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Predictions for Bolly couples in 2011 (Page 2)

-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
ya so you saying ranbir's been with priyanka as well cause there were stories of that too ! and ranbir cleared it all out on KWK he is not seeing katrina it takes more then guts to date salman's gf those were his world ! deepika sonam priyanka and latest nargis out of the 4 he has confrimed deepika which he was in relationship together !  media helloo !

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I love how these bolly predictions change over time. Just over a year ago, every prediction said saif and kareena were too unstable and that they would just be better off being friends coz some planet wasnt common between em, lol
ajooni IF-Rockerz

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Posting a prediction which has come true...some things said are quite accurate..Ranbir getting involved in construction(He is building a multiplex where his house stood)..
P.S. I dont believe in predictions..they come true only 50% of the times..and those 50 % get hooked..that is the HOOK!
.. Should one start calculating the  numerelogical numbers of names..dates of birth of partners before venturing into professional or personal partnerships..HOW STUPID
Ranbir Kapoor may not be Deepika Padukone's Sawariya

Ranbir Kapoor, the son Bollywood's celebrity couple Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh, and Deepika Padukone have given a flying start to their career together with their movies releasing in the same month. The gossip industry is working overtime with the clouding rumors of Sawariya and Shanti's love affair. The fire of gossip has received flame after Deepika has shifted her house near Ranbir's bungalow Krishna-Raj at Pali Hill Bandra.

Let's unearth their compatibility through our numerological analysis.

Ranbir Kapoor was born on September 28, 1982 and Deepika Padukone's birth date is January 5, 1986.

Compatibility of Birth number

Ranbir's Birth number is 1, which depicts that he is a original thinker and lives on mental plane uninterested in physical labor. But he prefers to handle things in his own way. Whereas Deepika's birth number is 5, reflecting that she is not the initiator yet the quickness of mind and versatility makes her capable of doing anything successfully. She can be very versatile and outgoing and does not like dullness and long time bondage of any kind.

The combination of 1 and 5 are sometimes positive as leadership of 1 may combine with constructive freedom of number 5 but sometimes becomes very complex as selfishness of number 1 may conflict with versatility of number 5.

Compatibility of Life path number

Both of them have life path number is 3 ruled by Jupiter. So both of them are talented, versatile, lively but restless. In private life both of them being passionate and impulsive, enjoy conjugal bliss but they are proud and do not like to be obligated to others. They have a strong love for personal freedom, so much so that any joint venture appears a limitation and is likely to be unsuccessful. Ranbir being number 3 life path number man achieves a lot through his talents while Deepika being 3 Life path number woman is very charming, clever and lucky but their headstrong actions will not let them live together.

Compatibility of Heart number

Ranbir's heart number is 8 so he loves power, position and wealth. With executive ability and businesslike approach he is capable of big accomplishments. But he can be too exacting, dominating and stubborn. He may be negligent towards his romantic and loving nature for the sake of materialism and he would like his mate to be capable, ambitious and free of weakness like himself.

Deepika's heart number is 4 so she desires to be result oriented and practical in everything. No doubt she is responsible and reliable. But she looks for stability and security in life rather than romanticism and would like her partner to share responsibilities.

The combination of heart number 4 and 8 is negative as the practicality of 4 combined with materialism of 8 produces ego-centric nature and rigidness.

Compatibility of Name number

Ranbir's Name number comes to 4 so he is destined to take the responsibilities and other will depend on him for help and support. Construction, organization and management may keep him occupied for the rest of his life and many a time the problems of beloved ones and limitations in life may irritate him.

Deepika's name number is 1 so she is destined to be a leader in her field of work. If she can avoid the negative aspect of number 1 like egotism and selfishness others will look upon her for guidance and direction. She is born to become an outstanding person in her life.

Name numbers 1 and 4 go well with each other. It's a positive combination as leadership of 1 combines well with practicality of number 4.

Numbers currently in influence

In Ranbir Kapoor's name r of the first name and r of the second name is operating currently. So he is under the influence of event number 4. He will be constructive, systematic, practical and down to earth in his approach. But because of lack of imagination and having fixed ideas he may appear a bit stubborn and unworkable to others, which might affect his relationship adversely.

In Deepka Padukone's name I of first name and 'O' of second name are operating. She is under the influence of event number 8 so she is working for a cause and materializing ambition through good organizational abilities.

Ranbir is under 1st Pinnacle and the number in influence is 1 so he will show his individuality and will try to stand on his own feet without showing resentment and egotism.

Deepika is also under first pinnacle and number in influence is 6 so love affairs, care of family and business matters are the prominent features of this progressive period.

Future prediction

Considering all these factors it seems very obvious that despite having attraction for each other both are working for their own goals and fulfilling their own desires and are very different from each other. The relationship is not for long-term tie but to achieve individual goals.

Ganesha's Grace,

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ajooni IF-Rockerz

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Another 2008 prediction..Salman & Katrina

Voted as the 'world's sexiest woman', Katrina Kaif is a name which almost guarantees a 'hit' tag going by the record of her last few films. Noted astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts - Will this streak continue for the lucky mascot? Born on 16th July 1984, Katrina is a Number 7 in numerology ruled by Numbers 2&7 (Moon&Neptune), Numbers 2&7 again (Cancer ' ruling planet Moon&Neptune)&Number 5 (Mercury - 1 + 6 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9).

"Katrina will be entering her 25th year (2 + 5 = 7) which is amongst her best numbers and she will continue to rock till atleast a year. The years 2008 ' 2009 also add up to Number 1&2 respectively which will add to her successful stint. Her next release Singh Is Kinng will do excellent business.

Bhavikk adds "Katrina will discover her spiritual side this year and most of her decisions will be from her heart rather than her mind. She should not trust anyone so easily. Her first 'yog' of marriage also starts this year i.e. if she wants to, not with Salman though." But then what about Sallu-Kat serio-tonic love saga!

He continues on a serious note, "Yes! Their relationship will not (or rather should not) culminate into marriage. They (read their individual numbers) aren't compatible with each other and they are likely to have a difference of opinion at every step." But then what will happen to the hottest B-town couple!

Bhavikk seems not willing to comment on the matter any more. "Wearing an 'Emerald' above 4 carats will surely help her with having a sharper memory and better communicative skills especially in Hindi" concludes Bhavikk.

In 2009

Bad Numerology Prediction for Salman-Katrina Jodi

Bollywood's Barbie Doll, Katrina Kaif will turn 26 tomorrow i.e. July 16. She had entered the industry at the age of 20, and ever since then, the actress has been constantly questioned about her relationship with Salman Khan.

Bhavikk Sanggvhi, an Astro numerologist talking about Kats personal life says that, destiny doesn't store her marriage with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

"On the personal front, Katrina will not marry Salman and if she does, then it will not last long. They are completely different persons. Salman is a Number 9 (December 27, 1965) ruled by Mars (Number 9), Number 8 (Saturn ' Capricorn) and Number 6 (Venus), while Katrina is born on July 16, 1984 which makes her a Number 7 (Neptune) person in numerology. Being ruled by Number 7, she is also ruled by Number 2 (Moon) as these two numbers always go hand in hand. She is a Cancerian (ruler Moon and Neptune ' Numbers 2 and 7 again) and her destiny number adds up to 9 (Mars). They share just the Number 9 in common but nothing else. Numbers 7 and 9 do not gel well with difference of opinion being the main negative aspect. They both are different people with no similar ideologies but can be friends for sure." says Bhavikk

We hope this will not come true and will not affect the romantic life of this Jodi and this time Salman will retain this relationship longer.

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ajooni IF-Rockerz

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Prediction 2007 Saif & Kareena
Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Oh No! (God bless)

No matter if Shahid feels like a martyr and Saif feels like a Hero but Bebo is in limelight! As Ganesha had predicted before, Saif has opened his mouth about this relationship with Sun's entry in Scorpio and has started talking about the relationship with bold and non committal statements like 'I am committed!' Bebo is not ready to open her heart in front of media, Alas!

Saif Ali Khan is born on 16th August 1970 and Kareena Kapoor is born on 21st September 1980.
Ganesha notes that Saif is a Leo and Kareena is a Virgo. Leos are often attention seeking being ruled by Sun and Virgos are highly practical as well calculative, being ruled by Mercury, so to say. Moreover, Saif being born on 16th August is under the influence of second Decanate of Leo, ruled by intense and energetic Mars. Bebo being born on 21st September is influenced by Venus!

Remember John Gray's book 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'? After going much in depth, Ganesha thinks this is one reason why Bebo and Saif are attracted towards each other. Leo and Virgo, their signs are in 2:12 relationship and in such relationships, lovers are unable to understand each other's style and expectations in love. In case of Leo and Virgo relationship, Ganesha feels that they will require lots of adjustments. Although it is not very unfriendly, it is neither a very amicable relationship.

Ganesha has studied this relationship's future in more details using following table:

Planets mentioned in this table are as per Sidereal Astrology (Vedic) System.


Kareena€™s Planets

Saif€™s Planets


Saturn (Fallen-Debilitated)







Mars (Fallen-Debilitated)


Jupiter (Combust)

Mercury, Ketu



Mercury (Exalted)


Saturn (Combust)


Venus (Fallen-Debilitated)















Ganesha observes that Bebo's Venus falls on Saif's Mars and Sun. This is a strong reason why they are attracted towards each other. As the sign indicated here is Cancer and this sign signifies home and domestic matters, they may be desiring deep intense love leading to establishment of 'home sweet home'. On the other hand, Bebo's strong Rahu falling on Saif's Sun indicates that Saif will have to keep away from controversies and tensions. Saif may remain under stress while going around with her. Like Kareena's Venus falls on Saif's Sun, Saif's Venus falls on Kareena's Sun! Amazing, isn't it? This in line with Jupiter Ketu combination in Leo found in this Synastry (Match), Ganesha feels that there is something Karmic between both of them.

Kareena's Stellium of planets Sun, exalted Mercury, Pluto and Combust Saturn falling on Saif's Pluto and debilitated Venus indicates that Kareena will have 'reins in hand' in this relationship although Saif is a Leo by Sun sign appearing to be leading in this relationship, by Sun sign! No wonder he would be guided by Kareena in many matters but under these circumstances, Ganesha also feels that if this relationship lasts long and gets converted into 'divine conjugal bliss', Saif may feel restricted by Bebo and may seek 'freedom'. However, with debilitated Venus, although he denies his image as a womanizer, he may start looking for 'freedom' in case of love matters too!

Mars and Jupiter combination in Libra seems fine for both of them. It may also prove good for their careers, as the combination happens in Libra.

Although time of birth is not available, Ganesha has taken Moon into consideration which was in Capricorn for both of them at the time of Sunrise. This is again agreeable point provided Moon sign is different.

Considering all the points explained above, Ganesha feels that although there are many astrological reasons for both of them to get attracted towards each other. In this case, Kareena is the Driving force and with Rahu's return in Saif's chart, he has come across this Karmic sort of a relationship. Moreover, Saif is about to return Venus return. Therefore, 4th to 30th November 2007 - transit of Venus through Virgo is decisive phase for Saif and here he may get inspired to take some decisions in regard to the relationship.

In short, Ganesha finds this match to be average and not highly agreeable as per Sun Signs and Vedic Astrology System both but because Venus and Mars are strongly represented in the reading of the match, this is more like infatuation. Mars and Venus are so strongly represented in this 'astrological duet' that Ganesha is not surprised to read the news that a photographer caught the 'Nawab Saab's prodigy Saif' and 'Sexy Baby's Sexy Sis Kareena Bebo' smooching and hugging.

Ganesha wishes that this doesn't prove to be a Tashan of 'Bollywood Stars'.

Ganesha's Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team
pooja_l IF-Rockerz

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blah blah again
desigal90 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 11:54pm | IP Logged

Concerning Saif and Kareena:

"In short, Ganesha finds this match to be average and not highly agreeable as per Sun Signs and Vedic Astrology System both but because Venus and Mars are strongly represented in the reading of the match, this is more like infatuation."
Infatuation lasting this long?
ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged
a load of Censored

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