu Hug it took me a whole 20 mins to blend. lol. anything for jenny though <3 :) love you too

Originally posted by ~*Mehwish*~

 yes i remember that :$$ but your colorins are like soo good and better than mine lol but im proud of youuEmbarrassed NO PLEASE DONT SAY THAT -___- but that's too cute, and im so honoured..muaahss
ahah really?LOL ohh i see ;/ i stopped watching it sine a few epiosdes;/ sometime i felt i shoudlnt stop. lool but whateverrLOL
yess i loveee your fonts so much, they are so simple and clearly!  i feeel youuuStern Smile i hate to looking for good fonts, but i got  some pretty fonts recentlyDay Dreaming but i  rarely use it  LOLROFLlove you so much tooo!Hug USE lol i download, use for an update or so and then get back to the old ones :$ habit ROFLHug

OMG you also have a tumblr?!?! i want to see it :d i do, nowLOL will link you to it in two seconds :$ LOL aww haha, i have two tumblr ahah :$$ well the first one is  for mostly bollywood stuffs. and you know how much i love watching asian shows so i made a  new tumblr for asian stuffs only. lool. but im going to give you my tumblr for bollywodd stuffs only. lol you dont know asian stuffs so yeah :P here the link ;)  GIVE ME YOUR TUMBLR LINK ;$$EEE OMGGG I DIDNT KNOW YOU HAVE ONE TOOO??????????Embarrassed your tumblr better be active. i'm a mass reblogger and a huge fan of your stuff, that you know..Embarrassed

AHH the avis are veryyy pretty :O gen&her husband, i forgot his name -___-, it is my favvv avi!! they are looking soo adorable! :$$$ the coloring is SOO PERFECT !!! awww SO happy you love it Embarrassed

OHMYGOSHHH YOU MAKE AMAZING ICONS LIKE SERIOUSLY!?!? youre the one of these best icon maker :O youre so good at EVEEYRHTING. SIGS,STYLES,AVIS,ICONS, AND COLORINGS!?!? no wonder you got alot of peoplve who admire your work, you deserve it ;) that's the best compliment everrr! eee thankyouEmbarrassed but really dont think my icons are so good pleaseLOL

omg there are alot of pics in the last sig, how can you do it? ;/ its impossible for me to do that lool. i can do like 6-7 pics only. ;/  you're really good at blending! wow im jealous of you ahah, i loved the texture and font on it :$$ 20 minutes worth of blending that was.. LOL idek how :| 

cant wait for the next updateee! love youu! Hug HugHug i love you tooo <3

Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

 aishhhuu!Hug   eeppss.. me loveee each stufff..!

ohhmiiigoodnesss.. the Sukirti stuff.. are SOOO damn BRILLIANTTT <33Day Dreaming she is such a energetically girl <33 Loving hereee smileee here... AMAZINGG stuff.. saving those Icons nd sggs.. they are FREAKINGGG awesomeeeHeart also using onee :$
KryAn.. sggs are trulyyy fabbb!!! loving this twooo to deaddd.. someone pls make them as a real jodi..LOL but loving those sggs.. Can't wait to see moree stuff on them :D
SaRun/ArHi stuff.. hayyeee.. ohh someone has finally made an avi on the last scene.. loving it! nd BS/SI avis are damn amazinggg... using the BS one for noww :$
nd all the reqs came out OUTSTANDINGG.. but the last oneee is SOO my favoOo..
you trulyyy jaado in you hands... SOOO MANY pics in one sggyy.. :|  danggg!!
Im so right jealous on Jenny.. one WONDERFUL sggy <33
Keep rockingg.. updateee soonnishhh
i LOVE THE COLOUR YOU USEDDD me stealing :$ heheLOL and thankyou sooo much Hug i can't thank you enough. you're too too sweet and i love you tooo <3

Originally posted by Dangelz

Eeeps! r e e e s e e r v e d d d!
I am never gonna get the good fortune of getting first post am I? Stern Smile I don't even remember when was the very last time I even GOT first post...Ermm probably many MANY shops back LOL. ROFL Anyway, will edit soon hopefully!
umm prolly not, unless you're stalking HARDDD :$ LOL dude sahar has like amazing stalking skills though..she reserves so fastStern Smile

Originally posted by -.Aisha.-

oh no i write very long comment but windows close hogai tiAngry

I LOVE avis...
really beautiful sig
liked the colorings, font and texture u used woow

awww gorgeous colorings.. 

OMG really u made this.. Shocked
stunning sig. LOVE the way u used pictures and write texts WOOOW beautifully make

senorita thankyou sooo much aisha HugHug means a lot <3

Edited by aishhh. - 13 March 2012 at 2:10am

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -Aish129-

I think I'm going to call it a day now LOL Exhausted plus the whole week lies ahead Ouch 
Wishh me sweet dreams Wink Arjun-Rati Day Dreaming Dum Dum Day Dreaming
love to youu both! Hug
Preeti loveee youuu! And Deepti it was really nice talking to you! Hope we talk again soon (; love..x
ok sure better take rest...bbye ....sweet dreams of was nice talking to u tooEmbarrassed...n i hope too we talk again soonEmbarrassed....till then bbye best of luck with ur shedule n ur dreams of ArtiThumbs UpWink
Luv yaHug

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 5:14am | IP Logged
di we r not ignoring uOuch..u were lost in ur world of arti so i didn't want to disturb uEmbarrassedLOL

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-Preeti- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 5:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Aish129-

Shut up paagal kahin ki LOL Not ignoring youu at all Hug you know that you just want us to tell you ROFL
btw I must mention, because of this Arti talk I barely got any requests done my folder looks soona soona Ouch

I demand my hisse ka Pyar ....LOL Awww My Miss Gagan now ... she so used to be My Emotional Athyachaar waale dialgue ka shikaaarLOL

Anyways Babye and Take Care ....Good Night and Sweeeeeeet ArTi DreamsHugHugHug muuuwaaaaahh and I Love you tooooHug
-Preeti- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Chalo what shall we do?

Do u watch SaraBhai? matlab did u watch them?

Oooo Deeps
i was just kidding yaar ....ChillLOL

Edited by -Preeti- - 20 February 2011 at 5:19am
.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by -Preeti-

Chalo what shall we do?

Do u watch SaraBhai? matlab did u watch them?

Oooo Deeps
i was just kidding yaar ....ChillLOL
LOLits ok di ...i used to watch a little n it is so funnyROFL

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