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FF:: | Tere Naam | (Chap 30-PG17- 16th Feb!) (Page 4)

Lubz.TaAnu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged
You're welcomeeee Deeps, glad you liked it.Smile Will add more later on tonightWink

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deeps07 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Lubz89

You're welcomeeee Deeps, glad you liked it.Smile Will add more later on tonightWink

eagerly waiting for it..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay DreamingDay Dreaming....

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Lubz.TaAnu IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter Five.

"Madam, humme chalna chaye" Shilpa told her
"Ji" Taani replied and sheapproached Anurag and bent down to his level. "Onu? Main jaa rahi hoon abhi, lekin main kal subha ajaoonghi, hm?" she smiled faintly. Anurag looked into her eyes and saw something. Something that he knew all too well in himself. Loneliness. This woman was lonely.

As an impulse, he held onto the chain in his fist tightly. He didn't want her to take it with her. It was his. She noticed his grasp and smiled. "yeh tu rakhle" she told him leaning forward to touch his cheek before getting up. She turned to leave when she felt someone tug at her pallu.

She heard a kind of whimper coming from the same direction and turned to see Anurag looking right up at her, her pallu in his hand.

He didn't know the woman. He didn't really like her. But she had a sense of familiarity about her. And if she left, he'd be all alone. He hated being alone.

Kendey ne naina,
Tere kol rehna
Kendey ne naina

Taani saw the look of desperation in his eyes and gently touched his hair, soothingly. "sojaa" she told him "main kal aoonghi" she assured him and for some reason he believed her. She seemed to be telling the truth. She took her pallu from his hand and walked out, but not before turning to him at the door as he looked up at her. She gave him a little wave and he found himself waving back before she left the room and the door locked behind her, leaving him with just his thoughts.

"Usne tujhe pehchaana?" Subodh asked her that night when she called him from the hotel.
"Thoda sa"
"Thoda sa? Matlab?" he asked, confused
"Matlab ke usse lagta zaroor tha ke main uski Taani hosakti hoon. Lekin jo sabne usse kaha, ke main margayi, to vo kitni dehr se is sach ko pakrahua hai? Thoda waqt to lagegha na?"
"Aur teri shooting?" he asked "uska kya hoga?"
"Vo maine cancel kardiya" she told him
"Haan Subodh. Onu ko meri sabse ziyada zaroorat hai. Main usse chorke kaise jaasakti?"
"Acha" he sighed "ab tu soja. Subha phir jaana hai milne ke liye, na?"
"Haan. Bye Subodh"
"Bye" he said and Taani ended the call.

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deeps07 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
lubzz...awesome yaar...Thumbs Up....i loved it....Day Dreaming.....
anu doesnt want taani to leave...he is reacting...TongueEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....cant wait to read the next part....Day DreamingDay Dreaming...
and lubzz...a special tnahnks to u for the long one and the double updates...DancingEmbarrassed

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Lubz.TaAnu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Here's another chapter for today. Hope you enjoooy. =]

Chapter Six.

Taani followed Shilpa to his room and waited for her to unlock the door. She walked into the room to see Anurag was sleeping peacefully. She smiled.

She walked over to him and bent down, touching his forehead. She saw he had put her chain around his neck and smiled. He sat up like a shot. He yelled and turned to see the strange woman was there.
"Onu? Kya hua? Main yahaan hoon" she said and he sat back, away from her. Against the wall.

Why was this woman saying she was here? She wasn't his Taani, so why was she saying that when at that moment he wanted his Taani? "kohi bura sapna aaya tha kya?" she asked but he ignored her. He looked up at his window.

Taani decided not to press the matter. "acha, chor" she said inviting herself to sit next to him, on his right as he sat close to the wall. "Maine Dr se poocha aur unho ne kaha ke main tujhe thodi dehr ke liye bahar lejaasakti hoon." she told him "tu chalegha na mere saath?" she asked and he got up and walked upto the window.

He had longed to go out for so long. To escape the claustrophobia of the four walls that enclosed him. To go where he and his Taani used to go together like the waterfall. Here he was getting a chance. Taani got up and stood with him. "tu chalegha?" she asked again and he nodded, still looking out of the window. "theek hai" she smiled "to chal. Hum abhi chalte hain" she said and he turned to her and followed her gaze to the open door, where Shilpa, their chaperone was stood outside it. "chal" she said and slowly walked towards the door, at his pace, as he walked beside her. She walked out of the door and turned to Anurag.
"Chalo Anurag" Shilpa smiled. He stepped out of the room slowly and he walked alongside the strange lady, who continued to walk with him, in silence.

They walked out of the gates and Anurag admired the outdoors. He had been locked up for so long that he hadn't realised how beautiful the world really was.

Taani walked on as Anurag stood and stared then she came to a halt when she saw a kulfi stand and smiled to herself before turning to see him looking around: "Onu? Tu kayegha?" she asked and he looked at her, shaking his head. She shrugged. "theek hai. Main khud kaathi hoon" she said turning her back to him and asked for a kulfi from the vendor. Anurag slowly approached her and saw the vendor hand her a kulfi. He looked over her shoulder to see the kulfi in her hand and licked his lips. It had been ages since he had last tasted a kulfi. He had forgotten what they tasted like.

He slowly reached over Taani's shoulder to grab it, making Taani smile to herself before turning to him. "tu to kehraha tha ke tujhe nahi kana" she reminded him and he looked away. "theek hai" she said giving him hers. He looked at the kulfi in Taani's hand. "lena hai to lele" she said and he took it from her.

She smiled as she watched him eat it in one go. He turned to her for more, holding his hand out. "aur?" she chuckled and he nodded, holding his hand out. "agar tu aur kayegha to tu pehle jaisa motu hojayegha"

Again. The familiarity. How did she know he used to be chubby when he was younger? There was something about this woman. He turned away. "acha, yeh le" she said putting another one in front of him. "Lekin agar tu bimaar hoga na, to yeh nahi kehna ke maine tujhe bataya nahi, acha?" she asked and he nodded, half-listening to what was being said but eating the kulfi that was in his hand before asking for more.

"Chal, ab vaapas chalte hain" Taani told him, putting her hand on his back and leading him back towards the Asylum.

Usually, if someone even came near him, he'd push them away. Just like he did with this woman the other day. Why was he beginning to enjoy her company? Why did he feel as comfortable around her as he did with his Taani. Who was this woman?

All of a sudden Anurag began sneezing.
"Mujhe pata tha!" she tutted and he looked up at her as they walked into his room. "mujhe pata tha ke tu bimaar zaroor hoga. Kyunke tu apne baare meh sochte kahaan ho?" she asked, shaking her head as she sat him down on the mattress. She turned to Shilpa. "aapke paas kohi davai hai yahaan?"
"Main abhi dekhti hoon"
"Acha" she smiled and turned back to Anurag.

"Onu, tu jaldi se theek hoga na, to hum vaapas apne ghar jayenghe, acha?" she told him and he looked up at her, confused. What was she talking about?
"Madam"  Shilpa said walking back in with the bottle.  Taani smiled befo
re taking it off her. "Yeh le" she said showing Anurag the medicinal syrup.

She bent down to his level. "tu isse kayegha to cheekna bilkul band hoga Onu. To kya kehta hai? Kayegha?" she asked and he took the bottle from her. She was nice, but he couldn't let her get too close. He loved Taani. Only Taani. And she wasn't her.

Taani got up and stood by the window, watching as Anurag struggled to pour the syrup into the lid. He trembled and the syrup went everywhere. "Main karoon?" she asked and he looked up at her. She waited for him to call her over. And he did. He gave her a nod before she made her way over, taking the bottle and it's lid off him.

"Yeh le" she said as Anurag watched her pouring the syrup into the cup with perfection and a smug smile on her face. Anurag looked away. She was showing off too much. Just like his... No, she wasn't like his Taani. She wasn't. She was just this woman who kept visiting him for no reason. He couldn't let her get too close to him.

Taani held the lid out in front of him, waiting for him to drink it. He took it from her in both of his hands "theek hai, khud peele" she smiled and he drank it.

"Madam?" Shilpa said and Taani looked up, nodding when Shilpa gestured that it was time to leave.
"Acha" shr nodded. "ab Onu, tu sojaa. Main kal aoonghi tujhse milne, acha?" she asked and he nodded. "chalti hoon" she got up and walked out, again, turning to see him oncemore before leaving.

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deeps07 IF-Dazzler

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lovely lubz...Embarrassed...
its simply awesome..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming....anu is sooo cute...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

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Lubz.TaAnu IF-Sizzlerz

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Just a small chapter for now but I've got loads more written. =].

Chapter Seven.

Taani sorted the pallu on the sari she was wearing when her phone rang. It was Subodh. She put it on loudspeaker and put the phone on the bed.

"Haan Subodh bol. Main tiyaar horahi hoon Onu se milne"
"Mujhe abhi Prakash ka phone aaya tha" he told her
"Haan?" she stopped what she was doing when she heard the change in his tone of voice and grabbed the phone, taking it off loudspeaker. "kya hua? Onu theek to hai na?" she panicked
"Haan vo theek hai, lekin.."
"Lekin kya Subodh?"
"Vo baat yeh hai Taani ke.."
"Subodh! Jaldi se bol! Mujhe bohat gabraahat horahi hai"
"Taani. Prakash keh raha tha ke vo Onu ko doosre Asylum main shift karne waale hai"
"Kya?!" she exclaimed "doosre asylum main?"
"Haan. Banglore main"
"Banglore?!" she exclaimed "Lekin Subodh, vo hazaar meelon door hai!"
"Pata hai Taani lekin vo aisa hi karenge.Aur vo bhi aaj shaam ko"
"Aaj shaam?'!" she exclaimed. "Unno mujhe bataya kyun nahi?!" she exclaimed. "mujhe unse baat karni hogi"
"Taani, sun. Baat karne se kya faida hoga? Vo sunenghe to nahi na?"
"Unko sun-na hi hoga Subodh. Main Onu ko apne aap se phir door nahi karsakti"
"Kya kareghi phir?" he asked her
"Pata nahi. Lekin baat to karni pareghi"
"Main tujhe baad meh phone karti hoon Subodh. Bye" she said and ended the call.

She had to stop them. She couldn't let anyone seperate them again.

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hey dear...
interesting concept yaarClap
could you plzzz add me to in the PM listEmbarrassed and plzz update soonEmbarrassed

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