Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

RKA: 04/01: History to Repeat Itself Again..!!!..

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged

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Previous Adda Link: Ria Ka Adda 03/01: Champu Ki Jawaani


Hello Addains... I'm back... How are you all doing...!!!... Hope you all enjoyed today's episode... Anyways, without out much adieu, lets get the adda rolling with my take on today's episode...!!!...


Issshhhmile please... Well the episode started off with Arjun trying to bring a smile on Arohi's face... It was so cute... Kritika's fake smiles were just adorable... This scene reminded me of KMH-1 when Arjun was trying to smile because Arohi taunted him saying that he can not smile... Anyways, the scene was really cute with the flashbacks and the interaction between Arjun-Arohi... It was definitely "awwww" for me.... And it was hilarious when Arohi called Chikoo a "Kabutar"... That was simply the icing on the cake for today's episode...!!!...

Moving on... We are yet introduced to another one of the members of Ahluwalia's... Damn, someone should have thought the Ahluwalia's about family planning... Anyways, seems like "Mamaji" will bring in a flavour of fun in KMH-2... I loved the slaps he placed on "Kabutar's" face... Arjun's expression were simply priceless... And I am loving all the sharafat talk the mamaji was on about...!!!... And Luvdeep's dialogue "solo song bhi duet main gaatein hai" was too good...

And finally we are introduced with Arjun's Dadi aka Biji... Her character seems interesting and one of those who has been brought into the picture to straighten out the Singhania kids and Singhania Bahu who seems more of a "Bhaisaab" than a "Behenji"... Bahu kam mera doosra munda lagta hai... Classic...!!!... Love the dynamics between Rudra-Biji as well as Kumud-Biji... Its going to be fun... Biji's outlook on the entire Singhania family couldn't have been described in better words... Just a thought, why couldn't she give the tip of growing hair to her son as well... I mean RPS is even more bald than Jignesh... Anyways, her character looks promising and seems like she will bring out the past into the present and will put some senses into DJ so that they get Arjun-Arohi married...!!!... And great to say someone here who actually cares for Rashi...!!!...

From Biji's words it seems that RPS might have had an affair with the unknown daughter of the Ahluwalia clan and thats why she said history is going to repeat itself again...

KMH is going on the lines of stories that have already been tried and tested... I just hope they are able to do something different... But I have to say that acting wise I am highly impressed with everyone... Karan-Kritika are at their best... RPS as always is amazing... And Biji is simply wonderful... I already love her... She does know how to make taunts...!!!...

Looking forward to tomorrow's episode... It seems like its going to be confrontation between both the Ahluwali Dadi and Singhania Dadi...!!!...

Episode was good today cause I simply loved the first Arjun-Arohi scene... It was cute... And secondly due to Biji because I love her straightforwardness... Overall rating would be 7.5/10... YAY...!!!...


Anyways guys, that enough from me today... Start pouring down you thoughts about today's episode and let the Adda rolling...!!!... Byt for now all... Have Fun and Enjoy...!!!...

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Today's Eppy badly reminded me of the season 1.. Unhappy
This time its arjun who's asking arohi to smile... Well both were although different scnerios. 
Seems like CV's want to dig out the memories from our heart.

KMH2 me the dadi's r superrockingThumbs UpThumbs Up
first DJ then arjun's dadi...She handles everyone Smile

Arjun-arohi moments Thumbs Up 
Arjun tryin to remind arohi about the moments they spent together and arohi restricting herself 

Good epi 

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Overall episode: 7/10
Guys I am again really taken up with the assignments till the end of Jan so I gonna be brief and in weekend I gonna continue the topic:
Fikkar Not Mohabbatians - Still with Arohi then will move to Arjun.
Here is my quickie take;-):
First 2 parts were really sweet,breathtaking and romantic and Arjuhi,yaar,'uff teri adaa'Wink
I feel it was nice to continue on the happy Arjun with Arohi and the back chirpy Arohi. The best was the smile of Arohi that was indeed a response to Arjun Punj try of smile and I equally like it. The flashbacks and background music were well blended too and with a break with the drunk Chikoo really widen my rolling down on the floor with laughs and the legs having some windy cycles up ROFLROFL
As expected,mama ji who is an equivalent character portray of HariParsadji who this time loves Arjun because he does not drink ROFL and like other guests, he has also identified the real damaad babuROFLROFL and the way he slapped Chikoo ROFLROFLROFL that was good comedy again. Actually a big round of applause for all these five characters here, Lovedeep is amazing and I still feel to see she is the one involve in te mystery. As her name,she is as romantic and jovial characterWink
What a change in the other half of the episode. What an entry,guys,of dadiji. I was like
HUH was that an entry of daadi or was that 'bijli' 'gili' - what an adaa and how all of those who live freestyle in the house are turning mute infront of this strong and daring old lady! Awesome, what an ace entryClap We know she is the best friend of DJ and she is also the contrary image of DJ as the entry portrayal,the jovial cool DJ vs the kind heartred but hard rashi's dadi! It is indeed the clash of the titans again and between the dadi!
I feel that Arjun is returning to Singhania now for sure, even if the supposed failed plan of RPS but dadi is bringing him back when 'truth i out.' I feel she will be the 'dhamakaal.' and this will supposed to happen in the 50th episode (pure presumption but then good as peak). When the truth is out,it will be both decision phase for Arjun and Arohi. The dadis will meet the loverbirds when they turn best friends again!
All I want is NO WEDDING of AROHI (who has also started addressing chikoo as kabootarROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL) and KABOOTAR WALA PATI or PRICE TAG wala PATI or CHIKOO SHAKE wala PATI ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL. Time for Arohi to explode up now! Yeah she is her dadu's poti and in this sense,she wanted to keep her words of the wedding for her famiy sake but like her daadu who keeps his principle above his family, she will not be able to hurt Arjun as she is not spiteful and that nature should definitely be above the love of her family. At times I feel in response of the fiancee swap of KMH1,when Arjun wore Arohi ring,will there this time be 'Dulha Swap'Wink
@angadkripa: awesome take yaar! Well I am obsessed with the idea that RPS loved Mrs Singhania but then DJ and Bj wanted him to marry to lovedeep aur shayad its lovedeep ki prem ki kahani who she forgot in all her jolly and flirty nature that she finds fun!

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Aarohi.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged
arohi trying to smile was a copy of arju tryin to smile in KMH 1

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Hello Friends :)

Epi rating: 7.5/10 Clap


1) Arjun teasing Aro "chotey surprises" "give guarantee" LOL & Aro's slip of tongue "jab tak ye kabootar" LOL
2) Slight smile on Aro's face during her FBs Heart
3)  Mama g's jaap "Buzurgay k saamnay boltey nahi" LOL & calling chikoo "lucha lafanga" Approve
4) Rudra Pratap worried abt his plan Evil Smile
5) Beeji's blunt nature...taking everyone's class Clap "Mein theek hoo. Tu goli maar dey" LOL "Bahu kam doosra Munda" LOL @Dialogue writer: Great Job! Star BG music was good here...See it was dramatic but it wasnt loud/annoying Thumbs Up
6) Liked the change in Beeji's tone & BG music when she met Rashi Thumbs Up
7) Beeji-Rudra convo. Rudra Pratap was polite but firm Star Mohan Kapoor was zabardust like always Star


1) Beeji's entry with whoosh whoosh effect & BG music Wacko & also when she asked where Arjun was Stern Smile There are other ways to give a dramatic effect.
2) Arjun's bro who is jealous of him..whats his name? Please tone down his lipstick colour.
3) @CVs: Time to try something hatke...keep experimenting guys :) Ye sab hum dhekh chukey hein Smile

Qoute of the day: "Love makes your soul crawl our from its hiding place" - Zora Neale Hurston

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Quirky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Good epi...

-loving the new Dadi...
Looks like she is the only lady that can scare RPSLOL Good characterisation and good acting my her..

-Bhulakad Mamaji..Angrywhat a waste of a character and screen spaceThumbs Down I dont know why are the CVs pushing the idea that Arjun is Arohi's soulmate..Ermm We are supposed to be left surprised by how Arjun woos Arohi and that they are meant to be together...if CVs keep pushing the thought now ..we dont have any surprise element left..Wacko

-AA cute scene..Blushingliked KKsq they r doing a fine job!!!Clap

-Rashi and Dadi ma will play a HUGE role in bringing the families together!! and ofcourse AA tooDancing and looks like Arjun is Dadi ka Laadla...Day Dreaming

-waiting for Arjun-dadi scenes..Tongue

@Sam...Fab take!!..
"She does know how to make taunts...!!!..."
So true!! For the first time loved tauntingLOL

@Eshu...True..wat an ace entry!! this entry was worth it...after that Coffee/cookie epi was wondering wat character will dadi be...

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
@Sam: ZABARDUST post like always StarStarStar

Great..even i gave 7.5 Big smile

"This scene reminded me of KMH-1"
Day DreamingLOL

"should have thought the Ahluwalia's about family planning"

" I loved the slaps he placed on "Kabutar's" face.."
Me too DancingLOL

"Biji's outlook on the entire Singhania family couldn't have been described in better words"

" mean RPS is even more bald than Jignesh."

"I just hope they are able to do something different... But I have to say that acting wise I am highly impressed with everyone."

Blue: Clap

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gemini1217 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Overall nice episode..........
I think both arjun dadi n bhulakad mamaji wl bring new twist in d story.........
Luved car scene n seriously reminded of kmh 1 wen arohi was smiling but i must say arjun lukes so sweet with fake smile in kmh1
arohi was also gud
flashbacks were awesum!!!!!!
Kabooter ko tez ke thapad........lolzzzzz
n arjuns dadi will rock.......
Waiting for tmr episide.......
Luv u arjuhiHeart

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