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FF-M&G-**ANIMOSITY** THREAD 3- link to thread 4 (Page 31)

basicquestion1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
keyama..i don't wanaa ask for an update since u've already said that u r busy with exams and in general but i just wanna say that don't forget about this ff. i'll wait till u get some extra time and then update to it's fullest. i don't think u should abruptly end any of u'r ff's. u r a good writer with great imagination. u make the nonexistent alive very well. it will be sad to c a haphazard ending to any of u'r ffs. doesn't do justice to u'r writing. delay is fine but plz don't loose u'r cool writing style over lack of time. 

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
very interesting love hate story...................cont soon and pm me....................

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
atlast i am bc with an update lol' anyone fancy any :D

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

atlast i am bc with an update lol' anyone fancy any :D
i am waiting

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Rohini20 Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
me waiting eagerly...XXXX


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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged

part 34

Geet could feel his burning tongue... He must be in so much pain... She couldn't believe how Stubborn he is.... Maans hand slides on her waist.... He was squeezing it hard... Leaving a red Mark...

Geet- i..........I could feel his every finger leaving a read Mark on my skin... Every parts of his body crashing me like I was a wool where he was a stone... The pressure was too much... But I didn't free him... Or I wanted to... I was loving this new flavor.... I nibbled on his lips after satisfying that his hot saliva have engulfed me. It was a new desire... A new love. It's something nun of us expected but due to the circumstances I managed to fill up with his love...
He didn't free me at all. We twisted. He was on top of me... Crashing me with his body... Was there more then love? I thought.... I just managed to woke a monster in him... A pure monster.... His body pressure was killing me... Making everything wet below....
His lips was all over my... Sucking everything out... I gasped for air.... He didn't move... He gave me fraction of few second to inhale then started again... I could feel his hardening pushing in.... Over my cloths.... He forcefully parted my legs with his. I had no complain... I simply agreed and parted... His lips was haven. I forgot all my tension... All my work. I couldn't stop him. How could I... He had so much desire. I have kept him way from this over a year. I still couldn't conclude my self that I was falling for this man. He is a magnet to me..... He was a magnet to me.... His hand already undone my dori.... Sliding my dress down.... What was going on..... His rough hand burned my skin as traveled down my body. I sighed. I couldn't do much as he was in full control. Loving me with all his desire. I moaned as he completely took my kurta off. And when his hand was about to snap my bra open... I opened my eyes in one go..... I screamed....

Geet- maannnn...... We both froze on the spot. His shirt was off. His chest... The tender muscle on his stomach was burning my bare skin that laid below him.... We just laid there feeling the burning sensation that was provoking our desire to the next level. I was breathing hard. I wanted to run to the loo. Everything below was already so wet... We didn't even entered no where near our climax. Then suddenly I felt the weight was lifting.... He brushed his lips on my forehead.... With sweet whispers...
Maan- sorry..... I smiled at him.... To comfort him... It was both of us. Not just him....

Maan smiles back and covered Geet with the spread...


Geet slowly opens her eyes. Only to be found in maans embrace. Was last night was the truth or dream. Was this really her maan. Geets maan. My lover.... Not the monster that I forced to wake in him that night.... The night he raped me. But he once him self told me... If I ever woke the monster in him it will be impossible to bring back the maan she have created.... The maan who only lives for Geet. No one els....

Geet smiled... For the first time she smiled. Was there animosity over? She wondered.....
Geet looks out through the window. Still dark... It's only 2 am..... Geet looks at maan... Slowly cress her cheek....
Maan- you are not sleep yet?
Geet- I couldn't sleep. I....
Maan smirks....- why? Do we have another plan to give rishab some company....
Geet confused- hmm....
Maan- another baby....
Geet smiles... Blushing....
Maan brigs geets leg in between his.... While his hand cresses her back.... Bringing her more close to his body. Geet lovingly puts her hand round his chest.... Hugging him tight. Feeling the warmth....
Maan- just like we dreamed about....
Geet smiles..... She leaves the condom on the side..... Maan wanted to love her before they start again..... He slowly comes over her. Bothe were bare.... There private part already found there way in.... Maan moved in and out few time before fixing him self completely in Geet.
He creased her cheek with his lips.... Geet moaned knowing where all this was heading to. It was different feeling... As there was no protection. Maan parts her leg few time as his pressure made her reflex to close in... Maan smiles... Geet Eventually twists her leg over him....
Maan gently starts moving.... Feeling the rush of blood making there private part hot. Geets hand rests on maans chest. Feeling the fluid ruining through her with every contraction.... She started to moan but her moan gave maan more strength to push harder and quicker..... Her body seems to melt with desire and pressure. She couldn't explain how pleasurable this moment was. There life seems to stop with each passing second... Specially the one you love and the way they love.... Geet could feel the difference between there night before to this... It was more then special....
Geet moaned maans name....
Maans hand was in either side of geet... Holding him. Giving him support. Helping him to increase the pressure further.... Geet was panting along with maan... There climax wasn't over yet.... They had more then enough energy left to do few more time.... Maan stops as he bends down to Nibble on her lips which was Tempting him through out there climax.
He licks her lips.... It was so soothing and soft. No matter how many time he tastes them it is always better then before.... Geet parts her lips letting him lick further. Maans tongue slowly makes it's way in her mouth... He creased her lips with tip of his tongue.... Making his lip shape like a pen over her lips. It tickled Geet.... She closed her mouth instantly.... Maan smirks... He takes her top lips in his mouth.... Sucking.... Then smoothly forces his mouth in hers.... Taking her tongue in his mouth.... Both creased one another toung for long time until maan lost his patient and started to increase his mouth pressure.... Fixing from one side to another.... Both gasped for air.... But the pleasure of feeling one another inside was so alive that they didn't want to ruin the moments.... Maan after long time claiming his Geet back... She have accepted him with her body, mind and souls... It was more then enough to make Maan the happiest man alive today.....
The saliva was sliding down geets cheek.... Nun cared..... All they could think was there passionate kiss... Enjoying the moment.... Maans hand miscibiously traveled to her curves.... Feeling them in his hand.... Creasing them.... The buds instantly became hard.... He starts to stroke just the tip so gently that it contributed to geets desire further.... She moaned while they kissed... Maan understood he travelled down... He took the n**** in his mouth... He creased it slowly with his tongue... Geet moaned louder.... While digging her nails on his back....
Geet- maan.... Thats all came out of her mouth.... Her below was wet again... While maans hardening was out of control to feel hers.... Maans hand gently went down along her private part to the thigh... Helping her to spread.... Relax completely for another love session.... Both were panting....
Maan looks at Geet with a smile.... He kissed her fore head before starting again.... While geets hand traveled to his chest..... And there there moaning started again as maan penetrated in to her soal.......


Maan waits outside while Geet puts her cloths back on. He didn't want to loose him self again like that. Specially if Geet doesn't want anything this serious....

Next day... Everything was back to normal. Maan and geet were happy together. Something they always wanted.
As few months went by everything was perfectly normal... Then suddenly geet mets up with Dev in a clint party.... It was Mr shiv Kapoor. One of maans important clint.
Dev- how are you geet?
Geet- I am fine thanks.
Dev- thank you for advising my work to shiv Kapoor.
Geet- it wasn't me. It was maan. She smiles.
Shive- hello miss Handa. You are a very good worker. I loved your suggestion & your idea.
Geet- thank you.
Shiv- where is Mr Khurana? I haven't seen him in the party yet!
Geet- he have a very urgent meeting in USA. He had to leave for few days. That's why I am here.
Shive- oh. That's bad I really wanted to met him... But anyway... May I take the pleasure to dance with you....
Geet smiles- sure of course....

It was a late evening. Geet enjoy her self... She have entertained the clint enough. This project was important. Shive is a international business man. All the fashion Designee retails are all under him along with many Hotel chain and more then 300 casino. Casino was his main business. Geet always wondered why maan was so interested in casino. Geet her self hated this. Shiv was a very good looking man & a charmer. Somehow he liked some of devs proposal... But still she thought why would he give such interest to this man... She decided to ignore and concentrate on the casino... Maan him self was a casino business men along with his most important one architect. His Designee is one of the most unique. He is one of the most important figure in the world... It was just lucky she have met him.... His imagination is beyond Geet reach.... His idea and sharp brain..... Geet couldn't think.... He was one hell figure in the world.... And everyone is so scared of him as well... Media hardly brings out any rummers against him.... Purely because the power he posses....
Shiv- Geet.... Geet.....
Geet looks at him.... She was so lost in maans thought that she completely forgot... She was dancing with someone.... Media took pictures as Geet declared maan would be taking over mr Shive kapoors casino companies....
Shive slides his hand on geets slim waist to take some picture.... To pose to the media....
Geet smiled...
Shiv- would you like to join for dinner tonight?
Geet- umm... I don't know... She was hesitating.... Knowing maan he doesn't like any type of personal or even friendly behavior with anyone.... Specially her. He feels like they have bad eyes on her.... Geet didn't complain because that's what exactly she felt like... Of course mr shiv have some reason to ask her put to the dinner.... If maan was here he would have said direct no.... No matter what the person in front thought.... But Geet.... She had to start with something.... She need some reason to say no..... Anyway maan always say this is not a real world... It's all show off.... Just keep everything to professional.... That's the way he likes it.....
Geet- I am sorry I can't. I am so tirade and also I have to start work early 2moro.... Maybe some other time....
Shive smiles....- I guess working under maan is also making you like him.
Geet- sorry....
Shiv- we have been working for long time... Specially our families.... He have never came to dinner with us....
Geet- he must have some personal reason....
Shiv- our family is very close but he is creating a distance....
Geet smiles- it's his personal matter.... Geet did't like to blubber anything out in front of the media.... Even though she is the only personal life he have.... Geet felt blessed... That at least he opens up to someone. He is so reserved. But in many way he is correct... This world is not the reality.... Something fears me about there animosity within....
Geet smiles- I should take a leave....
Shiv- sure.....

Geet cks her phone.... Maan- 24 miscall.....
Geet- hi jan.... Geet couldn't even finish her word.... She went silent…..

hay you all….thanks for all the love and support…. thank you so much…. this is no where near finish. lol. i am not giving this a rough ending…. :D hope u like this part… pls do press the LIKE BUTTON :D thanks u all… loved all the comments…

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Radhika Shah IF-Rockerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Great part!!!

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BadGirlKiss IF-Dazzler

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I am speechless. Owo. Just Owow. You are amazing. Too good. Just Owow. It not just maan and geets animosity... Owow there are more. Every part giving us a new story line. I don't know what to expect anymore. Lost of words. I really wonder what woke the monster in maan. Have I ever mentioned you are a great suspense quick. This is bril.
Umm can we have the next update soon. And have I mentioned... Please open the window. Ufff... It's too HOT.
Next update pls soon.

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