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FF-M&G-**ANIMOSITY** THREAD 3- link to thread 4 (Page 60)

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Part 36


Maan gently strokes geets cheek. She sighed. Blush. His hand was still healing. Geet sofly places few kiss. Maan smirks. He have won her love. She is only his. Just his.
Maan- you are my. Only my. Just my. You are my forever.
Geet smiles- I am yours forever. & ever. She hugs him tight. Her warmth always makes maan week. He looses him self in her smell. There always something special about her. Something he could never explain.
Suddenly there was a knock!
Geet gets up from his lap and takes a seat on the opposite chair.
Maan- come in.
It's Adi. Shive have send all the legal paper for casino transfer. Geet looks through. Everything seemed fine.
Geet- why are you doing this?
Maan- I want to see him under my feet.
Geet- power is not everything. Please control your animosity. It will only destroy you.
Maan- no one destroy maan sing khurana. And that means no one. Maan gets up from his seat & looks out the window. The highest window in deli.
Maan- I own the best. I have the best. I am the best. There are no one who could go beyond me........... His words started to scared Geet. She is in love but this maan is truly insane. His thought is unpredictable. His ideas are beyond Anyones imagination. His life! His life.... I am his life... Is he willing to do anything for me?
Geet gets up and hugs him from the back......

Maan- I posses everything. Everything goes according to me. No one els........ Geet listens to everything. She keeps quit. What type of man is he?

Maan had a meeting that day with Shive. He wanted to taunt him with words. He wanted to torture him with words. Kill him with his angry eyes.
Maan walks in. Flowed by his lady love Geet. Both shakes there hand.
Shive- pleasure to see you maan..... He smirks and looks at geet..... Who looked beautiful in her professional cloths..... & you to Miss Geet Handa.
Maan- mrs khurana. He snaps. He hated the way he was eying his wife. He hated everything about this Shive.
Shive- excuse me!
Maan- I am sure you have met my wife mrs geet khurana.
Geet drinks her saliva back.... She is a mere ordinary girl & here suddenly she be came mrs khurana!... Maan sing khuranas wife! One & only wife! She was about to faint. The worlds greatest business tycoon. A important figure. She suddenly became his wife!
Maan- we haven't announced this yet. I am sure you can keep this secret....... Suddenly shived realized about the paper. He smirked. A dirty smile. Maan could see it clearly but barely noticeable to others.
Shiv- hello mrs khurana! I guess.
Maan- that's right. Shall we continue!
Geet kept quit. This two are expert in this dangerous field. Money.... Power... Position... The main show off. He selling his casino! There must be a big reason and that two world wide. He earns billions everyday! Then why sell this big profit business. Typical business man. Geet thoughts. Fool. But again... Hmm.... Maan is very sharp. Very clever. He may have left him no option... No option at all.
Geet- cleaver freaks!
Maan- hmm! Did you say anything?
Geet jumps. Even her self couldn't here those words. She sighs- no! No!... Carry on as everyone looked at her.
The meeting was long. Geet only observed. There words was like a fire. It wasn't normal meeting at all. Maan have trapped him in every way as possible. Geet looked at him with half open mouth. It's like the way he fooled her to kiss him. She sighed.... God knows how many time she have fallen for maan's dirty tricks. His stupid... no! No... Unexpectable cleaver brain. Geet felt sorry for shiv. He is no where near match. Geet still learning business from maan but seems like Shive have allot to learn before anyone comes to maans level.

As the meeting finished maan holds geets hand walks out. While Adi takes all the file & flowed. Along with security guards.
In the car- you have trapped him in every possible way. Isn't that called Unfair....
Maan- in business Unfair means winning. Maan sing khurana don't consider this to be unfair... It's business. Pure business. You look for profit. He have found profit in my deal & that's why he have considered this deal.... Maan replies to geet.
Geet just couldn't understand this. Was it business or game to show off the power & money!
Geet- what ever! I am hungry.


Like he promised to Geet. He have brought Dadima & Vicky back home. With apology. Geet was In the 7th haven. She couldn't believe her self. Her maan have listened. For the first time. Maybe for there son & her! But still he have listened. That was enough. Geet was so happy. Uncontrolled. She hugs maan tight In there bedroom.
Geet- you have made my day. You have given me everything I wanted. Everything.
Maan gives her a faint smile. That's how far he could possibly go with a smile... Geet slides at the front & brings her lips to kiss him...
Maan- are you happy? He asks. Her happiness was everything to him. His small family. Something he always wanted. His love. His son.. No... Our son.

Geet- more then anything els. More then all those happiness are put to gather..... She cups maans face.... Because you are with me.... Just with me.... She smiles. Maan kisses her forehead & hugs her tight.... Really tight. Feeling her in his arm. Loving her.

Ranbir walks in... Exited to see his mum & dad all happy. Happy. Like he sees other children mum & dad.
Ranbir- pappa.... Mamma... He shouts. Maan smiles and he runs in to there arm. He was having a ice-cream again.
Geet- have you brought him the ice- cream?
Maan- no!
Ranbir- Vicky chacu did.
Geet- go & wash your self. Hurry.
Ranbir leaves his parents & runs to the nanny to clean up.

Maan- I have to go to the office. I have some important work. Geet smiles & nodes....
Geet- jaldi Anna.... She smiles naughtily.

As the day passed there family slowly started to become normal. Geet fancied holiday. After all ranbir is 4 now. Geet wanted to go to USA for holiday. Ranbir was super exited. He started to turn like his dad. Exact style. Exact sharp brain. Even Geet gets fooled by him sometime.... While maan laughs saying- it's maan sing khuranas son after all.
Geet hated it how both father & son always makes her insane. She looks at her tummy talking to her daughter.... Her tummy was still pretty flat. Small... Hardly noticeable bump- I want you out hunny. Soon.
Maan also wanted to visit USA to pay his old enemy a visit. Shive! After he didn't leave any chance to break him & Geet up..... But he forgot one thing. Maan sing khurana always wins. Always.

All 3 of them stood by the entrance to airport. Surrounded by security guards. Press taking photo madly while maan hiding ranbir face. He was on maans arm hugging him by neck.
Geet- Uff! I hate them. How long?
Maan started to get irritated. Why he have to wait for his own private jet? He walks in. One hand holding ranbir while another round geets waist. They made there way.......

This was the first time they really have seen the whole family together. People were shocked.... Hottest angry arrogant... Maan sing khurana have a child!!!!!! That to 4 years. How did no one knew this before.... Girls were just killing Geet...... His love..... Mother of his child......
Finally they makes there way to the jet. Geet takes a shy relive. Ranbir runs off to his little play area. Maan gives Geet a peck- are you alright?
Geet nodes. I hate press. Uff! Just hate them. Maan smiles & brings her close to his embrace.

It was long hour flight. On it's way jet stopped at London Heathrow to refuel while Geet did some small shopping. Then back to jet.....

Eventually they arrives. Maan have brought a house.... Because last time they came... Geet loved the area too much. It's maans gift to her.... This was like there honeymoon... Geet wanted maan to take some day off & spend quality time with her & ranbir..... His sharp brain need some break......

All three slept for whole 2days..... Jet leg. One thing they have in common. Ranbir woke up now and then but Eventually came back to bed & slept with his mum & dad. Apparently his room is to scary....

Maan wakes up & goes to gum while Geet helps ranbir to take a shower... Then makes her way to the breakfast.
Maan comes and hugs Geet from the back. Ranbir was busy playing games... Not giving dam care to his parents romance...,,
He spins her round.... & rests on his knee... Kissing her stomach- how is my daughter?
Geet- baby saying she is fine. Wants pappa to feed mamma. Maan smirks and stands up again... Helping her to eat with his mouth to hers.... Nibbling..... Kissing.....
It took them 40minute to come to the lounge. Ranbir was very angry.
Ranbir- what type of parents are you? Who keeps there son hungry? He was extremely angry! Geet looks at maan! Half confused.
Geet- I gave your breakfast!
Ranbir- no!
Geet- yes! I left it on the side!
Ranbir- no mum. You haven't! Geet started to get confused. And started to look round for plate madly. Meantime Ranbir climbs on maans lap. Smirking.
Ranbir- it's so easy to fool mum. He laughs...
Maan smirks... Loving his wife innocents.... His Geet. Only his....
Geet turns round only to find find both laughing. She fumes but maan puls her to his lap.. & Ranbir climbs on to his mum

Ranbir- you are so sweet mama. You are so easy to fool...
Geet- this is the limit. First thing in the morning....
Maan gives his angry wife a peak- what's my sons fault if you are fooled this easily....


Maan sat on the opposite chair just looking at Geet. Beautiful. He couldn't remove his eyes. He was blinded in love.
Geet- what happen?
Maan- nothing!
Geet- hmm
Maan- we have to go to USA. To see the casino. I mean it's one of the worlds largest one... I want to take you there.
Geets eyes widens. She was supper exited. USA! USA!
Maan- yes... After all I need everything from shiv. Everything'.

next- to USA

  part 37

thanks for all the comments' and sorry for delay' :D

thanks for all the love & support' pls pls pls do press the like button & comment


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after such a long time u updated it
loved their trip to usa...
continue soon.

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Loved it..... So dey r happy family now but wats wid dat room...... I always wat geet to have daughter just like her talktive nd innocent.......

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loved it..plzz pm me u havent pm me.....

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loved the update.............................
omg after a long time....................................
happy to c their happy little family....................
uff geet itni innocent hain ki ranbit bhi ussey ullu bana saktha hain.......................
so it was shive who split them......................
y dont u do quick updates on this and finish this off........................

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loved it....
cute family...
update soon...

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