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Mayur FF- Love will find a way Uptd Part 34 Pg 146 (Page 39)

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Mehak

haahahah..loved the ending..nups was trying to be clever..LOL
Thanks MehakHug

Originally posted by ruchi89

payal teri toh...Angry update page link diya kar...
1 ghanta laga mujhe to search wr is updateLOL

anywayz nice one...i liked dialogs and the way u weaved them..Clap
keep it up...thanx for time yaad rakhna Tongue 

Thanks RuchiHug
n about page link....sorry....but u can easily get it on 1st pageLOL

Originally posted by AmyArTiMayUr

Payal...i just read part 7 and 8Big smileBig smile

You dint PM me about part 8CryCry But anyways, i caught up with it...Big smileBig smile

Ah i totally love the way Mayank's mum left everything to him and made him realise that he should just agree...and the last line that Bauji told Nupur...hehehehe...i cant wait to read her reaction.....LOLLOLLOL

Please do update as jaldi as you can yeahBig smileBig smile

And have you read my latest OS???Big smileBig smile
Thanks AmyHug
sorry if i forgot to PM........will see to it next timeLOL

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 May 2010
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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tasfia123

awesome part payal.......
loved it
Thanks TasfiaBig smile
Originally posted by -jaee-

Payal amazing part ... Mayank and his mom's scene was perfect ... Glad she finally made him understand the whole situation ... Nupur and her dad's scenes were so soft toned ... I am so keen to see how Nupur reacts now ... do update soon and thanks for the pm ...
Thanks JaeeBig smile

Originally posted by gopi06

nice updt 
loved mayank and his mom's scene...waiting to read nupur' s reaction 
thanks for the pm

Thanks GopiBig smile

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Neith007 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
What a mind-blowing update hun!Hug Thanks for the pm...Hug
Well, u presented the internal thoughts of MayUr so gracefully...  Well done dear. ApproveWaiting for the next update. Smile

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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
fab part
shilpa aunty is gr8
loved the updateSmile

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Thanks Neith and KirtiBig smile
-NightDreamer- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
wonderful ff ...amazing one....i read in one take....2day itself..Smileadd me to in ur pm list....

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nightdreamer_mn

wonderful ff ...amazing one....i read in one take....2day itself..Smileadd me to in ur pm list....
Thanks dearBig smile
Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
                                                                             Part 9:

Mayank recalled the incident when he went up to his Ma to say that he is ready  for the the marriage for the right reasons which he felt like not specifying much, but he felt a bit embarrased at going to his mother himself once after he had dis-agreed and she had agreed with his dis-agreeing. Shilpa Sharma was a bit hopeful of the incident that was about to take place.....just a part of her said that he will agree eventually and she knew him too to give full credit to that part of her only.

Mayank went upto her and said, "Maa, woh Nupur..."

Shilpa Sharma showed complete ignorance and asked, "Nupur kya Mayank?"

Mayank hesitated more to ask but did, "Maa woh Nupur, uske toh sapno ki duniya aap jaanti ho naa...phir woh kaise maanegi aur kyun?"

Shilpa Shama smiled big since she felt as if she has won a lost battle against the world and asked, "Toh kya beta tum yeh keh rahe ho ki tum maan gaye ho?"raising her brows in excitement which freaked out Mayank even more

Mayank tried his best to answer it clearly and asked again, "Maa, uski life and dreams waste to nahi ho jaayenge naa isse, main toh inn cheezon mein believe hi nahi karta toh jo aap kaho wahi sahi par main kisi ke life ke saath aisa toh nahi kar sakta naa ki woh apni perfect si life se tang aa jaaye"

Shilpa Sharma was very glad that Mayank had not only accepted but had also started thinking about Nupur's good and bad, even when the man in question was him, this was her son she was so proud of, she knew he would never let her down ever and she trusted him even with this decision of hers totally, she replied as if its obvious that he is the best choice Nupur had and also with a newly formed idea in her head "Mayu, tum kabhi bhi galat nahi ho sakte, ya tum jiski life mein ho woh kabhi bhi regret nahi karega yeh main poore daawe ke saath keh sakti hoon, mera beta kisi hero se kam nahi hain samjhe"and she ruffled his hair making him trying to move back when he was standing there in front of her in a totally serious mood, and this made him look very cute since he looked like a very small boy concerned about hurting someone unknowingly and asking for his mother's conscent for his next actions about a new part of the world.

Shilpa Sharma continues after she chuckled at his never changing reflexes and continued, "i am sure Nupur ne tumhare jaise hero ki picture bhi dekhi hi hogi, 'Angry young man ki'Aur haan agar Nupur ki itni hi chita ho rahi hai abhi se toh tum khud hi usse pooch lo, mujhe to aisa koi doubt nahi hai agar tumhe hai toh tum hi pata karo... "she said as a matter-of-factly trying to hide her grin

Mayank replied, "Maa, main usse poochon?"as if she had given him the most difficult job 

Shilpa Sharma replied, "Haan....., toh aur nahi toh kya, ab saari zindagi usse baat karne ka decide kiya hai aur yeh keh rahe 

ho.....poochna hai toh poochon, main nahi poochungi aisa kuch..."

Mayank replied, "O--Okay, par kuch der baad mein, abhi nahi" and he left giving Shilpa Sharma the biggest gift that she could have expected from Mayank.... for Mayankand here he was now thinking of exactly what and how to ask Nupur about his present concerns and he dialled her landline number
Nupur exclaimed not being able to realize what she had heard was right, "Kya? usne haan keh di....par kyun....woh sach mein meri samajh se baahar hai....hey Bhagwaan apna bura bhala toh soch leta..."

this reaction of Nupur made Shashi Bhushan a bit surprised and also smile when he said, "par woh mujhe samajh mein aata hai beta, and isliye i say ki he is The Right One, don't you trust my opinion and judgements?"

Nupur replied all confused, "Nahi Bauji, i trust you completely par....aaknhen band karke life par toh nahi trust kar sakti naa..."

Bauji knew ki it will take time for the situation to sink in, now that Mayank had agreed, but he knew her only well to not expect understanding from her, she was very mature when times needed so... he continued, "Nupur tumne socha ki woh kabhi agree nahi karega par usne kiya....yeh sab uske liye bhi naya hai Nupur ek baar mauka toh do aur main tumhe promise kar sakta hoon ki you'll be the happiest girl with him around" then added" Nuput trust ki sabse jyaada jaroorat tab hi hoti hai jab hamein trust nahi ho raha hota.."

Nupur knew that her brain was giving her wrong she thought, she shouldn't give in her dreams and all for just a chance's sake, for just any other guy....but she knew Mayank was not just any other guy....she had known him from like ever..or better if one would put it as tried to know him....but he was too much into a cocoon of himself to let people see through his mind...but no she 
wouldn't agree....maybe he just said yes because marriage was just a formality for didn't matter to him whom he married and even if she was Nupur....his least she trusted her Bauji but she wouldn't say a yes for a guy for whom love didn't exist at all...which was all her life and should be too...

she was about to say something when the phone bell rang and he went up to receive the call and after picking up the phone, he gave his happiest smile to the person to whom he talked, though that person couldn't see him and Nupur knew who it was....when Shashi Bhushan told Nupur, "Nupur...Mayank ka phone hai....tumhare liye..." and indicated her to pick the phone which she took with the most strangest 
expression she could give to talk on the phone as if Amitabh Bachcan had called to talk to her specially...
Mayank felt wierd, very weird waiting like this for Nupur to take the call, he wanted to finish with this as soon as possible but wanted her to take more time to come over the phone since he didn't knew what he actually wanted to ask her. Mayank and Nupur talking over that phone deciding about their lives together was enough to cause a minor heart attack to anyone of them any moment....but then they 
had strong hearts...

Nupur held the phone feeling as if on a wrong number and asking as if the person calling her might be someone else, she said, 

"Ha..Hello" as if her eyes were searching looking here and there about the know-how's of the person on the other side of the phone

Mayank said in a hurry, "Hello Nupur" with almost same reaction of searching the person on that side

Nupur replied smiling which was very usual for her but unusual for her ownself coz it was to Mayank, "Haan Mayank bolo"

Mayank somehow knew he had to speak up now, very clearly but felt a bit nervous but still spoke, "Nupur tumhe iss Marriage se koi 
problem toh nahi hai naa?"

Nupur burst out laughing surprising Mayank and her Bauji with all her seriousness flying out of Bauji's sight and replied laughing, "Kyun 

Mayank tumhe koi problem nahi hai kya?" continuing to laugh

Mayank replied amazed and in a little anger over Nupur's timing of the joke and replied, "Nupur tum kabhi serious nahi ho sakti kya?"

Nupur replied quickly, "Nahi, tum itne serious already ho....agar main bhi serious ho gayi toh hum mein fark kya reh jaayega"

Mayank replied with his anger increasing but calming himself down he asked softly along with his seriousness in voice, "Nupur!....sach 
mein pooch raha hoon"

Nupur now had to answer it seriously because Mayank really seemed serious to her and this made her think that her brain is suddenly open for an inception....this was really strange to her...with her Bauji's words..with her own jumbled questions....with Shilpa Aunty and Sharma Uncle's thoughts....with Mayank's acceptance.....and now the biggest, Mayank Sharma asking her for marriage on the phone....was she dreaming or what....this really had to be the strangest day in her life she thought....and she was totally surprised with the magnitude by which Mayank's actions had seemingly changed in the past few hours...but it didn't matter to him if its her or not..then why did he have to ask opinion...this was not expected at all...does that mean what Bauji was saying about him being the right choice was correct....did he actually consider me he was just asking maybe coz he didn't want any blame on him later...yes it must be that....but Bauji has full trust on him and he is Shilpa Aunty's maybe what their detemination about him 
must be true somehow...because they knew how to recognize people.....but no its just a formality for Mayank....Nupur don't be stupid enough to consider this when he never even considered your presence....but he's a nice guy, not some evil nightmare that i should be scared of....Nupur that doesn't mean you'll ever love him and he himself doesn't know the L of love so what do you expect....but he doesn't know love coz he has never been in love already,.. since for him love is far from a palpable thought, maybe later he....but then...her train of thoughts were broken by Mayank's loud voice, "Nupur, tum sun rahi ho? main kabse tumhe kuch pooch raha hoon"

Nupur replied, "Haan...mera matlab hai haan main sun rahi hoon"

Mayank asked very calmly now, "toh?"

Nupur replied confused a bit, "haan?.....mera matlab haan hai"

Mayank asked surprised, "kya?"as if he had just heard of a Tsumani coming his way

Nupur replied, "Haan" smiling at Bauji who was smiling with content written all over his face then she stopped smiling a bit feeling 

nervous realizing what she had just said

Mayank said confused more than he was earlier, "Okay" and kept the phone thinking about why she said yes without any helplessness in 

her tone, he wanted to ask her but was not able to ask her about the whereabout's of her decision making
Nupur kept the phone while her Bauji hugged her proudly over her decision and living a special moment of her life with him which he 
thought now will be problem free ahead as he always wanted it to be coz she deserved all the happiness in the world....being the special girl that she was...

Nupur felt now debated in her brain, "Nupur Bhushan tujhe naa apne dimaag ka ilaaj karwana chahiye....ek baar usne pyaar se baat kya karli aur tune apni life uske naam likh di....kya jaroorat thi itni dayaa ki devi banne ki haan?....tu bhi naa bilkul paagal hai...ab zindagi bhar ek dusre ko jhelna padega humme...ByGod...kya life hogi hamari" and she started dreaming about him making her follow all his rules in his house where she had to move inch by inch according to his choices and him making her act like a model of perfect human model of machines

She came back from her dream when her Bauji pulled out of hug giving her a big smile and she smiled back half confused at her decision and half confused at her own day dream but now she had already agreed keeping in mind various parallel thoughts in her mind so now she would be doing what she was best at....welcoming life in a composed manner for whatever it brought her way living it every moment.
Bawara mann dekhne chala ek sapna
Bawre se mann ki dekho baawri hain baatein
Baawri si dhadkane hain 
Baawri hain saansein

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL

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