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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 5:18am | IP Logged

I hope you guys ll like this update . pretty long one .. I guess it wont be that boring . am not getting more comments like before . if anyone find to be boring I can change the track . please let me know .


Three weeks passes ,

As days passes by geet and varshika felt more comfortable with their bosses . geet was back to her herself.she argued with maan more than ever . maan had to eventually agree with her as he had no other choice or he need to face the silent treatment of his secretory . on the other hand dev and varshika had become more of a best friends . dev would join her whenever geet was out with maan for meetings . he made up a habit of gifting her favourite chocolates now and then .

It was one such day , geet had to leave with maan for a business lunch . so dev took varshika out for lunch . after ordering lunch in the restaurant ,

Dev : varshika , may I ask you something ?

Varshika : yea go ahead .

Dev : how did you , geet , aditi and preet became friends ?

Varshika : hmmmm'its been since out childhood . we met in out 1st grade .

Dev : 1st grade ? how come you are in touch till now ?

Varshika : yea , it was a very funny incident and I remember it very well . we ll laugh like anything whenever we remember it .

Dev : am too waiting to hear the story .

Varshika :ok was in our first day of our 1st . geet was in the first bench and me next to her . while aditi and preet at our back . geet brought sandwitch as lunch . preet snatched it from her and made her cry . myself and  aditi being the super womans punched him .

Dev was laughing like anything : oh my god !! you punched him ?? seriously ' you are not any kind of superwoman '..

Varshika : you need to hear the remaining part also .

Dev (still laughing ): I ll die crying if I hear more ..

Varshika (smiling ): I can assure you . it ll not happen. The next day he bought sandwitch for all the four of us and asked sorry . from that day onwards we became friends and decided that we ll never ever separate . we made it a point that we study in the same class. Took the same group in 11th and joined the same college and same stream .

Dev : anyways you ll get separated after marriage na ?

Varshika : we have a plan for that also .

Dev : huh ..????

Varshika looked around her and said : promise you wont say this anyone . it's a big secret .

Dev : ok promise .

Varshika : if our parents wants to get myself and geet married we ll marry only brothers . we even decided how many childrens we ll have . myself and geet ll have a boy and a girl . while preet ll have twins 'a boy and a girl . how is it ?

Dev : seriously you are impossible .

Varshika : I know it . we ll get them married so that we aren't separated for ever .

Dev : what if your husbands dosent agree to it ?

Varshika : who gonna ask those idiots ?

Dev : idiots ?

Varshika : if they come in our way , they sure are .

Dev ( selftalk ) : dev , see how your fate had become ? god why me ? I should better behave with her properly or else my best married life would become a worse night mare . help me god .

Varshika : hello..sir ??what happened ? are you there ?

Dev : haan .. am ok .

Varshika :sir lunch came . lets have .

The waiter served it and left the place . they enjoyed their lunch but dev wasn't able to come out of the shock yet .

Dev : tell me this is a dream .

Varsihka : no its not .

Dev : how am I going to manage you in my future?

Varshika : what ? why should you ?

Dev :ummm..nothing I meant how your husband gonna tolerate you .

Varshika : that's his problem .

Dev : yea .

Dev paid the bill and left for office . he was in deep thought that how he gonna propose her and make her accept for marriage . he asked her to bar all the calls for one hour as wants sometime alone . he thought " oh my god ! what the hell ? if I want my marriage to happen , it means I have to patch up geet with maan . am gonna  do more of a uncle's job than that of the partner of the company."


Geet was attending the meeting with maan . the meeting went smoothly and it was time for them to leave . they got the khanna's project and the clients were extremely happy with her presentation and so was maan .

Mr.Khanna : miss.geet am really impressed with your hardwork .

Geet : thank you sir . I must say all the thanks goes to maan sir . he guided me in every sir .

Mr. Khanna : wow Mr.khuranna , I must say you have a very beautiful and intelligent associate .

Maan : yea I agree . he looked at geet and they had a short eye lock .

Mr. khanna : ok Mr.Khuranna we ll be back with the further informations tomorrow . I ll introduce our C.E.O  Mr. Rajesh then .

Maan : thank you Mr.Khanna .

Geet : thank you sir .

With that geet and maan left for office . geet started to develop feelings for each other but they something stopped them to accept it from inside . maan asked geet to make all the required arrangements for the next day's meeting . geet finishes all her work and left home with varshika .

Next day , everyone was busy in the office with their respective works . adi , varshika and  geet was flying with the blue prints and the other documents while pinky assisting them . the meeting was scheduled at 5:30 evening . the day was extremely busy for both . geet was preparing the last minute changes while varshika drafted the necessary documents and mailing to her both bosses. Its time for the meeting .

Maan : welcome Mr.Khanna .

Mr.Khannna : hello Mr.khuranna . am very happy to see both of the brothers here .

Dev : hello Mr.Khanna .

Mr.Khanna : nice to meet you guys .

Maan : please take you seat .

Dev : this is varshika my secretory .

Varshika : hello sir .

Mr.khanna : hello . seems both the brothers got very smart associates .

Neither of them know how to respond . so they decided to keep quite .

Maan : geet ll give the presentation and you let us know if u wanna do some changes .

Mr.Khanna : ofcourse Mr.Khuranna my company C.E.O ll join us in some time .

The presentation went very well and the client was impressed all over again . just then his company C.E.O rajesh entered .

Mr.Khuranna : there you come rajesh .

Rajesh : sorry sir , the meeting got delayed .

Mr.Khuranna : its ok . meet  miss geet and miss. Varshika  maan and dev khuranna's secretorys .

Geet and varshika turned towards them and stood rooted . they gave him a most annoyed look which was evident to both maan and dev . rajesh stood there watching them with a smirk and forwarded his hand for a handshake . both did not want to shake their hand .so they refused by folding hands and said "namashkar". They both made excuse to bring some files and left the conference room . sensing the situation to be odd maan some how ended the meeting and send off the clients . by that it was nearly 7:30 . after sending off the clients maan was so angry that he would burst of any moment .

Maan : what the hell is wrong with those girls ?

Dev : am also quite shocked bro . I have never seen them behave so .

Maan : ok lets see what they were upto .

Dev :yes bro .

Both the brothers made their way to their cabin and stopped on their way when they both girls busy cursing rajesh

Geet : stupid , idiot ,fool . I never thought I would meet him here .

Varshika : why cant some lightening struck his head ?

Dev was about to laugh when he saw his brother giving him a stern look . both understood there something between them and rajesh and they decided to fing out .

Geet : kutthe , kaminey I pray the corporation should not close the drainage on the road and he should fall in that .

Varshika : I wish you should be left along with a gourilla .

Hearing this the two brothers burst out into laughing . they were not able to control their laugher . geet and varshika stood their shocked . they did not know what to do . it took 10mins for the two brothers to stop their laughing while the geet and varshika stood admiring them . maan for the first time had laughed so happily in his life time that he completely forgot about his surroundings . somehow maan and dev composed them selves and started their conversation .

Maan : who is this rajesh ?

Dev : how did you guys know him ?

Geet : wo  wo '

Varshika : ummm' oh

Maan : come on , give me the answer .

Geet and varshika signaled something within themselves and counted 1,2,3 and started running towards the exit with their handbags . luckily there was no one in the office except them . maan and dev dint know whats happening there but they understood one thing they are cheated.

maan : why are they running like this ? 

dev : i have no idea ... these girls will drive us nuts .

maan :i never leave them now . they owe me an explanation . 

Maan started running behind geet . dev did not what to do so he also ran behind varshika. The two girls ran in the speed of lightening . they took the steps while maan and dev were on lift . geet and varshika reached the ground floor at the same time as maan and dev . they began chasing one another like small school childrens . geet quickly hid behind a car while varshika underneath the steps . which did not go unnoticed by either of them . maan quietly went behind geet and tapped her shoulder .

Geet : shhhh'chup varshika

Again maan tapped her shoulder .

Geet :  are yaar am saying na otherwise that dhust dhanav ll notice . I don't know what he ll do if he catches me.

Maan got angry on geet for calling him with names but got an idea and smirked . he swiftly lifted her .

Geet was shocked and was about to shout . Maan quickly gave a deathly glare which made her shut up instantly. he took her to his cabin . on the other hand , dev too located varshika who was hiding under the steps . he went near her

Dev : are you waiting for some one ?

varshika : yea , am waiting for that idiot to leave the place .

Dev (shocked ) : which idiot ?

Varshika (Still dint look at his face ) : who else my boss . he is chasing me . thank god he dint see me yet .

Dev : don't thank god so soon because he saw you now and also heard you scolding him .

Varshika : ooh who  ar'? With that she turned and faced him . the only which came out from her mouth is "aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'."

He immediately shut her mouth with his hand .

Dev : shut up .

Varshika :mmmm '. Mmmmm'mmmmmm ..

Dev : what ?

Varshika : mmm'mmm..mmm..trying to take his hand .

Dev understood what she meant . he dragged her to office .

at office , 

maan : why you guys are running as if u had seen a ghost ? 

geet : actually he  was our friend's friend .

varshika : it was a birthday party and we met him

dev : for that you are running ?

geet : no actually , we mistook him to be a thief and poured paint on him and locked him in a room .

varshika : when we informed the people below , they said he is not a theif but indeed the birthday boy . 

geet : on that day he told when we meet the next time , he would make it memorable like we did for him . 

varshika : but we did not meet him after that . but when we met him today , he thought he ll do something and thats why we dint shake hands with him .

maan : what exactly is the reason to run a marathon and that too round the office ?

geet : i thought he would have told something to you . moreover we saw both of you in the pantry , so i guessed you ll pour something . 

varshika : thats the reason .

dev : may be he is not doing anything . but i gonna do something for making me run behind you .

varshika : who asked you to run ?

maan : and geet you too .

geet : well what is my fault ? if u run behind me ?

dev : no more interuptions , you two made us run and we are hungry , so make us something now .

geet and varshika : what ??? 

maan : and dont show your smartness here by adding more of salt ot chilli powder because you ll eat first .

geet : ugggg....

after some time , geet and varshika served them noodles and chit chatted for sometime talking and laughing . and finally left home ..

precap :  


part -10 :

So guys what you think ? am sorry I ll be posting the next update on Monday . its pongal holidays . so my sis ll be there and I cant take the lappy . so what you guys wanna include in the coming updates ? any suggessions ? as many told I ll go up with no negative characters . this rajesh one ll turn up to a comedian soon . 

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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but y did you end in the middle of no where 

thanks luved it hope fully couple have become friends

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by heermeher

but y did you end in the middle of no where

because i dont know what to do next LOL
cool_gal17 Goldie

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nic nic..i like itttttttttttt

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cue1 Senior Member

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Omdz that was awesome...please add me to your pm list and ill wait for an updateSmile

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LadyArwen Goldie

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cute one... MAAN SINGH KHURANA LAUGHING??? seems interesting... please please continue... HAPPY PONGAL!!!

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Great part!!!

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by LadyArwen

cute one... MAAN SINGH KHURANA LAUGHING??? seems interesting... please please continue... HAPPY PONGAL!!!

happy pongal to u toooSmile

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