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Can someone post written updates?
Also can someone tell me what the story line is so far?

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Links to past written updates;

The story starts on 26/5/2008 
"Its an stormy night, an wagon is passing through an village, an lady name Gayatri is pregnant. Her mom Khashima, is caressing her forward, and counseling her. Khashima is telling the Janak to take the bull cart fast, but the cart wheels get stuck in an mud.

"Gaytri's husband tells his mum-in-law that he will go with Gaurav to the hospital and bring the doctor here and he leaves. Then Khashima sees a temple, which is lighten from the cart, she asks ladies to help her and take Gayatri to the temple. Khashi ma says that the doctor as informed already that the baby turned its position and bring her to the hospital on time."

"Bhakti carrying Pooja ki thali, when some guys who stop her, and bug her. They ask Bhakti her name, and she is all scared and nervous. The guys ask for her name, she says Bhakti Mheta, and the guys are like oh.

They are like not like this, tell me your full name, one of the guys says my name is Deepak Kimjibhai (Dad's name) Patel. Saying Deepak is my name and Kimji is my dad's name and tell me your full name. Another guys says what will the poor girl say, as she doesn't have an father and they all laugh."
"one boy is chasing a girl, and she bumps into Bahu #2 (Parol), Paro is like my knee, where is Sweety, if I don't break her leg, then Jalpa is like then you aren't her mother right Bhabi.

Rajeshwari is like Bhabisa see if Sweety didn't break your bones. Jalpa is like this is how you talk to your Jettani. ALpa is like she is love marriage walia this Rajputwali, Rajeshwari is like I was Rajput but not right now, as she got married. "

"At the temple preparation for the wedding is going on fool swing. Girls are applying haldi and mehendi to Bhakti, while the music of Krishna Govind is playing in the background.

In the Navanti Parivaar, the couples are dancing to Nagada Nagada  from Jab We Met, and having an good time with each other. The Sangeet slash party is at full swing, everyone is having an blast."
"All Jethani's want to order food. Badi Jethani says wait a little until Bhakti is humiliated. Jethani's think about all the ways to humiliate Bhakti. They all talk about that.

 Mohan comes to kitchen from window where bhakti is praying to god to help her. He shows her how to turn the gas on and other things. She watches him w/ love. "
"Bhakti Feeds sheera to Devaki who praises her. Jethani's get mad cuz their switching sugar w/ salt did not work. The brothers and Kids love the food.  All brothers and deviki give separate gifts to Bhakti for making good food.  Badi Jethani is talking to some one on the phone and starts yelling saying I am oldest, respect me etc. Bhakti gets really scared and starts crying which miakes jethani's happy. Mohan takes bhakti to her room. Mohan givers her water and bhakti says thanks. Mohan says don't say thanks. She said I said thanks for helping me in the kitchen. Their usual starring at each other happens. Brother #3 and 4 wondering why bhakti got scared. #3 and #4 tells those two wives to make sure no one screams in front of Bhakti."
By Patelzzz :"
  • Mohan gets surprised and happy when his brother's give him honeymoon gift ' ticket to shimla.
  • Bhakti is talking to god: Why did you get me married to mohan? And if you did, why did you put his life in danger? My jethani's are nice, so they are making sure we would be ok. Why did you put in Jeth's mind to send us for honeymoon? Etc"
By Khaleda: "Continuation 4m yesterday....they send da servants 2 their village and when da servants were packin their bags n cryin da 2nd bahu comes n says dat nuthn has happened 2 ur village n everythnz all rite..after dat they went..

Then after they left all da bahurani's were arguing n crying like who will do all da house works.(they were emotionally blackmailing Bhakti)n da Bahurani's were also sayin dat we all will do da house work n our choti bahu will rest.Then Bhakti says how can I rest n make all my elders to work.then they were arguing dat Bhakti wont do any work.But at last they say ok;Bhakti will take care of d house.(Their plan was successfull)

Then Bhakti n Mohan goes 2 Maaji n says bout the servants.But Maaji understud dat dis was all a plan but Bhakti n Mohan didnt believe.da 4th Bahu hears everythn n goes n tells da Bahurani's."

By Khaleda: "Continued from 2oth june fridayz episode....After da bahurani's tell bout da Mohan to go 4 work thingy,da brothers think dat was a good decision.N then da big bro n da 2n bro talks bout dat.da big bro says "i think we shud give Mohan also 2 work n give sum responsibilities" but da 2nd bro was a bit angry like(i think he didnt want Mohan 2 work)but da big bro took da decision n was goin 2 tell Mohan dat 'from 2day ur comin wid us 2 da office"


By Khaleda: "Continued 4m yesterday,those 3 bahu's gives da bahana of hospital n goes out of da house.Next those 2 Chalpa n Rajeshwari slowly goes 2 their own room.Atfirst Bhakti goes 2 Chalpa's room,there Chalpa gives da bahana dat 2dayz her OOPWAAS n Bhakti tells her no need 2 do da house work 'I will do everythn' n she leaves.Then she goes 2 Rajeshwari's room but she was in da bathroom n makin sounds as if shez vomitin n she comes out,n Bhakti was happy she thinks dat Rajeshwariz pregnant n tells her 2 rest n not 2 do any work.(all was a plan) they call each other on da cell n says plan successful'then Bhakti cleans da room,the table.."
25/6/2008   Khaleda..
26/6/2008    Khaleda
27/6/2008    Khaleda
30/6/2008   Khaleda
1/7/2008     Khaleda
2/7/2008     Khaleda
2/7/2008    Khaleda
3/7/2008    Khaleda
4/7/2008    Khaleda
7/7/2008   Khaleda
8/7/2008   Khaleda
24/7/2008   tushal 002
28/7/2008   laali4shekar
30/7/2008   laali4shekar
31/7/2008   laali4shekar
1/8/2008   laali4shekar
4/8/2008    laali4shekar
6/8/2008    shriman    -   In Baroda
7/8/2008    shriman  -  Mohan separates from Bhakti
26/8/2008    soyeb786
28/8/2008   soyeb786
25/9/2008   komalash
26/9/2008   komalash
Week: 7/10/2008-11/10/2008   anishma24
24/10/2008    sadaf45    - CINE WORKERS STRIKE. 
detailed 2008 updates, wrrtten and video links

17/2/2009     StaryEyedGyal
18/2/2009     StaryEyedGyal
19/2/2009   -  StaryEyedGyal
Rajeshwari and Jalpa enter with hot palak pakoras. The bhabhis ask who made them. Jalpa says that they did. Alpa changes the subject and asks about Mohan and Bhakti. Rajeswari says that without the water they are proably really sad. Then they hear Bhakti shouting to Mohan to put the papads to dry in another place. All the bhabhis look really shocked
19/3/2009  Sapno--
20/3/2009   Sapno--
23/3/2009   Sapni-ki-Rani
24/3/2009    Sapno-ki-Rani
25/3/2009    Sapno
26/3/2009  Sapno
"Mohan reaches the spot where Rajeshwari and Jalpa are hiding and keeping an eye on him.  Mohan is standing next to trash can and waiting for Bhakti to bring the money.  Rajeshwari and Jalpa are wondering why isn't he putting the money in the trash can and they see police and bhais get there.  They both scared and try to run but Jalpa's sari gets stuck under her foot and she tumbles down in front of Mohan and he sees her.  He calls her name out loud and all the bhais come running to her.  Rajeshwari runs away from there and they take Jalpa home.  "
27/3/2009 - Sapno - "Bhakti faints."
27/3/2009? - Sapno.
30/3/2009    Sapno
31/3/2009     Sapno
1/4/2009       Sapno
2/4/2009   Sapno
3/4/2009   Sapno
6/4/2009    Sapno
7/4/2009     Sapno
8/4/2009     Sapno
9/4/2009   Sapno
10/4/2009  Sapno
13/4/2009   Sapno
"It's late night and Bhakti wakes up and does not find Mohan in bed.  She looks around and then wakes up nani. "
14/4/009  Sapno
15/4/2009  Sapno
16/4/2009  Sapno
17/4/2009  Sapno
20/4/2009  Sapno
21/4/2009  Sapno
22/4/2009   Sapno
23/4/2009  Sapno
24/4/2009   Sapno
27/4/2009  Sapno
28/4/209  Sapno
29/4/2009  Sapno
30/4/2009  Sapno.
1/5/2009  Sapno

(Page 49)

To track the old episodes, go to the root page of the Forum, and scroll down to the page numbers from 1 to 79.    79 contains the oldest posts, and in each table, look for Forum Topics.  In the topics look for Written Updates, and right click on the link, and open in a new tab or window, and read, or copy.   You can thus, go from the oldest to the latest on page 1.  

The cast of characters, (the actors) have changed over a period of time.  Only the five bahuranis and their husbands are same, but Mohan's character has a new actor, and many new characters are being added to make viewing pleasurable, but one thing, is the Forum has been steadily losing interest, and Chaska Meter rating is going down.   Ms Shobana Desai, the producer is quite optimistic on her work.  The viewers may think otherwise, but always opinions are subjective, and we have to be generous in allowing them to enjoy the show.

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i just love this sweet show

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wonderful show

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2010  Episodes
12/1/2010  ayushi
13/1/2010    Ayushi   -  Young Shika.
15/1/2010   Ayushi_01  -  Enter new character Shika, the child. - Padmini story unfolds.
Page - 27
17/3/2010 - Padmini and shikha, plot.
18/3/2010 - Padmini and shikha.
19/3/2010 - Padmini's game plan.
3/4/201   Padmini's antics.  Bhakti expecting.
16/4/2010 - Padmini's plot.
20/4/2010 - Kidnap
21/4/2010  -  Manjula tries to hit Padmini
22/5/2010 - Padmini's antics.
23/4/2010 - Padmini's antics more.

Written Updates can not be found.  Sapno stopped writing.  in the meantime, Padmini was arrested.  Shikha is adopted by Mohan and given the Nanavati Name.  Bhakti dies in childbirth, and Ashta is born.   The five bahuranis bring her up a s their own, and shower all their love on her.  Alpa takes care of Shikha and brings her up as her own child.

Krishna Gokani has to retire due to ill health, and the story is given a twist.  A 17 year leap will be engineered by the Producer, Shobana Desai, and the viewership will drop considerably.   Many actors drop out.   Twist explains their absence.
5/5/2010 -
The pooja is going on,the pandit asks mohan to take the name of the persons who's athmas shanti they want.back at the house bhabhis are playing with astha.manjula starts crying and saying astha's asking who is my actual mother,how could i tell her thats she died the day you came into this world.manjula blames padmini for everything and they remember that astha was born in the 7th month so her mental growth wasnt completed.manjula remembers how mohan has never seen her or touched her because of bhakti dieing at that moment.they  show moments of astha as a kid of when astha always asked about her father.manjula says that she grew up but not mentally.
episode starts with astha's friends asking astha what happened?astha said that her dad said that he has never come nor will he ever....and shes crying,manjula goes and consuls her not to cry and astha ask manjula is he angry with me?shes asking everyone why did my dad say that??everyone is quite.parul hugs her,alpa says if you cry we will all.all the kids ask astha to play with her 1st she says no and  then agrees.

episode starts with shikha hugging mohan and then astha comes and hugs mohan and says thank you.majula says why are you getting shy take your dad to the cake and astha takes mohan and leaves shikha's hand.astha shows everyone her dad n says this is y dad he is the best.
episode starts of with where astha had fainted,all the bhabhis are trying to get her into her sences.everyone is really worried.rajeshwari throws water on her astha comes into her senses and keeps calling out for mohan.the bhabhis take her to rest.alp scolds  ayush's wife for talking about mohan infront of astha.bhabhi's are worried about astha's unhappiness.astha kees calling out for mohan.jalpa is thinking of what to do to make her happy
astha comes down the stairs and goes to the door with ladoo gopal in her hands and leaves the the morning manjula gets up and finds astha not there on the bed.and wakes her husband up saying astha is not there,he says she will be some where in the house.he asks for tea.they show astah walking on the road
brothers come to the place where astha was,they cnt find her,but they see her drawing book over there.the beggar tells the brothers that astha  was talking about going to baroda.they show astha.she gets excited and the tempo stops the tempo guy tells her to get off and leaves her,and says there is no  baroda.astha finds a tap she wants water,but there is no water,she is very hungry,she starts crying.bhabhi's are not eating food,
Mohan is about to see Astha but the car mechanic comes and gives him his repaired car back. Mohan turns away without seeing Astha. Astha faints, a lady sees her fallen down and yells, What happened to this girl? Mohan comes back and sees Astha. He revives her by splashing water on her face. Astha is overjoyed seeing her dad and thanks her Ladoo Gopal. Mohan later reprimands her for running away without telling anyone. He calls and informs everyone at the house that he has found Astha. Astha tells everyone what happened and how she reached the Mandir (flashback).
everyone hugs astha,astha asks bhabhi's why are you crying.they say you left us and went what kind of a hide and seek game is this.astha tells them that crying is a bad thing.manjula said that even u did a bad thing by leaving us and going,she says see i got my daddy along.manjula says to take her dadi's blessings.
Manjula and Alpa sees the newspaper and yells at Shikha for deceiving them. Manjula says that working in a play in not very prestigious for the Nanavati family. But Shikha disagrees. Manjula says that that she should have taken permission but again Shikha disagrees and walks away. In her room,   May
shikha screams telling astha this is your mother who is no longer alive.astha says they are your mothers.shikha says the bhabhis are lieing.bhakti is ur mom.astha crys saying my mom is dead,and  she faints .manjula gets angry at shikha.shikha goes to her room and screams saying that everyone keeps talking about astha   May
astha's friend's take astha to make doll houses. in the garden.astha is making her doll house.and puts a doll of 3 people.friends ask who are these people.astha says this is my family,my dad me and my mother
manjula and alpa scold shikha for telling astha to jump of the terriss.shikha said that she just told astha that how does one die thats it she didnt  force her to do anything.shikha gets angry and says why dose everyone say things to me.mohan tells astha once someone dies they dnt come back,you should now eat your medicines it is late.astha sings a lodi  and mohan stops going while he was leaving the room
  • Mohan working on his laptop, Astha comes with Manjula behind her telling her to drink milk. Astha refuses.
  • A doctor comes to see Mohan. Astha runs away with Mohan's laptop to see Bhakti's picture. Mohan introduces the Dr. Gautam as his friend and a psychiatric.
  • Astha is looking on the laptop for Bhakti's pic and started crying 'MA'when she sees it. She cries and says that without her mom, who will take care of her?  May
Episode starts with Shikha angrily walking and everyone following her. Manjula yells her name saying how dare she disobey the elders. But Shikha rebukes her. Motabhai says that let Shikha do her play if she wants to as everyone has a right to live their own life.
'     Astha says that Shikha is so nice but

Note - when you open the forum, the Topics are given at the bottom.  They are divided into 3 classes, global, important, and forum topics.  Written Updates is generally put in Forum Topics.    These topics are then placed on different pages, starting from 1 to the end. 

Chronologically, the highest number is the oldest post.  So can from last to first, to find the written update, and click on the link, and thus you can know what happened in the past.

Under each Topic, there are Related Topics, which are having the same theme.   These threads, stretch over a number of pages, and the 1st page has the oldest post, and the last page has the latest post.  

Trust this will be of help.  The story started with the highest TRP, and now it is down, as the plot has lost its way, after Bhakti's death.




TID number is the serial of the episode, thus lower the number, older the episode.

I was  working on it, and if you are interested may be I shall continue further.  Please let me know.

The story starts on 26/5/2008 

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9th February, 2011 - Hamari Devrani

Nothing special today.   The story does not want to come to an end, as tomorrow Maasi has to go to Mumbai and then to Canada, and just at the wrong moment, Ashta enters, and the Bahus have to come with a new twist.

I used to like the flow, when Shika was a young child.  That actress was cute, and her mother's antics set the child on the wrong track, and till now she is going on that path. (no fault of the artistes, who do their job well.)  The mother was arrested and then her part in the serial was over.  For a long time i stopped watching it, and after Bhakti's departure which was turned into a new twist, it is dragging on and on, with some characters gone to the States, others come in new avatars, and only the ladies seem to hang on.  the old grand mother was nice, but her term also was cut short.

There must be a special relationship with the makers of this serial, that Star Plus does not want to close it.  The same goes with Ye Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai, a never ending story with a roller coaster ride.

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11th  February, 2011

The sisters in law continue with their plot to get Raj and his aunt spill the beans.   They have go the three of them, including Shika to doubt each other.   Astha is a constant problem to keep her quiet, and it is very difficult for the bubbly girl, who has not developed mentally, ever since her mother's death.    Her mother was poisoned by Shikha's mother and later she was sent to jail where apparently she died.  Shikha being the illegitimate child of Mohan has been brought up as a Nanavati.

In order to lay the hand on the wealth of the Nanavati family Rasila ben and Raj plotted to marry Ashta, while he was in fact in love with Shikha.  

The aunt used all tantrik means to get rid of Ashta, but her love of Laddu Gopal, saved her, and she landed in her grandmother's house miraculously.   Ever since, the  plot is going round and round, never coming to an end. 

I had hoped today it would wind, but I think the Channel and the producers got one more week or who know how many.  From the members' comments, they are many, topics, but few follow ups.  May be they too lose interest.

Wonder what is the logic of holding on to stories, like these.  If advertising income is one of the reasons.  Viewers can always switch channels, but if the income is regular, it becomes difficult for the channel to choose to wind up, if there are no new stories on the block.

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