Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars

quick analysis - 3/1/11 (Page 5)

krutiv100 Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
First i want to say that people are saying sushant is trained and so he has advanatge no woder he gets 30 and its not fair to the other contstants. Sushant is trained but not in every dance form..last week what he did must have been a challenege as its the first time he has done it. Krishnais trained too,infact he has been a contestant in two dance reality shows  one of which he has won along with his partner. so its better we watch and support our favs,most celebs have danced before,but these performances depend on the chorogrpaher too..even if sushant does the steps right but they are not in synch woth shampa or his concept is weak or the steps used are not right in the dance,all these things affect performance too.

ok now coming to the performances.

when it started i thought it was going to be good,but i was dissapointed,apart for vrushali the other two lacked face expressions,and the paso double concept was weak in the dance,also they needed shaping up a bit like shekhar need to have crisp-hard movements. Vidya was good.

i loved the munna bhai concept,Saloni was a delight and even though daya forget his steps it was a like malika said a pasia vassol act.

i thought it was brillant,although i liked last weeks performance better,they use the teen to maximum,and they used rashmi's skills to thier advantage,ofcourse concept was unique and i loved the ending  part where sushant lifted both rashmi and shampa and you could see the flag in the three colours. Keep rocking sushant

Ragini-Neerav-Jai -7
i was majorly dissapointed,when last week i found out jai was with ragini i thought they would be fantastic,jai is a brillant dancer and he is trained in a dance form too, plus i've seen him on tv performing in stage shows and he is really good, so i was dissapointed that his skills were not used at all,the concept was intresting,but i felt because neerav and jai were joined at the waist aage peeche,the movements were restriced,if they had been joined side by side they could have moved with more ease,all jai did was move a little and lyp synch and at then came out at the end to stand....
Ragini was really good,expressions where good and her solo part was emotional but i liked it. i was confused because in the vt shown before jai said that they were going to use his and ragini's onscreen chemitry to bond (and attract) with the audience to thier dance however in the performance was ragini not in love with neerav?? im slighyly confused?

this is just my opnion and i don't mean to offend ir upset anybody. Sorry

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EatPrayLove Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nikitagmc

@EatPrayLove: Sushant was basically a sort of peace messenger/concerned citizen/ peace loving man (you can interpret it in any way you want). The two girls signified the religious fanatics who fight and cause so many problems in our country bcos of which the common peaceloving man suffers. He tries to explain to them but they fight. Later when he starts dying (peace starts dying out) they realise what they have done and the nationality within them and run to save things before its too late. (This is the way I interpreted it) In the end it says that peace and humanity is the best religion of all- cos it binds us all. Clap

Hey thanks ! That makes a lot of sense. Just watched the performance again and loved it totally this time!

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pari2386 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
My analysis : :

3rd jan :
1) Sushant -Shampa & Rashmi :10++/10  -   It was once again a super-duper hit performanceClap . I was  actually lil scared when I saw the promos that whether Rashmi would be able to match with these two in contemporary form since her forte is indian ; But Shampa had worked hard on her dancing as much as sushants one. it was such a smooth free-flowing act and definitely I found some 'Terrence lewis' touch in the act since shampa has been working with himWink
once again best act of the day  ; and my special hats off to Rashmi for supporting sushant & shampa so well

2)Daya -Vrushali & saloni : 8/10 - Keeping Daya's  limitations in mind as well as taking Vrushalis illness into considerations I feel they did a pretty good job. There were many acting parts but there was enough dancing to support it. Salonis expressions were really cute and vrushali despite of her condition performed very well. All in all it was a cutee performance; not excellent or mindblowing but a decent act  .

3)Raagini -Nirav & Jay : 7.5 /10 - The concept; characterizations , emotions which  three of them potrayed through their expressions were simply beautiful . But sadly the concept wasnt potrayed through the dance as per required . I agree due to the sayamese twin concept it was difficult to insert dance moves but then afterall its a dance based show and plus I feel the 'tadka' i.e Jay wasnt utilized properly in this whole act . Brilliant concept but there was indeed very less dancing .Raagini was simply excellent ; the brilliant actress in herself was the highlight of this whole act

4) Shekhar -Preeti & Vidya : 7/10 - IMO shekhar has been improving every week as a dancer. In this performance ; he tried to catch the Pasa doble attitude quite well; his postures were almost 75% time correct and energy was good but the girls couldnt support him well. The lifts were very clumsy and in between there were co-ordination errors IMO

Jan 4th :

1) Yana -Salman & Aishwarya : 10++/10 - simply beautiful act . I actually did not expect that Aishwarya would be so good in dancing. It looked as if shes been dancing for years . The concept ; choreography was outstanding. Lifts were beautiful ; expressions of all 3 were very sweet and formations were very clean . All in all  they did complete justice to the modern contemporary form ; this was IMO the best trio act of the whole week ! well done Smile

2) Maahi-Savio&Vikrant : 8.5/10 - Vikrant really proved to be a lucky mascot for Maahi ! I had started getting scared after her last weeks performance that she might be the next one to get eliminated but she literally bounced back ! It was indeed a full-too-dhamaal act ; concept was interesting, co ordinations between three of them were very good . characterizations were too good; only part in which they lagged behind was that  steps were little bit simpler as compared to  some other performances but very much entertainign act . For the first time Maahi gave justice to Savios wonderful choreography Smile

3) Ankita -Nisshant & Nandish  : 8.5/10  -  Concept - brilliant ; choreo- very good  . Performancewise IMO Ankita was the best out of three . She did a wonderful job in caryying off such a difficult form . Her dancing had more clarity as compared to her past performances . Nandish had more of acting portions than dance ones in which he did very well; I just wish Nishant would have made him dance little more and use the 'Tadka' correctly ; but otherwise it was a brilliant attempt by 3

4) chang-marisha& neha : 8/10 - Chang was the highlight of the dance; hes been really improving week after week. He had the attitude of disco-star ; expressions were very cute but again two girls couldnt match up to him.Neha from what I have seen of her in Nachle ve seemed to be a good dancer but here her moves din have clarity and enough energy . Not only her ; but also Marisha despite of being a choreographer did not have clarity in her moves and the steps she had composed were lil repetitive . So IMO chang-very good , Marisha -neha  not so impressive Tongue

5) Krushna -Robin & Sarita ji : 7/10 - As much as I love Krushna and sarita ji ; this was indeed a very scattered and clumsy performance. Sarita ji for her age was infact very good. Watever moves she had been given she did them well. But Krushna and robins portions were looking misco-ordinated and underrehersed. Overall ; underprepared act thats y did not impress much Confused

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-Rinki- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
I seriously loved Sushant's performance :) It had a 'concept' unlike the others & there was dance too again unlike the others! Wait, I did like Yana's performance too ;)

Ragini seriously disappointed me. It did have the feelings and everything but damn I didn't get to see her dance. Like Remo said their performance could have got 30 with those expressions and concept but dance was not there.

I really disliked Mahi's performance. Not really but then um WAS THAT DANCE?! That was like jumping. Oh okay the style was Bollywood but then I love Mahi but then damn, I didn't like the performance :| But yeah, she performed well :)

I liked Chang's performance..The co-ordination did lack at times but then I actually liked the choreography and the way they did it.

Can't wait for the Street Dancing theme episodes!!

- Rinky

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seert IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
@seert: Sushant is definitely not overconfident. He said he joined JDJ to get more disciplined (at this scene he pointed to his growing tummy) and then he said that in all these weeks I will lose weight as I dance, so calculating in this manner, by the finals (if he reaches there) I'll lose so much weight that I can show off my body in a shirtless dance. The emphasis here was not about reaching finals but about losing weight. The statement was a naive one, and Sushant has always been a very fun loving, witty guy. If you've seen his earlier interviews, you will understand what I mean. He is pretty modest, and always acknowledges that he has got a lot to learn.

Every time after giving a good performance, he always asks the audience respectfully for votes that 'please vote for me'. There's never any overconfidence, despite him knowing very well that he is easily the most popular person on the show and has a very good chance of winning. Even in the last episode, when asked that do you feel now that you have almost won JDJ, he immediately said that no, I still work very hard for each performance and concentrate on that only. And we all have read and seen how hard he is working.

Even in the end of that episode, when he got locking and popping as dance form, he got so nervous, (even though his choreo was dancing with glee) whereas going by your criteria- that he is overconfident and knows Sony is going to make him win- he shouldn't have been so nervous na?

What I want to say is, for one moment of 'supposed overconfidence' I can pin-point a lot of moments of sheer modesty. Anyone who has read past interviews or seen his videos knows well that he is not overconfident, simply a bit naive and very fun-loving and witty and makes jokes and statements casually. Most of the times he makes jokes on himself.

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
I don't think Sushant is overconfident at all.He is coming across as someone who is really enjoying this reality show and wants to do his best ...
He is giving good inputs , getting the dances right , enjoying the team work with his choreographer ..
More than anything he comes across as someone who wants to do the best in every  act and not just dance wise but he is even trying to give the act a story line .Both him and his choreographer are working together as a good team .
He is also enjoying the whole atmosphere of JDJ, he is happy with the judges ,specially Madhuri  giving him hugs ...He is just having fun  and doing some really good work as well and I am happy for him ....

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-monica- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
ya, totally agree with niki and tanya di whatever they said about sushant..
Sushant is never over confident. He always tries to give his best in any performance. He works really hard. He is very modest and fun loving guy.
You guys should watch or read his interviews. Then only you can understand why i am saying so.

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