Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [4/1 - Epi 48]

Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Start reserving...LOL
waiting eagerly for today's epi...Day Dreaming
I love arjun n his naughty smiles...hayee..Heart..they get cuter each time...Blushing
arohi..u bettr nt b hard on arjun again...Evil Smile
n Cheeku..LOL...hav fun wid ur jaawani...ROFLROFL
omg what a epi...Shocked...I didn't know i wud die ROFLing today...ROFLROFL
Star of the Day is Dadi...StarStarStar...dunnoe how she said all that funny descriptions abt her dusra munda(Kumud..ShockedROFLROFL ) and baaloon ki dukaan (Romit) and ghar damad (Jignesh) wid a straight face..ShockedShockedShocked..ROFL..i was bursting out ROFLing..ROFL....rocking entry her...StarStar...i have a feelin that she's guna help arjun..Embarrassed...n i think she loves arjun more too "mera puttar arjun...Embarrassed...i hope she is the cupid for arjuhi...Embarrassed...yay!! we finally have someone who Rudra obeys like a daara hua baacha...ROFL..DancingDancing...n Kumud's expressions were soo funny while seeing her..LOLLOL...he smile was also filled wid daar..Evil Smile..fear that dadi mite take over the house...n make everyone a bettr person..Wink...n omg the way arjun's mum bent down to touch her feet...ROFLROFL...she was standing so far from can she reach dadi's feet...ShockedROFLROFL...unless she has elastic arms..ROFL...sach main...arjun's dadi is like a bomb...ROFLWink....n the breakfast table was so so so so funny...ROFLROFL...n DJ u got it wrong....there was never a toffan cumin in ur house...because that toofan was for the singhania's...LOLLOLLOL.....n what ever dadi said to Jigensh abt teelin Rashi to put oil in his hair so that hair grows was soo funny...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL....but thats so true...he needs lots of cool down his mind..ROFL...n den at the breakfast table where dadi was talkin 2 Kumud to grow her hair so they know whether she is a behenji or Bhai sahab..Shocked that was like a zor ka jhatka on kumud's face..ROFL..Dancing...omg Dialouge of the centuary...ROFLROFLROFL...i still cnt stop ROFLing over that....dadi rocks...Star...nw shr will bring everyone on the rite luks like RPS doesn't wanna b a gud guy..Ouch..Evil Smile..n i love her cuz she wanted 2 see arjun so badly...Embarrassed...but RPS told her to go sleep..n in the morning no one told her abt arjun...Disapprove n left the table..but our Rashi...ClapStar..stayed n told her the truth...ClapHug...nw dadi will meet DJ n see arohi too...Tongue...can't wait for tomorrow's epi nw...EmbarrassedWink
Super loved the arjun-arohi scene at the was so cute...n loved arjun's way of teasing arohi...TongueEmbarrassedDay Dreaming...uff arjun is too cute n naughty...Blushing...dis time arjun wa sasking arohi 2 smile....that smile which was on arohi's face during the time they were the jungle...awee..Embarrassed...n arjun knows arohi so well that he can even tell which is real n which is fake...Tongue...n arohi's fake smiles were so cute too...Embarrassed...kritz dis a great job there...n once again...Karan was flawless...HugDay Dreaming...n now i even love arjun's whistling too...Heart...that was soo cute...Embarrassed reminded me of KMH1...Embarrassed...arjun was enkoying that fact that the person he loves is sittin rite next to him....n she was also coverin herself wid his jacket cuz she was cold...Embarrassed...n i loved their nok khok again...n den the dialouges were great too...ClapClap...dialouge writer is improving alotThumbs Up...i hope wen get to hear sum wonderful dialouges abt love too...between arjuhi...EmbarrassedHeart...loved the faint smile on arohi's face while remembering those beautiful moments that she spent wid her was just arjun n one else...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...den arjun's romantic words...that smile he wanted 2 c on arohi's face...arohi was just abt to show it 2 arjun...till Kabootar cheeku showed up...AngryAngryAngryAngry....uff i feel like sayin 2 him "Kabootar ja ja ja Kabootar ja ja ja"...Angry...ROFLROFL...stop being a khaabab main haadi...Censored...but drunk cheeku was too funny...LOLLOLLOL...n cheeku ki jaawani...Shocked..ROFLROFL...luks like sheila has found a perfect life think we will know cheeku will sing "cheeku badnaam hua...arohi tere liye"..ROFL...n even arohi called him a kabootar...that was so funny...LOLLOL...even she admitted he is one...LOL...luks likes arjun's baatein r having a effect on her arjuhi's chemsitry...Blushing
Bhulakkad mama....LOLLOL....another memeber of Ahluwalia family...D' think i know...their mami will cum too...ROFL..ekta thats enuf now..Evil many characters...this is Kitani Mohabbat Hai...not Kitani Characters hai...LOL...u need to concentrate on arjun-arohi love story..not whether their mama is forgetful or not...LOLLOL...n yay!!...he also recognised arohi's real hone wala pati...n also gave dme both rings...luks like maybe later on arjun n arohi will put dem on each other...HeartDay Dreaming...atleast he did sumthin rite...WinkLOL...n anither think he did rte was slap cheeku 3!! loved it alot..n arjun's reactions were the best...StarStar...u cud tell he was enjoying that too..LOLLOL...loved his innocent act too..Embarrassed...he looked like a baccha...EmbarrassedHeart...n poor cheeku...looks like he has lost his jaawani nw after the 3 slaps...ROFLROFLROFL....that was great to watch...LOLLOL maaza aagaya..Thumbs Up...n now it luks like mama will nt forget arjun...because he kinows arjun has the ring....n omg after arjun left...his smile while lookin at the ring...omg was supercute..Heart
overall....aweseome epi...loved it...Embarrassed
me dun 4 today...will read ur takes nw...Tongue...n still need 2 edit yesterday's epi too...D'oh
@olly n shibz...thanks 4 writing ur takes on yesterday's epi...i loved it alot...EmbarrassedHug..n olly's urs was really funny..LOLTongue..n shibz urs was great n intellegent as always...Embarrassed
@Srujana....lovely vm...n lovely of my faves..Heart

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
I am so happy that is Arjun is happy Tongue just by the fact that she is sitting in the front seat, took his jacket,  he is so happy that he even starts to whistle Embarrassed.  Notice the fact that he din want to take advantage of the situation,  wanted to drop her home since it was lateEmbarrassed. but  arohi has a problem so now he takes advantage of her situation LOL, valid point hai
na Wink .   Kritika was too good when she said  'kya chahiye bolo'  and his condition for keeping quiet, one real smile from herThumbs Up.   and he starts rejecting all her fake smilesLOL
He knows her so well Embarrassed to get a real smile he asks her to remember all the beautiful moments they had  together.  loved all the flashbacks Clap here and bin tere suited Embarrassed. He knows that she has the real smile he wants after remembering all the jungle scenes Thumbs Up.
he stops the car right then ClapClap and urges her to look at him Embarrassed.  this is why I love Arjun, for doing the right thing at the right time Big smile. (repeated dialouge nai, kya karu aadat se majboor hoon Tongue ) He wants to see her smile wholeheartedly and I soo sooo wanted to see the next reaction from him if he had seen  that smile  Day Dreaming.
but that chiku  Angry D'ohCensored had to wake up right at that moment only to remind Arohi the current  situation and then fainted again.  both arjun arohi  are disappointed, arohi quickly regains senses and chks time but arjun is still lost now he is quiet Ouch.
Bhulakkad mama  LOL  I like him not only cause he thot  arjun to be the dulha Clap but also coz he did what we all wanted to do today,  gave chiku smacks on the head Evil Smile and pushed him in the car like some gunny bag LOL .  He  keeps shutting them up saying bujurgon ke samne bolte  nahi. arjun acting all innocent and obedient in front of him LOL  maan gaye mamaji aap ne ring sahi aadmi ko de di  Wink.  I think mama will not forget arjun, time for
comedy of errorsTongue .  I love how they continued the scene showing arjun's smile later in the car looking at the ring Embarrassed.
most awaited entry,*drum rolls* dhamakedaar as expected,  jai ho singhania dadi apki baatein sunkar sabki nikal padi.  her comemnts for everyone LOL,  she didnot spare the
gharjamai also LOL .  but still 'bhai ya behenji' Ermm one was rude .  loved how she kept asking to see arjun Embarrassed.  Nisha u were right  she is going to be in support of Arjun Thumbs Up and may be
even to their love.  She doesnot like what rudra does so she will support arjun leaving the house  and rashi and she will team up. but the bg score while rashi told her abt arjun was so bad Thumbs Down, why not  use the one used for gauri and rajveer drum beats one for these kind of scenes, that is much better.
good episode with lot of humour, enjoyed it. but wanted to see more of their drive it was not that long.  Give us one more soon with just the two of them. 
@anjali - n Cheeku..LOL...hav fun wid ur jaawani...ROFLROFL


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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged
and i am on the second lead kavya
but it will be interesting to see when we guys gonna updateBig smile
hmm if this week gonna be still mastis so we got to prepare a full 3 weeks of 'pain'Wink
reserved for continuation of analysisROFL
Overall episode: 7/10
Guys I am again really taken up with the assignments till the end of Jan so I gonna be brief and in weekend I gonna continue the topic:
Fikkar Not Mohabbatians - Still with Arohi then will move to Arjun.
Here is my quickie take;-):
First 2 parts were really sweet,breathtaking and romantic and Arjuhi,yaar,'uff teri adaa'Wink
I feel it was nice to continue on the happy Arjun with Arohi and the back chirpy Arohi. The best was the smile of Arohi that was indeed a response to Arjun Punj try of smile and I equally like it. The flashbacks and background music were well blended too and with a break with the drunk Chikoo really widen my rolling down on the floor with laughs and the legs having some windy cycles up ROFLROFL
As expected,mama ji who is an equivalent character portray of HariParsadji who this time loves Arjun because he does not drink ROFL and like other guests, he has also identified the real damaad babuROFLROFL and the way he slapped Chikoo ROFLROFLROFL that was good comedy again. Actually a big round of applause for all these five characters here, Lovedeep is amazing and I still feel to see she is the one involve in te mystery. As her name,she is as romantic and jovial characterWink
What a change in the other half of the episode. What an entry,guys,of dadiji. I was like
HUH was that an entry of daadi or was that 'bijli' 'gili' - what an adaa and how all of those who live freestyle in the house are turning mute infront of this strong and daring old lady! Awesome, what an ace entryClap We know she is the best friend of DJ and she is also the contrary image of DJ as the entry portrayal,the jovial cool DJ vs the kind heartred but hard rashi's dadi! It is indeed the clash of the titans again and between the dadi!
I feel that Arjun is returning to Singhania now for sure, even if the supposed failed plan of RPS but dadi is bringing him back when 'truth i out.' I feel she will be the 'dhamakaal.' and this will supposed to happen in the 50th episode (pure presumption but then good as peak). When the truth is out,it will be both decision phase for Arjun and Arohi. The dadis will meet the loverbirds when they turn best friends again!
All I want is NO WEDDING of AROHI (who has also started addressing chikoo as kabootarROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL) and KABOOTAR WALA PATI or PRICE TAG wala PATI or CHIKOO SHAKE wala PATI ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL. Time for Arohi to explode up now! Yeah she is her dadu's poti and in this sense,she wanted to keep her words of the wedding for her famiy sake but like her daadu who keeps his principle above his family, she will not be able to hurt Arjun as she is not spiteful and that nature should definitely be above the love of her family. At times I feel in response of the fiancee swap of KMH1,when Arjun wore Arohi ring,will there this time be 'Dulha Swap'Wink

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Angrychiku kya timing hai Angryi feel like killing uUnhappy kabab me haddi Disapprovei hate u
i love u arjun wow fantastic smile cute expressionsHug
arohi mai apne daddu ki pothi hoonROFLROFL
where is the story going i am eager to watch it is really difficult to predict i love kitani mohabbat haiBlushingEmbarrassed

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
hey my new VM tum jo aaye zindagi mein

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
reserved ..Smile

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:10am | IP Logged
edited dudies

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
so its ma turnWink
i just loved arjuhi 's litl romance (thogh it cant b called so Wink)
i cd feel d intensity of love fr aohi in aarjun's eyes n expressions ............
n ufff sahi vakth pe hamara chikuuu Angry am gonna kill him fr sure !! Ouch
i was expecting smthng moreCryCry poor me !!
                                           hmm n arohi's poti wala dialogue haye haye !! ye kya hai arohi ?? if u have d courage to face anythng den y dint tel ur daddu dat u loved (still loves......Embarrassed) mr.bodyguard, arjun !!
anyways mamaji was also good ! mr.bhulakad mamaji LOL
i dnt knw y dis arohi's relatives always misunderstand arjun as her fiancee ?? ye sab logon ko pata hai kyaLOL?? hm may be coz of ur darling arjun's cute face n hawt attitude !! EmbarrassedDay Dreaming afterall who wdnt misundrstand him?? n also us chiku main tho kuch khaas nahi hai na !! pricetag !!
                           n fynallyyyyyyy vo aa gaya vo aa gaya !! yippeeeeeeeee d most awaited person fynally arived !! daadi's entry was d best !! i always wanna give mr. mrs singhania to be insulted lyk dis !!LOL
am glad to knw dat she loves arjun so much !! ayeeeee Hugnw i thnk dis daadi will help arjuhi to b together !! may b she ll make dj also to elp her poti EmbarrassedSmilei wish dis happensssssssSmile don want anymore misundestandingsssssssss oooo pllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nahiiiii !!
anyways i loved today's episode !!

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