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Abhinav&Drashti FC|Chemistry&FriendshipAlways <3 (Page 97)

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Originally posted by yattri

Theres a new Dev? W*F :\
yesOuch.... he is sooo DeadLOL..he is not like OUR AbhinavLOL..
Yes he only belongs to me and yattriTongueLOL

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yeah Marz the second sig is from two diff SBS segs they did a while back Big smile
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Alright so a belated Vday gift from me to you all <3

I tried my best to make decent sigs, but yeah this is all I could manage :| and also I just used whatever quotes came to mind LOL


- - -


- - -


- - -


- - -


Also, I tried writing an AbhiShti OS.. umm it's pretty blah -_- but I'm still gonna post it and torture you all to read it :P haha

- - -

Hearing her cell buzz for the 15th time, Drashti slowly peeked out from under the sheets grabbed the phone off of her night-stand.


"Theek se sone nahi dete" she grumbled, before answering the call.


She had been shooting till the wee hours the night before and she was trying to catch up on her sleep today as she had taken a day off.


"Hello" she mumbled sleepily.


"Drashti, Neha here from SBS, we are sorry to bother you so early in the morning but we have a favor to ask of you" she said quickly.


"Yes, what is it?" Drashti asked sitting up in bed.


"Actually many of your fans, actually the AbhiShti fans are repeatedly asking us for an AbhiShti interview, so we wanted to do a Valentine's Day special for them" Neha says.


"Oh sure I would love to!" Drashti smiled, pushing back the tendrils of curly hair that fell across her face.


"We have talked to Abhinav ma'am and he agreed as well. Would you be free to do it sometime today?"


"Today? Yes that would work for me, cause I'm off of shoot today" Drashti agreed readily.


Telling Drashti the details of the shoot, Neha thanked Drashti once again for agreeing on such a short notice and cut the call.




Pulling into an empty parking spot by Versova beach, Abhinav switched off the ignition and stepped out of his car.


As requested by the SBS reporter he had worn a white cotton button up shirt, with the top few buttons undone paired off with white cotton slacks.


He wasn't prone to doing an interview today, but when he heard that it was with Drashti he agreed immediately. All those pranks they played on each other during their shoots and all the fun they had off-screen was definitely missed by him.


"Hey Abhinav!!"


Turning around he saw her, a big smile gracing her face. She walked towards him decked in a white cotton summer dress with spaghetti straps across her shoulders and the end of the material grazed her knees.


"Drashti, you look stunning as ever" Abhinav said pulling her into a strong hug.


"You look pretty good yourself" Drashti replied cheekily, pulling back to get a better look at him.


" I see you have your camera with you" she commented noticing it slung over his shoulder.


"Yeah, Neha told me to get it" he replied.


As they both spent time catching up, they failed to notice a few people walking up to them.


"Thank You so much for agreeing to do this for your fans" Neha smiled at them.


"No problem. We are so thankful to our fans for continuing to support us" Drashti smiled graciously, as Abhinav nodded in agreement.


"We actually planned a special segment for you, cause we all have seen the lovely pictures you have taken of Drashti, Abhinav and we would like that to be the theme of our special Valentine segment on you two" Neha said.


"Sounds great! She loves getting pictures taken of her, I love taking pictures.. it's a perfect" Abhinav grinned hearing the idea.


"Shut up Abhinav" Drashti smacked his shoulder "You're making it seem like I love standing in front of the camera" she rolled her eyes.


"Oh don't deny it Drashti. You kept making me do retakes, cause you found a problem in each picture" Abhinav chuckled remembering how long they spent to take those two pictures. Although she had rejected all the other pictures he had taken, he didn't delete them, cause he found her expressions in those just as priceless as they were in any other picture.


As the SBS team got set up with their microphone and camera, Drashti and Abhinav talked about how Drashti should sit.


"Sit down on the sand there, fold one of your knees up and stretch your other leg straight in front you" Abhinav told Drashti, standing behind her and trying to picture how the photo would look the best.


Sitting down as he told her to, Drashti placed her hands behind her and turned back to look at him.


"Is this fine?" she asked.


"Perfect" he said taking a few shots "And no you can't see any of the pictures till we are all done" he laughed knowing that she would end up rejecting every picture.


"Abhi come on show na!" Drashti glared at him.


"Nope" he chuckled.


"Fine I won't sit here either!" Drashti shouted, getting up and walking towards the water.


"Nautanki" Abhinav smiled.


Stepping into the wet sand, Drashti moved forward letting the water reach higher and higher on her legs.


Kicking her leg around in the chilly water, Drashti shrieked in glee. If there is one thing she enjoyed, it was getting wet and playing in water! Rain, the beaches, anything to do with water was enough to bring a huge smile on her face.


Noticing Abhinav's shadow coming up behind her, Drashti smiled evilly to herself. As he got close enough she turned around and splashed water on him.


"Got you!!" she stuck out her tongue at him.




As soon as the initial moment of shocked passed by, he caught her around the waist and twirled her around.


"Abhi.. no" Drashti warned him knowing what was going on his mind.


"No what Drashti?" Abhinav asked innocently.


"Don't drop me in the water" Drashti warned him once again.


"What did you say? I can't hear you" she smirked.


"Abhiiii…." Her shout was lost midway as he dropped her in the cold water.


Laughing at what he had just done, Abhinav waited to watching her face as she came out from under the water.


"I'm gonna kill you!!" she screamed pushing her wet hair back.


If looks could kill I would definitely be dead right now, Abhinav thought to himself, running away before she could get her hands on him.


"You come back here right now!!" Drashti shouted smoothening her dress as she made her way out of the water.


Catching up with him after a little chase, Drashti looked at him for a second before both of them burst out laughing at the crazy things they do.


"I missed the fun we had on sets" Drashti confessed as their laughter came to an end.


"Same here, I'm so glad we could hang out again" he smiled pushing a stray lock of hair off of her cheek.


"That was just amazing!" Neha grinned walking up to them.


"Oh.." Drashti mumbled just now remembering that they were being recorded for national television.


Actually after meeting each other after a long time, they had both forgotten the real reason they were here. Letting go all their inhibitions, they enjoyed each other's company just as they used to on the sets of Geet.


"Can we get a small interview now? And we also want to mention some names" Neha added seeing both their blank looks.


"Go for it" Abhinav said as they both sat on the sand next to each other.


"We would specially like to mention your fans, Farzana, Maryam, Sabiha, Khushboo, Yattri and Shilpa to you as they were the main ones who pushed for an AbhiShti interview" Neha said holding up the mic to them.


"We want to thank all our fans so much, Farzana, Maryam, Sabiha, Khushboo, Yattri and Shilpa. Thank You for giving us so much love" Drashti and Abhinav said together.


"You guys are awesome for having supported us even though we barely got any screen space on or off" Drashti smiled widely.


"Yeah that's so true, and now we are not even together yet they continue to support us and continue their loyalty towards us" Abhinav added.


"We hope that we can come back together in a show in the near future, and we hope that if we ever do come back you guys continue to love us just as much of even more!" she said.


"We  love each and every one of you girls and thank you so much for working so hard for this interview. With her being in shoot constantly and me being busy we hardly get time to meet but due to your never-give-up attitude you finally managed to get us together in an interview!" Abhinav smiled.


"Thank You so much for such lovely messages to your fans. They will surely cherish it." Neha said "Any special message you want to give for Valentine's Day?"


"Even if you have a valentine or not, be sure you get pampered on the special day girls" Drashti laughed her signature laugh. "And Abhi better get me loads of chocolates" she smirked.


"Here you go" Abhinav said pulling out a box from behind him.


"Omg you're fast!!" Drashti smiled taking the box.


As she struggled to open the box, she kept trying. Finally giving way the box popped open and squirted water on her face.


"Couldn't miss such a perfect opportunity" Abhinav said cheekily.


"I'll get you back" Drashti winked.


"Well there you have it, Abhinav Shulka and Drashti Dhami, your special AbhiShti. We hope their friendship grows stronger with every passing day and they continue to enjoy playing pranks on each other. Signing off I'm Neha Verma with camera-man Raj Thakkar." Neha ended the segment.


After thanking Abhinav and Drashti once again for the lovely segment the SBS team left.


"Want to meet up for lunch?" Abhinav asked.


"Sure, but let me clean up first" Drashti laughed looking down at their conditions.


"Will pick you up after an hour" Abhinav smiled walking her back to her car.


As they both headed home, both of them smiled widely looking forward to lunch.

- - -

That's it!
Happy belated Valentine's Day/Single's Awareness Day! Big smile
Love you girlies <3

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As you can see, I put it in my siggie dabba! Thanks Shilpuuu Hug
Oh, yeah will def read that OS...but I'm reading Sabii's update now, so yours is next in line Wink
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shlipa i love it.. i will use the siggy once i go home.. Big smile
thank u
ILY tooooooooooo LOL

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Merry don't make that AN Challenge banner...Sabii did it!

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okay.,,, thats good,, cause i dont have time this week:( sorry

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*squeals* *swoons*
*does a double take* *swoons again*


Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.
I am in LOVE. Hehehehehehehe. *blush**giggle**blush*

I'll post more later. LOVE YOU HEAPS. :D

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