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WINNERS! 200th Epi: SKI, KKM Contest!

tofeeees IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged

Hello Shanak crazies! I'm back with the winners of the Contest:

Shaan Ka Itraana, Khanak ka Muskurana!
Okay first of all let me tell you guys that this was the toughest thing I have had to do on this forum EVER! LOL kidding it was FUN! The answers were just SO'errr'SO Shanak that Krishna and I had a hard time judging them! And after a number of telephone conversations, exchange of PMs and what not, we finally got our winners!




LOL no it's not the names yet! The winners will be in 6 categories LOL


    Winner of the Shaan Ka Itraana Contest ( the person who got most of Shaan's responses correct)
    Winner of the Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest ( the person who got most of Khanak's responses correct)
    Runners Up of the Shaan Ka Itraana Contest
    Runners Up of the Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest
    Winner of the Shaan Ka Itraana, Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest ( the person who got most of both Shaan's and Khanak's responses correct TOGETHER)
  1. Runners Up of the Shaan Ka Itraana, Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest


Let's get cracking then shall we?




We'll go along with the Runners Up first!


Runners Up of the Shaan Ka Itraana Contest IS:







They all got 4 answers correct each for each of the responses that Shaan gave to Khanak! Yea guys you guys know Shaan PRETTY WELL!


And here is your Shaan Runners up Siggy!



Runners Up of the Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest IS:





She got 8 answers correct for the responses that Khanak gave to Shaan! Priya Khanak ko kafee achaee tarah jaanti ho!


And here is your Khanak Runners up Siggy!


Runners Up of the Shaan ka Itraana, Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest IS:


Priya (AGAIN!) wooohooo!



She got 9 answers correct for the responses that both Khanak gave to Shaan and those that Shaan gave to Khanak!


And here is your Shaanak Runners up Siggy!







      WINNER of the Shaan Ka Itraana Contest IS:





She got 5 answers correct each for each of the responses that Shaan gave to Khanak! Moreremix knows Shaan the BEST! CONGRATULATIONS MOREREMIX!!!


And here is your Shaan WINNER Siggy!



WINNER of the Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest IS:





She got 9 (WOAHH) answers correct for the responses that Khanak gave to Shaan! Hira knows Khanak the BEST!  CONGRATULATIONS HIRA!!!


And here is your Khanak WINNER Siggy!




THE WINNER of the Shaan ka Itraana, Khanak Ka Muskuraana Contest IS:






ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile


They all got 12 answers correct for the responses that both Khanak gave to Shaan and those that Shaan gave to Khanak!


                                     (Karishma khud kashi kar lay gee! LOL)


And here is your DHAMAKEDAAR Shaanak WINNER Siggy!

Once again Congrats everyone who won and a BIGGER congrats to everyone who participated and made this Contest a success!
LOVE you all LOADS!Hug

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tofeeees IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 December 2004
Posts: 6567

Posted: 04 January 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged

Ok so now that you guys are done swooning over your siggies and have congratulated each other, you would want to know the answers and evaluation of the Shaan ka Itraana, Khanak ka Muskuraana Contest?


Here it is!!





Shantanu apne dost ko khay dijye warna mein"


Ever since Shaan's friends have entered we've seen Shaan trying to diffuse the tension between Khanak and them especially when it comes to Sam. He tries his best to divert the topic when Khanak is in a fighting mood. So I believe he will try to distract Khanak in some way and what works best other than romance? Which he is a pro at! LOL!


Best Answers!


Priya: Warna tum kuch nahin karogi Khanak (puts in down gently)...Waise Khanak, tum aaj mere liye kheer banaogi? (diverts her attention)


Rooj: haan kehdunga, tum mere doston ke baare main kyu soch rahi ho, mere bare main itna socho toh mein (comes near her).


Moreremix: oo meri jhansi ki rani...tum unhe chodo..mere baare me socho 



"Shantanu mujhay subah say 5 baar ulti ho chukee hain"


Shaan is likely to say TWO things on this occasion knowing him! One is that Khanak eats a lot of Roadside stuff and the other is that she is Nazuk! LOL! Pregnancy thoughts will NOT enter the burthal's mind at all!


Best Answers!


Swati: dekha mujhe kehti thi nazuk....ab bolo kaun hai nazuk...shaan put hs collars apart "


Saira, Ulti Khanak! Tum kya kya khati rati ho ...Ulti tho ayagi na!


Zenn, food poisoning! kaha tha na who roadside bhaji mat khao. kitna unhygienic hota hai!


Deepali, Ulti ?...Khanak tum kitni najuk ho kuch jadibooti lelo .


Rooj woh toh honi hai na, itni saari bazar ki cheezein khaogi toh aisa hoga na




"App kay dost mujhe par kyon haas rahe hai.....mein nay to woh hi bola jo apne    kaha tha, sexcuse me"


Ok this was a tricky one! The statement said that "haas RAHE hain"! Which meant that Shaan was there and so were the friends, all in one frame! It comes naturally to Shaan to correct Khanak's english.



Best Answers


Adeela: sexcuse me nhn khanak ..its excuse me


Moreremix:  WHATT... .. MAINE aisa kaha..mainee??.i said excuse me khanak...EXCUSE ME...Godddd 


Ranjini: Shaan: its not "sex" Khanak its "ex" (like a teacher)


Dyotona: Shaan: *rubs his forehead, and takes Khanak aside* "Sexcuse me nahin, Khanak, Excuse me......Aexcuse me *stressing on the phonetics*, Khanak"!!!!



" Shaantanu kuch dinoh kay liyay Dhulwadi chalain? Bai aur Ada kee yaad arahee hain!"


Shaantanu ofcourse has bad memories of the place. To top it he hates Mangal and Hetal. Adding to that he's a city guy who does not prefer Dhulwadi in ANY case! LOL! He won't want his wife to go there, forget about himself! In that case he will look for the next best alternative to going to Dhulwadi!


Best Answers!


Hira: kiun chale dhulwadi, unko bula lo mumbai


Saira: NO! Phir aur koi mushibat agayegi...tum apne parents ko yahi call karo!

Noorya: (teasing here) tho phone pe baat karo naa...itni door jaane ki kya zaroorat hai?


Moreremix: thinks...dhullllwadiii...noooo ...says..khanak main kya soch raha tha...hum bai aur ada ko hi yaha bula lete hai..haan?? 



"Mujhe app ko apne dost kay saath dekh kar Champak bhaa ki yaad ah rahi hai"


Seriously yar classy Shaan will just give an exasperated look at this since he has got used to Khanak going on and on about her life in Dhulwadi and her various bhaas! Plus the memory of falling off Champak is enough to keep him silent!


Best Answers!


Ranjini: Shaan will not say anything but will give a look which only Karan Tacker can give



" Rahul kitnay achay insaan hain na?"


Keeping in mind that Rahul is still in shaan's bad books as we speak, he is just likely to give Khanak an angry glare or remember his past days!


Best Answers!



Hira: glare



Ranjini: Shaan: will not answer, will start thinking about his old days  (I remember my sister once told me....is RBO  "Dostana" these days?



"App bhi nah Shantanu"


Keeping in mind that Shaan LOVES boasting about himself he is most likely to tareef karofy himself when Khanak leaves this sentence hanging in mid air!


Best Answers!



Swati: main bhi kyaaa......hummmmnnnn.......hann....bolo....yahi naa....me bht smart hun.....handsome hun...


Rooj: Handsome hoon, sexy hoon, Mahapurush hoon...pata hai, aur kuch?



" Main naha kar aati hoon!"


Perverted that Shaan is he will indeed want to join Khanak but he is less likely to ASK her! He is more likely to just casually INFORM her!


Best Answers!



Hira: saath saath nahane se pyar barta hai khanak: aisa kisne kaha shaan: kisi mahapurush ne


Moreremix: aur main help karne aata hu...kitna helpful hu main 


Dyotona: "Naha kar!!! *grins wickedly from ear to ear*.....Main bhi aata hooooooooon!!!"



"Shantanu app ko is hi waqt yeah karna hai"


LOL I loved the answers to this one! But guys I seriously don't feel Khanak is talking about any ahem ahem stuff! For the simple reason that she is pretty sharmeeli when it comes to this stuff! Like she cant complete an entire sentence when such romantic situations arise! So saying this sentence while Shaan is romancing is SO not Khanak! However, Shaan's reply will be SHAAN'S reply when Khanak bugs him about doing whatever he is doing!


Best Answers!



Swati: abhe he ab tak maine yehh kahan kia


Naveen: to tum kya chahti ho khanak, iss waqt main romance karu…



Dyotona: Haan, isi waqt Khanak......KYON??? tumhe kuch aur karna hai kya......I don't mind" *sly grin totally in place*



" Main appko Tanpura toh pani say dho sakti hoon na? "


After having witnessed his laptop being washed, Shaan will not be too tolerant with Khanak when she says that! However, he will also most definitely be Sarcastic as well!


Best Answers!


Manita: Haan haan bilkul.....aur bhi bahut kuch hai mere paas Khanak....sab laaker deta huun....sabko ek saath dho dena......


Swati: kyu nai tanpura hi kyu...yum meri french watch...mera wallet....mera sab saman paani swe dho sakti ho....stupid....


Rooj: haan zaroor, zaroor. Saath main tum meri sari cheezein bhi dho dena jis tarah tumne woh laptop dhoya tha. *sarcastic* Koi zaroorat nahi hai!


Moreremix: haan haan..guitar hi kyu...mera mob..ye ipod...sabko pani se dho dena


Dyotona: "Haan zaroor, Khanak!!! Mera tanpura hi kyon, mera laptop bhi tum phir se dho sakti ho!!!"






Best answers 
"Khanak tumhari galti ki saaza hai kay..handcuffs "


Hira: himmat hai, may bhi dhulwadi ki khanak hoon (obviously she wont understand what the handcuffs story wud be)


Sana: handcuffs...??Mane...!!!


Manita: - Haan....toh main bhi kahan darti hun....kar dijiye woh....kya kehtey hain-- handkuphs...


Saira: hannd...cufs! Mein Khanak hoon woh bhi dhulwadi ki...dekhti hoon kya kare late hia aap! "


Zenn: hand.......cup? kya? meri saaza hai kay aapkey liye chai banaon?


Priya: hend..khaf..woh kya hota hai ?


Rooj: Kyu? Handcuphs kyu? Main dekhti hoon app kaise mujhe haat lagate hein. *she has no idea what he is implying to* 


Naveen: kya hand, hand cub..yeh kya hota hai...


May: "Haan cups?....Yeah kya hota hai?... "


Shama:  hand..Cu...ff..ss??ab ye kya hota hai??(Thinking a bit...)



" Tum Rahul ko 'Bha' kyun nahi bolti? Haan!?"



Best Answers


Hira:  aap hi ne to kaha tha, har insaan bha nai hota

Saira: aap nahi to kaha tha ki hare kio bha nahi hota! Bhool gaye Burthal!

Zenn: kyuni kisi mahapursh nay kaha tha kay har insaan bha nahi hota khanak!


Fariba: har insaan bha nahi hota haii Shantanu...waise aap hine to ye kaha that !!


Rooj: Main kyu bha bulaon? app hi ne toh kaha tha har koi mera bha nahi hota, ab mahapurush ki baat thodi na tal sakti hoon mein.




Moreremix: innocently says "aap hi ne toh kaha tha...har kisiko bhaa na kehne ke liye"


Shama: aap hi tho kehte hai..ki har koi bha nhi hota..Aur vaise bhi..vo aapki tarah..vo kya kehte hai..'hand..some' bhi tho hai..(Giving naughty smile to shaan)


Jaya: Kyu ki aap log hasthe ho 


Dyotona: Khanak: "Main to aapko bhi toh Bha nahi bulati, naan" Shaan *livid*



"Tum apne odhani say kiya chupa rahi ho"



Best Answers:



Sana: :ahh.....ah....kuch nahi bus main toh bus yoon hi


Manita: - main kyun kuch chupaaoon.... maine koi chori thode hi ki hai....


Varsha: -aap ko kyun bolu,aap kya mujhe har baat batate hoon


Saira: "Mein kyon baaton aapko? Meri odhani hia! meri marzi!


Priya: Shantanu kaun kya chupa rah hai..kya bol rahe ho aap..


Rooj: " mein, mein...woh...kya..woh mein...haan! main apka surprise chupa rahi hoon aur kuch nahi.


Adeela: (stammer) kuch nhn shantanu mein kya chupaongi..


May: "Woh kitaab, jo aap rasoyi ghaar mein rak kar aaye teh...Aap bhi na, kuch soch teh hi nahi..."


Moreremix: kya? Main kaha kuch chupa rahi hu..


Ranjini: pehle aap aankh band kijiye

Jaya: Aapke liye thofa----- Blushing 


Dyotona: "Kuch nahin, Shantanu.......peraamis"



" khanak mera Sar daba doh please


Best Answers:


Hira: - dharam bha ko bhejti hoon, daba deinge. mujhe bohot kaam hain


Manita:  - Thik hai Shantanu...magar aap waada kijiye ki koi sharaarat nahin karenge.....piramise?


Saira: " *goes to draw* Bam hia...yeh laga li jiye! Mujhe kam hia!


Priya: Bahut dard kar raha hai? *shaan nods* Mein maar maar ke bhaga doongi..*sees shatanu's expression* apko nahin burthal, sar dard ko.


Moreremix: shantanu...apka sar dukh raha hia?main apke liye jadibuti wali chai laati hu" 


Dyotona: Lekin aapko toh gaajar ka halwa khana tha.....ab aap hi boliye......sara dabaoon ya gaajar ka halwa banaoon???" *innocent muh with a hint of that glorious smile*



"Khanak main tumhara pati hoon aur"


Best Answers:



Hira: may aapki patni, pata hai, aagey boliye


Sana: main apki patni...bahut khushi huyi ki ap jante hain


Manita: aur ??...aur kya..??.....yeh baat toh mujhe pahle se pata hai.....


Varsha: kitne baar yaad dilayenge main aap ki tarah budtal nahin hoon


Saira: aur mein aapki patni hoon ab boliye!


Zenn: aur mein aapki patni! shantanu, pleej koi nayi baat kijiye!


Priya: aur mein apki patni ..isme nayi kaunsi nayi baat hai..


Deepali:  janti ho ye baat aap roj yaad dilate hai.


Rooj:  appke paas license hai. Pata hai mujhe. Kuch nai baat keejiye. 




Adeela:  mje pata hai bta ne k liye.. thaanku


May:" Haam haan, aur mein aap ki patni hoon...Aap baar baar yaad nahi bhi delaye geh, toh bhi mein bholo gi nahi... "


Moreremix: " aur bilkul budthal hai


Ranjini: "Aur main aapki baat nahi manungi"


Shama: aur main aapki patni..ye khabar dene ke liye,aapka bht bht dhanyawaad..ab aagey bhi boliye..


Dyotona: "Main aapki patni.....batane ke liye shukriya!!!"



" Khanak main sari ko pahnanay may madad nahi karsakta yaar!Utarnay main kardoo to chalega?"


Best Answers:


Hira:  - shantanu aap bhi na


Zenn:  dhat!


Priya: Dhat..Aap bhi na shantanu..


Rooj: Shantanuuu...mujhe utarni nahi pehni hai. app kuch bhi bole ja rahe hain *innocently remarks back but soon realizes the implications and blushes*


Adeela: "  shantanu ap bhi na ....


Noorya: dhaat (feelin shy)


May: "Shantanuu! ....Aap bhi nah ....."


Shama: shaantanu.,aap bhi na..(with her sharmili smile;)


Jaya: Shan aap bhi na -----Buldthal


Dyotona: "Dhhhhattttttttttttttttt"!!!!! *radiant smile all over the place*





"Khanak mujhe Mulji mil jaye to mein us ko Thank you bolunga"


Best Answers:



Hira:  - thankoo kiun


Manita- arrey, thankoo bolne se pahle usey maar maar kar woh paise toh le lena jo woh lekar bhag gaya tha.....


Fariba: kyu ??? Murli bha ne kya kiyaa Shantanuu???


Rooj: *laughs at him* App aur thankoo bolenge? Mahapurush thankoo aur shorry nahi bolte.


Naveen: "Khanak mujhe Mulji mil jaye to mein us ko Thank you bolunga"....agar woh mujhe mil gaye na, to main to uska...


Shama: thanku kyu??



" Khanak...suno...Honeymoon par chalay?"


Best Answers:



Hira: "Khanak...suno...Honeymoon par chalay?" - Dhulwadi? in super excitement


Zenn: rehney dijiye! Duck bha kay cafe mein khaana khilanay tu kabhi le kar nahi gaye, honeymoon par lekar jayen gey? Burthal!


Priya: Ada Mummyjii kya kahenge *blushes*


Noorya: honeymoon kyun? shantanu hum naa Dhulwadi chalte hain (excited)


May: "Dhatt!..."


Moremix: haan..Dhulwadi chalte haii


Dyotona: *puts the strands of hair behind her ear, slowly breaks into a smile* and then......"Dhulwadi chalen???????"



"Khanak tum is waqt kitchen mein kiyaar rahi ho?" 


Best Answers:



Hira:  aapko dikh nahi raha,  ada ke liye soup bana rahi hoon


Sana: Main apke liye kheer bana rahi thi


Manita: Shantanu aap dekh nahi rahe? kitna kaam hai mujhe....aap jaiye our mujhe.......kya khta hain--'dis - turb' mat kijiye


Varsha: wahi jo roj karti hoon


Swati:  hari n dharam bha ke liye dhokle n rahul bha k liye adarak ki chai bana rai hn.....(shaan closes hs fist) 


Priya: Khana bana rahi hoon..Hari bha kaam se bahar gaye hain..kyun kuch chaiye?


Deepali: "Khanak tum is waqt kitchen mein kiyaar rahi ho?" - Shantanu aap dekh nahi rahe? aapke liye gajar ka halwa bana rahi hoo.


Rooj: *sarcastic* Kapde dho rahi hoon aur kya? Dikhta nahi hai apko, kitchen main khana banta hai toh wohi kar rahi hoon, app jaiye yahan se


Moreremix: lagta hai aapki ankhe kamjor ho gayi hai...kaam kar rahi hu shantanu


Ranjini: "Halwa bana rahi ho aapke liye (making Shaan more irritated )


Shama: main tho yaha aaram se beithke gaana gaa rhi hoon..Shaantanu aapko dikh nhi raha..Main kaam kar rhi hoon..Budthal..!!


Jaya: Baatein - Budthal" 


Dyotona: "Aapke liye jadi booti wala chai bana rahi hoon"!!!!  




     "Aaj say tumhari English classes phir say shuru!"


Best Answers:


Hira:   super happy, mujhe laga aap ke doston ke aane ke baad aap bhool hi jayenge


Sana: are waah..!!!Yeh toh bahut achi baat hain


Manita:   Sacchi.....main abhi jaakar paathshaala saaf kar deti hun.....(super excited)


Zenn: thankoo! Sorry! Thank you master ji! hey bhagwan! sorry!


Priya: Rehne do ..ap sirf aise hi bolte rehthe ho ...mujhe nahin sikhni angrezi aise jhute sikshak se..


Rooj: Sach! Mein abhi apni kapy aur pencil lati hoon! *runs to get her things super excitedly!*



Adeela: " mein bi kab se yahi kehna chah rahi ti...pata nhn aakhri bar aap ne mje engreji kab sikhayi thi..


May: Sacchiii


Moreremix:sachiiii ...kitne din ho gaye aapne mujhe angrezi sikhaye hue


Ranjini: sachi?(with a happy smile)


Shama: !" Mai jakr kaksha ke pusthak lathi hu 


Dyotona: : "SACH???? Hamari Angrezi ki paathshala phir se shuru!!! Thanku, Shantanu!!!!


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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged
yay I won the Shanak! lost others but oh well!!!
tofeeees IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 2:51am | IP Logged
LOL bad time to post the results of the contest! everyone seems to be swooning over the news of suraj's return! i'm putting this back on the first page so that atleast the winners know they've won LOL
bones88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 2:53am | IP Logged
congrats guysPartyDancing
rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Beeni my siggies r not working Cry

and yea i know wat u mean....thanks!!!Hug
The_May_Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Congratulations to the Winners and Runners-upsParty....Well done for the thread BeeniClap.....Loved reading all the netires againBig smile.....

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dr.dsr Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
I'm soooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!
Ok! So here goes my thanku speech.........
Had a great time reliving ShaNak through these questions.
Thanks Beenzie and Krishna for your efforts, a warm hug to everybody else who participated; had a great time reading everyone's answers, good job done of the compilation, Beenzie!.....and a special thankyou to everybody who 'liked' our answers irrespective of whether they participated or not.
Truly, my 'second home' this!!!!!

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