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FF:Presntn Tinda & Karela-Weird Dastaan:Pt 7D p33 (Page 14)

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Originally posted by rooj-i

@ Saazy: I will tomorrow...I promise....

ok then read my update and commentLOL

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tommorow.....will be waiting for it......Smile

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Continue soon !
U better post tomorrow...We are gonna really NEED it after that Precap seen ki airing ka jhatka !!
I hope like all the precaps of SHANAK that they have scrapped...this precap is also scrapped and hopefully it was just a promo and aisa kuch na ho asli me !

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Hey Guys!

I know, i know i'm late but kya karoon guests were over all day! So anyways this is a long part and again it is divided in two parts!

I am thinking about taking this FF to at least 10 parts, mainly because I can't go on due to college now. I will be starting soon and I won't be updating regularly...it will be either weekly or 2 weeks.

So sorry guys!



Part 6A 


Akshay and Gopi planned to hook up Shaan and Khanak at the party. All they had to do was now just put their plan to action. They set up the perfect bait for both of them.


Akshay's Birthday Party…


"So bhai, tonight feels great doesn't it?," Akshay slapped Shaan on the back, "I mean there is something special about tonight. Aesa lagta hai ke aaj raat kuch honay wala hai. I can smell something amazing in the air!"


"Haan tumhari birthday hai, toh zaroor kuch khas baat hai. Of course you are bound to feel happy. Aur khaunsi khaas baat ho sakti hai," Shaan answered casually and went about to complete his work.


"Oh you have no idea what is so special about tonight, you will be surprised when you find out," Akshay commented to himself.


"Did you say something?" Shaan looked up to catch what he must have missed.


"Oh nothing, I just said that enjoy the night!" With that, Akshay left Shaan wondering what is wrong with his brother.


Two hours later…


" Akshay, what is taking you so long to cut the cake? I mean people have been waiting for over an hour now," Shaan approached Akshay, who was busy looking at the door every now and then.


"Sorry bhai, will have the cake set up pretty soon, bas 5 minutes aur," Akshay responded without looking at Shaan.


" Akshay! It has been over an hour now, I want to leave this place, aur toh aur sarre logon ne bhi kahin jana hoga, I mean they might have something important to do as well," Shaan was impatient by now. "And why are you keeping an eye on the door?"


" Akshay … Akshay!" Shaan blocked Akshay's view to get his attention, "I'm talking to you!"


"Oh no one bhai, I said…" he trailed off. He finally spotted the two people walking through the door, for which he has been waiting for. He muttered, "Finally…" he gave his full attention to Shaan and said, "So I was saying that we will cut the cake now but first excuse me, I'll be right back." With that, he headed towards the door to receive Gopi and Khanak, while Shaan looked on in disbelief.


"Hello Ladies! How are you doing tonight?" he asked Gopi and Khanak.


"What took you guys so long?" Nattu asked while planting a kiss on Gopi and then Khanak, he lingered a little longer on Khanak's cheek than on Pia's cheek.


While Khanak was flattered by this action of his, Gopi just smirked and noticed Shaan turning away from them in anger.


"Oh Akshay, di was having a tough time in dressing up. I mean she just couldn't pick something nice to wear. So I had to get her ready with something sexy and hot, after all I want guys to notice her at such a big party," Gopi explained while Khanak glared at her.


"God Gopi, no one is really interested in me and how I dress, they prefer someone like that girl," Khanak pointed out a mini-length dress worn by a skinny girl standing next to Shaan, "see already someone is leaning close to her and trying to get her to bed." She turned away from the sight in disgust. Gopi and Akshay just smirked.


"Di ab bas bhi karo, let's not create another scene like you always do," Khanak was about to protest, "Akshay, since we kept you waiting for too long, should we cut the cake now that we are here?"


Akshay led them to the center of the floor and called everyone's attention on the floor to cut the cake. Everyone was gathered except for Shaan, who was busy having a drink and talking to a skimpy girl. Akshay walked over to get him. Shaan protested and complained but Akshay ignored all his protests and Shaan gave in after much persuasion from Akshay.


Shaan was a little apprehensive to be close to Khanak, since she was standing next to Akshay. He tried to ignore her as much as he could but couldn't help notice how great she was looking.


She was wearing a white sari with multi-colored work on it. The pallu had silver work all around its edge, while the middle of the sari was covered with multi-colored zardosi work. The blouse was sleeveless with v-neck and the back revealing. She adorned a multi-colored set with small earrings and an incredible necklace. Her hair was left loose in semi-curls. She looked like a pure angel sent from above, thought Shaan. With the innocent and angelic expressions on her face, she fitted the description to the T. At the same time the sari made her look so sexy and hot by hugging every curve of her body. It was as if all the guys in the room were ogling at her, or so as Shaan thought. Just that thought made him crazy; he almost broke the glass he was holding till Akshay distracted him.


On the other hand, Khanak was trying not to look at Shaan since he was staring at her for the past few minutes. Just one look from him in that way sent Khanak's stomach churning and turning. It was as if all of a sudden, there was nothing in her stomach except for butterflies. His piercing gaze was burning holes in her body. She was burning from head to toe. She couldn't meet his eyes so she just looked in other places. She tried to look interested in the party but she was pre-occupied with the thoughts of the way Shaan was admiring her. She couldn't relax until Shaan's attention was taken away from her.


As soon as Shaan left, Khanak was relieved and finally looked at Shaan. Now it was her turn to check him out. Shaan was looking dashing with his Armani black suit. He adorned a gold Armani watch and black Gucci shoes. He looked like a charming devil. The man was oozing with sex appeal. He had that sexual vibe which made Khanak's hair on the back of her neck stand up. Khanak was so lost in checking Shaan out that she didn't notice that he noticed. As she was checking him out from head to toe, she met Shaan's eyes when she reached to his face. He held her gaze for few seconds. He then gave her a sensual smile and winked at her. Khanak's cheeks were burning with embarrassment and she quickly looked away blushing.


Gopi who was noticing all these actions between the two from far away, thought it was time to put her plan to action. She confronted Akshay soon on this and started their plan. Gopi walked up to Shaan to talk to him. She made sure that Khanak noticed her walking to Shaan before approaching him. She engaged Shaan in small conversations. From time to time she placed her hands on Shaan's arm or whispered in his ear whenever she caught Khanak looking their way. She was satisfied with the results she was getting from Khanak.


For the next ten minutes, Gopi continued with the platonic actions towards Shaan till she gave Akshay the signal to proceed with the next part of the plan. He immediately asked the D.J to turn up the music and he invited everyone on the dance floor. Gopi convinced Shaan to join the dance floor with her and so they did. For most of the part they danced on fast or semi-fast numbers in close proximity.


All this time Khanak was burning with jealousy and ignore all she might, she just couldn't help but glance over to Shaan and Gopi from time to time. She muttered all sorts of nonsense and gallis towards Shaan and sometimes Gopi.


It was time for Akshay to do his part, he asked Khanak to the dance floor. He led her right next to where Gopi and Shaan were dancing.


Shaan noticed them coming their way and he didn't like what he saw. His expressions changed from party-like to frowning. He didn't like one bit with the way Akshay led Khanak to the dance floor, holding her hand. He didn't know what this feeling was but he didn't like it how Akshay was too close to Khanak. He didn't like it when Akshay whispered something in Khanak's ear causing her to smile or to laugh. He felt like beating Akshay up and throwing him aside. He wanted to push Akshay out of the way and do the same thing that Akshay was doing. Basically he wanted to switch places with Akshay.


Slowly, the mood of the dance floor changed to romantic songs. This burned Shaan up even more since Khanak and Akshay were closer than before. He noticed Akshay touching Khanak's bare back and rubbing it gently and continuing whispering in her ear. He wanted to snatch those hands of Akshay and break them to pieces. He thought that if Akshay whispered one more time in Khanak's ear, he would break Akshay apart.


That is exactly what happened. Akshay leaned to Khanak again and lingered closer to her longer than the previous times and ended with a kiss on her cheek. That was the last straw of Shaan's patience, he lost his cool and grabbed Akshay by the neck from the back and pushed him to the side. "That is enough!"


Akshay smirked and so did Gopi, "What's the matter bhai? What did I do?"


"You…you…," Shaan was tongue tied, "You--"


"Bhaiya kya you, you laga rakhi hai. Agge bolo na." Akshay stated the obvious.


Before Shaan could say anything, Khanak jumped in, "What is your problem, Mr. Tinda? Why are you trying to embarrass me every time I'm on the dance floor?"


Shaan just starred at her, trying to find a reason for his sudden outburst, "I, I…"


Khanak had enough and she just ran outside to leave while Gopi and Akshay tried to stop her. For a second, Shaan didn't realize what had happened but when it finally hit him, he went after Khanak.


Upon reaching outside, he found Khanak passing the garden towards the outer gate. He yelled after her, but she didn't stop. He caught up with her and sharply turned her around to face him.


" Khanak, I'm sorry," he held Khanak firmly, "I'm really sorry for what happened inside." He looked at Gopi and then at Khanak's red face with anger.


"Chodo mujhe, Mr. Tinda! I don't want to speak to you!" Khanak tried to free herself and ordered Gopi, " Gopi go call a cab."


Shaan gave one look to Gopi, "No Gopi, you will not do it. Go inside and wait for us."


" Gopi will not do that and will call the cab," Khanak ordered with equal force, "Who are you to tell her what to do?"


"I'm her friend and she will go inside!" Shaan retorted.


"I'm her sister and she will do just as I say, Gopi call the cab," Khanak argued back.


Before things went out of hand, Gopi decided to take the decision on her own and went inside to be with Akshay but not before warning them to stop the fight and fix the problem between them.


"Let me go! Let me go!" Khanak yelled.


"I will let you go if you listen to me first."


"I will not listen to you. I don't have to listen to what you have to say, unless it's a sorry. Otherwise you can just go to hell!"


"Fine if that's the way you want to play then I will hold you here completely till you hear me out." Shaan brought her closer to him to hold her even more firmly, that way she wouldn't move a lot.


"I'm sorry for behaving the way I did inside. I don't know what came over me, I was just too…pre-occupied with something that I…"


"I know what you must be pre-occupied with, that little skimpy girl that you were speaking to earlier. Thinking about how to get her to bed with you," apparently Khanak was jealous.


"No, I was not thinking about that. How can you even think of me like that Khanak?" Shaan asked, "Never mind that, but please believe me I wasn't thinking abo--"


Khanak didn't let him finish, "Oh sure, I believe you. All you guys think alike so I'm sure you were thinking the same. Cut the crap and let me go!"


" Khanak stop struggling, I want to talk to you—" Shaan trailed off as something hit him, "Hang on a minute, are you jealous?" Shaan smirked as someone who just won a race. His smiled widened as he saw all the colors drained from Khanak's face.


Khanak stopped struggling under his hold and was caught off guard. She looked here and there trying to form an answer, "No...I...I...No I'm not jealous."


"You are too! I know a jealous lady when I see one, after all it is me!" Shaan's ego was kicking back in again.


Khanak tried again to deny the feelings, "No I am not....Wait a minute," Shaan's declaration made her realize something, "You were jealous too! You were so jealous in there at your own brother. Hahahaha." Khanak laughed at his condition.


Shaan was lost at what to say as well, "Nahi, nahi...aisi koi baat nahi...woh toh main sirf aise hi..."


"Haan, haan...abhi toh tum aise shere ban rahe the ab kya hua? Tsk tsk tsk, Mr. Tinda ka hosh gaya bhatinda."


Shaan had no words except to fight back, "Oh! Hello Karela! I'm no tht eone who walked away from there. Tum bhi koi kam nahi ho," he looked at her from head to toe, "beside what exactly do you have that will make me jealous?"


Khanak gasped in shock and laughed sarcastically, "Acha? And what exactly do you have that makes you oh-so-irresistible?" 


Shaan spread his arms apart in a I'm-the-best-type-of-guy fashion, "My face, smile, body, charm, handsome hoon, kafi ho—"


"Hahaha, acha joke marlete ho tum! You need meds, Tinda, meds!" Khanak walked past Shaan to go inside again.


Shaan went after her, "And what makes you say that?"


"Because either you have hit your head or you are delusional about yourself."


Khanak was close to the door now but Shaan blocked her way, "And who made you Inspector Judge, Karela?"


"Certainly not you! Beside you don't need a judge or a rocket scientist to tell you what you clearly lack. Now move out of my way, I'd like to go inside and enjoy my friend's birthday party."  Khanak tried to push him out of the way but he didn't budge.


"No! First of all, that friend of yours is my brother, just to let you know. And secondly, your words Karela don't mean a thing to me. Mere uppar hazaroon ladkiyaan marti hain, aur agar unme se ek kam bhi ho jaye, khaas kar ke tum jaisi nak-chadhi, kareley jaisi kadvi ladki, toh koi faraq nahi padta. Yeah!"


"You...You...TAKE THAT BACK!" Listening to Shaan insult her like that stirred up a sharp pain inside her for a moment. She didn't take it well and lost her cool.


"No...I...won't! What are you," Shaan came close to her face and touched her nose with his finger, "going to do about it, Karela?"


Khanak gasped, yet again, and pointed her right hand index finger at him, "You-pompous-egotistic-chauvinistic-horrible jer—"


This was the second time Khanak was stopped mid-sentence with a kiss from Shaan.


Shaan didn't know what came over him but he didn't want to hear another word from her so he did what he knew best to do, a kiss. He grabbed her from the shoulders and planted a hard kiss on Khanak's mouth. The kiss was for a mere second but it did the job, for Shaan at least. For Khanak the kiss was the last straw for her. This time, Khanak wasn't affected by it and didn't respond back at all but instead pushed Shaan hard. After pushing him back, she looked at him with as much anger as she possibly could, while Shaan gave her a victory-smile. Without another word, she slapped him hard on his left cheek and stomped on his right foot and marched inside the house.


Shaan was shocked and hopped on his left leg, while holding his left cheek, as he watched her retreat into the house. After massaging his foot for a while, making sure he can at least put his foot on the floor, he followed after her. As he entered the party, he spotted her with Gopi and Akshay, trying to look all calm and composed. He watched her trying to avoid his eye but he knew she was looking at him and whenever she did, her buttoned-nose would twitch and he felt like flicking her nose again. That thought brought a small smile to him.


Wait! Yeh tu kya soch raha hai Shaan? You should be angry at her! She just slapped you dude! As he thought that, he headed towards the bar area. He got himself a drink, scotch on the rocks, and then turned around to look at where Khanak was interacting with some other people at the party. He saw her talking to Gopi and some other girls, while he drank form his glass. As he finished his second glass, he caught Khanak's eyes for a second. Then she looked away and focused her eyes elsewhere, he followed her interest and saw a tall, slim girl in red dress approaching him. He turned his gaze back to her and what he saw satisfied his male-ego.


Why not let's have some fun. Ms. Karela, you tortured me outside, just watch how I re-pay you. Shaan put up his best, flirtatious smile and approached the girl in red.


Don't forget to Comment!Tongue

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HAHA loving the SLAP that khanak tikaaoed! Now shaan can't expect a kiss in return for a kiss ALL THE TIME can he?LOL rooj they fight too much yaar! i didn't know which side to be on? the guy with the awesome smile and body or the girl whose sari touched all her sexy curves!LOL btw WHAT in the world is zardosi kaam? LOL!
LOVED it rooj! ESPECIALLY loved how you made shaan say "are you jealous" to khanak! haha! Love your style of writing! *hug*

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OMG....Rooj..it's worthhy that i waited 4 this 4 a long tym.....it's getting intersting...pls update the next ASAP...luv u....

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LOL.....Nice part !!
Next part will surely have some fireworks...
Cant wait !!

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Beautiful Rooj.As Beeni said,they are fighting too much.Seems I am taking turns too lol.You are surely killing me with these stories.Very well written and I LOVED it!!!

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