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Star Of The Day : 4th Jan 2011 (Page 14)

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2009
Posts: 36992

Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
You are right Tulsey .Vinod should seriously think of a divorce now .

mansi96 Senior Member

Joined: 16 October 2009
Posts: 695

Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
I voted for Archana!  Finally, one of Manjusha's many sins have been found out and Archana gets to tell her off!  Clap  I was hoping  Archana would give her a much deserved slap, but maybe that will be for another day. LOL   I hope Vinod and his parents both get to tell her off tomorrow!  I want Manjusha to grovel on her hands and knees to them all if Vinod wants to kick her out of the house!   That would make my day! Thumbs Up  

Thank goodness for ArMan's good friends, Tarun and Swati!  Clap
vishwap Senior Member

Joined: 27 October 2009
Posts: 914

Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SaffyFlower

Originally posted by Tanyaz

Very good Saffy .Excellent post .You are right .Manav still has not learned how to be tactful with relationships ..Men are usually slower than women .He did dump Archu that day and good job her parents were there because she was unconsious and that drunkard ...uff ..
He was also goin to come back from his honeymoon when his mother tried to trick him .When will he realize what his mother is all about..D'oh
Well , now it does looks like he regrets his pervious behaviour and is trying to make it up to her ..I hope he learns the meaning of being  one ..Archana is his biggest strength and his love , his existance is what keeps her going .....
They are a beautiful couple , even when the yare just walking on a roadside holding hands ....
With Tarun back in his life and hopefully even satish , there will be no looking back for Manav .I can't  wait to see him making money and romancing Archu in style .....
I suppose Archu will make it up with Vinod , probably Manav will bring them back together and also Punni ...
TannuDi,Manav has much to learn from Ajit on how to be a husband and son - actually Rassi and Savita are mirrors of each other -
- they adore their son,
- but won't let their son have the pleasure of physical intimacy with their wife,
- do badi badi baaten about sanskaar and saath phere but want to get rid of the wife,
- hate their DIL with open display of humiliation,
- call their DIL bad luck bcoz they had some prev loss in life - sachin in the case of savita,her family riches in the case of Rassi ,
- both tried to physically hurt their DILs,
the truth is both hate their DIL for only one reason - their ego that there is another woman in their son's life - frankly speaking,they behave as if their DIL is their soutenConfusedROFL 
This is after they know,how much their DIL adjust,are good wives and are loved by their husband.
I think savita and rassi are attention seekers and did'nt get enuf from husbands,so cannot stand to see their DIL happy with their sonLOLLOL
And savita does not have to look far - Bhavna accepted Varsha although she wanted Archu,Varsha killed her grandson intentionally - still she behaved as a MIL should and as a mother should, with dignity and denceny,coz she truly loves her son
Tommorrow Archu as well as Vandu are going to be living in a chawl on their hubby's meagre earnings,walking in and out of small jobs.Are they gonna behave like savita and drive their hubbies to drink,throwing gaalis at everybody around them??
I see no reason why savita shud be excused even today for her gaali giving motor mouth which has ruined her family,she is the reason why her family is dysfunctional.
You wanted to know who are the biggest hypocrites in the show - these 2 dysfunctional substandard mothers and hateful mother-inlaws are the biggest hypocritesLOL
Imagine Manav's immense frustration with this monster mother after sacrificing the prime 15 yrs of his life  for her - Kudos to him for telling her - u cannot understand my needs despite being a mother when a wife canThumbs Upsavita thinks only she can vent her anger and frustration,others dont have emotions? She deserves this laati from her son,nobody else can sudarofy her.
But Ajit let his mother go off when she crossed the line trying to hurt vandu - when he told her she was wrong,she huffed and puffed but came back with her tail between her legs .Today Rassi and Vandu are living under 1 roof saving Ajit some money for not having to pay dual rentLOL and giving a chance for reconciliation - the fact is - A man's zimmedari lies equally between his parental family and wife - the oath of marriage enforces that he provide for her security and needs.It is one of the pheras
The day Manav cannot support his wife,he should make arrangements that she is provided for by somebody else - relatives,friends,neighbors.Here the means does not matter,the end part - the provision,security - matters
Manav failed when he chose sachu over Archu- he made no arrangement for her support - specifically when she was invalid as well -  Insaniyat Baba failed in Insaniyat ,Zimmedari Baba failed in Zimmedari.
Even a decent stranger on the streets wud take an invalid ill woman to safety and ensure her basic well being.
Sick Archu was invalid and helpless,it was'nt like she had a simple stuffed nose,u know.Wat is different between her and a helpless baby then?Sulo's question to him was apt.
In reverse,savita's naatak burning those sarees that manav was not paying her bills was not the same case.Manav had no job ,no money to support himself.It had nothing to do with his wife disallowing him to pay his parents bills.If he had money,expecting him to share makes sense.When he had none,wat cud he do?
But as usual,loud savita makes herself a false victim.
Frankly,our own fathers and grandpas have juggled huge joint families with greater dissent and resentment,wat Manav is going thru is nothingLOLbut he chooses to disfigure his face everytime -
when one eye itches,he blinds the other - that is how he balances his parental home vs his home.And this man has the greatest kismat to do all this kartoot - he has a perfect wife who gives up everything to satisfy his wants - something u wud expect a mother to do actuallyConfused
WoW!  Saffix in real form today.
Your take on Savita mirrors my thoughts undilutedly.
Especially when her agressive behaviour is often justified as a reaction to the adverse circumstances faced by her in life. By the same logic manav, who was burdened at an early age  by disproportionate responsibilities should have turned out the same way as his mother.
And as you rightly pointed out, so would have her daughter.
But the basic goodness and strength of character of these two causes them to behave in such a dignified manner even in the face of adversities. Especially vandita, who has suffered so much. I do not think that it is because they are weak-minded. Rather the opposite.
In life, all of us react differently when faced with troubles. But , in my opinion, the weakest are those who consistently blame others for their troubles and refuse to look inwards sometimes.
If Archana's entry in Manav's life has been blamed  for Savita's troubles (albeit indirectly) , by the same logic savita's entry in Archana's life has also resulted in great misery for her. Archana's intentions were never to trouble Savita but Savita took pleasure in tormenting Archana.
Again, it is not as though both had a trouble-free life prior to gaining entry in each other's lives!
For me savita personifies greed , selfishness and weakness of character redeemed a small way by her love for Manav. I do not like her when she is against Archana . Nor did she win my support  when she was for Archana. Her character portrayal has been one of the most inconsistent  in PR, which has many many inbuilt inconsistencies, anyway.
Just some thoughts!!!

Edited by vishwap - 04 January 2011 at 9:54pm

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manu85 Groupbie

Joined: 26 October 2010
Posts: 53

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 1:18am | IP Logged
voted for archu for the way she reemed out her bro and bhabhi. they both deserved it.

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SaffyFlower IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 August 2010
Posts: 3447

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Thanks vishwap for ur great comments ! I especially enjoy ur and samarth's take,sometimes women on the forum talk 2 much for nothing I feel,and u guys clear the glass,with just enuf words...LOL
Vote for Manav TannuDi,for making the most important phone call of his lifeWinkLOL

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
Posts: 16304

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Saffy, completely disagree with your whole post.

It was a very bad situation for Manav that day. He could not leave Sachu alone. He is Sachu's father... if not legally then morally. He has cared and thought about Sachu more than any one else, ever since Sachu was in Shravani's womb.

If this same son has fallen sick, then won't he get worried and want to be with him? Won't he be concerned about how his MAD mother will handle him? With whom shall he leave Sachu- his drunkard father Damo who is practically useless?

Archu was ill, but she is elder. In India, young children like Sachu's DIE due in LAKHS to small reasons of carelessness- even diarrhoea, do you know what is the infant mortality rate of India????   This is not a frivolous matter. He was very right in rushing to a doctor quickly with his Mom. If something serious had turned out, how would Savita have made arrangements alone? In contrast, Archu was not THAT serious. Even I would have tended to the child first if I was in his place. Its common sense- the adult can withold, the child cannot.

When I was sick- A grown up girl,- my father came running to me despite so many people looking after me. Fathers are like that only. Manav loves Sachu like his son, how could he have not come to be with Sachu.

Regarding the fact that he made no provisions for Archu- tell me- with whom could he have left Archu at that time?? Their neighbours whom he did not know so well??? Raghu and Mushy??? Or that drunkard? It was best for Archu to be alone at that time rather than with such strangers.

Yes, it was unfortunate that she fell ill severely. But it was a no choice situation at that time, plus she wasn't SO sick at first. Situations simply spiralled out of control and Manav had no hold over them.

Sulo's question was completely, horribly unfair. Relations with family do not break just bcos one gets married. Manav's relations with Sachu shouldn't change becos of Archu. In an emergency situation like this one- everyone- a doctor, a mother, a lover, would have favoured the child, not Archu. There is nothing wrong in going to responsibility- Archu has accepted him with these very responsibilities. Manav should never back out of them in the name of 'love'. Such emergency situations should not be used to judge people at all.

Accha Saffy- tell me one thing- if it was Manav's blood child, living away for some reason and both Archu and the child fell sick, then should he have not gone???

 Even Sulo prioritises Manju her evil DIL due to Punni, doesn't she??? Its the same scenario everywhere.

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
Posts: 16304

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
You know, the discussion of Manav chosing Sachu over Archu reminds me of a story I saw in a serial. A doctor is operating on a patient. He gets the news that his own son has fallen from the terrace and needs to be operated. Shocked But he says I cannot come now, else this patient will die.Clap

His wife, is unable to manage her son alone, or get another surgeon or operation theatre free for him. The child dies.Cry

When the doctor completes the operation and comes out, she slaps and blasts him and divorces him and never meets him again. He is shattered.Cry

Six years later, a similar incident occurs with her- (she was a doctor too)--- at that time she realises how one needs to stick with responsibility at times, needs to stick with what is the need of the situation, rather than  following 'love' and nibhaofying relations and stuff-- romance and relations are not the end in life--- there are far more serious things to be considered at times. You have to put your romantic, emotional  side aside and assess the need of the situation first.

I hope now you can understand why Manav chose Sachu over Archu that day. Very fair decision.

Edited by nikitagmc - 05 January 2011 at 6:40am

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star_wars IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2010
Posts: 4176

Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Congrats to Archana for hitting up a half century.ClapClapWinkLOL

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