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Abhay-Metz: Tum chali gayi aur main aaj bhi.......

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged

Abhay-Metz: Tum chali gayi aur main aaj bhi yahaan hoon



Hi ppz,


How many people think that Angad has more brains and more common sense than Piya? Lolz. The way Angad took Abhay's case alongwith Pancchi that how the hell did he manage to make pulp out of those men and turn the jeep like that single handedly? Pancchi should run and join CID or CSI because she actually gave a detail to Abhay that there is no turn , no rock on this road , then, how did the car skid? Piya , of course , was too Abhayized to see any logic but Angad and Pancchi saw it. So much so that no matter what explanation Abhay gave , they didn't buy it. It was fun to see Abhay get irritated like that and tell all of them to take a hike. Careful, Abhay. Piya maybe nuts in your love but the rest are watching you.


But hey, the gang was nice to Abhay and they were grateful. No hatred or disdain for Abhay and that is good news.


Misha and Pancchi are warming up to Abhay and reading the bond between Abhay-Piya as well. Their conversation in the bus while sleeping beauty Piya dreamt of Abhay and his heroism was very real and deep in a way. A brat and roughie like Misha loved the idea that Abhay-Piya could possibly love each-other ' that maybe they could get together since their chemistry is so in-the-face. Pancchi and Misha are not judgmental of Abhay anymore and they are trying to see what Piya sees in him. Misha seems to know a lot about how Abhay looks at Piya and stuff, hmmm? This girl deserves her love story because she surely knows more than Abhay-Piya in that matter. Come on, creatives. Get a sizzler for our hottie whacko. High time! But yeah, I felt bad for Pancchi. So strong , so kickass, so brave and you cannot tell from her face that she nurses a broken heart. She and were Dan so perfect ' but ah, well. Maybe she will get the kind of man she deserves ' a kind man with a virgin heart.


Not much on Abhay-Piya today because nothing much happened between them today. His care and concern as usual and Piya's goo-goo eyes to him and her dreams of him. But yeah, Abhay hated to see her cry ' her grief moves him and if it's the locket that will make her happy , so be it.


It is a big blooper that the locket is in Pandher palace if we are reading right. The ACH and the actors should themselves use their brains when it comes to scene continuity. Or maybe , like it happens in most of the dailies ' full screenplays do not reach on time ' they shoot scene wise ' they have no idea what is coming up next and so , here we go- shoot with the locket in the jungle- cut to ' OOPSIE DOOPSIE! The writer says that the locket is in Pandher Palace. You can't undo the damage because you've shot the jungle and pond scenes already. Solution: Full screenplays for episodes which consist of just 8 scenes and 22 minutes of screentime. Otherwise, such bloopers are bound to occur and spoil the fun.


But am not bothered about the blooper 'coz it is an everyday thing in television. What struck me and made me forget the locket crap was the last scene of Abhay-Maithli'..


Abhay dared to enter the ruins of his beloved's home and as soon as he sat in sync with the interiors , you saw this endearing but pitiable smile spread across his face . It was Maithli's air and he could still feel her presence ' looking around the huge hall and going back in time ' reminiscing how he had seen her run atop the staircase and right into his arms when he had seen her for the first time. We saw Metz' Abhay again and even though reliving the past , he looked happy. He walked to her portrait and touched it ' as though touching her face and did look in a trance. The promises that they made to each-other of forever togetherness , how passionately and deeply Abhay loved her. It was all too heartbreaking.


I know that Abhay-Piya have been projected as soulmates and that is what they are. But when you look at AMetz and the tragedy they suffered ' especially that anguish and cold sadness in Abhay , you wish that nothing would have stained their fairytale. Whatever it was, whatever happened , AMetz didn't deserve it.


Abhay is right that Metz-Piya are becoming one entity in his heart because when Abhay touched Metz' face, it was Piya who woke up from her sleep in the bus.


And yeah, you feel HORRIBLE for Abhay when he stands all alone in the middle of the palace , reliving Metz and saying ' " Tum chali gayi, Maithli aur main aaj bhi yahaan hoon'.. tumhaare intezaar mein." ( You have been long gone but I am still standing here , waiting for you.).


I think Kabir's Dad gave him the best possible advice and that is exactly what Kabir should do. Be what Piya needs right now ' a good friend and stop taunting her about Abhay.


Precap : So, Piya's mission " Prove Abhay a vampire" kickstarts tomorrow, hmmm?


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Res! Will edit after watching Jhalak! I want the first place


A totally 'wow' post as usual, Poco. 
You know, I was always very fond of Angad, he's an adorable guy but before today, he was something like the male version of Tracker for me. Not in the sense that he runs around girls or anything but being a little dumb and naive yet lovable because of a pure heart that does not wish ill for anyone. But today's episode made me see him in a new light, with a new found respect. I mean, the way he confronted Abhay and stopped Misha from further mashing the pulp of the guys, I was, like, omg! This was something I would've normally expected someone like Kabir to do! 
Panchi is definitely one intelligent female. There's a reason why I've looked up to her ever since the first episode. She's one character who always talks sense no matter what. She's strong, she's independent. She definitely didn't deserve a heartbreak. I really hope that she finds her Mr. Right soon. She deserves all the happiness in the world!
Misha may be a total kid at heart, bindass and jhakhaas but she is intelligent and observant and specially watchful for her friends. I think we all can sense how much she loves Pia and she really wants to see her happy. Hence, if that 'sadu' and 'akdu' guy makes her happy, so be it. Misha has in any case never been the irrational kinds so I'm not surprised that she remembers all that Abhay has done for Pia. The chemistry between AbhIya is not too hard to read. Specially Pia has 'I'm crazy about Abhay' written all over her face. What really impressed me is that Misha realised what Abhay was feeling. I wasn't wrong when I said that she'll be the first one to support AbhIya's impossible love story, was I? 
As far as the locket blooper goes, I really don't see a big issue in that. Such bloopers keep happening so it didn't really bother me. Plus, this is nothing compared to the Piyashree-Piyali fiasco so ya, I mean, I frankly don't even remember whether she had her locket on when by the lake or not. I'm sure she did, I'm not denying that but as you so rightly said, these people are working under great pressure day and night. We should have a heart big enough to ignore such little, meaningless bloopers but yes, the Piyashree-Piyali thing is a big blunder and that cannot be ignored. 
As far as AbhIya go, I think I will agree with Misha on the fact that Abhay is slowly falling for Pia. Though, he's still truly, madly, deeply in love with Maithili, no doubt about that but what Abhay feels for Pia now is more that just a 'soft corner'. He can't see her tears, he's willing to go back to the place which would only give him pain just for Pia. I doubt he would've done something similar for Tracker or Misha. He's connecting with Pia more and more deeply with each passing day. But yes, Maithili still lives on in his heart despite everything. He's still devoted to her memories, he's still in pain, his heart may not be beating but it is hurting. One thing is for sure, he'll never forget Maithili even after he falls in love with Pia. And the typical EK twist will definitely come, a doubt in Pia's mind: Does her love me or just my face? As irrational and as unreasonable as that would be on Pia's part, I can so expect such a confrontation track as a hurdle in their love story in the future. Anyways coming back to AM, I don't know whether the fate they met was wrong or right, but they definitely didn't deserve it. They deserved a fairytale in which they would live happily ever after. Some love stories don't have happy endings. Sadly, theirs was one of them. Maithili died because she could not stand the thought not being able to be with Abhay and Abhay is still waiting for Maithili long after she's gone. Maithili has given her doppelganger the hint that Abhay is in her fate. She's the one who has to pull Abhay out of this big, black hole of depression, to stop him from waiting for someone who will never come back (unless Ekta Maiyya decides to exercise her old formula of pulling the dead right out of their graves). 
There is no doubt that Maithili gave Abhay pure happiness. Even today, when he remembers his first meeting with her, his lips break into a smile, his face lights up, his eyes shine like stars. Hopefully, one day, Pia will be able give him the same happiness in her own way.

Precap: I'm still getting over it. I came as quite a shocker to me.

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NIDIZ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Poca brilliantly written.. Hug..!!
Atleast some one used their brains in..I thought yesterday they'll totally avoid Abhay getting in this kinda of situation.. But Angad wowwo I never expected this atleast from him.. I thought he wuld be just lyk Tracker going gaa gaa n dreaming song sequences over his newly founded love.. But luv the way he examined Abhay.. Panchi she always manages to cross examine Abhay.. Abhay needs to think a better excuses..cause their will be more situations lyk this next time..n as per the new article this time it's Piya who's gonna figure it out..!! Instead of Piya in Danger Alarm clocks Abhay shuld have an Alarm caution detective Piya u're secrets..!!
Abhay really cares for Piya.. Though he does not love her till now..but that does not mean he didn't cared for her.. He just needs to accept the fact.. Though Metz n Piya r mirror image n r leaving no mark that culd distinguish their Abhay's heart..but he's definatly feeling for Piya..n slowly she has made her special place in Abhay's heart..n that can be visiblely seen even by Misha & Panchi..
I luved the way they have excepted that AbhiYa loves each other..
I'm glad that Misha has approven it.. Cause I thought she wuld take Kabir's side n force Pia to be with the good guy..the one who is Misha's frnd.. But I'm happy..that she approves even the dark guy for Pia..if she's happy in tat..!!
As for Kabir..he shuld do what his Dad has said.. Parents always choose a right path for their childrens..!! Can't say this in the case of ChaandEena..!!
Abhay Metz n their unfinished business..
I told u so they'll play with our emotions..
The end scene gave me mixed emotions.. Abhay is stuck btw his past n present..though we knw what future bring in for him..   
But it's the present tat matters.. right..??
Maithili is Abhay's unfinished business.. Abhay can't get her back.. But he can always move on taking a sad ending of his lifes desire..
I was taken back when Abhay tried touching Metz 3D visualized portrait.. ( the SFX r far better than before..they'r improving alot..)
& with an unknown feel of touch Pia woke up.. All the signs r pointing towards Piya being a Reincarnated Metz..but I have a gut feeling tat they'll keep Pia as just a Doppelganger..!! Though I still feel that Pia is connected with Metz more than what it seems.. It's not just he face or Abhay tat connectes them..but something special that'll bring in a major this AbhiYaMetz..!!
Excited..!! I'm full of excitement..!! To see the flash baks but Alas..!! I won't be able to view this mystery to unfold..!! Have to wait in for 11days..Thnx God I.F is their so I wuld be hooked up in here for the written-updates..!!

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
wow nyc post. .lovd readng ur views. .i dnt watch d show yet bt after readng d ud n ur views. .m sure d show ws rockng

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Prateeksh Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
cool post Pocho...ya the blooper is there, but as you said, who cares? CVs wanted to show the connection between Pia and Metz the Abhay way...its not that Pia is Metz reincarnation or something as Metz's soul could travel to Pia to answer her questions...but for Abhay they are becoming one...
I would really like to see how Abhay differentiates between the two and falls in love with Pia - for the person she is...not becoz of her angelic face...nyways, I guess there is a long way for that...
yes, I liked Panchi - Misha (Pasha) scene...for once they agreed to something and that was indeed the truth right from day one..
Kabir is back with his friendly attitude and I really like Kabir's dad..he never objected on Pia being his choice...she is orphan and he doesnt have a problem with the family backgrnd being not there even thgh she cld be a potential DIL of their house..not that is going to happen or something but just a thght..
Yes, and finally something as a vampire - :) so he is allergic to silver...lets see how she lays some traps and how A outsmarts her only to fell for the bigger one!
I am 100% sure as others that even after knowing this horrifying truth and connecting 2 + 2, Pia will still love A from the core of her heart and then I guess Metz will come back!!! may be as evil...

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monsoonlove Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
lovely post poca!!!
yaa..i liked angad and panchi scene....jab vo abhay ki khabar le rahe the...bichara abhay got irritated..piya itne qs nahin puchti..aao log kyun dimaag kharab kar rahe
it was nice to see abhay moved by piya's tears..and going to the extreme to find her happiness...hmm..this is more then just her her happiness matters to him too..
yaar...send some hottie werewolf for misha na...wen i saw tht scene..i was like u deserve a hero who is just like u's nice to know tht both are warming up to abhay and will understand abhay-piya relationship...
i was a little surprised wen abhay thot abt piya while he was all submerged in metz memories...piya has found a place in his heart without him realizing it...i hope wen he touched metz face and piya woke up was not an indication of reincarnation...i really really don't want tht to happen..piya metz becoming one in his heart..i guess the similarity in persona and face is wat draws abhay towards one day he will love piya as piya...seems like it will go along the lines of kaho na pyaar hai story concept..i wouldn't mind tht at all as long it's not reincarnation..
coming to can one not feel horrible about them?? the extent of love they had for each other..they deserved all the happiness...after centuries abhay feels abhay-metz first meeting as if it happened yesterday only...he knows tht she is gone forever and not coming he still waits for her...centuries he is still same - metz's abhay....i really want to know what happened tht their divine love story ended with such horrid tragedy...
loved the precap...finally piya will put the pieces together...excitin track starts soon..along with abhay-metz track..i just can't wait..

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kaushiki9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged

agree with u guys

a big blooper abt Pia's locket

bt i was likeCry when Mitz entered the scene and how lovingly Abhay was looking at him

now 2 i want 2 Cry......

bt happy 2 get signs of Pia being Mitz

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madmaxine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Hiya Poco! Astute analysis!Smile I liked this episode...even though not a whole lot happened. Props to Angad and Panchi today for getting on Abhay's case.Big smile Like you said, Piya is so Abhayized, her brains go into deep freeze when he is near her, and she trusts him blindly..but the others atleast still retain use of their cerebral cortexSmile! I know we're all dying to learn A-Metz's story, but I for one want to see what Chandeena do to Abhay when he finally goes home after pulling all these stuntsBig smile! I'm finally convinced that Chand also cares for Abhay, and he's definitely not going to physically harm Piya..he's more likely to get her kicked out of college or something similar.
Pander palace scene was sad...poor much pain. I'm glad he's finally admitting to himself that Piya means something to him and he can't see her cry.
Tomorrow my He-Man screams in pain....OuchOuch! Lagi use, aur dard mujhe ho raha hai! Cry!

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