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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
I know I'm late but I had some thoughts that I wanted to share on yesterday's den theme Big smile

~Baby Khurana ~

To me, the baby represents Geet's plight, perseverance and Maaneet love story. Geet stood up against her family and fought against the world to protect this child. She moved to Delhi, she met Maan, she learned to stand up for herself because of this child. Geet is the strong woman that she is today because of this baby. She chose to keep this baby, and fight for her life, when it would have been easier to give up. As for Maan, he risked his life to save this child, though unknowingly at first. Ever since he learned of her existence, he has taken on the responsibilities of a father.  The single tear he shed at the first glimpse of the child sums up all his feelings about this baby. Maan chose to love this child and chose to stick around, when another, would have simply walked away. In the end that's what matters, love. Love trumps everything; certainly, biology.

Today's den theme -NainTaaaara-

Naintaraa is Dev's Sayaa and they should be together as the Villains HAANCoolROFL

-Pointers for today-
- Maan following Arjun all Secret service-esque  was something ROFL and he looked good doing it
-Briji boi Thumbs Up Microwav trick is good. But don't you make Nakewl open itAngry
- Geet looks gorgeous in purple Embarrassed Moi loves purple LOL
- Why does the bathroom door have a glass? I don't know about you but for me it's oddConfused ROFL
-Arjun and Annie- NO COMMENTOuch

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Theme of Den : NayantaraEvil Smile
Nice work Jhan!Clap for bringing out the character of Nayantara, Poem at the beginning is beautiful...

On the same note I penned these a while ago (during the KBM episode) but that's how it felt to me when I saw Geet and Nayantara

Baazi ek baar phir palati, Nayantara apne paason pe ulti....

Paason ne kiya Nayantara ko alvida,
Jooth se parda jo hai uth gaya,
Tumhare iradoon mein dena nahin hai saath,
Ab khud ko hume karna nahin barbaad....
Sab kuch kho kar uthane ki taakat, Nayantara mein bhi hai,
Geet ko takkar dene ki chahat abhi bhi hai....

Ek hai sach ki saheli.....Andhein junoon mein apne....
Duji ban rahi hai paheli.....

Geet aur Nayantara lagte, ek hi sikke ke do pehlu....
Dono mein rahegi jang, jab tak hota nahin kisi ek ka anth.

Episode Analysis

Arjun ke peeche Maan, Maan ke peeche Brij...
Yeh kaisi hera pheri, jisme humein liya hai kheench?
Arjun aaya hai apne kaam se, Geet ko nahin tha khatra yahan aagaman se.
Phir kaun hai voh gumnaam jo kar raha hai pareshaan?
Jin par na tha vishvaas, unpar aaj kyun dil lagat hai aas.
Apne azeez ko khone ka dar, Maan ko har pal kar raha hai bekal.

Brij nahi apne lakshya se tas se mas,
Geet ko marana hai yehi uska dhyey bas.
Apne purkhon ki izzat ko kar raha khud hi nasht,
Kaisi iski soch hai Geet ko dena chahta hai kasht.
Apni galati ka ise nahi hoga ehsaas kabhi,
Nafrat ki aag mein kho chuka apna vivek bhi... 
Geet bach gayi phir Brij ke vaar se, jo ji michlane laga khane ke vichaar se.

Maan hain mile use raah mein, nazarein bichayi thi unki yaad mein.
Maan Geet ko hain kuch dikhana chahte,
Kuch laya hoon tumhareliye yeh batate.
Tumhare yakeen ke hai yeh pare, phir bhi mere liye aaj ise lagalo gale.
Main hoon surakshit jab aap ho paas,
Shaadi ka utsav ka aap bhi manao ullas.
Ek karde jo humari jindagi, kismat aur khushiyon ki raah..
Yeh hai voh pyaar ka dhaga bas yehi hai baat.
Aapke ke dil ke sukon ke liye sab manzoor hai mujhe,
Aapki ki baat hai aakhari alfaaz jin par rehega sada mera vishvaas.
Tum se aaya hain jeevan mein rang,
Tumhare liye manzoor hai badalna aisi dil mein umang.

Jeevan ki sacchayi se uth jata hai uparvale se vishvaas,
Ya phir hum aa jatein hain uske bahut hi paas.
Yeh to bas hai ek nazariya...hai aazadi sabko jatane ki apni aastha...
Jab apne mushkil mein hon to dil dhoondhta hai raasta,
Sant, fakir ya ho koi gyani jo bhi de is dar se dilasa.
Jeevan se jyada jab karne lage dil kisi ko pyaar...
Use khone ka dar hota hai baar baar...
Jeene ki uske bina nahi ho sakti kalpana,
Is tarah ban jaata hai ek anjaan insaan apna.

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Hello friends and families,

Scary episode? Scary but interesting? Worried about geet and the baby? Keep watching GHSP from Monday to Saturday at 9:30PM only on starone! No friends I have not been officially hired as anything near starone! The thing is, we have to watch to know what will happen and on days like these when we are too scared we have to keep the faith because GHSP never disappointed us. So no matter how scary it looks  both the mother and the baby will be safe.

Now maan's getting geet a taveez for safety was really beautiful. Yes in times of anxiety we all tend to rely on our respective religions. And when maan is 24/7 anxious about some unknown enemy trying to harm geet, the taveez from the fakir baba was worth more than a million bucks! Actually it's the faith in Almighty that helps eventually and taveez is just an entity through which we connect ourselves with the highest power. So maan was a lot comforted by having the taveez and couldn't wait to put it on geet.  Excellent concept.

Now about brij keeping his determination firm in killing geet seem to be getting too intellectual than his usual self. From talwar to knife was fine but when did he learn to cook as well as got his diploma in electric engineering? With such skills he can open his own business. Why waste time on killing geet? Well jokes apart, my problem with brij is his repetitive dialogues of "purkhon ka izzat" every time he almost stabs geet. I mean is it only about purkhon ka izzat? What about his own izzat? What about geet putting him in jail and when he was dragged by the officers in front of the whole village? What about his failure in killing geet back in HP? Ok, if its only about purkhon ka izzat then he should say the same thing in a different way and not the same dialogues over and over again. As I understand, he will keep trying and failing till the wedding day and so he could say things such as,

1.       Geet, you have to die for all the loss you have caused the family

2.       Geet you must die because it was my unfinished business and brij never leaves any job undone.

3.       Geet you will have to pay for every single day that I suffered in the prison

4.       Geet its my pride that either you live or me(brij)

5.       Geet, death is the punishment of handa family for being inobedient and still now ?
you are a handa whether u accept it or not.

So if we give it a little thought a lot of spossible dialogues can be deviced for brij that can collectively express how desperate brij is to kill geet.

Well that's it for today

Loves and prayers...........


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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
BriMaan Hit Miss: Haha the way he went down was funny..its all so funny Maan behind Err-jun..Brij Behind Maan& Err-JUn and all of them have one common goal GITH..LOL
College Boy: I know Err-Jun has to be the koool one but here he is a businessman and he looked like a college boy todayyLOL
Sher Msk: Lol the way MSK was walking was like a tiger pouncing towards its preyROFLYay  I caught you & as soon as Gupta enters he runs behind the wall Neva seen MSK like thisROFL
MSK in dharam Sankat: I loved how he wants to go to any extent to protect Gith..He can change his rules for her..EmbarrassedI am loving it how religion factor is protecting them from start, but hope it doesn't turn to Maata ki Chowki SoonLOL
Brij's Murder Scheme 2:Scheme 1 Failed of killing her directly..Next one Mess the microwave's wires up by gifting death with electricity..I love the wayy his Mind WorksEvil Smile
"Gith Aaaj Maine Tumhaari Maut ka Poora Intejaam kar Diyaa Hai"
Its just funny coz tht is not his normal voiceLOL
I was just thinking wat if Nakewl falls into the trapROFLROFLNooo Phleezz NE you look so think Go go Drink some soup..And don't forget to make it hawt If you drink cold there will be bacteria in it so Go to the Microwave Jaldi..I am diein to see your fotu frame wid a garland on it..
Geet's New Avatar: Don't Know sumthin was missing don;t knw wat type of dress it is? Looks lyk anarkali but the top bit is never tht long for anarkali is itErmmit looked lyk a ghaghra to me or was it me checking Gith out too muchLOL anyway gud they are experimenting wid her looks and as soon as buri nazar was mentioned Brij is theree..Gith put ur kaala tikkaa..Listen to Oldd Daadii..LOL
Scheme 2 in action BUT: it went a Flop LMAO Brij's face when she left..Priceless expressionssROFLROFL
Tasha ki Ankhiyaan on err-jun: LMAO Tasha&NE both wore blue on their first dates wid Err-Jun..LOLThe way she was Sharmaofying..the height difference made me laugh LOL
Tasha Ke Dil ki tamanna
Err-jun ke saath Goa Hai Jaana
Parr Err-Jun toh chahta hai NE ko Jalaana..
(ash hides behind the curtains before ppl throw tamatars at me for writing those lines)
Maaneet Milan:Tht was utterly adorable I don't knw wat was adorable but da way they met and I was jus hoping hold her and pull her towardss you..Oh well these two are bhery bhery innocent..they go into their bedroom chup chaap..LOL
Maan's Taufa Kabool or No Kabool: Expect me to say kanjoos..No he is not being kanjoos he brought sumfin to protect her for her benefit..I won't look at the size of it but tthe emotions the gift has is shoo damn sweet..How can he love her so much..I wish he existed..Ouch
Geet will give me Diabetes: Not tht I didn't like it but this girl so full of positivity..Hey bhaggu..How can she be like tht but I guess tht's how her character it..I loved how Geet was holding his hand in the middle of the convo mainly bcoz I don;t think they are scripted..They were NaturalEmbarrassedand I am not talkin abt da one when he gives her taveez and she puts her hand on top of his..I talking abt the one when she was saying "Don't worry it was only my imagination"..
Love Can Change: Maan's Character development..He accepted he can change himself only for her protectionn Embarrassedawww..
Pshyco brij: See I wasn't wrong by portraying him as a pshycho in my Vm..He wants to kill her by hook or by crook..he just wants to do her stayanaash nd give thandak to his kalejaa..LOL
Trust me he is just trying to Convince himself abt teh Purkho ki Izzat..He wants to kill Gith coz he wants Maan all by himself...He cannot share his MAAN with anyoneeApprove
Camera's Confusion: Did Maan put the cameras only in outhouse or Khurana Mansion too? I doubt he has put it into KM..If he has then Brij shuld be easily caught wid da cameras or no UseSleepy
Precap: It is sure Freaky but since I knw the picture next what's the pointStern Smile
@GC&DD As usual Fabolous PerformanceesClapStar
@Behzaad Amazing.Clap.You portray Brij so well tht ppl hatee you but at the samee time they refer u as a clever villan...
-The FB pics are creating a Havoc everywheree...*fingers crossed* my baby shuld be safeeOuchbut bad move CVz..You knw if u didn't post the FB pics everyone wuld be going hawwww Ha wat's gonna happen??They wuldn;t be able to sleep tonight..LOLBut You Ruined the whole suspense

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Pointers for Jan 4th
  • First, I liked the logic and execution of yesterday and today. Well thought out and smooth flowing.
  • Brij needs to slow it down just a tad bit. I understand he is on a mission here, but we are not running a marathon. The speed it a tad bit fast. If only we were fast in other areas such as Maan's snail speed in the romance department.
  • Someone fix Arjun's clothes ASAP! Those bright colors are for not for a man his age. The shredded jeans that he ALWAYS wears need to go. And need I say that his hair is a disaster? But Maan's new hair cut I like.
  • Maan's belief in god - Now I am not sure how all of a sudden he did not believe in god and now does. I remember him going to the golden temple and praying. Now I have already heard the argument that you do not need to believe in god to go to a religious place, you can go for inner peace. I'm sorry, but if you are not the CV's I am not buying it. I understand that view very clearly, but I do not believe the CV's thought it through that deeply. It is simply a blooper made by the CV's. My point is they should not forget their own work. Next thing we know, Brij is an angel and Maan is out to kill Geet if they continue to make mistakes like this.
  • Geet's says to Maan that his word is the last for her - She needs to remember that when Sameera aunty comes along to dance on her parade. 
  • Arjun - He is obviously going to turn positive and fall for the Non-Existent Sister *yawn*. He must redeem himself in Maan's eyes before he can be with Anwesha. Perhaps he can save them from Brij? 
  • Where is Dev?! Dev needs to stay in the show. Replace that pathetic actor Abhinav and get a good one for Dev's role. One who is willing to do what the character and story requires. Dev's saint hood ruined the story. Fix it by keeping DEV THE CHARACTER as gray/evil, what ever floats your boat. But, NOT as a saint. He is an integral part of the story, it began from him, and it shall end on his punishment! 
  • Brij - Three words: I love him! 
  • Barry Dhillon usually I am always taken with your brilliant dialogues. Today I am disappointed. It is evident that you are running out of ideas. I am sick of the repetitive lines. Please give is some change and skip the poetry class. BTW, I am no longer fond of the word mehboob.
  • Lastly, no matter what the wedding is happening. Smile

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
my short take!

Today's episode did not strike a cord with me!  I guess when u watch serials for a long time, one can guess what comes next!  Of course Geet is lead and how can she die right! Brij can try all he wants then again we have our hero to save his gal!

Khurana-Handa-Rathod, chase in parking lot was too funny, come on guys is that a mall!  That's KC parking lot and what not! Maan's light goes on, maybe its not Arjun...MSK is always intelligent so Im sure he will figure it out!  Thank u for keeping his character intact! ClapClapClap

Tabeez for Geet's safety, that's good cause now god is connected with both and in the end all will go right!

Dadi ki buri nazarLOLeffect on Geet!  She praises Geet and Geet in trouble.  Handa trying to get his game together into hurting Geet, yet again he failed!  What happened to CCTV to find the culprit, I guess I have to wait for tomorrow to find my answer!

Maaneet Taveez talk, too long and boring...I guess CV's are buying some time til the wedding!  High voltage drama and then wedding, maybe we get suhaag raat too, but now Im expecting too much! LOL
Geet stuck in glass door bathroom, couldn't she break the glass on door, there were lots of objects in that bathroom she could have used! 

Some things for creatives to think about!

In the serial, u r celebrating actual holidays on the day, but did u forget Geet is preggy and how far along she is!!!

MSK and his hair, who chopped it off that short!  Again, I hope he doesnt wear tight clothes for wedding!

Where the hell is DEV, isn't he an important part of this serial??? Even if the actor is not available, get someone else! 

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged

OK FIrst off Message for all Religious Fanatics out there....

Don't all religions teach us to respect everyone and how can we say your God and My God...God is one...He is not an idol nor a place or Anything materialistic or Anyone who creates divides....God is a power that can not be explained or seen...He can only be felt. And all the religious places make us feel that Divine Power...and bring peace to our lives.

He is a positive energy that exists in all of us...and religious places are just mediums for bringing this Positive Energy to the fore that's all....So, If the character of Maan visited these places it doesn't mean that he is religious...Many tourists visit these places, so does that mean that they believe or for that matte don't believe in a particular religion. These places can also be visited for attaining inner peace and also to bring forth he positive energy within us...

With that I'll close my sermon and start with the take on the Epi...LOL

My take for today's epi

Well, I liked the epi...

The first scene where Maan is following Arjun and Brij sees him was nice...But I must say Brij has amazing reflexes(thanks for pointing that out Caco..Smile)

Maan's realization that he misjudged Arjun was Ok but he shouldn't suddenly stop doubting him.... Coz all said and done we still dunno what Arjun is upto...He might be planning something bad with his sis...So MSK keep all your senses alert  around this guy...He is still not deserving of any trust...Haan!!!

BTW I liked how the CVs in each episode are giving viewers a hint regarding Arjun turning positive...
1) His dialogue to NT yesterday abt Khurana Family and Geet
2) His innocent visit to the mall and MSK's acceptance of the fact that he was wrong abt Arjun

I also liked how MSK immediately shifted focus from Arjun and started thinking abt alternate scenarios for the incidents happening at KM....Intelligent MSK really rocks...Thumbs Up

MSK's concern for Geet is so touching...His readiness to believe in God and changing his ways for Geet  truly shows how shaken up he is by the incident of the night before.. He just can't imagine anything happening to Geet..... and for protecting her if he needs the help of the Almighty he is ready to take it with open arms...

It is said that and I quote, 'You can't change the world but you can always change yourself.' So, if you and I start to change then we have already begun changing the world." So MSK is ready to change his entire world for Geet...He is ready to embrace God for her and that is what he does by accepting the Taveez from the Baba.....

At home Brij is fuming after his 2nd foiled attempt for killing Geet...I swear Brij has becme psychotic after his stint in the jail...He sets up the oven in such a way that it will electrocute Geet...When this fails...he decides to steam her like corn in the bathroom with a glass door and external temp. control buttons...ROFLROFLROFL

Here I have to ask the CVs....Is this really Brij or NT has gotten a plastic surgery to look like Brij....ROFL ???ROFL

Coz If not...then either the prison he stayed in gives highly sophisticated training on cooking,killing someone using electronic equipment etc....or he has had a training in a terrorist camp or the last but not the least ...he has done some brain swapping with NT...ROFL

Maan and Geet's pre-taveez exchange scene was nice...It was like how normal couples talk...And I also like the fact that MSK doesn't get Goo-Goo eyed each time he sees Geet...Coz now he knows that she is his and he has this content expression when he talks with her...Its like he's at home with her...GC and DD were really good in this scene...Thumbs Up

I liked the confused, scared and apprehensive Maan who was a bit embarassed to gift the Taveez to Geet....bcause this is not his style...he has always been "Apni marji ka malik" But today he wanted to bow down to the other Malik....just for his Geet....GC rocked in this scene.....He portrayed all these emotions fabulously....ClapClapClap

The last scene was a nail-biter and a hair-raising one....I was really scared coz I hadn't seen the FB pics..OuchOuch ....And I think this was played out well by the CVs....The general non-internet savvy audience will really like this twist...And will go Bechari Geet, Shaadi se Pehle bhi koi Sukh Nahi and that's what sells....So CVs...Nice Move....Thumbs Up

And the highlight of the epi was the shortest NES scene since her entry into GHSP...I for one was very happy abt it....I hope like all the Devils here ...She is the one who touches the oven tomorrow and goes back to her non-existent state...ROFL

Overall the episode was fantastic with the right amount of drama, suspense, romance and intrigue....StarThumbs Up...GC, DD and Beizaad were exceptional and Piyush was good...!!!

The inconsistency in the characterization of Brij is glaring....How can he turn from a Brawny Loud not so intelligent Hooligan to a Sophisticated Suave and Oh So Smart Criminal???? CVs Be careful abt this...

One more thing I have to say is stop putting up spoilers for the complete epi...Just give some teasers to make the viewer curious...Not the whole thing which bores the viewer and makes him avoid watching the show!!!!

But this return of the story and logic in the show is making me very happy and hope the CVs stay on track in the future too...Smile


Evil is the intention of causing harm or destruction, specifically from the perception of deliberately violating some moral code. Evil is usually seen as the opposite of Good.

If Geet is the epitome of Goodness then Naintara is the epitome of Evilness…If Geet is Yin then Naintara is Yang….For us to see the purity of heart of one we have to see the dirtiness of heart of the other….Geet's Naivety is heightened against Naintara's Cunning….So, what I'm trying to say is that one cannot exist without the other…As Lord Buddha said, "There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it."

Naintara needs to exist for the GHSP story to move forward. She was the reason Geet became Sabse Parayi, as she was the mastermind behind all the atrocities committed against Geet. If Naintara had not been there then we wouldn't have the great romantic story between our protagonists Maan and Geet. Naintara is an integral part of the story and with her evil deeds makes watching GHSP more fun….

Naintara as a character is very strong….where Geet is positively strong Naintara is negatively strong….She is smart, shrewd, deceitful. Although she is evil, she has an aura and a magnetic personality. She does all her vicious acts with panache…She's one stylish Vamp…And here I would like to mention the actor Karishma Randewa….who's portraying the character so well. That we love to hate her SO…Kudos to her….

I know Jhan has already mentioned this but I wanted to add my twist to it. So here goes

Sociopath or a person having Anti-social Personality Disorder- A person whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience

Naintara is a perfect example of a Sociopath …She exhibits all the characteristics related with this disorder….


She has

1)      Superficial Charm- This we saw in plenty when she was interacting with the Handa Family in HP and also when she interacted with Daadi before the outing of the truth…She used it to manipulate PQ too.

2)      Shallow Emotions – She has exhibited time and again that she does not feel any remorse or guilt over what she did with Geet. She has even gone as far as to say that if the need arises then she is ready to do the same thing that she did with Geet to another girl too. But will make sure that she does not leave any loose ends…Even the so-called love that she proclaims to have towards Dev is self-serving and is not real ( although she thinks it is)

3)      A tendency to physically or verbally abuse peers or relatives – Geet has always been the victim of these attacks from the beginning.. We have seen her even abuse her mother-in-law during HP days.

4)      Manipulation of others without remorse or empathy for the victim- Naintara has been manipulating everyone from Dev, Daadi, PQ, Saasha and now Arjun…But her biggest puppet has been Dev….

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Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Dear Devils, 

Dam Dam diga diga...mausam bhiga bhiga...I don't know why of all the songs in the world only this one has to get stuck in my little metal box brain....lets do some dance vanceDancing...I have a playmate...Embarrassed  now I am not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing that my potential boyfriend is a little on a the short side..but I have heard that size doesn't matter...if any of you devils have first hand experience, let me knowWink...Oyee! get your heads out the gutter. Angry  It was kinda weird to see an atheist just accept GOD..making me a little love sick...I have no problems with people believing what ever they want to believe, but don't take me on a sea-saw is getting a little dizzying here....Dead Now I want to throw up...Ouch

Okay moving on..what is up with VICIOUS Veerji.Shocked..the boy has some technical skillThumbs Up...he hid it so well for all these months behind his OYEE and Talwar...Isn't it sadConfused that someone like him who probably has no desire to use his education is an engineer (assuming) or a really good electrician.  And yet we have millions of girls wanting to pursue an education and they are denied.Disapprove  It was funny though to see him fail in his attemptsLOL....actually it was rewarding to see him can a brother who shares genes with his sister want to kill her and watch her suffer without any reaction.Ermm  I guess it is even hard for this little metal box to comprehend what is so special about Purkho ki Izzat...he does realize that the Purkhos he is talking about are dead.Dead

Now don't even expect me to talk about SICKY and PSYCHO....they are not worth my time.Sleepy

Well devils I will definitely let you all know if anything happens between me and shorty...Big smile

Until next time.

Love always, 
Ms. Taveez

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