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SaffyFlower IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 August 2010
Posts: 3447

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Hope--

Niki,KoolDi and any others - she and many others have posted bfor also that - it is their world view that they see no fun in arguing about a show when one can make funny comments.So when they see arguments,they try to get us to let go of it ,that is all.
Pls understand that their intention is not trash anybody's rights to debate.
Niki it was a serious comment from her asking us to joke instead of debate,if you did not understand my post.
Fifi has asked me to stop arguing too bfor.Hope has done it in the COmmentary when we had an absolutely normal heated debate.If ppl like Fifi and Jaanu are asking us to go light on a debate sometimes,I see something positive and constructive in their outlook.Whether they address me or you or anybody else.Why take it as negative criticism?
And as each one of us have a different philosophy of life,each one of us definitely have a bias.Why take it as a negative criticism?
I see much ado about nothing Niki.

I did not want to step into this very interesting dialogue but considering my name was taken as indicated in bold above I thought it was necessary to say something to the above.

to begin with let me do mind googling's job.

this is what I really said.

Kools, your thread and this forum seems to have become very heated and divided over Archu and Dharmesh.

I saw your point of view and the opposing and I wanted to drop my two cents in but I seriously am hesitant. 

the atmosphere in the entire forum seems to be toxic.  I have heard more subjective arguments than objective ones and i am afraid my POV will not help. So I will refrain. I know it appears cowardly but  today for the first time I felt the light heartedness surrounding our debates is vanishing and we are taking Archu's defence and Dharmesh's prosecution at a very personal level.


we are all friends here, in my opinion.  some steadfast and some casual.

yet today I saw a tone in many posts that was tactfully put "unfriendly"

If this is what a show can do to friends then who needs the show or the debate?

And to make sure that my comments and intent above are not being interpreted or misinterpreted  -  my post did not ask people NOT to debate and rather make funny comments (I offered no instructions just posted a rhetorical question - I am nobody to ask any forum member to debate or not debate etc. - it is an open and public venue). My point was when debating we should not use hidden sarcasm or blunt rudeness to make a point. I have even seen character attacks on other forum members done in a very subtle manner (with laughing faces and a lot of smiley faces) while debating.   I like debating - why would I tell people to stop debating?  

Just so that I am not misused as a precedent for a post such as the one that has caused such a furor here.

I stand by what I wrote then  -  our comments should be objective and the tone of our posts friendly otherwise the fun of watching the show and then debating is lost.

Oh and by the way,  the debate you mentioned was not normal  - there was a lot of hidden sarcasm and barbs that was apparent to someone not participating in that particular debate itself.  If it was a normal heated debate I would have jumped right in.
Hi Hope -
In my opinion,I felt the debate was a normal heated one that day,and several others later said so too in the same thread.
From what I know no post was reported to the moderators,and the owner of the thread ,also did not address anybody about anything being 'unfriendly'.
To whomever I addressed a post to and whoever addressed a post to me that day,none of them told me I was unfriendly and I did not tell any of them they were unfriendly either.
If you found anything not normal,I leave it between you and whoever seemed 'unfriendly' on that day to you,to clarify between yourselves if there was any bad intent on that day.
As this is an open forum,what is objective itself is subjectiveOuch.I do not know what is objective for your standards,and I do not set any for others.So,I can't clarify anything further on it.Whether ppl take it to a personal level,yes,so many give their personal life accounts and relate it to their debates,I have seen it too.
Yes I agree with you,comments against forum members have been happening,very sadly.I remember somebody had written that they find some posts only oratorical,with no content.I was shocked that such personal evaluations are made publicly.
Yes,there are threads which use sarcasm consistently as a means of giving tadka to their opinions.If anybody is offended,my recommendation is to either stay away from the thread or discuss with that person or group what they find in particular offensive,in order to give them as well as others a  fair chance to clarify themselves.
In my honest opinion,using smileys,along with what you can only write,provides expressions that do count and nothing makes a scene more pleasant and easy going than a smile and a lauf ! They are signs of light-heartedness for some,if it is not for others,I can only say to each their own SOH
I indicated you,Fifi and Jaanu as those who have addressed their concern about a debate at some time,to show that expressing such concern is not new - which is what I understood you did on that day,as you addressed everybody in general,and none in particular.
I explained to Niki that Jaanu also said she is addressing in general and not anybody in particular.Just as your intention seemed as if to promote 'friendliness', as you mentioned you were against 'unfriendliness' in that thread,I was explaining that Jaanu's intention behind her post also was to promote 'friendliness' in this thread in her own way.
I know you do debate,so I did not mention your name in the 'world view' who are pro-funny comments and anti-argument sentence.If you had any misunderstanding of any misuse of your name,I hope it is clarified now.If you still have any,feel free to address me.
Every thread has a mood,and in this thread ppl have addressed each other with nicknames,have called each other crazy and many adjectives/adverbs,lots of banter happens consistently and Jaanu has been a part of them as well,so many of us who have been with her did not find her terminologies offensive and understand this gud person's gud intentions- as Niki said she felt shocked and bad about Jaanu's way of addressing,I wanted to clear any misunderstanding between them as I know both of them.I stand by what I wrote.
If you still have any questions,feel free to ask me.

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omshreejaanu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 March 2010
Posts: 15389

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
@ Saffy
Dear Saffy I'm really sorry if i've put u in a fix
Confused n really u dont have 2 fight my case like this dearLOL U chill dear n relax. I'm a big girl n, i can defend myself. I'll pm u later. Dont stress urself. May b it wud have been better that i pmed u n pulled ur ear

@ Nikki:
I'm sorry dear 4 the uproar my post has created n i can feel u r upset. U have all the right 2 voice out ur opinions n ur views r always welcomed dear.It's just that i felt that the "healthy argument" shud have been done some weeks back b4 the GJ track. It was like a bomb which exploded much later than the time set. Now may b i missed something, u didn't watch the epi n has viewed it now that why the debateConfused U r younger 2 me  n a cute girl.I'll feel really bad if i make u feel awkward in any way so plz lets 4get the whole issue.

I wud just like 2 tell u something very honestly dear. When i came on this forum i read urs n Hope comments n were amazed by how talented ppl u were. I still feel u r a very gud asset 4 this forum. But i'm sorry 2 say that ur posts r no longer that objective n unbiased as they used 2 b. Purely my POV so i refrain from commenting n i think u know it well n it doesn't n shudn't make any difference 2 u at all coz u have ur followers. But sincerely i dont take neither SOTD nor any other thread as my adda dear. N i'm neither a bully trying 2 push ppl out of the forum. i've learn my lesson n will b careful as from now.U r much older than me n if u had any problem abt my comments u cud have addressed them 2 me.  I'm very bad at hitting indirectly, have not learn that art where i live coz it's not in our way of living here so i'm a bit taken aback.

A lady of ur caliber didn't really have 2 wait 4 such unfortunate occasions 2 dig the cupboard n take out the ghost of my comment on ROTW or my previous posts.. It's very sad!!
ROTW was purely 4 fun n if i had any bad intention i wud not have mentioned  that member.
I once shared my experience abt my kids n i c the reference too. Wacko
Talking abt my personal experiences, why one particular instance dear? I have talked abt many of my personal experiences so nobody needs 2 do Mind Googling job here i accept the fact hands down but of course not 2 defend my ideas. When u write posts after posts n find the other one at the other end writing counter posts after counter posts n u feel the need 2 put ur personal turmoil n family problems on a forum 2 get someone 2 understand ur views then i think that things have really gone overboard thats all n i dont find it worthy enuf 4 an unrealistic show like PR.
When i wrote abt it it was more 4 Saffy n his bro case
but unfortunately u found the cap fitting ur head too so just too bad dear
I'm among those who believe personal experiences r more precious than academic qualifications n i love sharing n reading abt others too coz i get 2 learn from it n get a grip on that person's personality too. 
2day i'm realising that may b some ppl really have hard feelings abt me n was just waiting 4 such opportunity 2 vent them out. Gud at least u gonna feel gud now that u talked abt it.

When i joined the forum it was 4 the show n the leads n 2 make friends in the process. I started interacting n thought that my comments were appreciated. But just realised that they weren't really n that i was annoying many ppl big time. I'm a very straightforward person n watever i feel i jot it down. I never n i have no intention 2 start forcing my POV down ppl throat. So i'm calling it quits.
Oh dont worry i'm not
threatening 2 leave the forum coz i never say things that i wont b able 2 stand for. I love my friends here n i'll keep logging in 2 interact with u all. Hug

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2009
Posts: 36993

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:40pm | IP Logged


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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2009
Posts: 36993

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged

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Ekaloa Groupbie

Joined: 27 January 2010
Posts: 94

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
I voted Tarun to be a friend indeed is a friend in need, to be a true friend
nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
Posts: 16304

Posted: 06 January 2011 at 1:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by omshreejaanu

@ Nikki:
I'm sorry dear 4 the uproar my post has created n i can feel u r upset. U have all the right 2 voice out ur opinions n ur views r always welcomed dear.It's just that i felt that the "healthy argument" shud have been done some weeks back b4 the GJ track. It was like a bomb which exploded much later than the time set. Now may b i missed something, u didn't watch the epi n has viewed it now that why the debateConfused U r younger 2 me  n a cute girl.I'll feel really bad if i make u feel awkward in any way so plz lets 4get the whole issue.

Jaanu, I'm okay nowSmile. But I'll tell why I debated on it NOW and not then.

1.) I was having my exams almost the whole month of November and December. They ended today. You yourself must be noticing that the updates of my FF are late nowadays, the kiddie FF has not been updated for like two months, and I write short reviews and nothing else. These debates take up a lot of time, and I knew that I would not be getting any major support, cos I was voicing something unpopular. In those days, on many occasions, I did not have the time to reply back, with reason and in full detail, every point that would be fired back to me by almost everyone.

2.) Still, I never brought up the issue cos I thought why dig out old matters now. But yesterday, I read Saffy's post-- she had written something on it--- and I felt that NOW was the time that I could say finally what I had wanted to say then. I didn't bring up any old issues or old episodes- it was a reply, a response to what she wrote. Then why such ire?

Now you all think I'm angry. No, I'm not. But yes, I was shocked and hurt- to see that those people who always liked my opinion and my debates and even gave me the award of 'Best Lawyer' in the PR awards are asking me to shut up and saying that I bug them- that it was an unhealthy discussion- whereas I had not written a single rude word or sarcastic statement about ANYONE. I will be honest here Janu- the WAY you said it was not pleasant- pardon me for saying so cos you are much elder to me- but I'm simply not used to hearing 'casually said' stuff like this. I don't even talk to others in this manner.

As such, when I was spoken to in such a way, I obviously felt bad. I understand that you have a funny way of writing, but that particular post was neither funny nor humorous, nor did it by any means convey that we should leave the topic and have fun on some other topic, as Saffy suggested. Maybe you meant it, but the meaning didn't come across to me, even though I'm familiar with the way you write.

The post only gave me the idea that I was biased, that I was bugging everyone and that you were fed up. Its bitter, but true. And so I said, fine, I'll log out. Then when everyone started saying not to be angry and stuff, I replied back to tell them that I'm not angry with anyone.

If it was a joke Jaanu, (as Saffy said) or an invitation to have fun on some other topic(as Saffy said)... then I couldn't decipher any meaning like that. I would prefer you be more direct to me next time- cos I seriously couldn't understand it. Be direct, but not harsh to me, and I will love itBig smile. Next time please simply say- 'leave these issues, lets talk of something else', and I will drop the debate-- instead of saying 'you are biased and insane and I'm bugged and loggin out.--- what a beginning to a new year in this forum I see!'  That only makes one feel unwanted. Cry(You might think that I'm preaching, but I'm not, I'm just requesting you)

I don't know if you read it or not, but I and Saffy had mutually agreed to disagree even before your posted that post, and I'm not biased- I had brought up the Shravani issue when that episode had aired and even made a separate post for it, which had got very good response too.

Anyhow, I would request you and everyone else to please end the matter here and forget it as a bad dream. My exams have ended today, I haven't slept for the last 36 hours (whole night I was juggling my books with replying to everyone's posts), and so I really do not want to think of all this anymore.

And for the umpteenth time, I'M ANGRY WITH NO ONE.

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omshreejaanu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 March 2010
Posts: 15389

Posted: 06 January 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
It's Ok Nikki. I got ur point n i seriously believe now that i shud have pmed Saffy instead of that explosive post. Believe me i'm rarely harsh on ppl. I'm relieved u r ok but i am honestly not. When i logged out i was a bit annoyed 2 b honest but now i'm sincerely angry after reading all the posts after i went away. I'm surprised by the turn of events.
What  has ROTW got 2 do here? i have no idea!!Shocked Thank God there was no court martial 4 me after i made that special dish with some members of the forum. I'm not the kind of person who likes 2 create awkwardness among ppl n the last thing i wanted is Tany di apologising on my behalf 2 u n Kool. She is like an elder sis 2 me n i dont want her 2 say sorry 4 me. I'm feeling bad enuf that this unfortunate event happened in her thread where positivity has always prevailed.
Surprisingly the last 2 epi of PR were paisa vassool n i thought we were going 2 have a party coz ArMan r being redeemed but i guess may b the epi were not spicy enuf 2 b discussed

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2009
Posts: 36993

Posted: 06 January 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Jaanu , it's Ok, You don't have to feel bad at all..
Just forget about all this both you and Niki and just have fun happy both of you .This is the first week of the  new year and no way do I want to see my girls in a down in the dumps mood ...

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