FF...I'll make you love me!! chap 9 pg 15 14 june (Page 6)

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brilliant concept dear !! really loved reading your ff!Thumbs Upboth the chapters made me cherish the "golden" earliar days..  love krishna's obsessivenes  Wink and would like to see how poor prats will react on this..... please do update soon as nowadays ff parh ke hi dil behlana padta haiCry plaese make it soonSmile 
 Smile your FF is the reason which made me to  come & log on the forum after ages Smile thnax dear !!

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hello!! 1stly a bajillion thnx to everyone who like and commented on this ff! i an happy to announce that the next chap will be up in a few minutes....and one more thing.....i am creating a pm list so u guys know when i if u wanna be in it just leave a comment or a msg or anything like dat! once again plzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment, criticize, like, wateva u feel like but plzzz lemme know wt u feel about the ff..!!! love u all n enjoy!!!
and cud some1 plz temme how do to send people pmz in 1 go without having to copy paste the msg individually for every1 if they r not in my buddy list??? plzzz msg me wid the ans if any1 knows!! thnx in advance!!

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ok so these guys asked me to pm them whenever i if u want to me 2 do the same 4 u guys den plz just lemme know!! lovess!!
RoKa PraNeev

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okay so u know the drill!!!! enjoy!!!
Chapter 3

That night both of them couldn't sleep, but for different reasons ofcourse. Krishna was
baffled by her beauty and saw her everywhere regardless of his eyes being close or
open! And on the other hand, Pratigya was shaken to the core by the day's events. She
was too scared to tell anyone at home and she knew, not doing just that could make it
harder for her to deal with him. But nonetheless, she couldn't gather enough courage to
tell them. She thought it was best to consult Rolly about the whole situation and she
would know what to do and how.
In the morning, as Pratigya looked at the dress and the accesories he had chosen for
her, she was unsure whether to wear them or not. She ofcourse didn't want him to think
he could boss her around like this if she wore them, but she didn't want to face his
anger by not wearing them aswell. She kept on staring and thinking when she heard her
mom call her name out and thats when she realised she was getting late; so she decided
to wear some of the things and not all. She nervously took quick, small steps and her
mind was riddled with thoughts on what she would do when she would face him today. 
"Hey Pratigya!" someone called out her name, she turned around and saw Rolly hurriedly
running towards her. "I've been calling out your name for so long. Why weren't you
stopping?? You know......" Rolly started talking but Pratigya quickly held her hand tight
and looked at her with teary eyes, thats when Rolly knew something was wrong. Pratigya
told her everything and she  was shocked. She never expected Krishna to do such stuff
and that too for a girl. It was time for class and they decided it was best to use the
back entrance to the campus and Rolly told her to avoid him as much as she could. They
thought he would give up on his own after trying for sometime, atleast they hoped he
would. Both of them quickly entered the campus, just then a student came up to Rolly
and told her that a professor was calling her and she had to move right away. She asked
 Pratigya to go to the class and save them seats. She wanted to argue but Rolly
explained it's difficult to get seats at the front if late, so she unwillingly agreed.
Pratigya took a deep breath to calm her nerves as she saw her leaving and started to
walk towards the class.
'Tumein kaise, main bataun....Tumine kaise main kahun...'
She heard him sing. She nervously turned around and saw him sitting on his bike with
his friends. He had a knowing smile on his lips. "See guys, I told you your bhabi is too
shy!! I knew she would use the back entrance, no one could know her more than me!!" he
boasted loudly to them. She knew, indirectly he was trying to make her listen. 'Just
avoid him..' Rolly's words echoed in her ears. So she tried to make a straight face and
started walking towards the class again. "You guys are idiots!! See what you did?? Now
she felt bad as I didn't even introduce her to you! Didn't I ask you to remind me of
doing that?!"  he loudly, fakely scolded them; and jogged towards her. "Hey, hey!! Wait
sweetheart!! What's the hurry?? I know I should've introduced you but...what can I do?
I was too lost in you!!" he jokingly said as he walked right next to her. She didn't even
look at him and just stared at the ground in front of her, increasing her pace. They
entered a coridor which was surprisingly empty. He kept on talking to her about random
things and she just avoided him, not responding at all. As soon as they reached the
middle of the coridor, he pushed her against the wall totally out of the blue. He pushed
her pretty hard and she literally banged against it. Her books and bag fell to the
ground, and her eyes were filled with fear, tears starting to run down her gorgeous
face. He brought his face very close to hers, she turned hers away as she could even
feel his breathing on her lips.
"Turn your face back towards me!" he told rather ordered her in a whispery tone. She
didn't listen to him and just stood there silently crying with her hands pinned against
the wall by him. "Turn or I swear I will kiss you right here right now!" he whispered
even more silently while being even closer to her face. Her eyes widened in shock and
she knew she could not risk this one, slowly she turned to face him but still managed to
look away.  "Now thats more like my girl! Listen to me very carefully..." he said as his
eyes scanned her every feature passionately, but suddenly he noticed something and
stopped. She wasn't wearing the earings he had chosen and this just set him off. "Why
aren't you wearing the earings I chose for you??" his tone got lower again. She tried to
look into his eyes but when she saw the burning rage and passion in his gaze she
couldn't hold the eye contact. He asked her 'why?' a couple of times more in the same
monotone but when she didn't reply he just burst out. "Answer me damn it!" he roared
as he slammed his hand on the wall right next to her face. She couldn't hold back her
sobs now and only managed to led out a soft, feeble 'sorry' in between them. "What?"
he asked in a strict voice. 'Sorry' she repeated again a bit louder this time. "Look at
me!" he told her but in a calmer tone this time. And ofcourse, she couldn't do anything
except listen to him, so she did just that. She saw him smilingly looking at her,
"Sweetheart! I didn't mean to scare you, please stop crying!!" he tried to pacify her as
he wiped her tears off. "Sadness doesn't look nice on your pretty face! That's why I
warned you beforehand, to not to make me angry and everything will be perfect all
around you! But if you do not listen to me, *smiles* let's just say if you're good I'm
very good and if you're bad, then trust me sweetheart..I'm the worst!" he so very
casually threatened her. Pratigya nodded her head up and down when he asked her if
she would listen to him henceforth. He also told her she was to meet him after her class
at the main entrance of the campus, as he had planned a surprise for her. And also
warned her against sitting with any other guy or else......
After saying all this he just stared at her for a couple of minutes and she could feel his
stare cut through her. She eventually gathered the courage to say, "I'm getting late for
class.." in a very weak voice and that's when he snapped out of it. He chuckled a bit and
teased her about how her voice was only as loud as a mouse's squeak when just
yesterday she roared like a tigress. He bent down, and she was taken a back by this
sudden movement. She was trying to figure out what he was upto and just then she saw
him gathering her stuff off the floor and then he stood up and made her wear her bag;
he also handed the books to her aswell.  A pen fell out of her bag and right next to her
foot, she was about to bend down to get it when he signed her to wait and proceded to
get it himself. He picked up the pen and saw her feet, they were small, neatly pedicured
and fitted perfectly in her cute little sandals. He noticed her taking baby steps on the
same spot indicating nervousness. Krishna couldn't help but run his hand across one of
them and she immidiately jumped back. He smiled again, got up, put the pen in her hands
and pointed towards the class and started walking. She was walking slowly behind him
and he noticed that after a couple of seconds, and as soon as he did, he pulled her by
the arm to be just in line with him. They almost reached the class and not a word was
said during the walk there, just as she was about to enter it he pulled her back a couple
of steps. She dreaded her luck again. He lifted his hand upto her face and she tried to
take some steps back but he just pulled her upto him and tantilizingly traced her neck
back to her hair and removed her clip. "I like your hair open!" he announced as he
loosened up her hair a bit after taking it off. He kissed her hair clip and she felt
awkward so she tried to leave but much to her chagrin he pulled her back again. "One
more thing sweetheart! If you don't show up where I told you to today, I will come to
your house again tonight and this time via the front door! And also tell your friend Rolly
avoiding me isn't going to work, I will not let go of you at any cost...any! While you're at
it, ask her what the professor said!" he added. Pratigya understood he was following
her everywhere and it was all his plan to send away Rolly as well. He winked and blew
her a kiss as she stood there shocked and was about to hold her hand again to pull her
but this time she was quicker and ran into the class before he could do so. She entered
the class and was amazed to find it empty. She was confused and suddenly she heard
the door close behind her. She turned around to see Krishna locking the door. "What
are you doing? Where is everyone?" she asked him in a trembling voice.

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hii rani
how r u 
lubblyy updateeeeeee.................krishnaa is alreadyy so possesive but i likee ittt .........awww he idnt sleep the whoe nightt much in lubb .nice ...niceee........
omgg how was the class emptyy and what is krishna up to ......and what abt the surprise ......
update soon 

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Rani... Sweetheart Whr were U ??? Itna intezaar karwaya... But chalo tumhe maaf kiya... Afterall Ek LALLANTAP update jo diya... What can I say... I wish I would be Pratigya in ur FF... Jaldi se next part likhbo... Pls. Thanks for The PM.

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awesome update dear
thanks for the pm
but can u plz add link in the next pm
it makes easier to excess

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hmm.....dnt knw wat 2 say i dnt evn find wrds 2 tell anythng.........................................................twaz awsome....plj update d nxt part soon m eagerly waitin

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