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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

have opened early, will be sleeping in when it should be opened LOL
ughhh college starts once again, will update later on when u guys are asleep in India LOL

you guys can reserve till the episode airs Embarrassed

will be short gotta go for class in 10mins Cry
and since my fingers are really cold i am gonna be typing slow LOL and will hardly get anything...alright i should stop talking bakwas LOLLOL

todays episodes rating: 9/10 Clap
From the car ride to the car ride LOL awesome episode!!!!
Arohi has to sleep with Cookie and Coffee? I am so sorry for you Arohi, u can't even drink or eat them if ur hungry at night LOL they aren't yummy looking LOL

Arohi getting so irritated by Arjun Clap I love that Arohi!!! i hate watching the crying baby LOL
as i listen to Adhore right now Embarrassed i am thinking of Arjuhi Big smile adhoore bin tumhare! so true!!! this song suits them in every level Embarrassed

Chiku in the car calling Arohi love and his baby DeadDead i was like kabootar chup ho jaa AngryAngry and Arohi's face when Chiku wanted to give her a kiss ROFL
ROFL i shouldn't laugh at the poor thing, she has to go through so much cuz of Chiku ROFLROFL but it was just so funny....and then makes an excuse that Arjun is looking ROFLROFLROFL

tukur tukur dekh rahin thi Arohi Arjun ko Day Dreaming and then she said that she wants to come back with only Chiku and her hair flying on his face and all...yeh ladki jabse paida hui hai usne sirf problems create ki hai
ROFL if her hair flies on his face how will he drive?? ROFLROFLROFL so have Arjun with u Arohi, promise he will make sure to throw Chiku out of the car if even one strand of your hair goes on Chiku...why do u want to dirty it? ROFLROFLROFL

and she sat with Arjun on the way back, with her life partner Dancing

ROFLROFLROFLROFL Chiku drunk is hilarious ROFLROFLROFL Mr. Subramaniyam ROFLROFLROFL i feel bad for you!!! what kind of a question is which 1 to put first??? D'ohROFLROFLROFL my god Arohi who are u marrying!! and when Chiku said he was very little as a kid and Arohi says that everyone was i was laughing ROFLROFLROFL she always says in her bak bak bachpan ka mujhe kuchh yaad nahin main bauhot choti thi na ROFLROFLROFLROFL ahh i am remembering the walk they had when they were on their way to Sarhali Day Dreaming she was so adorably talking then Day DreamingDay Dreaming i miss her bak bak Disapprove

Chiku ki jawani
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLnow i know why Karan was laughing alot in his status ROFLROFLROFLROFL that was hilarious ROFLROFLROFLROFL
and Arjuhi's nok-jhok once again
DancingDancing and then in the car when Arjun was like its so hot and Arohi was like its so cold i was remembering that scene from KMH1 when Arohi is wet and Arjun turns up the AC ROFLROFL ohh the good old days of KMH 1 Day Dreaming

thank god today we got to hear the KMH tune but then again at the end of the episode movie song
D'ohD'oh nooooo Creatives! we have a beautiful KMH tune please use it!!!!

Shocked i am 3 minutes late...class starts in 7mins, i gotta rush LOL byeeeeeeeeee

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Ok, since I missed the New Year's eve episode so I have no clue how Arohi and Chiku got hooked up together for a late night date but so much for DJ trying to keep Arohi away from ArjunROFL ROFL Arjun's expression when Arohi was 'trying' to flirt with Chiku! It was so fake! And Arjun could see through her act clearlyWink LOL And the date, yeah right, it was so romanticErmm 
Enter Rudra Loser Singhania. Not much to say about him but I can never forget those eyes of Arjun when his 'father' gently but coldly refused to give him the hug he so badly needed that time. Rashi was right, these people were never his family. Imagine, so much 'bhao khaoing' for a little hug!Cry 
And Arohi! Gosh whats wrong with her??!Angry I mean, ok, you know what? You don't trust him, you don't love him, fine! Lie to yourself and live with it but who the hell do you think you are questioning his love and sincerity??! Sorry, guys, no offense intended but as much as I love her, her irrationality and unreasonableness is getting on my nerves now!Ouch Ouch
But omg, Chiku drunk was priceless!ROFL ROFL Don't kill me but the drunk Chiku was actually a bit cute. 'Kabootar'!! Chiku ki JawaniROFL ROFL ROFLEven in a talli state he still remembered the prices. I mean, seriously, people! Bachpan mein jab hum sab ABCD seekhte hain, yeh brands aur pricetags ki kitabein ratt raha tha kya????D'oh
Oh, and look what we have? A damsel in distress. Poor Arohi Madam expects Arjun to offer his jacket when she herself knows that if he does so, she'll refuse. But the way said it was adorableEmbarrassed Embarrassed No matter what, end of the day she'll still my 'hansti phudakti' ArohiBig smile

Memorable Quotes:

Arohi: Chiku, tum duniya mein sabse bade gadhe ho! Clap

Arjun: Tumhara body guard nahi hoon! Jiska hoon, woh jab bolega toh jaunga!
Arohi: Tum uski baat sunoge meri nahi?Shocked Wink
Arjun: Obviously!LOL

Chiku: Bachpan mein bohat chhota thaROFL

Arjun:Tumse door jaana utna mushkil nahi hai, Arohi jitna yeh realise karna ki tum mujhe apne paas nahi chahti!Cry

Arohi: Tumne sach mein ghar chhod diya?
Arjun: tumhe sach mein ab yakeen aaya mujhpa? Itna hee bharosa hai? Mere pyaar pe?

Arjun: Tum sirf ek ladki nahi ho Arohi. Tum woh ladki ho jisne mujhe ek behtar insaan banane par majboor kar diya! Woh ladki ho kiske liye main kuch bhi kar guzarne ke liye tayaar hoon, jisse main bohat bohat pyaar karta hoon! I love you, Arohi! Jo ek baar pehle keh chuki ho, ek baar phir kehdo! (and something after that which I forgotOuch)

Chiku: Tumhare naak main jo blackheads hain uska kuch karoROFL ROFL ROFL

Arjun: Jitne gusse se tum request kar rahi ho, utne gusse se koi order bhi nahi karta haiErmm

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Du_Nish Goldie

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coming soon;)

I officially agree with Arohi, Chilku is the world most stupid personROFL
I just watched part 1 and I liked the way DJ Bhua arranged for the long drive and how Arohi was reluctant. As usual Arohi's mom filmy concern is sweet and our stupid chikoo even for romance he brought his bodyguardROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Maha ulu ROFLROFLROFLROFL
I was having the same stealthy smile like Arjun who is also thinking that guy thinks himself to be romantic but still price tag his romance and thiking of romancing infront of the one that the girl love. How Original ChikooROFLROFL and the best part remains where in Arjun's contract it was written he gonna stay with Chikoo every second ROFLROFLROFL It was funny to see that Arohi was again in her bachpana when Arjun did not heed her and will heed Chikoo and she forced Chikoo to send him away.
Now the character of Chikoo has been developed as a price tag and his love and concern are shown in material terms. He is fake in a way as he wants to please his dame the way he thinks is best and it is the same way that Arohi does not like man to behave. The character of Chikoo is developping more in a way where even audience does not sympathise to him,even if he is sweet,it is sort as he thinks he is the most intelligent person in the world,he has digged his own grave ROFLROFL and Arohi will not be able to do this 'dikhawa' for long. So even if Arohi was trying to make Arjun jealous in describing the way she wants to romance with Chikoo,she knows this is not going to happen and best I think Arohi is going to melt now Wink
(well time to be arohiWink)
Ok now I am going to watch part 2
OMG Arohhi how are you going to bear Chikoo yaar?ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
hikoo's dukh bhari kahani is in childhood he was small ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL and his maths teacher ROFLROFLROFLROFL Chikoo is that what you talk in romantic dinner?ROFLROFLROFLAnd i felt sympathy for Arohi who was also having the headache.
Then comes the agony of Arjun and felt blurred for him as he knows if he wants to play the same game of Arohi,that would not have been difficult. I was still thinking on Arjun's state when at the right moment we get to see RPS and his words scared me,especially the bit if you do not get your love Dead because I start pondering is Ekta Maiya going to the extreme with they part really and Arjun will feel extremely betrayed that he went back to the RPS. RPS words made me feel if this does not happen to,he can make him felt happy Dead I feel Arohi patao to Arjun will be harder and heart tearing guys Dead if these words from RPS come true.For the patao of Arjun,we trust his self confidence but Arohi is so innocentDead Yet I love the turn in part 2 showing that at least now Arohi has realised he is true,he has really left everything for him leaving the audience the ray of hope that Arohi is breaking those ice that she built in her and is going to start trusting Arjun too.
Lets c part 3
Ouf Ekta Maiya - tell me vy tell me vy tell me vy ROFLROFLROFL when i see the ray of hope in the next part u turn it around ROFL I actually like how Arohi is torn,it is like her heart and mind are telling 2 different things - her heart that is seen in the expression of her eyes is melting and her mind who is afraid to get hurt again in believing the heart has vent out some sharp words that are meant to hurt Arjun and the way Arjun gulped these words are clearly seen he has been hurt but his patience and as he is someone focused,like he said,he can do anything for Arohi,so these hurtful words,he has taken it the way to win back Arohi,even if he is hurt but the warmth of his love made this bitterness turn sweet that at least he is having his moment with Arohi and the perfect time to have the background music of teri saason,it has been so long and really love it here. As expected.the I love you confession even fromArjun is a simple one,the KMH1 are unbeatable,but it was very  sweet,meeting the audience's expectation in the way that in both lovers' it was mixed with love and agony  and i felt to have a wide smile thinking these words that Chiko had to say to his fiancee in his romantic night has been said by Arjun to his lover Smile and then we got to find more hilarious 'dukh bhari' kahani of chikoo that is amusing and is interesting Arjun because he knows in this state 'chikoo chachu no romance can be done in this state' ROFLROFLROFL and then how Arohi is asking about her 'phuli' stuff and Arjun felt amused again and how again we see Arohi's bachpana and sweet very at ease feeling being with Arjun words and i love when Arohi argues she is not that kind of girl and how Arjun teases back making her remember the cottage sceneROFL 
Now to watch Part 4
I love the nok jhok here of Arohi Arjun;) The guse wali Arohi vs the smart cool arjun ROFLROFL
And Chikoo ki jawani ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL I actually like this scene as it was really light and back those tit for tat awesome takes. I love how Arjun feels he can pull Arohi's leg: He made her request him gently only to give Arohi an answer there is nothing to request in it,it is part of his job ROFLROFLROFLROFL
Lets see Part 5:
I really was enjoying the naughty smile of Arjun who knows Arohi has no choice but come to sit in front next to him where we got to see some sweet mischief from Arjun's side on trying to make Arohi wears his jacket by switching on AC and let the windows open. It was awesome guys! I gonna have a part on overall but in this part I love again bin tere song on them and how we got to see Arohi's back,her sweet talk and how she was hesitating to take the jacket. The episode ends with showing trailer of next episode about Arjun is asking Arohi that happiness they both complement in the jungle and he wants it again,asking Arohi to look at him and the trailer ends that she looks,that is really promising if Ekta Maiya does not crop a new twist. Wink
This is another treat for the start of the year and I will rate this episode as an 8 out of 10. I can't rate is 9 because it is not as awesome as the jungle scene and is defintely an 8 out of 10 for me. I love all the background music today that suit perfectly the scene and was not overblend. I love the fact that Arohi's salwaal was again white - lets go back to retros and we will remembered each time when Arohi felt so good with Arjun,she is in white,white that shows the purity as the mind of a child,innocent and bubbly. We got to see again Arohi when she has been out from home,she is again the free bird and she lets again herself to take control of herself,without society infringement, yet it is true she is hesitant after knowing the truth because like Arjun said in the previous episode,she is more afraid of losing herself than anything else,she loves her family so much that she is afraid of hurting her family if she chooses her love. Then in the very scene we get to see that lost trust in Arjun is slowly recovering strongly and this time once build it will not break if Arjun does not want to. We again saw Arohi how comfortable she is with Arjun,again like the childlike character how she is holding Arjun but she is not showing it and this time she was in all set mind to forget. From my own experience,I feel this perfectly suits Arohi's state:Arohi and Arjun are having a distant cold war but then there is a moment that how much strong willed we are,we knelt down in love,we definitely knelt down and accept defeat in the sense that as love has already filtered in our life and even if it is in the weirdest circumstance,it is true that the heart and love are going to rule your mind. Arjun has already knelt down as shown once by the promise of the coming angel as the blow of wind of change and how he trusts his love. Arohi is still in the mind vs heart conflict,all that crop and let her mind take over with thoughts when she is not having her moment with her lover. In the last episode,we understood that when there was the eyelock scene,Arohi definitely melt but she was still 'in' 'confinement', even if she has a lovely family who loves her a lot,she is bound in that love,trying to forsake her love but today,she was out,she was again the freebird,and she had her moments with her lover who she knows is selfless and is totally hers and even if her mouth vent out all what she did not mean,she knows looking in the selfless lover's eyes she is going back to herself,that 'jhakaas' 'bindaas' Arohi. What she was taking days being away from Arjun,avoiding Arjun to get herself back,her heart is ruling her in that warmth being by his side and slowly gets herself back and the warmth of Arjun as the symbol of taken the jacket from him and Arohi had it infront,next to her heart,she is absorbing this warmth with close eyes,mesmerising all the warmth in it,healing all the pain,healing all the *what to do*,just be herself,happy and selfless too. This is great indeed,even if there was not the trailer, I would have expected another sweet moment on tomorow's episode where Arohi vented her pain again.
This time the string of fate was shown by DJ Bhua plan to make Chikoo and Arohi have some time together,some time away from Arjun but 'the kismat ka khel' come where the bodyguard was the driver and hence what they planned was defeated by the 'cosmos' blessing of the nature, then Chikoo itself who continued in a price tag character portrayal got drunk,leaving Arjun and Arohi have their romantic moment. Romance was the purpose of the long drive that happened in an indirect way but between the lovers rather than the 'dikhawa' one.
Yet with this sweet feel, there is a preparation of something dreadful that is going to happen by the words said by RPS,showing that this winning love will not be easy as if this time Arjun wins Arohi,there is already that something is going to happen that Arjun is going back to be the puppet he was,like the announcement of the 'storm' that DJ had felt. I felt it too ROFL
I think if I have to write a song attached to this episode,I will stick again with 'bin tere.'
'Bas itna hi mujhe likhna hein' ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
c u Kmhians Wink

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Clap Clap first episode of the new year and it was rocking . Embarrassed
DJ   going against kartar's rules for chikuShockedLOL.  but if she din do that how wld we get arjuhi scene in the night , so well done bua and DJ. arohi's mom bargaining the time  LOL.   Point to
be noted one more mamaji coming for wedding and is strict and doesnt like drinking etc.  will be impressed by arjun for sure.  hopefully he too mistakes arjun to be the dulha. Wink
she looked pretty in that white dress naTongue,  why didnt arjun  take couple of minutes to adore her from far.  jhat se gadi mein baith gayi.   and the lines she said about life partner , front seat, breeze, hair flying Embarrassed but srsly arohi  u expect all that from chikuShocked ,   we all know u want to  make arjun jealous Embarrassed and if arjun wasnt there wld u let  chiku kiss ur handConfused,   u must be thankful that arjun was  present there Embarrassed  so chiku wont continue his nautanki  Clown.
cheeku's long drive was sooo short ROFL  lover's point just around the cornerROFL .  what is with her tone 'ab jao'   Confused huh?   arjun gave the right answer tumhara bodygaurd nahi hoon mein.Clap.
time to tease her Embarrassed  aur nahi to kya she is acting all stubborn,   Shika u were right he should be strict with her now,  pyar se samjahne ka koi fayada nahi hai LOL.    so if they both go in the car arjun is supposed to walk Confused.    RPS doing some bussiness near by LOL runs into arjun.   He didnt  contact or talk to him or arjun didnot call them to find  out how rashi is doingShocked.   pyar mein pagal LOL.    RPS  asking  for a long drive (lagta mausam accha hai everyone wants to go for a driveEmbarrassed)  and his indirect invitation asking him to  join him again and the emotional blackmail of rejecting  a hug Angry. poor arjun Ouch  but he is not shattered this time,  gadi  jo badal gayi EmbarrassedWink Clap but rps will be upto some evil paln now  along with gauri, he saw the winning smile of arjun and
he din like it. Ouch
Moment of the day :  he says 'I love you'  Embarrassed Clap  directly to her this time.   naya sal ka naya pyar ka naya izhaar  Heart . loved the tere sason ki bg  here Thumbs Up and all his lines Clap. but it is not enough to convince her,   she saw rps  Ouch  so obivously is  affected by his words in the station again. but ouch!!  arjun was hurt when she said she came for chiku and not him.
'chiku ko tumhari jarrorat hai' , ' kaisi jaroorat'  and  pause ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
the moment chiku started to drink I knew he will pass out ROFLROFL.    and the silly funny things he said ROFL, selfobsessed freak LOL.    so somebody else thought he was not so perfect his math  teacher  ROFLROFL wonder if he is invited to the wedding, that will be super fun ROFLROFL . chiku  is still so sad that  he even hates the enire education  system ROFL. arohi got angry when chiku said black heads  LOL  but was concerned and keeps touching her nose when arjun said the same  ROFL how can she tolerate that now ROFL,beware arjun when u guys are allright make sure she doesnot remember this ROFL .  She  first   acts all hyper to request arjun's help but once she hears  'chiku ki jawani'  ROFLROFLROFL    comes to terms and requests.  arjun enjoying all this. ROFLROFL .    what a scene my god ,  Puneet  ClapClap.
now the actual long drive started, she got all that she  wanted, sat in front seat with her life partner, wind blowing, hair flying Embarrassed  loved it.   wonderful thought arjun to put down the windows Clap, arohi notie it na he is willing to fulfill even your smallest of the small wishes. Embarrassed  I like bin tere song  but did it fit here Ermm, it must be played when they are away na,  I dont know m just happy they din play ek tara LOL.   but kya scene tha.  Day Dreaming.  they were awesome. 

rocking precap Day Dreaming  , looks like she said she is very happy  with chiku and he wants to see the jhalak of that happiness. Embarrassed
very good episode,  Karan and Kirtika well done  ClapThumbs Up.   Loved  all the expressions and all the dialouges.   waiting for tomorrow,  m sure its going to be another rocking episode.  

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....Priya.... IF-Dazzler

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havn't seen 2day's episode!! only read da written update!!
Will write it laterSmile

OMG Loved 2day's episode!!!Big smile
Big smileFreaking AWESOME!!!Full epi of ARJOHI..NO Family Drama!
Da old cute fight scenes are back..!! Thank God dere was no  *sad* scenes!! Big smile

 Arohi & Chikuu date:

Chikku's new nickname- Kabootar..ROFL

It would have been perfect if Arjun & Arohi hving candle light dinner & chikuu slepping car..LOL

Chikuu def cracked up me wid his chikku ki jawani..whats my name wtz my name..chikku..chikku ki jawani..ROFLI bet he is better than kat..shaila ki jawaniLOL
da way he was talking abt his teacher and all dat bakwaas..He iz too gud..
but not more than ARJUN..Day Dreaming
ARJUN Was theStar of the show..He was looking damn hawt t in black..Wink
btw did chikuu gave him new uniform?LOL
I guess his uniform would b da black color..OR sumthing else!! Havn't seen any rich "bodyguard"..ROFLROFL

The way Arjun was  laughing & smiling..Totally loved it.Smile

Arohi-As usual she was looking pretty in dat white dress! Luved dat dress..

bin tere song Heart suit them perfectly..I think dey should play diz song once a week.Big smile

Last scene was SUPERB..Arjun taking off his jacket & Arohi taking it..Aww such a cute sceneDay Dreaming
 Best Precap..I guess New Year gift frm Imagine TvLOL

Overall Good Episode: No gauriAngryAngryAngry

By the way can any1 tell me how rudra got there?Confused Was he spying on them?LOL

Would love to c more episode like diz1..Big smile

Clap For Creative + Arjohi & Chikku

Wow 2 More episode before the show complete 50 episode!Big smileBig smile

Two songs that I want to dedicate:
Arjun to Chikku: Kabootar Ja Ja..ROFL & Leave my Arohi aloneLOL
Song 4 Chikku: Taali hua Taali hua..ROFL

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Will wait!!! Smile

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Pranii IF-Dazzler

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havnt seen the epi :(

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