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Devils Den:The Clash of The Titans (Page 2)

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
I HAAAT u I-F for the New RuleAngryAngryEven though I ahven;t got the warning msg even once till nowROFL but still I HAAT youuAngryAngry
All Those who want to convey the msg tht they hate my post PM meROFLROFL
MSK'S haircut: He sure lookedDay Dreamingbut sumwhere the scissors went wrong on the was not rightLOL
MSK's Hawk eyes: I love how he is ware of everything around him..His ears eyes everything happen coz once his instinct tells him this person is wrong he will be hell bent on proving his instinct rightStar
MSK&Err-Jun's Killer Eyelocks: I love these two ka Face-OffsStarThe way he walked down the stairs SHAAN seCoolI love their Equal Takkars the way Err-Jun gave the jawaab and MSK was giving murderous looks to him..Purfect da bG adds da spice to it..
BriMaan: made for each other..wHY? Bcoz they fight together and they stalk together..lmao...Totally Rab ne Bana Di Jodi..TongueROFL

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
~Baby Khurana ~

To me, the baby represents Geet's plight, perseverance and Maaneet love story. Geet stood up against her family and fought against the world to protect this child. She moved to Delhi, she met Maan, she learned to stand up for herself because of this child. Geet is the strong woman that she is today because of this baby. She chose to keep this baby, and fight for her life, when it would have been easier to give up. As for Maan, he risked his life to save this child, though unknowingly at first. Ever since he learned of her existence, he has taken on the responsibilities of a father.  The single tear he shed at the first glimpse of the child sums up all his feelings about this baby. Maan chose to love this child and chose to stick around, when another, would have simply walked away. In the end that's what matters, love. Love trumps everything; certainly, biology.

-My Thoughts on the episode -

Episode was good I thinkEmbarrassed I only remember the promo now ROFLROFLROFL
Maan-Arjun Thumbs Up Maan is back to his "in yo face" avatar! Me likey Embarrassed
Naintara is alive Thumbs UpROFLROFL
Maaneet Embarrassed
Brij Thumbs Up
Idiot clan at the office
Thumbs UpROFL
Manisha Love your pink pants ROFL
Their BG music DeadDead

The promo:
Very dreamy Day Dreaming
Loved the smokeROFL
Did I say Dreamy? Day Dreaming
The music is ROFLROFL
Maneet expressions ROFL
The horse= REAL ROFL
I love HAPPY Promos Embarrassed

PS: Y'all better like this varna! ROFL

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
First of all love love love the new promo Day Dreaming
Maan looks smoking hawwwttt Blushing Day Dreaming
Geet looks ethereal and pretty in pink Day Dreaming
Plus most of all the horse is real ROFL........I told you so ROFL

Some pointers for the CVs for the future track
Please remember to highlight the underlying positivity always. The articles that have been released hint at a lot of negativity to come. Please make sure of certain things
1) You must show lots of positivity to balance out the negativity. If you fill it with too much negativity, your TRPs will show a downward trend.
2) Do not mess with the actual wedding itself. Maaneet should get married. No groom switching/bride switching nonsense else you will be left by the wayside holding a katora.
4) Reduce the amount of screen time NE gets.
5) Can the NE- Arjun romance for the time being.
6) Show more of Arjun and more of Brij
7) Utilize the office staff effectively
8) Show the joothe churaoing rasam and things like that
9) We want to see more of Adi, Manisha, Pinky, Pandeyji, Romeo etc.
11) Maan should always be intelligent. Do not paint him as an idiot.
12) Brij should be intelligent too. Else where is the fun.
13) Arjun must also be intelligent and they should all pit their wits against each other.
14) Lock NE up and throw away the key Thumbs Up.....even better change the actress ASAP
15) Don't play with your viewer's emotions. Thumbs Down

Episode Analysis
Loved watching intelligent munda who is also stalking Arjun now ROFL ROFL .....chalo stalking practice kucch tho kaam aaya ROFL ROFL
Loved watching Arjun go head to head with Munda and give him karara jawab Thumbs Up.....but looks like Arjun has no idea that Maan overheard the convo.
Makes me think NT will be back for the wedding Shocked
Brij overhearing Geet saying she is not a Handa anymore and going on his purkhon ki izzat track D'oh.....and now he is determined to kill her.
Brij catching Arjun and NE Evil Smile.....I kinda wished he would kill NE but no such luck Cry
This cat and mouse game is gonna be interesting LOL LOL
Munda has laid a good trap but is looking at the wrong target D'oh
Then there was NE who finds out that Arjun is NT's bro and her reaction is Stern Smile
exactly no reaction....come on lady you just found out the dude was leading should be spitting nails but not her she was like Stern Smile
Loved Manisha, Pinky and Adi Sir. We need to see more of them. Big smile

The episode was thrilling and full of suspense 9/10
The episode had romance 3/10 (-6 for showing NE-Arjun romance Dead)
GC's acting 10/10
DD's acting 10/10
Piyush's acting 8/10 (he lost point for the parts with NE poor fellow even though it was not his fault)
Beizaad's acting 10/10
NE's acting Stern got to act first then I will give you points...for now -10.5 LOL LOL LOL

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged

I liked today's episode!! Interesting turn of events...and intelligent munda is always a treat to watch..

The story moved towards what I think will be an exciting encounter.....the 3 men at the same place....each has his own reason for being there....I had be curious to know why Arjun went to that mall....we know why Brij and MSK are there...
Geet's dialogues to Maan were music to his ears...I could see....I am enjoying the mature conversation these 2 have been having lately. The feelings and emotions they share with each other. I like it that Maan isn't hiding from Geet anymore but he has good reason to not alarm her unnecessarily about why he is at CBC mall....
Angry Brij is villianous....let's see what he does or is able to do!
Nothing to say about NE and Arjun scene...the guy seems to be starting to like the girl...but I don't like repetiiton of Maaneet scens on these 2 so CVs better stop right here...
NE still needs to work on her acting.Ouch
I liked Arjun-MSK scene a lot. Angry MSK is always Hot but the way Arjun answers back...Thumbs Up  He has strong personality too and he did not falter in his scene with GC.
The office scene with the office staff was good....Finally Pinky had some dialogues. I had like to see them more involved in the wedding functions...bring in romeo, pandey etc etc.......
GC looks good in the new Haircut!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I LOVED THE NEW PROMO!!! Dreams do come true and it is special becoz it is Geet's dream. I want to see her happy...
Looking forward to the Wedding!!!!

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
i hate the new IF rule.... AngryAngryAngryAngry
Episode analysis..... me not doing theme write i am in the dream land.....
MSK's look..... the new hair cut suits him a lot..... he looked hawt.... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
I loved the way Geet tells Maan that y r u using the same bahana to talk to me...common get it out...whats troubling u..... n even without him telling her whats disturbing him, she tells him if he is worried bout what happened last night then he shudnt worry much... as she is Maan ki Geet....n she is khurana khandan ki Geet... Geet Khurana.... n Geet khurana name has enough weight to scare people away.... LOLLOLLOL
Maan telling her that till pheras dont happen she technically isnt a Khurana and is Geet Handa.... Geet reiterating that till pheras she is just Geet...not Handa....Khurana family is her maika as well as sasural.... awwwww..... Geet tumne iss dialogue se Maan ko maaar dala.... maara dala...allah...maara dala.... LOLLOLLOLLOL...... Maan gave those bedroom looks after that which wud hv melted gals..... geet whats wrong with u... how did ya not melt??? u shud hv told Maan...Maan yahan nahi...chaliye...outhouse mein chalte hain... its time for some outhouse mein mangal.... LOLLOLLOLLOL..... Gouri ...stop ur besharmi... i cant believe u r thinking such things ShockedShockedAngryAngryAngry
Brij hearing Geet denying connection with Handa family.... hmmmm... i like brijy boy haan...he is such a psycho guy... Big smile
Annie and Arjun - CVs please stop repeating Maan -Geet scenes on them..... Annie dint even fall from the stairs properly...she actually jumped right into arjun's arms....
Brij seesing arjun-annie together... well this was crucial for brij to know that there's something cooking between the 2... now when brij will come to know of arjun - NT connection he will use Arjun-annie to his advantage..... i feel that brij was bailed out by NT..... n NT hasnt told arjun bout brij n brij bout arjun.....
Finally i feel the CVs r now showing Arjun really falling for Annie.... Arjun actually told NT that these ppl arent as bad as u had told....geet actually doesnt seem that bad... but he is ofcourse a brother first so will listen to his sister.... i loved the way he told maan that he wasnt willing to take up the marriage planning contract but khuranas gave him the project so maan doesnt hv the right to talk to him that way....
Geet-Annie scene - Finally Geet is feeling like a bride to be...with all her parlour treats.... Big smile... she also senses something is there ...else y wud annie be so curious bout arjun.... geet isnt very foolish...she is perceptive too..... n she tells annie that arjun is naintara's bro... annie too is shocked that if arjun is NT's bro then y did they give the contract to him....Geet gave her explanation that u cant punish arjun for his sister's deeds..... arjun shud be given a fair chance.,.... annie does that tell u something?? doesnt that tell u that u shud keep this relationship only to the level of contracts..... even ur maan bhai told u to keep it at that...not to get too friendly...
Maan deciding to investigate Arjun's involvement in every wrong thing happening around geet... n making a fake call to the mall.... well well maan u r missing something..  dude check out the other ppl entering ur can u be so silly that u rnt checking on the new cook who has come to ur house??? dont get so busy with arjun that u give brij the opportunity to get to ur Geet...
I love Geet more now.... the day maan had gone off after the engagement, geet showed that she uses presence of mind... when she was looking for the petrol pump payments to check which direction maan has travelled..... today again the kudi proved that she aint DEMENTED at all.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.... Polki i will never agree that my kudi is DEMENTED haan.... Munda is very very slow.....
Geet asked him where he is roaming around..... haay haay... i thot stalker king always knew where the kudi is but this kudi also always can make out where her munda is .... LOLLOL
The episode was good... i liked it.... i liked the logic, flow and the acting....
The story moved ahead.... and the epsiode was entertaining as well....
Overall rating.... 8.5/10...
Precap- The new promo.... the dream sequence for Geet is beautiful....i loved it... yes some dreams do come true...and am hoping soon maan -geet wedding become a reality.... the promo not just reminds of what geet dreamt about but it also gives exactly how their marraige will happen despite all the obstacles that will come before the marriage.....
Highlight - Maan is looking very very hawt haan.... WinkEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged

Dear friends,

Hello and welcome to another round of my "who, why, when, what," analysis. Today's episode was perfect. A little bit of everything was there and the team blended it quite well. Its was thoroughly entertaining.

Now while I understand geet's excitement being with her loved one and becoming a family of him soon and thereby getting a new set of relations, I really didn't like her explanations about deleting her family name. Yes she is geet only and not a handa and it should not be because she hates her family or that she left them and they disowned her, they were wrong, etc. Family is important, parents are important. Its no credit to declare that she had left her family name along with her family no matter how wrong they were. I would have appreciated it if geet had said that the title "handa" hurts her a lot. It reminds her of a time and place that is dark and blind. Where false honor is important than real lives. Being a handa gave and taught her nothing whereas being around khurana gave her life back, made her courageous, gave her love respect and identity. That should be the explanation why it hurts to be a handa and feels so proud to be a khurana. I know this is exactly what she meant when she said those words but the dialogues were poor. Mr. Dhillon you could have rocked today if you had considered stating your view differently. As star channel says, rishta wahi, soch nayi! The idea is, same relation, same situation, new expression!

Now brij, doing the same thing, grumbling over family honor, will keep doing that till the wedding I guess. His dream of killing geet should be on the list under the title "some dreams never come true". Anyways, he should keep trying to keep us entertained.

Arju's phone conversation is very much interesting. I'm glad as a man he is using his senses and not blindly following his sister. Yes, no matter what you hear or what you see, you should always try to judge things yourself. It may not always make you or everyone happy but it always teaches you something. Lets see how far arjun business goes or if geet takes down another of NT's soldiers with her personality.

NE-arjun trip and fall was deadly so may their scene rest in peace.

Liked it that geet clearly told NE about arjun being NT's bro but seems like NE will use geet's logic in the future for herself which is, why punish one for someone else's crime?
Now about "all three on the parking lot" looks really interesting although its obvious that maan will miss brij and end up nowhere following arjun. And as geet is staying home, brij's plan will go in vain too. Looks like all three will go home frustrated and planning something new for the next day. The worst thing is, all evils plans wont go in vain. And as the new articles states that things would start to go wrong now. So something unwanted seems to be awaiting us. One request to the Gteam is that, please let the maneet wedding take place beautifully after all the trouble you are planning to cause and that too within jan2011. Else no more requests, campaign starts.

Finally, geet's dream is wonderful. Sweet dream sweetheart!

Loves and prayers...........


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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
He once said to her, are u expecting me to come on a white horse with a ring in one hand and flower in the other and he did come, dream or reality its there!  Thanks creatives for closing loops in this show and actually bringing out the dialogues to reality! Clap

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Ten fingers, Ten toes
She's laughter and teardrops
So small and brand new
And amazingly angelic
She's sent to bless you
She's one special Baby
The best of life's treasure
And will grant and bless you
Many hours of great pleasure
(Author Unknown)

Every child begins the world again.

Although in our context, this child created and has sustained our world of Geet. Irrespective of how much one may argue that this how is about the journey of a girl who is fighting for her rights and justice, we cannot and will not be able to deviate from the fact that it is this child that has given her a reason to fight. We have known that Geet, irrespective of her different thinking, followed her family norms till the day she was asked to renounce her unborn child. It is then that she took up the challenge of fighting for her rights. 

A Baby is God's opinion that life should go on

Since the day we have known about this baby, we have been with Geet in her fight and 
have supported her need for justice. We love Geet and Maan and enjoy their love for each 
other, but it is this bonding that they have for their unborn baby that makes us respect them.
The baby is an integral part of their lives now and their life will come to a stand still 
without the baby.

Babies are such a nice way to start people

Maan and Geet have exhibited characteristics of innocence, rage, anger, stupidity,
many more. But it is the thought of this unborn baby that has made them responsible. Not
only are babies innocent and God's best gift, but with the birth of a baby the parents are
also reborn. We have seen Maan and Geet change as people because of the baby. 

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

Geet and Maan have had their share of struggles with life. They have fought very hard to create a place of peace and happiness for each other. The entire purpose of Geet is her fight for the rights and justice for her and her unborn baby, and Maan's purpose is getting Geet the justice sh deserves and creating a safe world for her and their baby. They are both waiting with extended arms to welcome their baby with the hope that their baby will be like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope and possibilities.

A baby is born with a need to be loved -- and never outgrows it.

The day we found out that Geet was pregnant, we have emotionally connected with the baby. We love this baby tremendously and will fight tirelessly with Maan and Geet to make sure it remains safe Big smile

Note to the CV's : There is a ''sanctity'' involved with bringing a child into this world: it is better than bombing one out of it.

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