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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

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Wow irs really gud
plz continue.

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nice job.Smile

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As all of you have liked it... Smile I will post the other ones i have written. basicallu just tell me if that is what you thought or if you thought something else. It seems so fascinating. D'ohSo please write back

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Another post is here. Just tell me if its good. I will be posting a few of what i have written and please read the others too

After 28 December



I saw him standing there his face turned towards me. His shocked expression quickly turned into terror when we heard snarls. I looked around… eyes were everywhere… I gulped a lump in my throat. What was happening here? The black glassy eyes were furious; they pierced into mine… what were these… creatures who had surrounded us? Abhay's body was tensed in front of me. He had frozen in place. For the first time, I had seen him like this… scared.

'Who could have thought that Abhay Raichand the rich spoiled brat who could have the guts to come between me and the knife could ever be afraid?' I could feel a smile in my head. Yes through all the tense moments I had the time to tease him mentally.


He turned to me in a friction of second. His eyes… were blue. I gasped. He had never seemed scarier ever before. "Pia" he managed to say from between his clenched teeth. My throat was dry I couldn't speak… I gulped again.


"Just hear me, follow my voice" he voice was almost inaudible, but through all the terrifying silence his voice reached my ears… my nod was barely visible, but he understood.

"When I tell you to 'run' forget everything… and run" his tone was filled with authority. I nodded. His lips curled up revealing his teeth. His head snapped ahead again. I took an involuntary step forward when I saw him running towards a certain cluster of eyes.

"Abha-" my voice stopped abruptly as his body swiftly-with inhuman speed- now moved forward. He soon disappeared into the darkness and I could hear snaps… as if the wolves were biting flesh… or something harder maybe. Where they…? My hands slapped over my mouth trying not to think of any possibilities.

'NO' the voice from inside screamed. No more playing helpless, I wouldn't let him sacrifice himself for me. The sounds seemed more distinct now… further away.


I just didn't think anymore, I ran as fast as I could toward the direction of the sounds. I tripped twice fell on my hands and bruised them… but I got up, I didn't stop, the voices seemed more near.

"RUN-" I heard the familiar voice… it ended with a yelp of pain. Abhay. The tears swelled up again blocking my eyesight. I rubbed them away.


"ABHAY" I shouted into the darkness… the sounds had stopped now. I was all alone in the woods. I looked aimlessly around myself. No one to hear me, no one to help me.


A distinct… growl came from behind me and before I could turn and look…

I could feel myself pressed against the forest floor, my lids were heavy. Only the waves of heat and the pain in my legs remained companion with me as I sunk into the deep unconsciousness.


"Is she alright?" I could understand from all the mumbling around me. It was… Misha, her voice was panicked. Where was I? I wanted to ask them. But my voice was lost. I opened my mouth to take in a deep breath signal them, I was here. I could hear them.


"She's breathing… I think she is going to come around soon. Give her some time" I heard 'his' voice. It was nonchalant, unimpressed to be exact. He was alive?

"God Abhay… she has been unconscious for the past hour and you are still behaving like this? I don't know why you behave with her like that but please for our sake don't speak now." It was Panchi who almost scolded him. I heard him make a weird noise, as if he was scoffing her statement.

"Bring some water guys" Panchi told again. The distinct droplets of water rolled down my cheek making the wind touching my face feel very cold… I shivered. More amounts of water followed and my eyes flew open an extremely huge amount came at once.

"Told ya it would work" I saw Misha smiling down at me. I smiled at her tentatively.

"Oh you got me scared there Pia" Panchi pulled me into a tight hug and I couldn't help but join in.

"You seem to be fine, just a minor sprain…" she looked down to my legs and I noticed a bandage too. "Well what were you doing all alone in the woods. Didn't I tell you to stay with the others?" she said angrily, she was angry because I had disobeyed her. I shook my head, but then I stopped abruptly looking towards Abhay from the corner of my eyes. He was staring down at me with a curious look.


"I… got lost. I thought I saw someone in the forest and I kind of thought it was tracker so I went to call her" I cleared my throat. He was shocked. Why? I have no reason to justify that.

"But the others found tracker long before that. Abhay had given her directions as to where the others were. She found the others soon. Abhay came in long after with you" she said looking between our faces. I glanced at where he was moments ago, but now nowhere to be found.


"Oh" was all I said. I stood up as soon as I finished and flinched when the sting hit again. The sprain was not something severe but it just took me by surprise. I walked out slowly my eyes searching in all directions.

'Where  is he?' I questioned myself. Then I saw him. He was sitting on the bare floor leaning on the tree behind him with his eyes closed.


"Abhay" I managed to say. He didn't open his eyes.

"Just go from here" he said coldly. He had got me wrong there, today I would surely find out what his secrets are…

"No. first answer my questions" he sighed deeply.

"I told you to go away didn't I?" he was not talking about now; he was talking about what happened in the woods.

"I can never go" his eyes flashed open as he stared into my eyes. He hadn't realized his words had given away so fast.

"I told you to leave me alone…" he tried to convince his earlier statement. I shook my head.

"First tell me, what were those things?" I demanded crossing my arms across my chest.

"What things?" he said innocently.

"Abhay you know what they were. How should I know? You were the one who… ran into them to try and save me" I had not realized that I was waving my hands over my head in frustration.

"I tried to fight something off to protect you?" he laughed. That hurt me.

"Well I know what I saw" I said stubbornly.

"Well go and check your brain" he said rudely and turned away and closed his eyes again.


"I know you are hiding things from me… like how you did all of 'this' but you can trust me Abhay." I pleaded for him to tell me. He took some time to think.

"Pia, I think you hallucinated. I found you on the forest floor, unconscious… So I picked you up and brought you to the camping grounds." He said nonchalantly.

"I know I didn't" my voice grew lower in decibels now.

"Just so it is clear from my side and no useless ideas come to your mind…" he began not looking at me.

"I brought you back to the camp because you were unconscious and I would have done the same if it was any other girl. 'Any'." he said the last word colder than the others and I couldn't help but just stare at him.

"So please- Miss Pia Jaiswal- leave me alone" he stood up and walked away with his hand in his pocket.


"Hey Pia" I heard Kabir's voice. I turned to him after composing my thoughts.

"How are you?" he asked as he looked toward Abhay who was still walking away from me.

"I am fine, just a bit dazed… I will be okay in a little while" I tried to put up a smile. He smiled back confusion clear on his face.



I saw her standing with her hands pulled tightly across her chest as if she was holding herself together. I  ran a little to reach near her. She was not looking at me so… I followed her gaze. It was the Mr. Raichand the great, who she was looking at, her face still held the hurt and confused look on it.


"Hey" I called her. She snapped out of her train of thought and turned to me. Her face was more… composed now but her eyes gave it all away. She was unhappy.

"How are you?" I looked away from her to look at him again and my eyes knit together when I found him turning back for a second and then back to his original position when he realized I was looking.


"I am fine, just a bit dazed… I will be okay in a little while" she smiled but it didn't touch her eyes. She was not going to be fine so soon and I hated that, all my dreams had broken- I didn't care about that- she wanted me as a friend beside her through all circumstances, and even if I thought like that and not like her lover wouldn't I feel the need to protect her from Abhay? He was a monster came it came to Pia. I knew if she truly loved him, she was surely going to get hurt and I knew I could do nothing to repair or a better word would be fill it up.


The only thing I prayed for now… 'Please Pia don't fall in love with Abhay. I don't want to see you… hurt.' Or away from me, I added finally.

 This was one.. The others are coming up few seconds from now. Big smile

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2 gd buddy...
Clap Clap Clap,

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One more is up... As usual i will only say just read enjoy and comment

 After 29 December



I tried to close my eyes and forget about the wolves and the mysterious pair of men that had scared the wolves away. The memories flashed back into my head again… The six pairs of eyes staring at me and then suddenly out of nowhere the men came out with lights. The eyes now started to disappear, I was not scared because of the wolves but of my fate. These people who had covered their heads with the hood were mysterious and strangely their thought made me shiver to my bones. I tried to push the thoughts out but Abhay's face flashed in my head. His hand softly tracing my face and then…


I sighed heavily, he had saved me again. He had appeared out of nowhere and still protected me from those strangers. The mask on his face finally revealed, he felt protective of me, he had tried his best to protect me. The way he pulled me behind him protectively, his body between the men and me felt warm and welcoming. I felt safe in his presence.


I was still trembling lightly under the warm blanket.




I have never felt so afraid ever before. I had spent all my time in saving tracker… but when I heard it was her in trouble, I felt the dread crawl into my system. I had put her in danger and it was me who had saved her too… but what would I have don't if I was late? Or 'they' were late.

Yes I couldn't see her getting hurt, but that didn't mean that I was losing control was it?

They were wrong. I did the right thing staying back.

I peeped through the sheets that closed the tent. She was still shivering from the shock.



Tracker had woken up from her 'beauty sleep' a few moments ago. She yawned hugely and I laughed. She grimaced at me.

"By the way… I am so happy that you guys saved me…  or else what would have happened to me?" she said in a small voice and gulped a lump in her throat. I smiled evily.

I was sure she was trying to imagine what that man would have done to her in the first place.

"Oh nothing much…" I began nonchalantly. I now went closer to her years.

"He would just bring his knife out" I animated, as I spoke I saw her eyes grow bigger. "And then he would slowly and painfully cut your body into small, small pieces and distribute between the wolves" I said a but louder than usual. She gasped. I nodded at, trying to convince her. She pulled her purse against her chest straddling it in fear. She gulped again.

"Misha" she was dreamy and a bit hopeful now.

"Yes bimbo" I said looking towards the fire burning in between.

"Don't you that if…that man had done tried to kidnap me… I would find my true 'love'" her voice grew awkward.


"Yes you loser. You only care about the prince charming that will come from the mountains" I said bitterly. She looked at me with realizing eyes.

"How did you-" I stared at her cryptically.

"How many years have you been friends with me?" I asked her smiling crookedly. She raised an eyebrow.

"You stupid dumbo, it was me as that old lost lady" she stood up suddenly.

"MISHA" she shouted. "Why did you do that?" she asked.

"I didn't tell you to go twenty steps north south east west, I was joking with T… and you, stupid, idiot followed it" I groaned.

"But Mish it was not fair" she whined. She had really hoped the magical face pack would help her find her true love. I shook my head in disapproval.

"Don't act like a despo tracker… You know you will find someone that you will love, but that little trick was for little miss T who is searching for her prince charming, you know all the boys in town are so… down market and…" I coughed lightly.

"Eewwww" I tried mimicking T's voice. It was actually quite impressive how much I got it right. She started laughing too and I patted her back lightly as the discussion faded into the blazing flame.


I let the sheet drop back again and went to where the others were sitting in a circle.

The fire in middle of the students who still kept silent, except Panchi and Kabir. What were they up to? I heard closer.


"I don't get it Kabir… why tracker? Didn't that man get anyone else… and the men covering their faces… that was weird too. What were they doing in the forest? It all seems so messed up." She looked down to her feet still thinking intently.


"Don't think that way. Maybe he was just a robber and he thought he would get something out of it" he shrugged taking the matter lightly. I thought for some time.


Panchi was right. There was something more to it than just robbers. I would have to get to the root of this. I don't want any danger lingering around in the woods waiting for us to entrap ourselves in.


"Maybe you are right" Panchi said assured now. But that was not at all convincing in my case. But I couldn't just go into the jungles and search for that man again could I?

And then I realized I was so carried away with saving tracker that I didn't breathe. Darn, I missed his smell. Now what do I do? There must be some other way…




I yelped as I scrutinized my wrist. This Abhay is quite strong. I groaned as I saw the bruises in my wrist. How did I forget that through all the misunderstandings… that Abhay was still going to protect her.


Pia Jaiswal. Don't get too excited because you got out of my hands this time. I am going to find you again… cornered and vulnerable. I will make you fall to your knees and beg for mercy in front of me. I laughed as I imagined… it would satisfy me. My revenge would be fulfilled… very soon Pia, very soon.


I stood up and took my cell phone out of my pocket.

"Hello. Meet me outside the bus… I have some work for you" a smile was playing across my face. I hung up and started walking towards the river.


Soon I stood a little away from the bus hidden in the shadows of the trees. I saw the driver crawl out of the bus and look around aimlessly searching for me I suppose.

I walked out of the wilderness and put the hood up again. I didn't want to make 'any' mistakes this time. No more drama…

"Sir we will be leaving tomorrow." I smiled knowingly.

"Good" I murmured under my breathe handing him the money.

"Sir your work will be done" he nodded as he spoke and I walked turned around again.

I stood in front of a huge boulder and patted my hands on it…


'Pia Jaiswal… tomorrow will be your last day.' I thought. 'You have ruined all my plans and now I will do what I have to… wait for me. Wait for your death. Danish Singh will not let you live' I added sternly. This time I would not fail. And this time no one will be able to save her. Not even Abhay Raichand.

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One more up.

After 30 December



The house was deserted and silent. 'Pia Jaiswal, today will be your last day.' I laughed internally. I walked through the rooms searching for just the right place. I pulled my hands into my pocket and kept on searching until I found it.

The perfect place, it smelled old mysterious- just the place where secrets are buried. Lets see who saves you now…



The place we were going to now was just the place where I could do some of my little tricks. Last night's prank was somewhat successful in many ways. I bit my lip as I remembered tracker jumping like a helpless bunny. I snickered.


The bus came to a halt and everyone started to cheer. Yes they were all excited.

'Watch out guys… Misha the devil is going to have some fun' I clapped my hands together in excitement. We all walked in a line, lets not say it was a line but in the front lines I could see Kabir trying to make Pia laugh which was actually quite a successful plan. I smiled at him in encouragement when he looked back at me. He nodded and grinned bigger.

'Well, at least someone is having a good time' I thought as I eyes tracker from the corner of my eyes. She was straightening her hair with a mirror.

"Oh my god tracker" I said with fake horror.

"See your face, it looks so horrible" I said in a small but serious voice. She gasped and looked into the mirror again… she waited and then turned to me confused.

"Oops sorry, I forgot that you always look like that" I said with a laugh.

"Misha" she hissed that made me laugh louder. She stamped her heels on the ground and paced up to go and stand beside 'Abhay' even mentally when I take his name I mimic the way T calls him. Eeee, Misha you are becoming like a bimbo. I shivered at the thought.


The door opened and a face came out… The man was wearing a monkey cap and had a shawl wrapped around him. Though his get up was a little weird but it blended in with the atmosphere.

We all walked in, I tried to pull out some of the vines dangling here and there and got some elbowing from 'little fat birdy'.


MR. DOBRIAL POINT OF VIEW (sorry forgot his name):

"Yes, please tell me what was so urgent that you had to call me like this" yes it was frustrating when it came to me not knowing what I was doing here with Sugandh's lawyer.

"Well I would like to clarify some things in the will of Sugandh Jaiswal" he stated taking some papers out.

He took some time and then handed me the papers to sign. "These are the papers we need you to sign them please." I sighed heavily.

"But before that please tell me what is written in it" I ordered impatiently.

"It says that all her property and the custody of her daughter goes under you" he clarified handing me the pen.

"But what will I do with the property?" I said irritated.

"But you do have to take custody of Sugandh madams daughter" he said a bit confused.

"Of no you must have misunderstood, Sugandh and her daughter died in a car accident" he shook his head. I stared at him blankly.

"Sorry sir but that information is wrong. Her daughter is very much alive and in good condition" he said with a fake smile plastered on his face. My eyes widened in shock.

'My little angel is still alive?' I kept staring at the man till the realization flowed in. Piashree is still alive. My daughter is still alive.


"Where is she?" I asked impatiently.

"I wouldn't be able to give you exact location but she is in a orphanage…" he started. I nodded and took in all the details.



"Okay guys you can go anywhere you want. The house is big so don't get lost alright?" She announced and then as the other students started to spread and look around she turned to me.

"Now Misha, don't try to act smart and play some prank on the others okay." She warned me.

"No… you are spoiling all the fun" I whined, she smiled knowingly and when I was walking away she called me and spoke again…


"Don't you dare. Or you'll see what I do" she threatened. I stuck my tongue out at her and walked away.

As soon as she was out of sight I, I decided lets execute plan 'bhagao bhagao sabko bhagao' I smiled and started.


I hid behind the curtains of a certain room and waited for my first prey to enter. Soon I heard some boys chatting.

"Angad (was that kabir's friend's name who loves Misha? Well sorry I forgot and I got confused so you will find this name throughout the writing. Bear with me) do something, dude. I still didn't get time to talk with her properly." I heard a familiar voice.

"C'mon Kabir stay calm we will think of something" Angad replied with his hands on his hips. I smiled.

"I am just scared that if I don't win Pia's heart now I will lose her forever" he panicked. I sighed, well Kabir was on 'Pia Pia Pia' mode so I was just going to put his mind away for a teensy weensy time.


And as for you Angad, it's payback time baby. I laughed evilly.

"Eh Kabir…. Did you hear that" Yes Angad the chicken heard me first. Kabir shook Angad's hand from his shoulder and looked at him sternly.

"Dude you are trying to joke with me?" he said irritated.

"I swear Kabir, I heard something" he gulped. I snickered. I banged the wooden board beside me very hard.

"See, did you hear that? There is something really creepy going on here bro" he started to take retreating steps.

"Shut up Angad. You are so scared? This is the reason why you will never get Misha, dude…" he started putting his hands on Angad's shoulder.

"Just imagine, she will scare the hell out of you" he stated and I nodded in satisfaction, Kabir knew me well.

"Kabir… I swear I heard something" he yelped. I tried to make unusual and scary noises. Angad half screamed and ran away, but Kabir stayed. Hmm wasn't he scared?

I tried again and he broke into laughter. My eyes widened.

"Mish, come out" he said still struggling to hold his laughter back. I came out from behind the curtains, my shoulders slumped.

I pouted at him. "Oh god mish… you really scared the poor guy" he broke into histerics again and I joined in too.

"But how did you know it was me?" I asked him. Well he knew me from when we were in diapers, so he would know duh.


"We don't need another ghost in this house you know, you are already there that's why" he said pointing at him accusingly. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"E mish, do something… Pia-" I cut him short.

"No no no no no no no. I am not going to listen to anything about Pia. I officially hate the sound of it from your mouth." I said stubbornly. He sighed.

"Mish please" he tried to convince me.

"Okay okay, you don't have you butter me now… tell me what do you want me to do my highness" I bowed in front of him playfully.


"Scare her that she comes and hugs me tightly, please." I thought for a moment.

"I will be your slave for life… I promise" he pleaded…

"Alright, but I don't want a butler for myself, I will do it anyways." I groaned.

"You make me look bad" he said with a smile and then patted my shoulder with encouragement.

 Please tell me how it is. Party

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After 31 December




"Koi hai?" I screamed into the darkness. No voice came back… only slight echoes came from all sides of the palace.

"Kya yahape koi hai? Misha? Panchi? Tracker? Kabir?" I shouted again… but this time I heard something. The squeaking of the old wooden floor came from the right of me. I looked from the corner of my eyes feeling my stomach churn as the shadow grew bigger and bigger but I didn't turn… I was scared.


I gulped a lump in my throat. My voice was d gone and I was sure it was not coming back soon… but I took gathered some courage and managed a whisper "kaun he wahape?" I knew whoever it was, not at least not Misha or Kabir or Panchi. I gulped again.


"Who is there?" I said a bit louder. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. The body came closer and closer, I was sure it was a man but I couldn't see the face. The darkness of the night had hid his face from my view.

"Kaun ho tum…." I trailed of his steps were large and threatening. I gulped again. I took retreating steps towards the main door, taking backward glances and searching for an escape.

As soon as I was near the door I saw the image clearly. The man had his hood covering his head but something about him seemed familiar. I saw closely… Blue jacket… The memories flooded in again.

'The man who had tried to abduct tracker!'  I gasped. Yes that was him…

"Kaisi ho Pia" the voice was harsh and rough… it was somewhat familiar.

"Kaun ho tum?" I questioned. Though it seemed unnecessary still I did. He didn't answer.

"Kya chahte ho tum mujhse" I could feel the pressure in my heart. I was going to break down soon.

"Mein kya chahta hu?" he said with a laugh. "Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye… Tumne meri zindagi barbad kar di, mein tumhara jan lunga… aur kuch nahi chahiye" he walked extremely close to me. I had to find out who it was.

I flung the hood open and remained the shocked face of…. "Danish?" I gulped.

"Yes Pia, mein hu… mujhe miss kiya?" he pushed me against the door painfully hard. "Tumne kya socha… mein tumhe itni jaldi chhor dunga? Tumhe Abhay ne kal to bachaliya thha magar aaj wo kaise ayega?" he laughed. His other hand moved above and then I realized what he held in it. It was a piece of glass.


"Yeh kya kar rahe ho tum?" I looked at the piece of glass threatening to break my skin and go in.

"Nahi nahi. Aaj me tumhe itni jaldi nahi chorne wala." He put a log of hair behind my ears.

"Mujhe mat chuo" I growled. He laughed and looked at me amused.

"To ek chuha apne aap ko sherni samaj rahi hai?" he made an unusual sound and laughed again.

"Achha hai… jitna tum turpogi utna mujhe maza ayega" he caressed me cheek with his hand. It felt so insane at the moment. I struggled to push him away.


"Jitna koshish karogi utna dard hoga… and that's exactly what I want." He whispered. He held my hand extremely tightly. That would surely leave a bruise I rolled my eyes at my own thought.


He pulled the glass near my throat… "Someone help" I screamed. He laughed.

"Jitna chillana hai chillao Pia… ab tumko mujhse koi nahi bacha sakta" he laughed again. I still struggled in his grip. The piece came closer and closer. No this couldn't be happening, it can't end like this. I can't die now.


He let me go for one second and then pulled me inside the room. I tried to escape again "Itni jaldi kya hai? Ab to bus shuruwat hai…. Mera maza kharab mat karo…" he said grinning at me.


That's when I saw something. In the darkness I saw something sparkling in the moonlight. A portrait maybe… I looked more carefully at it. It seemed somewhat familiar. Where had I seen it?


"Kya hua Pia?" I heard Danish again. Oh no I forgot. I didn't turn to him.

"Yeh kaun hai?" I whispered. He laughed amused.

"Mai tumhe marne wala hu aur tumhe is portrait mein ye kaun hai iski pari hai? Manna parega Pia tum bohot alag ho" he looked at the picture.

"Is mahal ki rajkumari hai woh…" he trailed of, thoughtfully. "Jaise uska kaise maut hua kisiko pata nahi chala waisa hi tumhare saath bhi hone wala hai" he laughed again. I gulped. The churning was coming back and it wasn't a good sign.


"Chalo phir ek game khelte hai… tum ho raajkumari aur me hu tumhara hatiyara" he laughed. "Is game me maza ayega" he rubbed his hands together.

"You are a sick man" I spat at him.


"Toh raajkumari maithali… aapka marne se pehle kya khwaish hai?" he laughed. What name did he say again?

"Tumne kya nam liya?" he looked at me confused.

"Maithali" he said in a more threatening mood.

"Ab shhhh" he silenced me.

I heard some banging on the door. Danish ran to my direction and held the piece dangerously close to my throat. "I will slit your throat before any one gets to know" I squeaked but he shut my mouth with his hands. I struggled to get them open. And before I knew it I couldn't understand what anything was anymore…


(Okay now Pia point of view is over now because Danish just hit her head so hard that she had fainted , so the next part needs a little bit of imagination. So this is me Ayantika narrating the story now. Lets begin then. )


The door slams open and we see Abhay standing on the other side, the moon reflecting his blue eyes. Danish gasps in terror.

"Tum yahape kya kar rahe ho?" Abhay notices Pia lying unconscious on the floor and his nostrils flare in anger.

"Usse dur hato" he growls. Danish takes an involuntary step back surprise with Abhay's reaction.

Abhay takes steps towards Danish. (Lets wish this time the anger comes in handy.) The dhishum dhisum begins (don't mind… very bad at writing action scenes). Danish is found lying on the floor unconscious but not dead.


Abhay picks Pia up in bridal style and walks out of the haveli leaving Danish on the floor, he would take care of him later. He is please that Pia is not bleeding. He walks through the forest looking at her face lovingly.

'Kyun bar bar humko kismat paas karti hai? Kyun tumhe dard hone se mujhe fark parta hai Pia?' he sighes and thinks.


Meanwhile Pia is still dreaming that she is in the haveli and Danish is trying to kill her. She struggles in Abhay's arms and then takes his name. Abhay cant help but smile. He pulls her closer to him so that he can run but then Pia opens her eyes…



"Abhay?" she chokes. He nods but doesn't look at her.

"Tumne phir se mujhe bacha liya" she whispers but Abhay ignores her.

"Tum thhik ho?" he asks his voice is careful but worried.

"Yes" she mumbles under her breath. Abhay closes his eyes momentarily composing his thoughts. Destiny was pushing them together… and his emotions were winning over.


Then Pia remembers the picture in the pandher haveli. It looked like her… he looks to Abhay's face remembering that he loved someone named Maithali. Her thoughts are all jumbled and she decides that she will think about this later.


"Abhay mujhe please hostel le chalo" she pleads he nods.

She looks down to the forest floor. "Abhay mujhe please niche utar do" she tells him. He doesn't say anything but puts her down. She tries to walk but goes out of balance. Abhay holds her from falling down and stabilizes her, but he is not satisfied so he pulls her to carry her in bridal style again. 

Writing todays now.. will be up in a few minutes. Watch out for that. Heart

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