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New Year Special: Bakri of the Week (SOTW)! (Page 8)

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by yulZ

MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !! Shocked Shocked Shocked BETAAAAAAAAAA!!ShockedShockedShocked

Ok Mom u were on teh hotseat n u didnt even bothered telling ur son Stern Smile I didn't think it was importantStern Smile Plus Radha and Aman were advertising so I thought they'd tell youStern Smile i am gonna punish u now muahahahahaha Evil SmileROFL NAHIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hema Malini Ishtyle*ROFLROFLROFL Thankyou pundit for the link and reminding me YET AGAINROFLROFL I nearly fgt it ROFL now this place will be my daily stop ROFLROFL  Yeah thanks RadhaAngryROFL
Lets get on with it as soon as possible ROFL No it's ok take your timeROFL
1. How do u feel being the bakri of the week ? It's been 2 weeks so nothingROFL
2. do u regret ssaying yes for this ?ROFLYesROFL
3. if not why and if yes why ? ROFL I'm too lazy to answer questions and now i have toROFL
4. By "bakri" wat comes into ur mind 1st ?ROFL Tommy cuz he looks like a baby goat sometimesROFL
5. wat did u do whole day .. i want them all in list ROFL woke up, took a shower brushed my teeth drank chocolate milk answered the phone and when on I-FROFL So far those are my accomplishmentsROFL
6. the mosst meorable day of ur life  It was so memorable that I don't even remember what it wasROFL 
7. the most embarrasing moment of ur life too many to nameROFL
8. what do u wanna eat especially when u are hungry :) AnythingROFL Right now I want chipsLOL
9. which movie comes to ur mind when i say the following words ROFL
a. fan Mr.India cuz of Hawa HawaiROFL
b. true love DDLJBlushing
c. comedy Andaz Apna ApnaROFL
d. bakwass ROFL TMKROFL
e. romantic DDLJROFL
g. boring Sleepy I can't remember the nameROFL 
h. emotional Cry KHNHUnhappy And TZP
i. ewwwwwDead The ones I don't wanna watchROFL
j. interesting Geek RaceStern Smile
k. super hit Cool DDLJROFL
l. flop Thumbs Down Any that's bakwas or boringROFL
10. Any special place where u wanan go with ur Akki Wink ? Away from Cookie cuz she'd wanna kill meROFL
11. write 25 lines on a date with Akki Day Dreaming
12. choose one
Flowers or choclates
comedy or emotional
books or comics
movies or animes
Akki or animes ROFL as it looks like u cant leave them even one sec Stern Smile WellStern Smile This is hardStern Smile I refuse to answerROFL
coke or sprite
pizza or cake
cookies or icecream
sweet or spicy
boiled or fried
noodles or rice -> noodles is dad made and rice if momROFL
mexican or italian
christmas or new year
srk or akki
13.what is ur fav anime ?? name one. and ya say 10 lines abt it ROFL I don't have one so that's a problem no?ROFL
14. what do u wanna do on
- a rainyday Jump in puddlesBig smile
- snowy day Make a snowmanBig smile
- sunny day Go to the park
15. what word comes out of ur mouth 1st when u see rainbow in the sky Embarrassed? Pot of goldROFL
16. write 15 lines on Tommy Embarrassed - ur adorable baby Embarrassed Tommy's my jaanuBig smile He's so cute! I used to bug him all the time and he used to bark at me but now we get alongCool He even listens to me. Except when I tell him not to go to my momStern Smile And right now he's running around but he'll come to my room soon to take a napLOL I dunno what else to sayROFL
17. favourite actress ? wat do u like most abt her ? I love KajolBig smile And RaniBig smile Both are amazing and make their characters come alive and their performances are awesome 
18. If u got a chance to visit somewhere for free what place would it be and with whom would u like to go there Cool Not sureROFL
19. wat aould u do in the following situations ?
a. when a baby is crying Find out why the baby's crying and try to get em to stop
b. when u are alone in a desert and u are hungry Look for food?LOL
c. when a child comes to u to save her as some goons are following her ShockedLOL Take the kid and runROFL
d. when some1 pushed u to the stage when a fashion show was going on Stern SmileROFL Pretend to blend inROFL
e. when some1 ask u to tell lie for them I'd be like "*insert person's name who wants me to lie for them* said to say this to you because ____" ROFL
f. when u have to cook for a stubborn, khadoos & pickey person I can't cookROFL
g. when u are angry I rarely get madLOL
h. when u are happy Have a huge stupid smile on my faceROFL
i. when u are sad find a way to cheer myself up =) 
20. which is more cuter ?LOL puppies or kittens ?
chal aaj k liye itna Cool ThanksROFL
oo lastly congratss mammaa HugROFL Thanks betaROFL

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Angelic_A

@ Ravu- Why do I get all the bad ones? Stern Smile I mean look.. u gave me the confused, smiley face, question mark, erm, sad face??? Stern Smile Cuz you get confused easily and when I say no to you you get sadROFL and gur gets the heart. Stern Smile She's my hubbyBig smile

@Radha- for sure..

Ravu here are some to keep u busy till i came back :D

1. If not Hawa Hawaii then what song..?? now don't say u only like Hawa Hawaii. Stern Smile I love Shattered but that's not a happy songROFL

2. If not the color purple .. then what color?Same don't say u only like purple hmph. BlueLOL

3. Why is 11.. an odd number ur fav? ermm.. ROFL Are classes used to be numbered in middles school so it was [grade number][class number] so from gr.6-8 I was 611, 711, 811LOL

4. If u were to give MP a punishment for putting u up as MOTW.. what would it be? This is gonna be interesting. ROFL I dunno yet but I'll find a way to make her sufferROFL

5. W*H u don't like Saag? Stern SmileStern Smile I mean i don't like maki di roti but saag.. Stern SmileStern Smile. It doesn't taste goodStern Smile I don't like maki di roti and lassi either btwROFL

6. If you were to choose between kheer and cookie n cream ice cream.. u would choose and why. Can't say both.. Cool Uh............... kheerBlushing

7. Ermm what else..
praise urself in the following alphabet without using google uncle. and NO cheating. ROFL
K- KaamchorCool
A- Awesome
M- Magnificent
C- Cool
H- HappyBig smile
O- Optomistic
R- Ravjot. What better way to describe me then using my nameROFL

8. Shahid or SRK?? I love both but Shahid cuz he's closer to my age then SRKROFL

9.  Man I can't think of anything right now.. erm... one old song u would want a remix touch on? None. Old is goldLOL

10. Fav actors from the 70's,80's or 90's..? Dev Anand, Sridevi, SRK-Kajol [as a pairLOL]

Okay thats it for now.. Ima be back.. for sure.. and don't say take ur time [: 

edited: while now u are answering q's I should add more. Blushing

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Zunni-

Hey Ravz since u gave me Geek..i could only think of thisROFLROFL
What is your favorite color crayon? Purple[=))\
What is the dominating genre of music on your music player? Got noneROFL
What is your biggest regret? NothingLOL
What color are your eyes? Dark dark dark brownLOL
If your favorite restaraunt ended up having roaches, would you eat there? NoStern Smile
Are you more of an optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Who do you text the most? [if you have text messaging] My phone got taken awayUnhappy
Where is your favorite place to go when you just need to get away? My room or on a walkLOL
When you see someone cry, what is your reaction? I try to cheer em up =)
How do you make brownies? Google the recipeLOL
Is there anything that you think is impossible to say or do? I can't say no to most peopleROFL
Do you think there are circumstances when it's okay to wait for someone? Yeah
When you meet someone you like, do you fall in love fast? Nope
Which is best: yesterday, today, or tomorrow? Today
What do you think of the song, "Breathe Me" by Sia? Never heard itLOL
Do you love kids or absolutely hate them? Love emBig smile
If you had the chance to do anything you wanted, what would it be? There are a lot of things, just can't think of anything from the top of my headLOL
In your opinion, what is the prettiest name for a girl? I dunnoLOL
Are surveys addicting or just boring? Depends on what they were forLOL
How many hours of sleep do you usually get? Not enoughROFL
Which are better: Skittles or Starbursts? Starburst
If you could have any tattoo, what would it be of? I dunnoShocked
How would you describe your clothing style? Random[LOL[ I wear whatever's comfortableLOL
Is it easy for others to hurt your feelings?Not reallyLOL
What is your favorite beverage that is currently in your fridge? Chocolate milk
Pick one: red, blue, or green. Blue
Are you a city or country person? Bit of both
Is there someone in your life who you know you'd be better off without? Nope
Has someone ever completely walked out of your life? nope
Do you consider love a mistake? Nope
What is your favorite flavor milkshake? ChocolateBig smile
Are you afraid of storms or do you love them? They're okLOL
Do you believe in second chances?Sure =)
Have you ever had to go to the ER? Yeah volunteered thereLOL
What is your favorite thing about Christmas? SnowBig smile PresentsBig smile
Who has hurt you the most in your life? I dunnoLOL
When you get mad, what do you tend to do? NothingLOL
Describe the best kiss you've ever had.
Do promises mean anything to you? Yup. I always [well try to] keep mine
Do you believe in happy endings? YupBig smile
What is the worst feeling in the world? Feeling useless
Where is a scar on you that most people don't know about? Near my eye, like the tip of my eyebrow there's a small mark
Do you have to see something to believe it? Not really. There are a lot of stuff we believe in that we haven't seen
What piercings would you like to get? none. Got my ears pierced which was stupid cuz I don't wear earringsROFL
What are your opinions on abstinence? I have no opinion on itLOL
What is the best movie genre, in your opinion? I can't decideROFL
Who do you live with? Parents and siblings and doggy
When do you like to take showers: in the morning or at night? Night but I always end up taking em in the morningROFL
Who gets on your nerves more than anyone else? No one really
What is your favorite Paramore song? I'll get back to thisLOL
How many songs are in your music player? NoneLOL Got my lappy fixed a while ago so it doesn't have much
Are you a push over? YesUnhappy
Do you trust easily? Yup
Does it annoy you when little kids say they are in love? A bitLOL
Do you think you will be a good parent in the future? We'll see when I get thereLOL
Who can make you cry faster than anyone else? No one really
Do you prefer wind, fire, or water? All 3?
What has been the best concert you've been to? Never been to oneUnhappy
Describe your room. It's purple with stuff in it
How many people of the opposite sex do you trust? Quite a few. Do I have to count them?
Do you ever feel alone in a crowded room? Sometimes
Are some relationships worth holding on to? Yes
What is your idea of the perfect weather? Rainy, sunny or light snow
How long has your best friend been your friend? I have a lot of close friends, no best friendLOL
You're at Taco Bell. What do you order? I don't eat thereCool
Looks or personality? PersonalityCool
What/Who makes you feel beautiful? DunnoErmm
Are you more of a dreamer or a realist? DreamerLOL
Your phone randomly rings. Who do you expect it to be? It could be anyoneLOL
Do you tend to hide secrets that need to be told? Nope
Have you lived your life like you expected so far? Sure why not?
Are you outspoken and opinionated or quiet and reserved? Quiet but once you get to know me I can be pretty talkativeLOL
How do you feel about country music? Taylor SwiftLOL
Is goodbye really a second chance? Sometimes it is
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Create a one page story using the quadrilateral family (parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, kite, square, rectangle) . It should be a funny light-hearted story. Big smile

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
WOW!! u answered them all. That was fast. Stern SmileStern Smile

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