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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Episode Analysis

From the Horse's mouth


Aaj toh mein Arjun ko pakadke rahoonga. He cannot keep escaping from me always.... are, yeh kya? Arjun is meeting some one else here
yeh mein kya kar raha hoon. May be Geet and daadi are right. I should not judge Arjun simply based on the fact that he is NT's brother.
Ab mein kya karu. If it was not Arjun at the outhouse, who else is it? I will have to find out.

Babaji? yeh Geet ne mujhe kya bana diya hai? Mein, Maan Singh Khurana, ek babaji ke paas aa gaya? Ab kya karu. 

Geet ne mujhe ek taveez present kiya hai, toh mein bhi uske liye ek taveez leke jaaoonga. Haan, yen theek rahega.

Oh ho, ab iske liye mujhe mandir jaana padega? Mein hi to Ram hu. Meri hi aashirwad le lo. Nahi? Theek hai. I will go to the temple.


Oooyyeeeee. Yeh Maan yaha pe kya kar raha hai. Har jaga pohanch jaata hai. Geet ko chodo, pehle isko theekhane lagana padega.

Ghar chala jaata hoon. Kuch naya plan karoonga with the borrowed mind from the jail. 

Meri haalat toh dheko. Cook banadiya is ladki ne mujhe. Mera banaya hua khana khane so toh acha hai ki mein geet ko maar kar jail hi chala jaaoo. Wohi ka khana best tha.
Are, microwave? Try karte hai. Mein isme spoon daaldoonga. Hahahahahhahahahha. Oh ho, phir se chakma degayi. Isno toh soup peeya hi nahi. Damn it u woman.

Oh, yeh yaha aayi. Maan ke bedroom mein. Besharam kahi ki. Abhi bhi khandaan ki izzat mitti mein mila rahi hai. Ek gair mard ke kamere mein aisi baiti hai. Oh ho,
Bathroom jaa rahi hai? Mein lock kardeta hu. 
Bhalle bhalle, ab lock kar diya isko. Kitchen fire ko escape kar liya. Ab temperature controller se kaise bachogi Geet. Haan.


Maan, aap jab tak zinda hai, mujhe darne ki kya zarooth hai. Jo bhi hoga, pehle aap ko hoga, Kyon ki aap mujhe kuch hone hi nahi denge.

Taveez. Oh ho, ab mujhe bhi ek pehanna padega. 

Soup.Nahi, mera man nahi kar raha. Mujhe nahi khana soup. Mujhe toh Maan ka sar khana hai.

Waise, I gave him taveez, he gave me ring. Now he is giving me taveez. Kanjoos kahi ka. Maybe he is expecting me to gift him a ring in turn?

I will wait for Maan in his room. Dull hai, lekin outhouse se better hai. Oh ho, yeh kya, phir se I am feeling sick. Babaji.

Yeh door kyon nahi khul raha? Itni garmi hai. Mein toh winters and snow mein bhi sleeveless phenti hu. I am that HOT. Aur phir kamere ke andar itni garmi. I think I might faint. Maan, taveez chodiye, save me. Mujhe kuch ho gaya toh tavvez kis kaam ka? Maaaaaaaaaaaannnnn


Yaar. yeh kaha phas gaya mein NT ke waje se. Acha khasa boxing kar raha tha. Abhi iske waje se Anne aur Tasha ke bheech phas gaya hu.
Itne bure din aagaye mere.


Today's ups

1. Maan's concern and willingness to do anything for his Geet.
2. Brij trying all measures to kill Geet. Would like it more if they were silly physical and not so technical. 
3. Geet in her blue outfit. She looked soo pretty.
4. A 2nd taveez in picture. Ek se bhale do.
5. The babaji singing. I was ROFL when I watched this. It was really phunny. And "Mein Mohobatein baat raha hu. Iski koi keemat nahi hoti". Hahahahhahahaha
6. Dharga music. 
7. Brij's khandaan dialogue. When will he realize he also contributed to it. 

Today's lows

1. Maan doubting himself about his mistrust in Arjun. Don't let things fool you. Please keep an open eye. 
2. Un-wesha. Everything about her is not likable.
3. The thinking, master planning Brij. Although I am enjoying it, it is not true to his character. He has become too intelligent now. 

The FB pics totally indicate that there will be no miscarriage. Maan and Geet would have been more devastated if it was a MC. So I am all excited to see the caring Maan tomorrow. This is what will make him take the oath. The wedding is in 12 days anyways, so he will take an oath to marry her on th scheduled date no matter what. LOL Aggressive Maan, we are all waiting for you.

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Hello Nissar, Barry, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, CVs, friends et exciting episode...keeping up the tempo !

@ the Mall
Maan following Arjun. Brij makes a u-turn back into the parking lot heads towards the mall, sees Maan and….whoa loved the way Brij ducked to avoid being seen. Neatly executed. Brij now thinks Maan's trying to pull a fast one on him. Wows revenge. As though Maan didn't have enuff on his plate….lol !

In the process of elimination, at least Maan has now seen for himself that Arjun is above board….for now. So whose shadow did he see at the outhouse ?

Loving someone more than yourself makes u vulnerable. That is Maan's situation today. Concern for Geet's safety is making him vulnerable, turning him to the higher power. Enter the fakir n the taveez given by him. Mein mohabattein baant raha hoon aur uski koi keemat nahi hoti. Well said, Barry.

Barry – I will talk to you in a bit.

Pehle to Brij awaaragardi karta tha but seems like the stay in prison has taught him many skills – chef, handyman, electrician….n of course honed his skills as a killer. Nissar, nicely done. Behzaad is really good. Jo zillat tune mere khaandaan ko pahunchaayi hai uska khaamiyazaa tujhe apni maut deke chukaana padega.

I truly like the way Brij changes his tone, appearance between scenes and even within the same scene with such ease. Awesome.

Geet looks fabulous in the purple outfit. Dadi ne sahi kahaa, kisi ki nazar na lage.

Chalo achcha hua….microwave plan was a flop…well until the next unintended victim walks into the kitchen to use it. Hope it is Brij himself.

NE – is she jealous of Tasha with Arjun or she remembers who is and is keeping her distance…maybe a little of both. How will Arjun react ?

Maaneet-taveez convo
Loved the understanding between the two. Liked the way Geet asks him to also sit back and enjoy the wedding preparations. Liked the way she tried to reassure him. Loved the way Maan says, mein tumse jhoot nahi kahunga Geet, us raat se mujhe tumhari fikr hone lagi hai. Maan admitting that these days he's started believing in a higher power… a direct result of him being afraid for Geet, for her safety.

Nissar, Barry, CVs I realize that u are trying to reassert the union of souls concept of Maaneet with the fakir, taveez and words like kismet, khushiyan, taqdir but the continuous pointing out of Geet seemed to question the integrity of the dialogues Geet HSP is famous for. I totally understand Maan's sentiments today and applaud him for trying to change if it helps keep his Geet safe.
Barry, what happened ? We love the way u spin words and bring out the depth of meaning in them but today, Geet's continuous doubting of Maan's inclination towards fakir, sant, bhagwan et al did not seem to have the same zing, intensity, weight in the dialogues….words seem to fall short. This created some ambiguity among fans. Pls clear the ambiguity at the earliest else viewers will be looping in an infinite loop on this topic and miss the events leading to the wedding.

Brij's second attempt
So Brij tries to turn the sauna into a death chamber. A good cliffhangar. Interesting plan CVs. Something new, different.

Urrrggghhh….why did Geet FB publish have to publish those hospital pics ? You gave away tomorrow's epi via those pics….again ! Why cant u let the viewers stew in their thoughts for one day ? Don't u think that would increase curiosity and lead to higher TRPs? Why do you blow up such opportunities ?

An exciting episode. Anj's words say it all ! CVs are bringing out an exciting story line but BE VERY VIGILANT. DO UR HOMEWORK ON MAANEET !

Barry – dialogues thode pheeke pad gaye today, especially Geet's in the scene where Maan gives her the taveez. Pls sharpen your pencil.

Gurmeet, Drashti, Behzaad – you guys are the best !

Really looking forward to the next episode. Will Brij succeed in his mission (we know he wont) or will he be caught in time? What happens to Arjun ? Will today's epi lead to Maan taking his 'kasam' ?

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The episode was good with less Maneet romanceThumbs Up

The Taveez scene was too long and could have been shorterOuch
NE-Arjun romance was shortLOLLOL
Brij has trained to become a master of all trades in jail learning to cook, electrical workLOLLOL
Maan has himself realized that Arjun is not the culpritTongue
Brij's Purkhon ki Izzat waala dialogue is very repetitive coz he keeps saying the same thing every timeSleepy
Looking at the FB pics its shows that Geet is all well but still people are still curious about whats going to happen tomorrowThumbs Up

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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I m here Smile liked what i read Thumbs Up (thanks Tanu and Suj Hug)

Geet looking so pretty in the pix Day Dreaming 

Maan still looks like an army guy ROFLROFLROFL which makes me fida over him ROFLROFLROFL

yyeh thats it LOL more after the episode i suppose Tongue

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I loved the had very little Annie.....LOLLOLLOL

Story flowed well...Maan is now doubting whether he is correct in doubting Arjun...finally his focus will shift to someone else.... Big smile
Geet suffocating in the bath room and banging on the door...calling out to maan and then collapsing.... finally brij is successful in atleast harming geet a bit....
but chill peeps.... i dont think baby is a goner....if baby goes geet will go in depression...maan will go in depression that he cudnt fulfill the promise he made to her that he will marriage...
so chill...she will hv just collapsed...fainted.... the baby pulse will be slow but it will revive.... all will be fine in the end.......
MC if they will show, will come much later..... after the wedding when everything is fine .... that time for the twist it will come...if it ever comes....
Today the talks of taveez, destiny, god, belief .... shows that marraige between maan - geet will happen even if there will be lot of problems... maan n geet wont separate....
i loved maan's dialogue that it doesnt take time to change incidence n ppl can change.... someone's entry into a life can change the whole perspective in life.... well said...
People who are complaining about the spoiler pics.... chill people...we the online ppl dont matter much for the TRPs.... actual TRP viewers dont get spoilers pics.... they get spoilers only thru SBS/SBB if they are housewives..... i can say viewers dont get spoilers n yet add to TRPs coz till July this year i was a regular viewer of all star one serials but i wasnt a member of IF nor did i know that such a place existed..... also i never was on FB pages of any serials...neither i watched SBS/ such episodes created lot of interest for me...n i made sure i watched the following episode...
as far as online viewers r concerned....... those of us who r TRP viewers r so loyal that despite the spoilers we will watch as we want to add to TRPs....infact we can be called GHSP addicted fanatics.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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@Pooja "@Arwen- Its ok I wish the show well ...I am like the official party pooper here CryROFL"

Pooja ...being a party pooper is good LOL it adds a new flavor to the discussion Smile everyone jaaping will be BORING Tongue

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