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FF-M&G-**ANIMOSITY** THREAD 3- link to thread 4 (Page 120)

FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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atlast i updattted... heheh another coming soon.. i am still typing :D

lots of mistkes soxy

The ruthless grief won't allow you to accomplish anything. A voice rang in maans head. It's non stop! He wanted this to stop. Stop for good. Maan snaps open his eyes, only to find his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully. There love making seems to be more adventures day by day. Leaving them both breathless. He gently strokes her cheek. Geet smiles. "good morning darling." his eyes still filled with last nigh passions. There naked body under the spread seems to know it's spot. Maan slides his hand behind her back. A kiss, gentel sweet kiss... The Sliva seems not to matter any more... Dribbling, while maan licked them off, his hand traveling it's way below... With a slight moan there he starts. "you seems to never get tirade." she sighed. There was tint of tiredness in her voice yet she was ready for him. The moan & scream covered the room. There body sweating with there love... He could barely breath, or utter a word that could make any sense. Maans angry eyes claimed her down, with each passing second, there life seems to look more beautiful then ever before. "I love you! I love you! I love you geet!" his word ripped her lips apart. Sucking with a tense. Loving each second...

Geet slowly drifts way from the flirty maan. Who kept pulling her under the spread... Her smile seems not to leave him this morning... "let me go!" geet demands... Maans hand swiftly spines round her bare waist, why? He also demands in a strong manner. His strong deep voice always did scare geet. She lays down... While maan blanching on his left elbow And another hand across her stomach. Making pattern. Geet felt tickle & quickly hugged him...
Geet "apko ka hua?" she asked innocently.
Maan "nothing! Just..."
Geet "just?" maan smiles taking her lips in his mouth...


After that friend of hers left shive takes maan to the corner. Leaving geet to the side, she gave them space as it was a business party along with meeting.
Maan "yes! I am ready to here!" shive with a small smile, smirks. Was he sure to here this out!...
Shive "it's something very personal! But any way! I think we should leave it!" maan's eyes gave him a angry glare. His security guards standing at the background, analysing each gasture of him! Of course it's maan sing khurana! Someone who is not that easy to fool! But his most week point is his love, which he openly announced to him...
Meanwhile a man asked geet to dance. She hesitated for a minuite. Not exactly sure how will he react. The fear of him shouting at her seems to be clear & visible. She half smiled. Not exactly sure what to say but after long time of presuadation she eventually said yes...

Shiv "seems like your mrs khurana already falling for someone els!" maan instantly looked at geet. The blood did not take a minute to boil in to anger. He clenched his fist seeing geet happy with the man!
Shive "calm down! Calm down! Don't you want to know who is he!"
Maan "stop talking with your rubbish!" he instantly walked towards her, freeing her from the man... Pushing him way!
Geet "maan! We are just dancing! Nothing els!" she gives him a uncomfotable smile! Maans one glare to the man was enough to kill him! The man backs way. Bit petrified.
MAAan walks out with geet from the party.

Maan walks in to the hotel room. Frustrated. Shive, every second, his anger! He seems to doing great mistake to provoke him. He looked out of the window as geet shivered at the background with the chill wind. Petrified! She knew well what type of man was he. His anger is a great week point, which can even destroy the innocent human. She dare not speak. He held his drink glass tight. Crashing it in his hand. Geet feared it will break! He walked to the bar filling it up again, & again. Drinking peck after peck. Geets fear seems to increase further now, what if he does loose control over her! What if he... She spoke in a shaky voice... "maan... Maan! Please don't!" geet could not even finish the sentence when maans eyes shot a angry glare at her. She jumped, even after no word left his mouth, his blood shot eyes was enough! "I will rent another room for tonight!" geet turns round, hurriedly tries to twist the Handel but in vain she fails. She tries again, the panic seems not to leave her at all. Then she felt his body against her back- his broad chest. She froze. Another fear woke in to her. "maan!!!" his hand went round her waist... Pushing her back against his chest. His rough cheek brushed along her soft. Geet let's out a slight moan, telling him not to do anything! It all went in vain as he roughly spines her round. Pushing her against the door. She felt so helpless. His anger was explainable, but the thing he was doing in drunk state! Something he should not do. Geets fear clearly visible with each gasture. She tried to push him way! But failed. Her hand kept straggling to fight to free, but he forcefully glues it to the door. Geets fear simply killed her. Shocking her. His hungry eyes, he gently bends down taking her lips in his mouth. She could not utter a single noise. She could possibly do anything! She was like a helpless rabbit in front of a hungry lion! Then in one jerk he picks her up, taking her to the bed. Nailing her to the matters. She shivered again. Why did she feel so helpless? His hand hurriedly took off all her cloth, endless tears dropped out of her eyes. He bends down, sucking her colar bone! Her sari was torn apart while her bluse loosly hiding her breast. The skirt was half way up. Maans hand holding her thigh down so she can't move. But then something stopped him! He could not believe at him self, what he was about to do under the influence of alcohol! Under the influence of the shive! She cried! Tears rolled down as his hand pressed on her both thigh. Parting them. He removes it instantly. A red Mark was left on her milky skin.
Soon as maan moved, geet sits up. Hugging her knee. Moving far way as possible... He mumbled yet managed to get the clear word out "sorry!"
Geet looked at him in shock & surprise. He slowly takes the spread & hands it to her. Geet hesitated to even touch! Maan could sense geets uncomfortableness. He walks out.

Next morning, when maan came back he found the room empty. Geet no where to be seen. But there was a note left on the bed,

"I will be leaving for India today. I will see you next week! I think you need time to clear what ever the problem is with shive!

Love geet"

He closed his eyes in frustration. Banging his hand on the wall. His different attitude have left geet shaken.

After 1 week India

Geet's life back to normal. She attends her office along with mixing with staff. The thing maan done one week back, she was trying her best to erase! The Mark he left on her body seems to be disappearing. She took a sigh relive. He was due to return today, & geet had no intention to look at him or talk...

As usual the whole office went to black & White soon as he stepped in. He stood right in front of her. She trying her best not to look at in to his eyes. Geet walks back to her office flowed by maan.

Maan "geet!"
Geet "not now! I am very busy!"
Maan "listen to me!"
Geet "not now sir! It's office! I have allot of work to do!" she tries to ignore his request, but it's maan. He holds her wrist tightly. Bringing her close, "haven't you hard what I have said! I need to talk to you!"


The day seems to be very lazy. Ranbir (RK) seems to play with his neighbour girl. She was very pretty & he was not leaving any chance to stay & play with her. Geet crossed her arm. Shaking her head from the window. Maan came & stood behind her. "what happened?"
Geet "your son have found a GF!"
Maan "let's see!" he seems to be very pleased.
Geet "ap aisa ku muke bana rahi ho?"
Maan "I am impressed with my son. " he crossed his arm, & spoke with an attitude.
Geet "uff! Anyway, you have promised to take us out! May I wonder when that will happen?"
Maan "soon! I just have some work to finish!" geet turns round! Sliding her hand round his neck. Fixing his collar & button!"
Geet "is this holiday or work tour!"
Maan "what ever you want to think!"
Geet "I am getting fedup!"
Maan slides his hand on geets stomach. "how is my little girl?"
Geet "she is very angry! Hating you!"
Maan "wasn't the exactly thing you have told me when you were pregnant with ranbur!
Geet "yes! Exactly! We do hate you! It's just you are my husband & RKs papa!"
Maan "don't you think you are saying those words at the wrong time!" geet looks at him in confution!"
Maan "ranbir outside! House empty..." he bends down, nibbling on her ear lobe... "early morning!" geet sighs & pushes him way!
Maan "I will be back in 3 hours! Be ready."

As the car was about to reverse out RK ran towards his daddy...
RK "daddy! Daddy! Where are you going?" he ran flowed by the little girl in a pink frok.
Maan "I will be back soon.. "
RK "I want a big pink teddy!" maan smiles knowing exactly who that pink teddy for! He drives off with 4 black security at at the front & 4 at the back. Soon as he left, security guards also covered his house along with the neighbours! Which somehow did frighten them! The fact the maan sing khurana living in a normal house like them!!! Do they want to feel blessed, lucky or unlucky! Specially as everything they do is analysed by the guards!

Girl "is that pink teddy for me!"
RK "are you mad. It's for my princess sister."

Shiva house covered with guards now. Maans security guards. He will not leave a single chance to give him one of the painful death he could ever experience. There was not just one mistake he committed, there are many.

Shive laid on the floor. Bugs passing over him. The smell is very strong.
As maan walked in with his long black shoe, the floor made creep noise. "so me shiv!" maan smirked. A dirty smile. He stood on his broken finger. The pain covered shive body again. He screamed in agony, yet still laughing. It frustrated maan further. He bends down & slowly whispers "how does it feel?" the enjoyment maan was having from his pain, it was something different. His long wait, it's paying off. He is killing him, slowly, painfully, in his own house. A guard brought a chair for him to sit. All stood at the side like a army. Maan takes his seat. Staring at him. A doctor came by!
Maan "all the infection! Broken bone! Is it very serious?" he aske with an attitude.
Dr "no sir! Just the broken bone! It's giving him saviour pain! I was wondering am I allowed to give him painkiller!"
Maan "how long since we have found him!"
Dr "7 days sir!"
Maan "yes, fix him! But soon as he Is healthy back to his feet... I want to see red Mark on his skin. Burning Mark!" shive could barely open his eyes. He was lying on his own vomit! His body felt like it's pralaised. Maan walks out of the house, making his way to a hotel. "it will take me 20 minute to get change! Get me a big pink teddy bear. For a girl & that to have to be special! Only one could be available round the world." he orders one of his assistant! They did panic for a moment, & quickly made a call to the biggest xxx company.

thanks for all the love & support

pls pls pls comment :)



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amazing ...loved it!!!

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Another update after so long...but anyways it was intense...RK is so sweet...a teddy for his sis...he he he

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awesome update...

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mindblowing  update
loved maan and his attitude
very much eager to know wat hap in past
continue soon

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loved maans attitude and love

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wowww awesomeee
luved ittt
n rabir is just like his dad full of himself n arrogent
d way he told tht girl d teddy was for his sister n tht she had lost it

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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