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#3 ARSH FF- A HOPE TO BE LOVED Updated on page 138 (Page 24)

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:50am | IP Logged
Where is updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??

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PART 34 :

As both gets into the car Shilpa starts to think of a way to do billy's talk to Armaan.... As she had promised to Ananya she had to do it somehow.... Shilpa comes out of her thoughts as she hears him speak.....
Armaan : Shona.... Why are you so quiet....?
Shilpa : ( nervously ) umm Armaan..... Actually i have got to do some important talk with you....
Armaan : ( stops the car) Why are you soo nervous .... ok tell me what do you want to talk about.....
Shilpa : ( softly ) Armaan.... Actually its about Papa....
Armaan : ( turns the other side) Shona....Lets not talk about him plsss....
Shilpa: Why Armaan..... Why do you always ignore this talk.... Armaan plss.... Papa really loves you....
Armaan: ( Angrily ) If he really loved me he wouldnt have done bad with us.... he wouldnt have been soo selfish....
Shilpa: Armaan.... I know whatever happened was not good.... But Papa.... he is actually guilty for his behavior..... He really wants you to forgive him....
Armaan : ( sarcastically ) ohhh.... Soo now he is much more important to you than me.... You also think am in fault in this....
Shilpa : Armaan..... I didint mean like that....
Armaan : ( cuts back her words ) I dont want to talk to u.....

At thier way back to home Shilpa keeps trying to talk to Armaan somehow.... But everytime he ignores her words.... Shilpa looks at him sadly.... She didint knew she how she can make him understand.... As they reach teh house Armaan quickly gets out of the car.... But Shilpa runs after him and stops him.....
Shilpa : Armaan plss.... Listen to me once...
Armaan : ( brush off her hand ) I dont want to listen to any of your talk....
Shilpa : Armaan plss...
Armaan : ( rudely ) Stay away from me Shilpa.... GO and be with your loving Papa....I dont want to talk to u.....
Shilpa looks at his retreating back with tears....She did felt bad from his words.... But also she knew he just said them i anger.... Billy witness the scene..... This time he decides to talk to Armaan face to face.... Billy quickly makes his way to Armaan's room.....

Billy : ( enters the room ) Hii Armaan....
Armaan : ( ignores him ) What are you doing here dad....
Billy : ( sadly ) Armaan.... I want to say sorry for whatever i did....
Armaan : Lets not talk about this.... Not today....
Billy : You have to listen to me today.... I do want to give a explanation to u... Just once Son.....
Billy sees Armaan go all quiet..... Soo he decides to continue....
Billy : Armaan.... I know 6 months before whatever i did was very bad.... My behavior towards you and Shilpa was rude.... But son... I have now understood that Shilpa was and will be the best girl for you.....
Armaan : ( softly ) Its good to hear you like Shilpa now.... But Dad what about me... what about our relationship.....
Bikky : ( sadly ) I have been a very bad dad..... All these years i have been ignorant towards you.... I do accept it.... Bit there is one more truth Armaan.... I have always loved you son... And now also i do.... As a dad i always wanted to see my son as a successful man.... I hated it when you were a irresponsible person.... But today... I am proud to have a son like you... I am proud of what you are Armaan.....
Armaan stares at Billy with moist eyes.... The happiness and relief was again back on his heart.... Armaan moves forward and hug him tightly.....
Armaan : I missed u dad.... I missed you badly.....
Billy : I also did miss u Armaan.... I am sorry for my behavior.... I promise it wont happen again....
Armaan : Dad.... I am also sorry for my rude behavior all these days.... I shouldnt have dont that.... I love u Dad....
Billy : I love you too Son.... and as i said Shilpa is the perfect girl for you.... She has been with you even in Bad situations... Beside you All as your support.... She is really a good girl... Promise me u wont ever hurt her....
Armaan : ( smiles ) I promise Dad.... i wont ever hurt her....
Billy stares at him and  gives a smack on his Arm.....
Armaan : ( rubs him arm ) Ohhh Dad.... What was that for.....
Billy : I told you dont hurt her... But you again have dont that today....
Armaan : ( realises ) Ohh god.... I took all anger on her again...Am soo stupid....
Billy : yes you are.... Now go and say sorry to her.... Bye son....

Armaan walks out of the house searching for Shilpa.... as he comes out he notice Shilpa sitting on the bench quietly.... The guilt starts to form in his heart again..... slowly he walks up to her...
Armaan : ( sits beside her ) Shona...... Why are you sitting outside....
Shilpa : ( softly ) I wanted to give you sometime alone.... to calm down...
Armaan : Shona.... I have done what you wanted..... I have forgiven Dad....
Shilpa : ( hugs him happily ) Armaan.... I am sooo happy.... You forgave him.....
Armaan : ( softly ) Shona i am soo sorry.... I shouldnt have been rude with you....
Shilpa : Its ok.... I know you didint meant to hurt me....
Armaan : ( whispers ) why are you sooo good Shona....
Shilpa shyly lowers her head.... Armaan holds her chin and tilts her head.... He starts to give soft kisses on her face....
Shilpa : ( blushes ) Armaan... not here plss...
Armaan ignoring her words trails his lips down to her neck .....
Shilpa : ( nervously gets up ) Armaan.... I have to go....
But Armaan pulls her back to him..... Shilpa starts to blush even more.... Armaan holds her hair and pulls her into a kiss.... Both kiss each other lovingly.... But Shilpa quickly comes out of the kiss...
Shilpa : ( breathing heavily ) Armaan.... Someone might come here.... And i need to pick Ariya from Muskaan's house also.... Plss lets go....
Armaan : ( whispers )  I wont let you make any excuses next time.... Do remember that... Ok lets go....

Engagement Day :

Muskaan's dress:

Rahul's colthes :

Ariya's clothes :

Muskaan : ( enters Armaan's house with Ariya ) Rahul come fast.... We have to go Shilpa's place also....
Rahul : ( coolly) No need of that...... As engagement is in this house Ananya Aunty brought Shilpa here....
Muskaan : What..... Why didint you tell me before.... Ok i will go and help her to get ready....
Ananya : Ohh thankgod u both came.... I need some help from you two in doing the arrangements plss....
Muskaan : Ohh Ok then.... I will Meet Shilpa later.... Lets go aunty....

Shilpa's room :

Armaan's clothes :

Shilpa's clothes :

Shilpa puts on the dress and looks at herself in the mirror.... Again she tries to zip up the dress... But her hands were not reaching it easily.... As she gives up She feels her room door open.... She sees Armaan walk into the room quietly.....
Shilpa : ( nervously ) Armaan.... What are you doing here.... I need to get ready.... And Muskaan can come here anytime.....
Armaan just smile and close the door with his leg.... he locks the door and looks at her passionately.....
Armaan : ( huskily ) Rahul and Muskaan are buxy with Mom..... And as you are not ready i thought i will help.....
Shilpa : ( turns towards the mirror ) Armaan plss go......

Armaan walks up to her slowly.... He slightly touch her back making her shudder.... He moves down and starts to give kisses on her back..... Shilpa holds the dresser nervously..... Her heartbeat rising with his every kiss..... Armaan slowly bites on her back.... Shilpa moans and turns and hug him tightly..... Armaan hugs her back and move his hand on the zip and pulls it up.... He then moves her hair one side and starts to give passionate kisses on her neck.... He starts to nibble her  skin making her moan in pleasure..... He moves to her lips and kiss her.... And starts to caress her waist while kissing her lips taking up all the sweetness from her lips.... He pulls down the sleeve of her dress and nibble and suck her shoulder.... Again he moves back to her lips and kiss her with the same passion.... Armaan comes out of the kiss and looks at Shilpa... her lips were swollen.... And she was looking soo irresistible.... But controlling his desires he pulls back her sleeve and hugs her.....
Armaan : Its soo difficult to stop myself from coming close to u....  YOu are soo beautiful Shona.....
Shilpa thinks about every moment and starts to blush badly....
Armaan : ( teasingly ) And you look more hot like this.....
Shilpa : Armaan.... You should go now.... If Muskaan comes....
Armaan : Okk I will go.... Plss do come down soon.... I cant wait to see you fully dressed.....
As Armaan walks out Shilpa turns and touch her lips blushing badly....

After 20 minutes :

Rahul : ( teasingly ) Have Patience bro.... She will come down sooon....
Armaan : Rahul.... I soo cant wait to see her.... Am soo happy we are getting married soon....
Rahul : And i am happy that you are happy in your life....
After sometime Muskaan comes down with Shilpa.... All eyes on the beautiful girl.... Shilpa nervously looks around....She sees all people smiling to her..... And Ananya and Billy happily smiling looking at her lovingly.... And then she notice Armaan... Who stood with a awe face.... He keeps staring at her with all love he had....And this made her blush even more.... As she walks near him he gives a sweet kiss on her cheeks....
Armaan : ( happily ) You are looking soo gorgeous Shona.... Just like an angel.... Am totally blown by your beauty today.... How lucky i am to have you in my life.....
Shilpa : ( shyly ) Armaan.... You also looking very handsome...
Rahul : ( interrupts ) Hello guys.... we are also here okk....
Muskaan : ( teasingly ) Yaa.... and the love birds are still lost in their world....
Ananya : ( hugs Shilpa ) Muskaan.... Dont tease my child now...
Billy : Rahul... What is this.... DO some fun.... after all its Armaan's engagement.....
Muskaan : Dont worry uncle...... Lets have some song guys.....

Rahul sings -

Ankhoon Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Saaason Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Hootoon Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Kehta Hai Dil Dewwana

Muskaan -

Hoo Jo Dil Mein Chupi Hai Mere
Jo Dil Mein Chupi Hai Tere
Dhadkan Mein Woh Chahat Likh De
Kehta Hai Dil Deewaana

RM -

Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Razz-E-Dil Kholna
Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Aage Kuch To Bolna


Teri Palkon Ka Jhuk Jana
Tera Chup Chup Ke Sharmana
Bin Bole Keh Jata Hai
Tera Anjana Afsana


Tere Baaton Mein Hai Jadoo
Karta Hai Mujhe Bekaabo
Kya Haal Jiya Ka Abb Hai Mere
Jane Na Jaane Na Tu


Ankhoon Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Raaton Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Pal Pal Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Kehta Hai Dil Dewwana


Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Razz-E-Dil Kholna
Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Aage Kuch To Bolna

Armaan -

Tu Saamne Jab Mere Aaai
Meri Nazron Pe Chai
Tere Roop Rang Jo Dekha
To Ud Gai Mein Hawaai

Shilpa -

Tere Ishq Pe Kiya Bharosa
Naa Dena Mujhko Dhokaa
Tere Oor Kheechi Chali Aai
Mein To Khud Ko Kitna Roka

Armaan -

Har Geet Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Amber Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Manzar Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Kehta Hai Dil Dewwana


Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Razz-E-Dil Kholna
Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Aage Kuch To Bolna

Ankhoon Pe
Saaason Pe
Hootoon Pe
Baaaton Pe
Raaton Pe
Pal Pal Mein
Mere Dil Mein Mohabbat Likhde

As the song ends Rahul walks up to them....
Rahul : Oyye love birds.... Time for engagement.....
Armaan and Shilpa walks into the center..... Shilpa shyly looks at Armaan while Armaan gives a big smile to her.... Rahul comes and hands Armaan his ring.....
Rahul : Ok bro.... Go for it....
Armaan takes the ring and takes Shilpa's hand..... With a smile he puts the ring and kiss her hand....
Muskaan also bring Shilpa her ring.... Shilpa nervously takes the ring and puts the ring in his finger... As they get engaged Armaan hugs her tightly...... Everyone starts to clap happily cheering for them....
Armaan : ( whispers ) Congrats soon to be Mrs Shilpa Armaan Mallik.....
Shilpa : ( laughs ) Congrats Armaan.....

After that all starts to get buxy in dancing and doing talks.... But Armaan notice Shilpa a lil sad..... He starts to wonder what she might be thinking....  What might be disturbing her right now....
 Then he sees Shilpa walk upstairs..... Taking up the opportunity he goes after her.....
Armaan walks into the terrace and look around .... He notice Shilpa looking up at the sky.... he slowly walks up to her....
Armaan : Shona.... Are you missing them.....
Shilpa : ( With moist eyes ) If they were here..... they would have been soo happy Armaan.... Happy to see me get married..... I miss them soo much....
Armaan : ( clears her face ) Dont cry Shona.... even if they are not near you still they are watching you.... And i knw they wud be really happy to see you getting married.....
Shilpa : Armaan.... You wont ever leave me and Ariya right.... I love u soo much....  I cant live without You.....
Armaan : ( kiss her cheek ) Even i cant live without you Shona.... And i promise i will be take care of u both... i wont ever leave you.....  I will always be beside you... Always.....

SOniyo O soniyo
Tumhein Dekhta hoon to sohcta hoon bas yehi
Tum jo mera saath do
Sare gum bhola ke
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath

Tujh mein hi dekha hai
Mene Manzil Ko
tujh mein dhadkan mili is dil ko

Tujh mein hi dekha hai
Mene Manzil Ko
Tujh mein dhadkan mili is dil ko

Bin tere kadmon tale

Raahe nahi hai tujhe mein kahi hai
MEri zameen

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas de de mera saath

O sun le yaa Padh le tu
Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat teri Saanson Jaise

O sun le yaa Padh le tu
Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat teri Saanson Jaise

Tujh se hi sab kuch mila
Ek tu nahi to mera yahan kuch bhi nahi

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas de de mera saath
mera saath mera saath
mera saath mera saath
mera saath mera saath

NOTE : Guys plss forgive me if there is any mistake... LOL Wrote in jaldi.... Anyways plss do comment .... Embarrassed

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editBig smile

lovely part
]finally they got engaged
love shilpa dress

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Guys i hope u wont kill me for this LOL Actually my exams are coming close... I first thought i will keep updating normally... But today i got to know am required to be in university for more classes Ouch Soo i wont get much time to update..... My exams start to 17... and thankfully Ends on Jan 20 LOL .... But i can now uodate after jan 20 Ouch
I promise i will be back on normal updates after that.... very sorry guys....



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all the best for exams.....Smile

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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great update yaar
glad that armaan forgave billy
and for the note...its ok ...and all the best 4 exams

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its ok frnd.
And bst of luck. Thumbs Up

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The part was FAB!
Ekdum firstclass!!
No worries hum wait kar lenge!
All the best.....

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