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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
o wow.....
that was such a cute OS......
luvd write more.....
& do PM me wen u cont........
awesummmmmmmmmm OS.......Smile

ginny09 Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
loveddd the part :D
wat a wonderful day :D
sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 12:55am | IP Logged
@shafoo: thank you....
@ginny di: glad u liked it!!
@ ekta: hey...thank you so much! ya will surely update more and will pm u!

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sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by itzMYattitude

sorry for being late dear
was a lil busy
awesomee superbb amazinggg
loved it to the core
really fun reading it dear
there was cute flavour of friendship
beautifully written
great job
do update soon
hey di,
its ok....thnxxx....
ya surely i'll update just finding a good new topic to write on!
thnx so much!!
sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 9:51pm | IP Logged

Heyy guys!!

Im back again with another OS! Thank you for all your previous comments! They were very encouraging! Hope youll like this OS as well! In this OS Samrat has not met Bui ever!

Thank you so much Ekta Di (ekta_monaya) for giving me the base!


B: Gunjan  beta, zara sunn..

G: aai Bui!

B: aa beth...mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai!

G: kya baat hai Bui...kuch zaruri hai kya?

B: haan....dekh beta, tu toh janti hai ki tere bauji kuch kaam se Dubai gaye hai...unhe waha kam se kam 6-7 mahine lagenge!

G: haan Bui...mein jaanti hoon!

B: dekh beta, jaane se pehele unhone mujhe teri zimmedari saupi thi....Nupur toh apni zindagi mein aage bar gayi hai...toh tere bauji ne mujhse kaha ki unke aane se pehele tumhari shaadi ho jaye...abh tum 25 saal ki hone wali ho...toh meine socha ki teri shaadi ke liye larke dekhna chaloo kar doo...tu kya keheti hai..

At first Gunjan was Dissapointed but later she gained the courage to tell her about Samrat!!

G: haan Bui...aap sahi kehe rahi hai...

Bui smiled

G: lekin Bui...woh....woh actually...Bui..woh

B: kya 'Bui Bui' kar rahi hai....kuch bolegi bhi?

Gunjan took a deep breathe...

G:woh Bui...actually mujhe ek pyaar hai....hum dono ek doosre se bohot pyaar karte hai aur usse shaadi mein bhi koi problem nahi hai....aap ek bar usse milkar dekhiye!

B: theek hai...tu itna kehe rahi hai toh mein usse ek baar zarur milungi! Naam kya hai uska?

G: (smiles) thank you Bui...uska naam Samrathai!

B: theek hai...usse aaj shaam ko bula lena!
G: theek hai Bui! Mein abhi usse yeh baat batakar aati hoon...

B: theek hai!


Samrat's POV:-

I was sleeping peacefully when a loud sound Disturbed me! It was the DOORBELL! I opened my eyes only to see the clock! It was only 7!! Arghh! Who was there so early to break my sleep!! All my friends knew that i sleep till late on Sundays!! No...sorry, actually i sleep till late everyday!hehe... lol! But i was feeling angry on the person who broke my romantic dream! On a beach, a candlenight Dinner, with wind and chilly weather, and nobody but only me and obviously my sweet chashmish! i proposed her and she was going to react, when the doorbell rang! Hayye! 'Ding-dong' the doorbell rang again! Now i was getting bugged!! I lazily got up and went out to the hall to see who it was!

I wondered who it would be! I opened the door and saw Nupur-Mayank standing there, smiling!

I was surprised and there were many questions coming in my mind...Why were they here? Whats wrong with them? Has anyone told them anything? Are they alright? How come thet are here without calling on a Sunday at 7 in the morning!! I was angry on them more than being surprised! I continued to glare at their faces for an answer...

"samrat, mubaarak ho! Gunjan kaha hai?" Nupur asked, not giving me a chance to reply to anything!

"haan samrat...Gunjan kaha hai? Humein bulaakar kaha chup gayi?" Mayank looked excited!

Both of them entered my house and started looking here and there!

"hold on...hold on guys! Tum log Gunjan ko kyu khoj rahe ho?" i asked with a surprised look...

"kyuki usne humein yaha bulaya hai naa!" Nupur said..her eyes still wondering from here to there.....

"usne tumlogo ko yaha kyu bulaya hai? Aur tum log mujhe congratulate kyu kar rahe ho? Kya hai?" i asked, not understanding what it all was!!

"kyaa!! Tumhe nahi pata?" Mayank said looking at me, shocked!

"nahi dude! Mujhe nahi pata...kya hai...mujhe samjhao naa" i asked pleadingly

"arrey woh.." Mayank was interrupted by another doorbell!

Now i was getting more and more suspicious!! I opened to find Dia-Benji  looking at me ginning widely!

"congrats sammy! Gunjan kaha hai?" Dia said...

"Candy tum bhi? Yeh kya ho raha hai...pls koi mujhe samjhao!" i complained!

"arrey sam...pehele mujhse gale toh mil...baad mein tujhe sab samjha denge!" saying this, Benji pounced on me!! I was really really confused!

"Nupur tum mujhe samjhao please!" i begged..

"uff samrat...isme samajhna kya hai! Gunjan ne hum sab ko phone karke yaha aane ko kaha! Humein kuch plans vagera Disscuss karna hai...aaj shaam ke bare mein..abh samjhe???" Nupur said trying to explain me!!
"kya.....? kyu? Kya plans? Aaj shaam ko kya hai? Kuch special hai kya?" i asked totally confused!
"haan...mujhe nahi pata plans ke bare mein...Gunjan ayegi tab batayegi...arrey tumhe nahi pata?? Aaj shaam ko kuch special nahi hai balki bohot special hai!!" Nupur said excited

"kya hai aaj shaam ko? Saaf saaf bolo naa...abh zyada suspence mat barao" i said getting fed up!

But her next line made my jump into the air! I was so happy to hear tht sentence from her!

"Samraaaat!!! Bui tumse milne ke liye tayaar ho gayi hai! Unhe Gunjan ki shaadi karni hai...aur Gunjan ne unhe bata Diya ki tum aur woh ek doosre se bohot pyaar karte hai! Aur tumse milne ke liye unhone tumhe aaj shaam ko bulaya hai!" she said jumping!

I was really happy....i Didnt have words...i promised myself to impress Bui in the first go! i'll make her believe and trust me! Im going to do it! I'll do it! My mind was crowded in these thoughts when the doorbell rang again...i knew it would be chashmish now! I ran off to the door...and as i opened it my smile faded! This was because the person standing outside wasn't the one i was expecting but it was UDAY!

"hi guys..." he said.. "koi mujhe yeh batayega ki Gunjan ne mujhe yaha bulaay kyu hai? Mein kitna confuse ho raha hoon..."

"isme konsi nayyi baat hai..hahahhaha" i laughed out loud!

Mayank was the only one chuckling! Nupur was glaring at me...

"samrat...tum Uday bhaiya ka humesha mazaak kyu uraate rehete ho..?" she said, as usual, defending her bro!

"uraane ki zarwat kaha parti hai?" Mayank chuckled!

"mein tumlogo ko na....." Nupur was interrupted by another doorbell!

Before i could open the door, Uday rushed to it and as he opened chashmish hugged him tight! She had expected me to be there! When she was hugging Uday, she opened her eyes and saw me standing near the sofa and she realised tht she was actually hugging her so called 'Uday bhaiya'...she got back and looked at Uday who was first i thought he was feeling akward but later on my thoughts were corrected! Uday could never mind hugging any girl!

Gunjan came..

"heyy guys..." she said.

"heyyy!" was everyones reply!

"meine ek plan banaya hai.....uss plan se Bui Samrat ko 50% to like karhi legi!" chashmish said!

"aisa konsa plan hai chashmish?" i asked too excited!

"dekho...hum sabh aise pretend karenge ki hum Uday bhaiya ko jante nahi hai...." she said...but she was interupted!

"kya...?? lekin kyuu? Abh batao bhala tum sab mujhe ek hi minute mein kese bhool jaoge?" Uday said scratching his head!

"usne 'pretend' kaha! Sunai bhi kam dene laga hai kya?" Mayank said glaring at him!

"toh hum sabh acting karenge ki hum Uday bhaiya ko nahi jante! Bas mein thora sa janti hoon unhe..Samratke wajah se!" chashmish said trying to explain!

"kyuuuuuu? Mein hi kyu?" Uday said!

"kyuki hum sab mein se aap aur Samrat hi ho jisse Bui ne abtak dekha nahi....samjhe?" Mayank said angrily! "aur bolo Gunjan....phir kya karna hai?"

"dekho Uday bhaiya Samratke chotte bhai banke jayenge...." as chashmish said this much, i understood tht the entire idea was going to be a FLOP !! this was obviously because if Uday is the one who is acting as my brother everything would go wrong! He is SO dumb! He'll tell Bui anything he wants to...goshhh! i just hope chashmish changes her plan OR Uday keeps his mouth shut and only when asked something he replies! Otherwise the idea was sure to FAIL!! All the time Bui would be suspicious of this donkey! Hey dude....everything is in your hand...please save me this time!!

"nahi nahi chashmish.....yeh idea work nahi karega!" i said!

"lekin Samratkyu? Aur wese bhi hum aur kar bhi kya sakhte hai...Bui ko agar pata chal gaya ki tum akele rehete ho, toh woh mera haath tumhe kabhi nahi degi! Woh humesha se chahati thi ki meri shaadi aise ghar mein ho jaha mein ghar pe akeli nahi rahoo, jab tum office gaye ho toh!" she said worried!

I frowned! There was actually no other option...but still i had a feeling in my heart that Uday would mess up everything!! I prayed to God! Others kept staring at me for a reply... at last i said "ok! As we dont have any other option, we have to do so...!"

"aur Dia tum Samratki choti behen ban jao.....theek hai? Bui ne toh tumhe bhi kabhi nahi dekha! Aur agar unhe hum yeh vishvas dila de ki Samratke 2 bhai-bhen hai, tab woh ma-baap nahi hone par bhi gussa nahi hongi! Di aur jiju ghar mein mehemano ka swaagat kar sakhte hai! (Bui knew abt MayUr marriage and she was very happy with it) Yahi hai idea.....kessa hai?  Mayank tumhe kya lagta hai? Yeh idea kaam toh karega na?" she asked!

As i heard that my heart was a little relieved! Candy could manage well atleast comparatively to Uday!!

"Perfect! Aur kisi cheeze ki zarwat nahi paregi! Zarur kaam karega agar Uday apna mooh bandh rakhe toh! Pls Uday!  Tum kuch ulta-sidha mat kehna!" Mayank said staring at Uday!

"dont worry Mayank! Mein hoon naa! Mein sab sambhaloonga! Afetrall mein bohot hi achcha actor hoon! And mein 'ulta seedha' jaise cheeze bolunga bhi nahi....u see...mein opposites me thora weak hoon...thora sa bas! Aur wese bhi..." Uday was answering, grinning widely.

"DODO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Candy screamed!

"Uday bhaiya, aapka kuch nahi ho sakhta...choro na Mayank, jo bhi hoga hum uss waqt dekh lenge...abhi chinta kar ke kya faida? Kyu sanmrat mein sahi keh rahi hoon na?" Nupur said getting fed up of everything!
"haan...tum theek kehe rahi ho! Wese bhi is donkey ke saath hum kuch planning bhi nahi kar sakhte....koi faida nahi hoga!" i said!

After disscussing all this, we sat and thought how we are going manage things..and finally it was 4! Chashmish, Mayank and Nupur had to leave and do all the arrangements-food, decorations (like flowers!),etc. Chashmish was looking very tensed! She is always paranoid when there is something important! I hugged her. "everything will be ok chashmish, just relax!" i whispered in her ear! She smiled and nodded! They wished us best of luck!

We started getting ready...

In 5 minutes we reached chashmish's house!  We rang the bell. Chashmish opened it! She got a shock oh her life!!! She stood on the doorstep looking at us, her mouth left open! "yeh....tumlogo ne....kya.." she couldnt complete her sentence! Seeing her stand like a statue Nupur came and as she saw us, she behaved asif  her eyes had some defect in them...she rubbed them again and again! But in vain! Whenever she opened it, she would see the same sight again and again! "tumlog...pagal.." she too couldnt complete her sentence! Both the sisters were lost...Mayank saw them and thought they saw a ghost standing outside! Lol! He walked over to us and his eyes were nearly bulging seeing us! "Guys...tumlogo ke paas brains nahi hai kya? Iss Dodo ki toh baat chor hi do....uske paas toh aise hi dimag nahi hai! Lekin Dia aur sam? Tum dono bhi!!!!!"

 All 3 were shocked on seeing our  clothes...i was  wearing jeans and a red T-shirt, Candy wearing SUCH a small dress!  And Uday wearing those sport T-shirts with 3 quarters and a band on his forhead... He looked dumb, which was nothing new!

"arrey beta, kaun hai darwaaze pe?" Bui asked! Gosh!! Bui heard us!

"woh Bui actually....sam ....samra...samrat..hai..." chashmish said looking towards Bui!

"oh! Woh! Toh tumlog bahar kyu khare ho? Unhe andar bulao naa? Sabke sab bas aise hi khare hai...unhe andar bula ke bethao...mein abhi change karke aati hoon!" Bui said loudly.

After a few moments Bui came and saw.....she was shocked


Precap of next part of the same OS: "woh actually Uday bhaiya..." she bit her tongue... "Uday BHAIYA?...toh tunne mujhse jhut kaha??" Bui said!

Hey guys, this OS idea has a the main comedy left now! The 'tamasha' in their house! But i couldnt fit all in 1! Sorry  for that! But the next part of the SAME OS will be updated a little later!

This part Didnt have much of comedy in it..but i can assure you'll that the next part will be very funny! I hope u'll liked the concept and all! Sorry for grammatical errors!

Do comment and hit the LIKE tab!

Sorry if i have Dissapointed you'll with this! Please be free to give ANY suggestions!



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preety88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
Lovely os...can't wait for the next update...cont soon
karantakiar Goldie

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Awsm nd wndrful part.
superb dear.
d part iz totaly diffrent.
luv d os .
plz plz cnt part 2 soon,cant w8 dear.
do cnt soon.
luv u

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MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
it was an awesome update..cant wait for the next update..
continue soon..thanks for the pm..

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