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Happy Birthday Alu <3

siddhika_ksg IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 September 2005
Posts: 7802

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:28pm | IP Logged

Heylo My Prince ?

Uhmm do I know u? LMAO I kid. A very very very Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I still remember when I joined KaJen AT, you were one of the first few people to become friends with me that is where our journey began from IF to pms to Facebook chatting to MSN convos every single day. Its been a pleasure knowing you. I love how I can talk to you about anything and everything. Thank You so much for all your support and help tehee. You are one person I can always look upto and u r one of the closest friend I have made. I love ur randomness, ur mood swings which I m quite used to now ROFL, ur positivity and the passion u have for someone you love, ur enthusiastic self basically I think I LOVE YOU ? I hope you stay the same cause that is what makes you urself. mwaahh'.You are a really great great friend to have and an awesome person to be around with. You are one of the best thing that happen to me. Thank god for tht tehee'Love our drooling, bitching session and our random talks out of nowhere tehee'Okay been said that let me come to the point you know I can go on and on 'On this very special day of urs I would like to wish you from the bottom of my heart a very happy birthday and a fabulous day and a great year ahead. May this new year bring you loads of happiness and success. Enjoy your day to the fullest and party like a rockstar. May you be blessed with everything you have dream off and may you achieve each and everything thing you want and much more. Eat lots of cake and celebrate this special day with ur loved ones. God Bless You. Mwahhh I LOVE YOU 2,3,4 raised to infinity ?

So yh ur first gift from me is this siggy that I tried to make, hope you like it ?

Last but not least here's a vm tht I made on one of ur favorite songs. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I m kinda obsessed with that song too after listening to it for like zillion time lol ?

Loads n loads of love,
Komal ?

My Cockoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Heart
I wish you a veryyyy veryyyy veryyyyy veryyyy HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAAYYY!!!
You were one of my firsttt friends at the KaJen AT and at first I thought you were a drama queen because you used to be always negative about AR but I slowly realised that we all were one tehe <<
I still remember how I used to come to the AT and see you posting messages like "I am leaving...I am leaving" and used to scold you and make you stay back << And you used to call me mad and crazy! I don't complaint,I know I am :P
I loveeeeeeeeeeee how we always used to make plans that we'll do this & that & this & that to make the AT run but never used to do any of it tehe...and how we used to enter *danger* topicss and used to have funn!! And ofcourseeee I loveeeeeeeee how we have a veryyy cute nickname for each other...tehe Heart
"Cockooo tu meri...meri...Main teri chipkaliiiii...chipkaliiii..."

I wanna tell you something that you always reminded me of Aditti Gupta :l because you always used this Sanginni stuff haha! Even now you do! but hey,I like Aditti,so take it as a compliment tehe <<
I hopeeee you haveeee a blassttt on your birthdayyyy and this new year brings lotsss of happiness and success to you Heart Haveeee a kickass birthdayyy and enjoy every little bittt of ittt since its YOUR Special day tehe Heart
You are an amazingggggg friend and a wonderful person & I am so glad that you are one of my closest friendsss!! I know that whenever I'll need anyone,you will always be there for me!! You are one of the most adorableee personnn ever & I seriously mean it Heart I lovee your enthusiasm and fun-loving natureee & hope that you alwayssss stay the wayyyy you are! You are sachchiii muchchiiii mein trulyyy amazinggg :D
I hope & pray that youu get alot of success & happiness in your lifeee and may you alwayssss keep smilinggg and loving me tehe Heart
Thank you for beinggg such a wonderful person and always helping me out whenever I needed you! You are one of my closest buddies and I feel really blessed to have you as my friend...!!
Tu meriiiii cockoooo hai....thi...aur hameshaaaa sirff aur sirff tu hi rahegiii :D
God blesshhh juu!!

Tumhaari Chipkalii Heart

Aliyaa ?
Happyyyy Birthdayyy ? 
Its been a pleasure knowing you ,you have been a really nice friend all along and the cutest and sweetest of them all !

I remember the positivity inducing discussion we would have and the chats we've had are something I am never going to forget.
You are one of the most lively and fun people I have known and I hope you stay that way because thats what makes you special.You have been my friend in the true sense by not only laughing along and gossiping but also by pointing out the wrongs which I respect a lot .
I remember when I had just joined in I-F me and you never spoke atleast never on the AT ,but then we began chatting here on FB and then never stopped talking ROFL and I love how we hit it off.
Its amazing how you befriend everyon so quickly ?
I hope you have a wonderful b'day and an amazing year and life ahead and get all you wish for because you do deserve the best ?

Loads of lovee 
Anku ?

Happy Birthday Aliyaa ?
You're an awesome and sweet girl and I'm extremely glad that we became friends. Its always a pleasure talking to you,I love your personality and your loving nature. You're a great friend, you've always been there for me. 
I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Blow your candles and make a wish! I hope all your wishes come true and the coming year brings yo tons of happiness and success in life. You're a sweet and wonderful friend to have who deserves nothing but the best in life. 
Love you tons
Sami ?

Happy birthday Dearest Craziest Naughtiest Aluuuuuu!?...Love you loads dear! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday & the New year fulfills all your wishes & you get your Karan back in a Fresh new show!?...

Its always been a Pleasure interacting with you On FB (as you hardly talk on the AT or even come there), sharing all my feelings with you whether Good or bad & listening to you!?...You are a wonderful girl,always fun to be with & not to mention too shy when you speak in person on Phone! hehe!?....

Love ya loads Aluuuu!?...Have Fun!

Happy Birthday Aliyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) ? ?
I love ur craziness, sweetness, irritability, impatience lolll actually i LOVE you ;)

May this birthday gifts you the best happiness of this world!!
Have awesome day and wonderful life ahead!
May all the hurdles of ur road got so small that they actually vanish from ur smooth way!
Its been a pleasure to me having you ?

Love u Loads
Hugs n Kisses
Divyaaaaaaaaaaaaa (like u actually shout...tehe) ?

happy birthday aliya....may god bless u with all good things in life !!

Dear Aliya, 

Wishing you a Very Very Happy Birthday! 
May this birthday brings loads of love, happiness and fun your way! Have a wonderful day and year ahead filled with all your wishes and dreams coming true! 

Loads of love 

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siddhika_ksg IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 September 2005
Posts: 7802

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged

Happpppy Birthday Aliya!

I wish you much love and happiness and hope all your dreams come true! May this year ahead be full of everything you love and may you get all you've ever wished for!

You're a really sweet girl and I've noticed you're really passionate about everything you love! Keep smiling and believing in all things beautiful..I think the past year has taught us that dreams are unlimited and do come true, so never forget that =) And Inshallah KSG's show will be a huge success & KaJen will work together soon too!

Wishing you the best birthday you've ever had, a fabulous 2011, and lots and lots of luck for Uni (I know you get stressed about it at times but don't..things always find a way of falling into place!) 

Enjoy your dayy!

p.s. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us in the past few weeks!

Aliya baby Happy Birthday ?
May you be blessed with lots and lots of Smiles that never leave your side in the year ahead and beyond that too :D

From the talks about the little one that kept u awake at night, to your Sudden popping in and out of the AT to ur love and hate relationship with all the going ons of last year LOL I remember it all!
And such fun talks about it i've had with u - one cute girl you are ? And such a cute one deserves all the good things in life ;-)

May you have a good year ahead- no rona dhona no troubles, lots of good stuff at Uni and a good health to go with it !

Have fun , hope the day isnt snowed in :P and Tell us how u celebrated kayyy? 

Lots and pots of ?

Happy Birthday Aliyaaaaaa! Have a good birthday, and enjoy yourself! Enjoy the New Year with a blast, and have lots of fun. I hope in this new year God blesses you will all that you deserve, and you have a very good birthday with all your loved ones. Party it up, since it only comes once a year! Happy Birthday.
God Bless You!

Happy Birthday Aliya! 

I hope you have a good one! And InshAllah all your dreams and wishes come true this year. I hope you have a good time during university, and make some very well memorable moments! I hope 2011 is better for you, and you remain happy, and healthy! Have a happy birthday, and spend it with all your loved ones. 


Happy Birthday To You ... Happy Birthday To You .. Happy Birthday Dear Aliya .. Happy Birthday To You ?! 

Have a good one, and party it up! Have fun, since it a new year, make new memories, and enjoy with your friends and family ? ! i hope you get all that you wished for and much more on this special day :D 

Love Gia ?

Happy Birthday Aluuuu HeartHeart
Wish you have a fabulous fabulous day today. You are one super girl and it has been really great to get to know you and be your friend. I love your positive attitude specially towards anything KaJen related Wink

I can only pray that all your dreams come true and may you have a fantastic year ahead. May you always have the best of everything in life - Enjoy to the max Heart 

with loads of love and wishes,

Rabia (dua_44ever) 

[CENTER]Happy Birthday Aliya! Hope you're birthday goes by smoothly and I hope and pray that you get everything you wish for! ? It's been a pleasure knowing you and I hope 2011 treats us all in the best ways possible Heart The year has already started off well with KSG coming back, so lets hope it continues that way! Enjoy your day, eat cake, party hard, and enjoy being a year older Heart Thank you for always pinging me and giving me news and making me laugh ROFL at the randomest things ? Lots of love, enjoy your day! ?

Love, Anu

Happy birthday, hun!
I hope you have the most AWESOME day, ever!
I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. Heart

Don't party too hard. ;)
May this year be filled with good health, laughter, success and joy for you! And may you do awesome in your studies, as well!

It's been great getting to know you in the KaJen AT, and the random MSN convos we've been part of has been a lot of fun as well. ;)

happy birthday, hun!
And have a FANTASTIC year!

Lova ya!

Aditi :)


Happy Birthday potato ooops Alu
Wish a successful n properous life ahead. You r a very sweet gal nd an awesome friend. Sometimes a li'l crazy too which i lobe ? . Always be like this babes. Love Ya loadss n Happy Bday once again.

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siddhika_ksg IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 September 2005
Posts: 7802

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:31pm | IP Logged

hey alu
Happy birthday aliya..!! Have a great bday and ofcourse have a great year ahead 
HOpe ur madness let me state new madness for KSG continues this whole year lolz 
and yes ofcourse u wanted a article lolz i dnt knw whether u will get one or nt but let me tell u tht atleast KSG came onscreen for a little bit before ur bday 
so be happy in tht :) 

u r a gud person by heart and always remain the same
and continue being mad for KSG and i like tht rofl 

Have fun this bday and have lost of cake frm my behalf also 
happy bday once again 
frm amby

Happy Birthday Aliya!! Hope you have a wonderful day and may you have lots to smile about in the coming year. Its been great knowing you and I think what I find the most interesting about you is how you can go from the most positive person to the most pessimistic one (and vice versa) and tbh it did make me feel better when you had your positive hat! Just want to wish you all the best! God bless you with lots of happiness. Hope all your dreams come true! 

Lots of love,


ALU! Happy burday love! May God bless you and give you everything you want! I hope this birthday and this new year brings you lots and lots of love, success, happiness, and good health! Dude what can I say about you :| I just love you so much! You're an amazing person! I love how you're so sweet and funny and loving as well! Talking to you just makes me feel soo Idk relieved LOL! I'm so glad we became such good friends.. you're very special to me! Oh and I love how lately we've been so bitchy to each other LMFAO with our MSN smiley faces but hey, ILY 2345 raised to infinity! We got lots of KSG news (I bet the SBS segment was specially for your burday tehe) and I hope we get more LOL because I know how excited you are about all of this! So happy burday once again! Enjoy, party hard, eat cake and SEND ME SOME okie! =) MUAH! Always stay like the beautiful Alu you are because I looooooveeeeee you! ? ?

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses.. 
Noru .. ??

Happy Birthday to youu,
Happy Birthday to youuu,
Happy Birthday dear Aliya,
Happy Birthday to youuu!
May all your wishes come true, and God bless you with a lot of happiness, joy, love, good health, success, and a stress free life(we all need that don't we? ;). You're a sweet girl, and I hope this birthday is special for you! A new year, a new beginning, new memories :D Enjoy your special day to fullest!

Aluuuuuuuuuuuuuu my Kachaaaluuuuuu Heart
Happy Birthdayyyyy babyyyy HeartHeart
I Love u so so so so much tehe
U r one of my closest friends
nd i cant bear to not talk to u even a single day...
I love our random skype dates nd our oh so popular "bitching sessions"
We are partners in crime tehe nd I love our overworkig minds
I Love Love Love having KSG drooling sessions with u
and jaise maine pehle bhi kaha hai I love this side of u the best "aliya ksg" ;)
I am sure tht i will make u stick to your "new years resolution "
tehe cause it very well works for me....nd i kinda believe tht its already workin.....whooo
I have told this to u before nd intend to do the same thing today too...u look really really beautiful....nd the specs tht i saw on our latest skype date made u look all the more adorable <3 <3
U R like one of my main saharas on the days i feel really low nd irritated nd i love the way u meake me feel better everytime....
I love to wakeup to see a fbook text on my mobile from u its like become a routine for me and i love tht a lot...
I can never forget our crazzzzyyyy msn chat on one fateful day of october that got us so much closer....
It is said happy times get u closer well for us our depression did the thing and nw its as if we dont een need to really speak bout nything and we understand each others mood with our famous "msn emoties"
Nd i want to also say tht on this day i would also like to thank your I phone...lmfaooo its been a gr8 factor in helping us get closer so thanku alu's Iphne...I love u....ROFL
ok now i guess enough of my bakbak...i have written a lot so u better be contented nd nt give me those dhamkis of ur...lmao
Have an Awesummm birthday baby <3
and may all ur dreams nd wishes come true...
May u get all the love, luck, hapiness and sucess cause  deserve all of it...
U r a pure soul and I Love u sooo soo much...
May u get to meet KSG soon\tehe
May Almighty's best blessings
Be showered on your birthday!
Wish you a great Happy Birthday! 
Muuuaaaahhh Have an awesum day Heart
Love Ya 
Siddhika Heart
A vm i tried making for u Heart

Thanku so much Komal and Mehakiiiii for makin the special Divider Kajen Siggies <3 <3

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siddhika_ksg IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 September 2005
Posts: 7802

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Komal and me thought of compiling all ur (Alu's) birthday messages in a vid :D
so here it is, hope you llike it :D

Happy Birthday once again <3

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scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 October 2009
Posts: 15060

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday once again Alu!!! Have a great day...enjoy n have fun mwaah LY <3

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ShimzAR4EVER IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 February 2010
Posts: 10508

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
omg aluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... i came across this page thanks to facebook! hehehe

anywayz..i wish u allllllllllll the best in wateva u do..muah sweety..u are rockstar and the eminem of the KAJEN AT! love u sweetheart!!! 

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dua_44ever IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 February 2009
Posts: 9263

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
DancingHappy Birthday Aliyaaaa PartyDancingPartyDancing
Have a fantabulous day...Enjoy and may all your 
dreams and wishes come true, Ameen! Heart

BTW, beautiful thread Siddhi - Excellent job Clap

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 January 2010
Posts: 35010

Posted: 03 January 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Happyyy Birthday Alu <3
I hope you have a wonderful day ,party hard and please leave us some cake LOLL LOL
You are the sweetest person I have known I hope you are like that always !
Loads of lovee
P.S - Beautiful work on the thread Siddhi and Komal <3

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