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FF:Presntn Tinda & Karela-Weird Dastaan:Pt 7D p33 (Page 25)

_shizzzyy_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Finally Rooj ur updating!!!!! 
Abhi pooraa update post kar..bohut wait karwaya hain Angry lolz
But wat is this..they got married and have a daughter?? UPDATE!!!!!!
I want to know how this happenedLOL

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Rooji ..
Yeh Kya Thaa ...
Generation Leap ???????
I am already SuperConfused ... I have to read alll parts Once Again !
Aur Confuse Mat kar ...
LOL ...
Loveee you ... Muaaah ..
Update Sooon ... Loser !

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 12:07am | IP Logged
rooji..i'll def kill u...itne dono se iska intejaar tha and u..humein precap dikhake chor diya...jaldi update kar...

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Hey Guys,

Ok so i am thinking of ending it soon because I am lost at how to take this story forward.

Unless all of you can help me with it. I need your help. 

Firstly I don't know what profession to give them so help me with that and secondly this part is a bit more emotional than the past few ones since I am lost.

Thanks for sticking with it and showering me with the love, even though I don't deserve it!

So enjoy this part!

It was hard to write because I was lost a lot and had to erase it a lot!




Part 7A:


After this incident it has been a week since they last saw each other at the party. Khanak got busy with her daily routine. She was busy in her work. She couldn't afford to not work if she had to support her sister and herself. She was dedicated to her work so much that most people around her told her that she was married to it. Her life pretty much revolved around her work and her family. But lately, there was another part or person that was slowly making a special place in her life. A person, she never thought to acknowledge and the type of person she never thought she would associate herself with, was starting to creep into her life and make his way in her heart slowly. He had already occupied her mind lately because whatever she would do, she would feel his presence somewhere. Her thoughts kept rewinding back to Shaan and the two kisses they shared till date. The dance they shared had her wanting for more. There was something there that night that she couldn't get a grip on. She never behaved that way on impulse with anyone, especially with someone with whom she had shared only 4 meetings. She knew she was attracted to him but she didn't know why she was thinking about it too much and that too about him. She didn't know anything about this guy but yet she was drawn to him. She couldn't figure out what was it that made her keep going back to him. It was becoming difficult for her to stray her thoughts away from Shaan. She was completely loosing it. It was rather becoming ridiculous, in her opinion, for her to keep thinking about him that just this morning she had a dream on it.


Khanak's dream in flashback


"Abbe ruk! Khabar daar joh ek aur kadam aur dur bhaagi!" Khanak yelled on top of her voice while running after a kid of 5.


The girl had pigtails and she was wearing a long pink dress with a cute little Muppets' Kermit in the front. She was running way from Khanak with a chocolate in her hand and stains all over her face and the dress. She had the naughtiest laugh but yet whoever heard it, their heart would melt listening to it. Her eyes twinkled every time Khanak saw the girl turn towards her while running away. Even though Khanak was angry at the little girl but she couldn't help smile inwardly for the way the little girl laughed. The girl had surely melted Khanak.


"Maine bola ruko! Tutti frutti banna band karo, main tumhara fruit juice bana dungi agar tum abhi na ruki!" Khanak yelled at the top of her lungs.


"No! Try to catch me if you can! Papa will save me like always! Hehehe.." girl ran away faster with her little feet to her father, who was sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper with his back towards Khanak.


"Yea yea, Papa ki chamchi! Your Papa himself is scared of me! I make a really good sabzi-dish out of him. Just ask him! Ab ruko!" Khanak didn't give up and gave back to the little girl in a friendly way.


"Papaaa!!! Look at Momma!!! She come after me again! Daant momma now!!!" the girl ran up to her father and climbed on his lap, peaking behind his torso and complaining him while pointing her index finger towards her mother.


"Don't worry Beta, I know how to handle your momma. I can melt her like ice-cream beta!" a authoritative, baritone voice spoke to the little girl with such gentleness that Khanak was filled with love and pride for the father of her child.


As Khanak approached the man, huffing and puffing, she couldn't help but smile at the father-daughter duo. Every time she looked at them, she felt stronger about her love for them.


Khanak approached them slowly and with each step, her excitement knew no bound. She was sure of her love for them but there was a giddy feeling of seeing who the man was. The voice was promising for Khanak and it intrigued her more with each step she took.


As she turned towards the duo, she saw the most handsome behind her daughter's head. He was trying to control his jumpy daughter and was tickling her the whole time. As Khanak approached him, he slowly looked up at her and Khanak's heart melted. He gave her a wide smile and she gave him half a smile along with a frown.


As he opened his mouth all she could here was a faint beeping of an alarm coming from his mouth. She frowned at him and just as she was about to speak, she heard a faint screech of a car and a honk and...


Khanak woke up with a smile. A strange dream she had this morning. She didn't think to see him in her dream like this. She was astonished at it. She had woken up with a smile on her face and after turning off the alarm, she screamed on top of her lungs, as she held her face from the side with both her hands. Her screams could be heard in the whole apartment and it lasted for about a minute.


Hearing her scream, her sisters ran into the room with equipments ready to beat the crap out of an intruder. Ruby was in her blue PJs with Harry Potter characters on it, while Gopi was in her pink Victoria Secret sexy PJs. Ruby looked all cool and composed with a bat in her hand, while Gopi looked like a mess with bed hair and a heel in her hand.


"Kya hua di?!" Ruby asked her as she entered the room first.


"Kahan hai chuha?! Main abhi marti hoon!" Gopi looked here and there frantically searching for the mouse as she entered the room after Ruby.


Both Khanak and Ruby looked at Gopi with an "Are you serious?" look.


When Gopi felt that her sisters were looking at her, she turned to them and with the most innocent face said, "What? Mere kamre main koi chuha ata hai main aise hi chillati hoon."


Ruby shook her head and turned to her elder sister and asked the same question.


"Tinda mere kheer main agaya aur kya?" Khanak said with such disgust as she got out of her bed.


Ruby and Gopi looked at each other with the most confused expressions and then turned to Khanak with an "Are you mad?" look.


"I am getting fed up of his appearances. Whenever I see him, something bad always happens." Khanak took her clothes out from the almirah and grabbed her towel to step into the bathroom to take a shower but before she stepped in she saw the look on her sisters' faces and asked them what was wrong with them.


Ruby was the first one to step up to her sister, as she touched Khanak's forehead and Khanak jerked her head back.


Ruby: "Di, are you okay? Bukhar toh nahi hai?"


Before Khanak could speak, Gopi stepped up too, "Yea di, are you ok? You should rest and then get ready and then get ready nicely and do make-up."


Both Khanak and Ruby looked at Gopi this time with a confused look enquiring more from her with their silence.


Gopi: "What? I always scream like that and talk delusional whenever I miss my make-up."


Khanak and Ruby banged their head with their palms, as Gopi looked on innocently.


Before Gopi could start with her non-sense, Khanak made it clear what she was talking about, "I was talking about Mr. Tinda! He was in my dream...no no...more like a nightmare! Can you believe it? Mere khiyalon mein?! That too as a father to my daughter?! Ugh!" Khanak shook herself in disgust.


This time Gopi understood Khanak right away, while Ruby was still confused.


Gopi: "Ooh...someone is doing coochie-coo with the man of her dreams! How romantic! Maine toh socha tha sirf love affair hoga par yahan toh baat usse bhi aga hai! Wah!"


Khanak gave her most evil look in the world and was about to rip her sister's head apart but Ruby sensed it and sent Khanak inside before a major physical fights break between her two elder sisters.


Khanak went inside reluctantly, while Gopi looked on with the knowing-look and Ruby turned to Gopi for an explanation.


End Flashback-back to Khanak's office


It was lunch time and Khanak was still sitting in her office, staring at her computer screen with blurry eyes, still stuck on the same sentence. She was brought back to earth with her cellphone buzzing in her office.


Her friend cum colleague, Khushboo, sent her a text for lunch. Khanak immediately replied back with a positive response and they set up the timings and decided to meet up at different restaurant than their usual spot.


They met up at a Chinese restaurant since Khushboo was feeling something continental today and the nearest restaurant was 5 blocks away. Khushboo had told her that one of her friend and her friend would be joining them today for lunch and Khanak had welcomed the change.


Khushboo belonged to the high society but she behaved like an equal with Khanak and worked under Khanak's command in their office. Khushboo respected Khanak like any other and had admired this girl from the beginning because to Khushboo, Khanak was the ultimate girl who defined girl power, head strong and independent.


Khanak on the other hand had admired Khushboo for her cheerful and bubbly nature for her kind-heart. Khushboo never differentiated between herself and Khanak due to their different statuses or anything. Khanak was in awe of her from day one. They understood eachother like no other and Khanak never let Khushboo down. They were two peas in a pod.


Khanak and Khushboo were lead into the restaurant and seated near a window with a beautiful view of their back, Chinese garden and near their table was a chocolate fountain. Khanak was seated facing the garden with her back towards the main entrance of the restaurant, while Khushboo was seated across her.


Khanak and Khushboo ordered their drinks, while they waited for their party to arrive. Somehow they were delayed as Khushboo told Khanak.


As they waited, Khanak asked Khushboo, "Khush, you didn't tell me who is coming today? Why be so secretive about someone. Is it a special guest? Ooh is it a star kya?"


"Whoa Khanks! Hold your churi jaisi tongue! It is not any movie star but it is not any less either. My friend's friend is a star himself. The most eligible bachelor in the whole city! But sad...he doesn't want a long time partner right now! Although there have been rumors that he is interested in one girl lately but no one knows who she is."


Khanak wondered the same and as she was about to ask who this person was, Khushboo looked behind her getting all excited that she got up so fast that in the process she banged the table, causing Khanak's purse, which was already on the edge, to be knocked over. This caused Khanak to bend down and get her purse, delaying her from greeting the company.


As she bent down, she heard a girl's voice first from a distance greeting Khushboo and then she heard a man's voice, which sounded vaguely familiar. Since she was bent down, she couldn't hear the name and by the time she almost grabbed her purse, the guests were by her table and she saw a polished, black Armani shoes with black pants next to where she was bent. She had only glanced at them for a second that she heard Khushboo introducing her and as she was about to fully lift her head up; she heard the name of the person standing.


"And this is Shaantanu Khandelwal, Khanak!"


Khanak slowly lifted her head, placed her purse back on the table and got up to introduce herself with the most sincere and sweet smile she could and stretched her hand out, "Hi...!"


As soon as she saw him, her expressions changed from a smile to shock to a frown.


"Tum!" both spoke at the same time, with the same intensity.


Shaan was more than delighted to see her, while she was in a confused state. She didn't know whether to be happy or mad but their unison Tum was heard by all.


Khushboo: "Do you guys know eachother?"


"Haan" Khanak was the first to speak.


Natasha was more than happy to see the interaction because she was waiting for this day. She had found out about Khanak from Khushboo and without waiting for an invitation this time, she had decided to put her plan in action. She was the one to inform Khushboo about Shaan's mystery woman and today she took this lunch as an opportunity to have them meet.


Natasha hid her smile and approached Shaan with the most innocent expression and slipped her hand in his right arm to stand next to him.


"I believe we have met before, I am Natasha, if you don't remember my name."


"Your worst nightmare," This is what Khanak wanted to say but couldn't and she calmly shook her hand and simply nodded at her.


Natasha went ahead and took a seat opposite to the empty seat of where Khanak was sitting, while dragging Shaan to sit next to her and forcing Khushboo to sit next to Khanak across from Natasha.


As Shaan passed Khanak, he whispered to her, "Hello Karela, Aaj bhi kya kadwahat phelane ka irada hai ya phir honey add kar diya hai apne taste mein?"


Khanak equally gave it back to him, "It depends on who's tasting it. Kyu aaj bhi kya tinde ki tarah bald hone ka irada hai?"


By this time Shaan had approached his seat and he hid a small smile because she was still the most feisty Karela he had known till date. All his approaches never really melt her and she was still the same and that is what attracted him to her in the first place.


He faced her and sat across her, not for a moment taking his eyes off her, while she gave him the nastiest stare. There was a lot of tension between them. Daggers slicing each "veggies" placed on the table. 


The waiter approached them for the drinks for Shaan and Natasha, while he brought Khanak's and Khushboo's drinks.


After taking Natasha's order the waiter asked Shaan, "Sir, what would you like?"


Shaan looked at Khanak, who was now trying to avoid his eyes, "I would take what this lady had."


Khanak turned her head so sharp that her neck made a cracking sound, while Shaan looked at the waiter hiding his smile. Natasha looked the other way and Khushboo looked confused. Before Khushboo could ask what was going on, Natasha diverted her attention away from them.


Khanak was shooting daggers at him, while Shaan acted aloof. His avoiding behavior irritated her and she kicked him hard on his shin, under the table.


Shaan's eyes welled up in tears as a loud "Ouch" escaped from his lips, since he was taken by surprise. Khushboo and Natasha looked at him in surprise enquiring with their looks of what happened.


Khanak's hand immediately flew to her mouth and before she could say sorry, Shaan beat her to it, "Nothing...just something I had this morning that caused a sharp pain in my stomach."


As he said that he looked at her with the most revengeful look, while she looked back with partly sorry and partly "you deserve it" look.


Natasha again engaged Khushboo with her conversations, while Shaan bent forward on the table and whispered to her, "You know, karelas are famous for their bitterness but you what they are more famous for?"


Khanak's brows frowned for him to continue.


Shaan: "They are more famous for their spicy dish, where all the masalas are wrapped inside the hard exterior. And I love that dish!"


He winked at her and went back to his seat and looked at her with his hands on his lips hiding his smile.


Khanak was appalled with this statement and she stared back at him for a while and then she did the most unbelievable thing possible. 

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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omg..what unbelievable thing Rooji...u'll just kill us..pls update soon... 
-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
YOu cant End this one here ... Angry
Did She Slap him  or Did She Kiss him ... ????
Uggghhh Roooj ... Tell Meee ... Woman ... !!!!!

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
will comment after getting home
RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 3:25am | IP Logged
hei rooj,
u should not have stopped it like this..
loved the entire trio sisters convo..
poor ruby she didnt know anything abt the tinda..
gopi is sweet..i loved her..her innocent comments n her sisters look to those were superb..i had a hearty laugh reading those..
then the restaurant part where she met shaan again..i too felt u'll make them meet again very soon..
so shaan is already in love with his karela acc. to natasha's statement to khushboo..the mystery woman..
their interaction..i loved the way he said he loves karela..
now i'm eager..wat did she do?
did she hit him r talked in the similar way r gave a kiss to him..but i doubt abt the kiss..
please update soon haan..innocent vixen too..

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