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How Dev and Ashta come closer.

Ashta and Dev talk and the boy tries to express his love to her  and the girl finds it a new experience.  She laughs and runs to tell her aunts and they are baffled.

Dev is embarrassed, and wants to go back to his house, but Ashta, wants him to stay and help to write the accounts of her business.

Nani advises the aunts and they ponder with serious faces.  She tells them that from the first day, how their love was  blossoming and  she knew they would  always be together  

The women take the problem to their men folk, and they discuss.  They want to know how serious Dev is.   Alpa decides to call Manjula, and comes back red faced, as she has turned down the proposal, as she thinks Ashta is not ready for another shock.

Mohan agrees to go by Manjula's decision, but the others say, they too can think what is good for Ashta, and what is the logic that everything is left to Manjula just because of her seniority.

Eldest uncle says, we have first to find out what is in the mind of Dev, before jumping the gun.    The women are sent on the errand to call Dev who is in Ashta's room.

Dev does not give the men a straight answer, at first, but when Nani tells him they are all within the family and seriously are interested in knowing what he wants, then he tells them all that happened when they were in Nani's house and how he started liking Ashta and understanding her needs.

He tells them that his love for Ashta brought him to Nanavati house, and when he is in her company he feels happy and comfortable.   The men are almost disposed to think favorably about Dev.   But because of the previous incidents, they want to take it a little slowly.

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thanks for the beautiful update......keep the good work going

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At home all are concerned about Ashta's future.   Dev is having a discussion with the uncles, and they ask him, if he loves Ashta.  He says, he is not able to put his feelings in words, and to label them.   If what he has told them can be called, love, then so be it.

The women discuss, how to approach the subject with Ashta.  She is in the stiching room, with all the girls who have come except Dev, so she goes to call him.

She is very serious when she sees him with her uncles, and finally she laughs and says where he was. " We were waiting for you" she adds.  She says, that all people love her, so what is wrong if he said that he too loves her.  But Dev feels embarrassed and walks away.  Ashta is very disappointed and then her aunts come to her rescue.

They try to explain to her in different ways, and finally they think of an idea to involve Dev.   All he has to do is pretend that he is going to see a girl to be married and which should wake up Ashta's love for him.

So when she calls Dev, he tells her that he has to go with his parents to see a girl, and this upsets her and she begins to cry.

The aunts tell her that the easy solution is for her to get married to him, and then he will always be with her and help her in her work and her business.  

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Hamari Devrani

Aunts try to explain to Ashta to solve the problem, she will have to marry Dev.

Ashta is in a dilemma, as she does not understand, how she can marry another, when she was married to Raj.   They tell her that mar4riage was fake.  They ask her to remove the old mangalsutra.  They say, to remove, but Ashta say that her Manjula Ma, had told her that it is a sin to remove

Amidst tears, Ashta is made to oblige

She blames Dev   She is confused, about the second marriage.  Dev, shouts at her and so I wanted you to know that you love me.  So I said those things.  I want to to get out of your sorrow and and as he says that you never got love.  I want to give itt to you now.  Ashta slaps, the faki9liar Indian slap, seen in every Indian serial.    No one gets hurt.

Finally Ashta comes to her senses, and makes up.

The women discuss the failure of their plan.   Jalpa with her noise, means to make the audience laugh, but wonder how many will be entertained.  

Dev joins the discussion, and says, that the mistake was his that he told of his love.  He says, lpve means different to different people.  He says leave it in the hands of God.  He tells them not to rush, that it may not harm Ashta.

These very women, who had no qualms in getting married to Raj, are now in a hurry to undo the damage.  But where ever they put their feet, it seems to be quicksand.

Ashta is busy with her  work, and searches for something.  She feels bad for slapping Dev.  She addresses this to her Ladoo Gopal, and asks him what she should do with the Mangalsutra.  She still thinks Raj is her husband, and she has not grasped anything that has happened.

In the hall, the men too discuss the situation, and are of the opinion that it is not good to rush.   The women are also of the opinion, that they should not allow Manjula to hijack their plan.
Mohan, says that he has to make a call, and goes out, but actually he goes to his room, and talks to the photo of his wire Bhakti.   As he empties his heart to her, and says, that loneliness is such a difficult thing, and he does not want Ashta too go through it.    Outside, Ashta is listening to her father, and something goes on in her mind.

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Women and their husbands are engrossed in their idea of how to solve Ashta's problem, and Ashta is walking around in a daze.  While Mota Bhai and his wife have stopped from doing anything, Jalpa with her mad talk, creates noise with her loud empty talk in this forlorn house.  

On hearing Ashta's cry, the women run to her room and ask her to open the door.  She says that she was afraid as her Badi Ma was not  there, and the aunts encourage her, and ask her to sleep as it she is a small baby. 

(Either the child has not grown, or the aunts are still in their infancy.)

They sing lullabys to put her to sleep.   Does the Writer have a low opinion of Indian women and mothers?    What is his or her intention to portray the Nanavati women in this fashion ?

Next morning they want to find out how their little 'baby' is and they are all hovering over one another for ideas   They want to prepare this 'child' of theirs for her future.  They want to depend on Dev.  Rajeshwari is determined to go ahead, even opposing Badi Ma.

Jalpa and her noise adds to the confusion when her husband has slipped from the stairs.  She wants to show Ashta what 'love' means.  The camera focuses on Ashta to show the viewers what they want to convey.   Alpa sends the child and her noisy Aunt, with the wounded person up to his room.

Rajeshwari trains Ashta how a wife's service helps her husband.  This is the way they plan to educate their child into a woman.

Nanavati women, seem to be busy arranging marriages  and eating.  (This too, I find  an offensive way of portraying Gujarati women.- unless I do not know the society the writer is trying to portray.)  Mota Bhai is happy with the dhal, and he has an idea, and they all remember their older sister in law.  Time moves as they fill it with light talk.   Perhaps it is a holiday and they are not going to work.   Again a hint to Ashta, pati's life is half when his patni is not there.  Educating Ashta.  Viewers too must be getting educated, that is what the producers try to do to help the public, and all have to be thankful to them.  

Alpa talks about her problems, and Jalpa her sister listens.  Ashta gets more educated.  Rajeshwari tells of her problems and Ashta comes out with the answer, which proves that she has been educated.  Now get ready for the wedding with all the gol mal.

Ashta runs to meet Dev.  She tells him, what a "Jeevan Sathi" means, and they she tells him and repeats what she has learnt from her aunts, and Dev is confused, and Ashta repeats the details and ultimately Dev understands - Only patni can help her pati.  She wants to go to her aunts, but he asks what she has thought, and she says, wedding.

Aunts are happy to hear their education has been  successful.  For marriage counseling, we all should go to Devrani Aunts who will teach a short cut to educating the child, and who will suddenly understand what it means  to be a Jeevan Sathi.   Must be they are waiting in the wings for a wedding

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thanks for the updates

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The scene starts with the aunts huddled together wondering what Ashta will do.  She is hell bent on getting her father married, and the women dissuade her, but she goes to her father and starts pleading her case.

The father is at his work, and she starts on a low key, asking him if he is ready to give her what she wants.  On hearing that he is, she then tells him to get a "Jeevan Sathi" and the father blows his top.   The girl, is hurt, and rushes out to her room.

In her room she is crying and Parul comes to comfort her and explain to her.  Ashta is not listening to any one.

Then Dev comes with sweets, and wants to celebrate, but the aunts tell him another problem has cropped up, and they tell her all that has happened.    When they go to find Ashta, she is gone, and every one goes helter skelter and search for her.

Later, Ashta comes home with a lady, and tells her father, that she has found  "Jeevan Sathi" for him.  The father is stunned.   He shouts at her and tells her to go to her room.   The woman explains the situation, and tells them that she is a mother of two, and understands their plight, especially as Ashta is mentally below par.  Later she leaves, with all the men and women of the Nanavati house holding their bag of problems in their hand, unsolved.

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After Mohan gave a angry warning to Ashta, she faints, but falls in the arms of Manjula, her Badi Ma, and all are around her and Manjula asks them why suddenly the child has got this epileptic stroke, and what caused it.  Who said, anything to her to cause this, she wants to know.   Mohan gives a vague answer and says, she was obstinate and demanding, and walks away. 

Her other sisters in law finally tell her that they were trying to tell her about the relationship between a husband and wife.  they tell her how she brought a woman and asked if she would be the Jeevan Sathi of her father, and then Manjula does not want to hear more.  She shuts them up.   Manjula wants to know why they had to bring up this subject.   She thinks that she is the only one with the knowledge how to handle the child, and is angry with the rest.  Manjula asks her self, why did they not think of it before, that Mohan should have married and given this child a mother.

Next morning the younger daughters in law, try to win over Badi Ma while they are all together in the kitchen.    Manula is asked by her husband to give him tea quickly and she is getting ready to give him his tea.   They are all excited wht Manjula has brought from her home and all praise the sweets.  They find Ashta is not in her room, and the house is set into a  commotion.   Mohan blames Manjula, and finally says the fault was his own, for relying on these sisters. 

Ashta has still not been found.

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