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3 Idiots - Maan banaa KARAMCHAND...Chidd gaya JUNG (Page 21)

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
gnite guys ... before i doze off .. here is some food for thought ... to take the discussion forward ..

wad do u think will go wrong ab se ?

1. it will all start comically for Geet, but Maan will not understand why Geet is taking it so lightly when its about her life and the fact that its in danger .. he turns over protective towards her and they end up fighting over petty issues just before the shaadi ...

2. Anwesha is kidnapped by Brij once he learns she is Maan's sister in ransom for his own sister and threatens to kill her ...

3. Geet's life could be in danger and and she gets badly attacked and in the process loses the baby ..

4. Brij hates Maan, Arjun hates Maan, Maan hates Brij and Arjun but, its not even like either of them want to team up together for the benefit of the other, and in the process there is a three way enemity brewing creating more confusion ...

5. Geet see's Brij, but she doesnt want to bother Maan, since she thinks he is already hassled about it, in the process she ends up messing things up with Maan as well.. she once more thinks its her battle and she is the only one who can tackle him and teach him a lesson in her own way .. she manages as well.. she turns out to be the dark horse ..

6. Geet realises Arjun is not a bad guy after all, and Arjun realises Geet is innocent as well, she decides to support Arjun and Annie, and this leads to a huge conflict, Arjun is actually trying to help Maan, but looks like the bad guy in the process, he leads Maan into believing he is the culprit and hence leaves clues for him to reach Brij and teach him a lesson ..

7. maan realises its Brij on the prowl and he doesnt want Geet to know about it... but Geet already does.. both of them think of the other person's well being... Arjun see's this and decides to take advantage of the situation but his road block is Anwesha as he realises he actually loves her... if he teaches Maan and lesson he loses Anwesha once and for all.. He is in a fix ..

8. Brij does a total turn around towards the end, as his andar ki rooh jaagos or Darji himself turns up with the family towards the end and tells him he has realised he misses his child and it was in her absence that he realised it was she who is more important than the family honor .. happy family reunion- Brij is forced to accept sabke saamne but he vows to take revenge later..

9. NT makes a come back, and Arjun turns into a total dark guy, deadlier than Brij, now this is an impossiblity ... but why rule it out... Anwesha also shows her evil side and she sides Arjun instead of Maan ( well, well, last point hai toh my mind is going the K way thanks to my sleep ...maaf karo Wink)

These are some thoughts ... You could elaborate and add as well... 


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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by --Nargis--

SHAADI ya phir GEET ki BARBAADI............Is it Bye Bye Baby???Ouch

From Maan to Geet............

Tere hothon ki hasi ban-ne ka khwab hai,
Teri aagosh me simat jaane ka khwab hai,
Tu lakh bachale daman ishq ke hatho,
Aasmaan banker tujhpar chhaa jaaneka khwab hai,
Jee bhi lenge agar zinda rehna pada tere bina,
Lekin tujhpar mar mitne ka khwab hai'

Waah Nags Kya baat hai...MashallahClap

Especially for Munni.....Aa tuje JANNAT le chaloon............

Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi
Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi,

Maine Maana Ke Bahut Husn-E-Mujassim Hongi
Muqabla Kab Teri Shrafat Ka Wo Kar Payengi

Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi
Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi,

Itni Lazzat Se Hum Kisse Wahaan Ruthenge?
Itni Nazakat Se Wahaan Kaun Hume Manayegi

Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi
Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi

Kaun Hoga Jo Mere Naaz Apne Sir Utthayega
Kaun Hogi Jo Mujhpe Bijliyaan Girayegi

Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi
Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi

Kaun Honge Jo Mere Dard Samajh Payenge
Kaun Hogi Jo Meri Khamoshi Samajh Jayegi

Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi
Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi

Kaun Mere Gum Me Mujhe Tujh-Sa Sahara Dega
Kisski Ulfat Meri In Saanson Ko Mahekyegi

Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi
Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi

Maan' Kehta Hai Wahaan Per Haseen Bahut Honge
Kaun Si Hoor Mere Mehbub Sa Sharmayegi

Mere Mehbub Se Badhker Bhee Khub Ho To Kya
Mere Mehbub Sa Wo Dil Kahaan Se Layengi,

Mere Mehbub Teri Baahen Bahut Yaad Aayengi
Meri Taqdeer Jab Jannat Mujhe Le Jayegi

Nags agar Jannat nahi jahanum chala gaya tho????Will it still hold valueLOL

adoremevirgo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Nargis--

Originally posted by aditi123_78

Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

So....Brij will take Arjun on his side!!!!!
but i wonder why they revealed this??? it would have been better if they kept this part mum.....
btw....i feel like soon we will be gettin our serious.....pissed off....intense and full of passion maaan!!!
guys u know when shivani gets a feeling....she gets it....and i strongly feelin were are gonna got some real nice episodes...
the cv's have been workin on giving us the best wedding of 2011
so lets hope they get whatever they wanted onscreen!!!
how will brij blackmail arjun...will be hold annie now seems 10th jan will pass widout the wedding happenning....
this annie is becoming more a cause of danger for maneet than arjun or brij...i wish she goes back to where she came from... and Nihu think alike...she said the same thing about Anni being KIDNAPPED!!!LOL
i cant think of any other way....
one gud thing will be that maan and arjun may end up as friends eventually...because after everything will be solved maan will get to know that arjun spoiled his wedding only to save his sis...he will obviously forgive arjun....
and i also think...NT will be the mastermind behind the kidnapping....i wish dev were here....poor maan has to tackle 2 enemies at he is aware of and another he is still unaware...
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@ Shivi - Shivi hoiee mujhse parayi...IF like button hua members se paraya......Yeh kya ho raha hai.....


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Originally posted by kuls11

And no pain no gain theory continued,,,,,,Expect the unexpected
BEst scene - Precap is enticing
i loved loved loved precap--------dreams do come true,,,,,,

Thrill is back.....
GC is flawless., best ....for angry and attitude Maan,  noone can close to him...and his scene with Arjun were good....Arjun was good tooo....
But AA scene was horrible.....sad they copied my maneet scene one more reson to hate them......and AA batteries romantic scene....completly discharge me...I cant help it.....
Ani geet scene okie.....DD acting is flawless....Ani is improving little bit ..though
What Future hold for us...noone knows...we get enticing precap and depressing article.....BUT thrill is back...... suspence is back. trauma is back I want GHSP to be back with bang with marriage.....and want to shup them those who think its charm is over.....

I agree to the parts highlighted Kulu....the thrill is making it way to the show...Hope it gets the expert touch....
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LavZ

Mera hi saaya tu hai.....
mujh mein samaya tu hai.....
har pal yeh lagta hai mujhe...

Khud ko mitaya maine......
teri balaayein maangi....
paya hai maine phir tujhe... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Chahe tu chahe mujhko....
aisi adaayein maangi....
paya hai maine phir tujhe...Day Dreaming
r da CVs indirctly tellin us:
Golmaal, Golmaal, Everything Is Gonna Be Golmaal
Golmaal, Golmaal, Everything Is Gonna Be GolmaalOuch

Go Go Go Golmaal, Go Go Go Golmaal,
Go Go Go Golmaal, Golmaal Is Back Again....

Apni Juda Hai Yaaro Harkat, Harkat, Rang Bhi Juda Hai Apna
Apni Churaane Ki Hai Fitrat, Fitrat, Dil Ko Bacha Ke Rakhna EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Go Go Go Golmaal, Go Go Go Golmaal.....

abt da episod - it was an averag episod.....very imp fr da story to move on ....i likd da Maan-Arjun-Brij ka triangle.....ClapEmbarrassed

I think that was the only Eye Catching thing about today'sConfused
Arjun is a Gud boy bas raastha batak gaya hai...Oye MSK ki behen Anni - chalo usse raasthe pe laao.....LOL

Lagtha toh yehi hai....Ki Ani ke Pyaar mein Raste pe aayega
Maan almost stepped over Arjun  - Maan wil step over his plan at da end....
da way Maan walkin towrds Arjun n Brij walkin in da opposite dirctn Clap....Maan n Arjun on one side n Brij on da odr......well can dis be sumthin dat tell us ven Brij tries to kill Geet...Arjun wil reach der frst n Maan wil follow n both vil handl Brij??ConfusedConfused
Tujhse hi dil yeh behla, tu jaise kalma pehla....
Chahun na phir kyun main tujhe...
Jis pal na chaha tujhko...
uss pal sazayein maangi....paya hai maine phir tujhe...
Sajde kiye hain lakhon, lakhon duayein maangi, paya hai maine phir tujhe...
Guru got a haircut??hmm...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedMaaneet ki scene tho hamesha is touchin n sweet.....da dialogs r very meaninfl.....each n every expression talks....."Geet Khurana" sunke acha laga....aacha Brij wnts Geet to keep da surname??Y?? coz dey treatd her soooo well...yeah rite!!!! Angry

Mujhe Hair Cut kuch pasand nahi aaya.....I like his this hair-style...Ruko Pic Laagathi hoonLOL

Rishta naya rabba,
Dil chu raha hai,
Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore...
okie da fall looked fake to atleast kuch romance mil gaya.....i wd like to c a change in da romanc adaptd to Anni n Arjun nt similar to Maaneet...fallin - savin - eye lock.....Ouchkuch naya ho jaye naaEmbarrassed.......Oye Brij da talwar man cam up......Geet ki romancin se problm hai...ab Maan ki behen bhi romanc nahi kar sakthi kya?? khud ki behen ke jaan ke peeche pada hai....aur logon ki behen ko tho akela chor do!!!Angry
baki ke Break ke baadWink

Hey Lavu.....Take is great as usual......Pics dekho...Majaaaa KaroLOL
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

The men took the cake today !!! while the women played dainty darlings ... stop stereotyping ...!!
Loved the Maan and Arjun takkar- Arjun is not a bad man!! aur ab woh pitne waala hai ... kyunki Annie ko sach ka pata lag gaya hai .. and now she is going to ignore him.. but not for too long ... cos his charm is something she may not be able to resist . lekin lagta hai ... that will also be a reason why Maan will hate Arjun more ...
It was an apt episode that opened up tracks for the coming days ...
For now, i am still dreaming about the new promo !! it was very dreamy !! well it looked like a dream ...
I am quiet looking forward to things going wrong, cos, its only when tings go wrong is there fun to set them right and make things happen your way! I love the idea of the current track ...

Arjun and Annie- complications on the way, but love will triumph ...
Maan and Geet-mess on the way, but love with conquer ...
Brij- AYM on the prowl ... he will almost get there only to lose it ...
Dadi- silent spectator to the tamasha, who perhaps will never again trust another ...

I am looking forward to the coming episodes ....!! 

The pedicure ensured, when trouble is brewing Maan will try an tackle all of it by himself while Geet will stay protected within the four walls of his heart and also his home ...!!

It was a takkar of the lords ....
The Handas
The Rathods
The Khuranas...

The war has begun !!!

Too Good Yaar....esp the three Kaandhan's WARLOL

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sksg


Maan worried for Geet, and finding reasons to meet.

Geet refused to be Geet Handa, and now, how can Brij's anger ever become tanda?

Annie in Arjun's arms is taken over by his charms.

Office folks look very hearty while making arrangements for new year party. Happy to take sides of bride and groom, but not brave enough to face boss's fume.

Maan in warning Annie has his brotherly authority flexed, and leaves Annie totally perplexed.

Arjun's phone talk reveals potential for harms, and sets off Maan's ever present alarms.

Annie confides in Geet her doubts and perplexity. Geet sheds light on the seeimg complexity.

Maan turns sleuth to uncover the truth. He sets a trap with a lonely nonexistent Geet. Arjun takes the bait and Brij follows suit.

Noteworthy Dialogs of the day:

"Paas ana hi hai tho nai bahane doondleejiyenaa"

"Aapke hote hue Geet kabhi akeli ho sakthi?"

"Mein Maan Ki Geet Hoon, Khuraana Khandaan Ki Geet, Geet Khuraana"

"Ab Mein Sirf Geet Hoon, Woh bhi sirf pheron tak"

Best Scene of the day (My POV): Dreams do come true ...................

Hey Sri Nice TakeSmile

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