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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
I really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur ff.
Maneet r sooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Loveeeee their fighting!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.


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divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
please add me to your PM list

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
awesome updatesssssssssssssss
maans pet name is criminal thts soooooooo coooolllll
add me 2 ur pm list

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged
today is MONDAY Party update day
noor nay bio ka exam b de dia
now update soon.. plz

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by NoorFatima

today is MONDAY Party update day
noor nay bio ka exam b de dia
now update soon.. plz

am just now editing ..for sure in the evening ..Wink

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged
not fair.. (noor makes baby face) Unhappy
i wont be able to read it then cuz have Islamiat exam tomorrow and i study in eveningz.. really not fair  Disapprove Broken Heart will have to ead tomorrow then Unhappy one more day to wait ConfusedConfused

Edited by NoorFatima - 10 January 2011 at 3:25am

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 3:45am | IP Logged

hey guys Durga here .. am up with the next update .... its really really long (only to me LOL )  if you guys dint like anything please do pm me (image damage Cry ) chappals are welcome leave comments .... do hit the like button ...


Maan headed towards his room totally annoyed with dadi antics. But he was surprised that he wasn't angry at geet . infact he liked her , to be true everything about her . her non-stop chatting , her swearing , her attire , her behavior , her attitude and everything ' he smiled to himself remembering the evening fight . the fact that he liked it surprised himself . he was ready to welcome changes in his life after a long time .

On the other hand geet was also thinking the same . she was never angry with a person like that before but she liked him at the same time . she could not find out the reason behind but she understood one thing . she was slowly attracted towards her dhusht dhanav . the men she had seen so far were totally different. Either they propose her or try to be friendly due to her dads influence which includes other big businessmen .she totally hated those types . But here he was totally ignoring her infact shouting which no one dares to . 

Both made a mental note not to fight with each other when they see the next time . Thinking about each other they slowly fell on to a contended sleep .

Its been a week the incident happened . both think of each other at times and let a small smile to linger on their faces unknown to everyone . finally the day came . geet and her friends received the offer letters from the KC to work as interns . maan wasn't aware of geets application being acknowledged by him as he was busy on some onsight calls . Geet on the other hand was still unaware of maans presence as she had fought with him before dadi could introduce both .

That fine day the four friends need to give their accepted offer personally in the KC office . they made their way to the office . geet and varshika made together while preet picked up aditi on the way . geet and varshika made it first and was waiting for adi whom they were been told to submit their forms .

Pinky saw geet sitting with her friend and ran towards her and hugged her. Geet was overwhelmed by her gesture and smiled as it reached her eyes and they stared their chit chat.

Pinky : "geet am so happy that you are going to join our company."

Geet : wow ! me to yaar.

Pinky : "pata hai , myself and adi sir made so much plan for this ."

Geet : plans ? what plans ?

Pinky (who was caught ofguard) : no yaar . I mean we made up plan to go to the restaurants and shopping malls near by .

Geet : oh !! interesting .

By that time dev who came to office just now joined them .

Dev : hey geet! How are you ?

Geet : oh wow dev , nice to see you here. Am fine . how are you ?

Dev : fine yaar' first day in office , enjoy !!

Geet : yup. Came to submit the acceptance form.

Varshika who was just watching the conversation felt as if she had been left out . so she decided to interrupt ..

Varshika : ahem ..ahem ' am also here .. its been 10 mins you are talking . do you even realize am standing here ?

Geet just then realized : sorry varshi . I totally forgot . hey this is dev . I told na I met dadi in a mall . this is her grand son .

Geet (to dev ) : dev , this is my friend varshika .

Dev : hi varshika

Varshika : hi.

dev :you too joining here ?

varshiks : where else to go without geet?

dev : all the best .

varshika :thnx..

Dev : okay guys its getting late . you know na my bro .. he ll freak out if he says anyone chit chatting .

Geet : your bro ? you mean the criminal ?

Dev suppressed his laughter by hearing the way his future bhabi calling his bro : yea the same criminal .

Geet : does he come here regularly ?

Dev : yea ofcourse this is the main office .

Geet who although liked it but decided to show fake anger : no way .

Dev : There's no other way geet . enjoy . having said that he left for his cabin..

Varshika : hey whats going on here ?

Geet : oh my god !! why are you making my life hell ?

Varshika : hey while am here to make it a pleasant one why are you calling the god ?

Geet gave a glare which instantly shut her up. Just then aditi and preet joined them . they went to meet adi in his cabin.

Geet : may I come in sir ?

Adi : yea , come in .

Geet : hello am geet . they are my frnds varshika , aditi and preet.

Adi : hi guys . nice to meet you .

Preet : pleasure is ours sir .

Adi : ok , have you signed the forms with the required documents .

Geet : yea , here it is .

Adi : ok .

He took a look on to it and asked them to wait near the boss cabin till he comes . He knocked at the door asking for permission . maan who was busy with some blue prints did not look on the person and asked him to come inside .

Adi : sir , these are the files you asked .

Maan : yea , keep it on the table and leave .

Adi : sir the intern candidates are present here with the required documents . they are waiting outside .

Maan : okay ask them to come inside .

Adi : yes sir .

Adi called the four inside .

Adi : sir this is preet , aditi , varshika and geet .

Hearing the name "geet" , maan who was till then going through  the blue prints looked at her .geet also looked at him and they had a small eye lock .

As they were with many others , they decided not to fight infront of them . adi interrupted them by giving the files of the candidates .

Adi : these are the details .

Maan : yea . he started going through the details of the candidates .


Maan : ok guys listen . I want you to work properly and I expect strict professionalism  here . I don't want to hear any of your personal gossibs especially roaming around in office hours .

Preet , varshika , aditi : yes sir .

Geet just watched everything silently . she knows wat he meant by strict professionalism . she felt the anger rise in her but remained calm . Maan saw this and gave a lop side grin .

Maan : Two of you will be joining our Mumbai branch for 2 months and ll be transferred here after .

The four of them were shocked on hearing the transfer as the main reason  they had applied there is to work together . Adi was also equally shocked as he recommended other candidates for transfer . But he could not say much to his boss. So he decided to have words with geet and her friends .

Maan continued : okay that's all for now . You guys need to join the day after tomorrow in their respective centres . Is that clear ?

Geet , aditi , varshika and preet : yes sir .

Maan : Adi get the list from rita and inform them now .

Adi : okay sir .

Maan : now leave .

Adi : yes sir .

Geet , varshika , preet and aditi : thank you sir .

After coming out of the cabin ,

Adi : am sorry guys , I tried my level best to keep you guys here but I don't know why he changed his decision all of a sudden .

Geet : but I know .

Aditi , preet, varshika and adi : what ????

Geet got cautious : I mean may be some emergency , that's why he might have said so '

Adi : oh okay guys wait here . let me get the list as where you all are placed .

Preet :okay .

After adi left , preet asked geet : hey geet this is the guy you told that day ? I mean who hit your sweetu ?

Geet : yea the same criminal .

Aditi : hey we can see some other company .  I think that's the reason why he transferred us .. before we join the company , he is trying to separate us ..after who knows ?

Preet : hey calm down . lets think over it .

Varshika : no we need to take up this . we need to show him our friendship power !! we will talk daily' if we dint take up this offer , he will definitely consider us as week.

Geet : yea , she is right . I think we need to take this offer. Moreover we ll be  together after two months . We need to show him that we can work in any environment .

Aditi : are you mad ? Why we need to show him all these ? Lets see for some other companies .

Preet : but there's no time yaar..we need to report tomorrow to our college .

Geet : we ll take this and its final .

Aditi halfheartedly accepted it .they were waiting for adi to know who had been transferred to Mumbai .

Adi who came after few minutes was very happy but decided to show some fake sorrow to them

Adi : Am really sorry guys . This gonna be very difficult .

Geet : what happened ?

Preet : who had been transferred?

Aditi : we are waiting sir .

Varshika : why are you giving so much build up ?

Adi : ok guys ..calm down . aditi and preet are transferred to Mumbai . you ll informed about your designation there . all the best . You have to leave to Mumbai tomorrow night flight .

Preet and aditi : what ? why ?

Adi : which question I should answer first ?

Preet : why are we transferred ?

Adi : because you guys qualified and there's no proper interns there . lucky you can escape from maan sir.

Aditi ( in as sad tone ) : okay .

Geet : adi sir , what about us ?

Adi : sorry geet , you have to be very strong ! this happens sometimes .

Geet : ???

Adi : you are going to work as maan sir's secretory .


Adi : calm down geet . We can't do much . maan sir had himself selected you as his secretory .

Geet : but he already have a secretary right ?

Adi : Yea ,She is getting her contract period over by Monday . sir isn't interested in extended it .so you ll be his secretary from then on. You will be told about your job responsibilities then .

Varshika : hey what about me ? Am I the secretary number 2 ?

Adi : No you are dev sir's secretary .

Varshika : great escape .Dancing

Geet : hey why don't we shuffle ?Wink

Varshika : shuffle what ?

Geet : our job .

Varshika : you mean me as maan sir's secretory and you as dev sir's secretory ?

Geet(with a naughty smile advanced towards to their offer letters ) : yea .Embarrassed

Varshika : No geet . With that she snatched her offer letter from adi and ran towards the exit .

Geet also ran after varshika forgetting that they are in office . On seeing the whole scene from his cabin maan made his way towards geet . he pulled her inside his cabin such a way that geet fell in top of maan while maan on the ground . (this fall happens inside maans cabin so that others don't notice ). They had a short eye lock . maan raised his hand and tucked her hair that fall on her cheeks.

On the other hand varshika ran like fire on her tail and dashed on to dev making him loose the balance . Thank god no one was there on the reception that time . Dev on top of her . varshika was breathing heavily and dev just watched her . Their so called romantic moment was interrupted by constant ringing of her mobile .  Dev helped her to stand up and she picked up the phone .

Varshika : hello'

Preet : stupid where are you ?

Varshika : am in the reception area .

Preet : are you alive ?

Varshika : I hope am . she chased me like hell and I had to run like fire on my tail .. do you know how fast I ran ? if I had to run like this each and everytime , I would participate in the marathon next year .

Preet : ok ok cool . where is geet ?

Varshika : I don't know . she chased me but suddenly disappeared .

Preet : ok I ll search her . you wait near the car park .

Varshika : okay . 

With tat she turned towards dev to apologize .

Varshika : Am sorry sir . I dint mean to dash at you . This stupid geet chased me that's why ..please am sorry .

Dev just saw her like the first time and he was in dream land . he liked her childish nature and gestures . he forgot himself totally .

Varshika : hello ??? sir are you there?

Dev did not respond . he just watched her .

Varshika : oh my god !! it seems sir has lost his hearing and speaking  capacity . what will I do ? she shouted at her top voice . "sssiiiirrrrrr''"

With that he came out of his trance and saw varshika who was about to cry anytime .

Dev : what happened ? are you okay ?

Varshika : yea am okay . but I think you are not . I had been calling you for 5 minutes but you dint respond . come lets go to doctor .

Dev : No varshika am fine . Nothing to worry .

Varshika : are you sure ?

Dev : yea am . By the way why did you run like this ? If bro sees it you ll be in trouble .

Varshika : because of him only so much trouble .

Dev : what ?

Varshika : "he wants geet to work as his secretory but she dosent want to . so she wants to shuffle it with mine . so I ran away and fell on you ." she said those things in a single breath.

Dev who was amased at how a person can talk like this at a short time , finally blured out : whats your post ?

Varshika : your secretory .

Dev : wow !!

Varshika : wat ?

Dev :mmm..nothing I said good . okay you be ready by monday.

Varshika : okay .

Dev : then I ll take leave . bye . have a nice day .

Varshika : to you too.

The scene shifts from varshika to maneet . they are still in the same position . finally geet managed to get up . both were embrassed but decided not to show .

Maan : miss .geet handa what do you think of yourself ?

Geet : there is no need to say anyone what I think of myself .

Maan (with little angry ) : this is not a play ground . this is KC . I expect you to think the same .

Geet : did I say this is a zoo ?

Maan : but you ll make it a zoo soon.

Geet got angry on hearing this and decided to speack about the job offer : what do you want ? why did you appoint me as your secretory ? you know I cant stand you for a minute .

Maan : geet this is my office and I have the whole right to do what ever I like .

Geet : oh then am resigning it .

Maan : you cant geet . you have signed the contract papers . you have to work under me .

Geet : urgh''........

Maan : ok as of now , go and learn how to behave with the booss from now on .

Geet : you and your stupid office .

Maan : you need to work with in this stupid office only . mind it .

With that geet left his cabin in anger and made her way to the parking lot .

Maan : now let us see geet handa . how you can escape from me ??? I ll show what the real maan sigh khuranna can be ' after all you called me "criminal" , so I need to behave like the one '

Having said this he smiled to himself and started doing his work . on the other hand preet was very happy that he could spend time with aditi and open his heart to her . he thought to himself that "I some how need to work out this'god has given me an option ..i should not lose this ' come on man. You can do it . think of something'" the four friends with different plannings in their mind , left the office '

precap :

part 7 :

the same one guys ..definetely it ll be in the next update .. if i need to include that here it ll go 15 pages with my dragging story .LOL

Edited by mrk_1 - 17 January 2011 at 6:09am

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
quite long huh
gonna read now
superb yaar ClapClapClap
liked the maaneet fall LOL
oooooo it was so good..
best scene: geet chasing vrshika and then both fall on thier bosses EmbarrassedEmbarrassedTongue
as always was funny and really exciting
love u
and thanx for updating fast
now i'll go study for exam ConfusedConfused

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