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MG FF: You are always on my mind; Pt40, Pg40 (Page 9)

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still waitingDay Dreaming


Originally posted by Poli.Geek

Dear readers,

I have been really busy at work and haven't been able to update. Will update as soon as I can.


286pearl IF-Dazzler

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waiting.... waiting......n.......waiting


Originally posted by Poli.Geek

Dear readers,

I have been really busy at work and haven't been able to update. Will update as soon as I can.


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Dear Readers,

The update is finally here.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Also wanted to let you all know that I have been really busy with my job and I thought I should let you all know that I may not be able to update regularly due to the fact that when I get home I have no energy to do anything let alone write an update.  

This does not mean I have forgotten you all, it just means that the updates will come as I am able to update. 

Love always, 


Guys here is what the following characters look like in my head.  

Here is our Radha (Actress- Soumya Tandon)

Here is our Sameer (Actor Vishal Ghandi)

Here is our Aakash (Actor- Alex Meraz)


Part 35

He was ready; he had been waiting for this evening for the past few months.  He had tried everything to get into her good graces and today he was going to have a proper date with her.  The day had started off pretty well, it was a nice warm day, the sun was bright and the birds could be seen flying south.  Nothing absolutely nothing was going to ruin today for him.  He had spent majority of the week planning.  Today was his opportunity to prove his skills, Sameer Sharma was ready; 'Bring it on Radha, today you are going to be impressed' he thought to himself. 

He had prepared a menu and had gone shopping with Geeta for all the ingredients he would need.  While out with Geeta, he had found out that Radha was now aware of his intentions, thanks to his cousin.  Although initially a little upset that Radha hadn't figured how he felt for her on her own; he had to appreciate his cousin's help.  Knowing how much of a Space Cadet, Radha was when it came to the matters of the heart, he was sure nothing would have happened if it weren't for Geeta.   Geeta had also agreed to get Radha out their apartment while Sameer prepared for their date.  Oh! How he has wished that he had his own place, but their apartment was better than his parents' house and as he saying went 'Beggars can't be choosers.'

Geeta had said, "Look I am just helping you out, because I couldn't see you pining over her anymore.  Plus I love you both too much that I want to see where this could go."

Sameer had only replied back with gratitude, "Thanks, you are the best sister." He pushed his luck and tried Geeta's kindness by asking, " One more thing, can I just get ready at your place.  I can't get ready at home because mom will ask me 10,000 questions before I step out.  I don't think I am ready to answer anyone's questions just yet."

Geeta had expressed some uneasiness to his request, "I don't know; I really don't want boy stuff in my bathroom."

Sameer had pleaded, "Come on, help a brother out.  I promise to clean up after myself.  Don't do this to me,  if you don't let me get ready at your place, then I will have to cook there, come back home, get ready, lie to mom when she questions me and then return to set everything up for the date."

Geeta had taken a deep breath and reluctantly, "Okay, fine.  I really hope it works out for you."

Sameer had given her a tight hug to which Geeta has just laughed and had said, "Hey leave some loving for Radha."  Sameer although not one to get easily humiliated, had gone red. 



It was weekend and they had fallen into a routine since Geet had arrived.  In the week and half that had passed Geet had started to get acquainted with the workings of the company they were taking over.  So far the transition had been a smooth one.  Her personal life too was going smoothly.  Maan had been nothing but supportive and getting to spend time with him was heaven sent.

As she sat in at the dining table in the outhouse sipping on her coffee intently reading the newspaper; she heard something crashing to ground, she looked up and there in front of her stood Nakul-eyes popping out his skull.  The expression on his face conveyed disbelief and joy at the same time, in a matter of seconds even before she could open her mouth he has turned around and she could see his running silhouette disappear around the corner.  She knew they could no longer avoid facing Daadima, in a matter of seconds Nakul would be giving Daadima the news that he had seen Geet in the outhouse. 

She turned around and ran up the stairs, screaming "Maan, Maan" on top of her lungs. 

Maan had just finished taking a shower and was still in the process of putting on deodorant and applying aftershave when he heard Geet yelling out to him.  Panic set in and he rushed out still only with a towel around his waist. 

Geet had entered the room and seeing Maan only in a towel, she started to panic even more and started to yell at him, "Maan you need to put on some decent clothes."

Maan still concerned asked, "Are you okay?"

Geet who in her panicked state felt like she was drowning and unable to breathe managed to say, "Yes, I am fine.  What are you waiting for? Put on some clothes."

Maan, "What is the hurry?" he asked Geet with a smirk.

Geet now really annoyed said, "This is no time for mischief; at any moment now, Daadima will be coming to the outhouse."

Maan found it hard to grasp what Geet was saying as he was still in shock asked , "What?"

Geet still feeling that Maan had to be convinced of the gravity of the situation continued, "Nakul just saw me here and before I could open my mouth he was already running towards the main house.  I don't know how someone of his age can run so fast."

Maan while putting on his clothes, "Geet there is no need to panic.  This was to happen sooner or later.  We were going to talk to Daadima anyways."

Geet almost in tears, "Maan I am not prepared, I wanted to do this right, look at me I am not even dressed properly."

Maan realizing that if he didn't step in Geet would not only drive herself crazy but also drive him to insanity said with authority, "Geet, chup bilkul chup.  Now listen to me."

Geet finally stopped panicking and nodded in response to Maan's command. 

Maan held onto Geet's hand in a reassuring manner, "Geet, it's only Daadima.  It is time, maybe this is a sign that we need to talk to her now.  Also we had planned to talk to her this evening anyways, so we have to talk to her a few hours earlier, no big deal.  It is going to be okay.  Also regarding your dress, you look beautiful, so please don't worry.  I don't think Daadima is going to be focusing on your dress; I am positive that the only thing that she is going to be looking at is your beautiful face. "

Geet, "Are you sure?"

Maan, "Yes, I am sure.  Don't you trust me."

Geet, "More than myself."



She was busy talking to Raj about the kids and the family vacation when Nakul rushed into the living room screaming, "Daadima, Daadima."  She looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue what the matter of urgency was.  Nakul had been with the family for so many years and in all those years he had never exhibited such behaviour.  Whatever was on his mind and tongue was definitely important.

Daadima, "Ji Nakul, kya baat hain?" she asked in her trademark soothing voice.

Nakul not able to hold onto the information he had said, "Daadima, woh Geet." He said pointing in the direction of the outhouse.

Daadima surprised on hearing Geet's name asked, "Geet kya?" Finally Nakul had lost it, Geet hadn't been on the Khurana compound in 19 years, Nakul was making no sense."

Nakul, "Daadima, Geet waha par hain."

Daadima, "Nakul, yeh aap kya keh rahain ho?  Geet yaha kaise ho sakti hain?"

Nakul, "Daadima, meh sach bol raha hoon.  Yadi aapko meri baat pe vishwas nahi ho raha ho, toh aap khud mereh saath outhouse aao."

By now Vicky had heard the commotion and made his way from the study to the living room.  Wanting to  know what was going on, he asked, "What is going on?"

Raj answered him, "Nakul says he saw Geet in the outhouse.  He is adamant and wants Daadi to go with him to the outhouse if she doesn't believe him."

Vicky, "Nakul, kya aap pagal ho gayeh ho?  Daadima kitne frail hain, aur aap unhe outhouse leh jana chahte ho?"

Nakul, "Vickybaba, toh phir aap chaliye.  Sach meh Geet aayi hain.  Maineh khud ki aakho she dekha."

Daadima, "Vicky you go and check, I know Nakul, he won't lie about something so big.  Actually Raj you go.  It is better if a woman goes."

Raj, "Yes Daadima."

As Raj left, Daadima held onto her heart, maybe as unbelievable as it was she prayed that her Geet had finally returned.  Her eyes were thirsty to see her.  Her "Phool si nazuk bacchii"  Although too good to be true she had to have hope.  After all hope was all she had when it came to Maan and Geet.



As the drama was unfolding on Khurana compound, on the other side of Delhi Geeta had finally coaxed Radha out the apartment on the pre-text of getting new clothes for her.  She had told Radha that she needed to buy new clothes for her date.  Although Radha had insisted that the clothes she had were perfectly fine, Geeta had known that there was another reason behind Radha's hesitancy.  Radha who had never turned her back on shopping was actually refusing to go shopping.  On further prodding  Radha finally confessed that she didn't want to expect too much from the date as she was only looking at it as a dinner.  She wanted to make sure there were no complications when she let Sameer down.  Geeta at that point had decided that it was time to give Radha a piece of her mind, not for Sameer's sake but for Radha's happiness.

Geeta, "Radha, are you serious?  Why are you dismissing Sameer even before your date, oh! sorry dinner."

Radha, "Geeta, I don't know.  I am not sure."

Geeta, "If you don't know, then stop assuming things and go with the flow.  Maybe you and Sameer will hit it off, who knows.  But with your attitude you will never know."

Radha, "But if we hit it off, what happens when we have to leave Delhi?"

Geeta, "That bridge will be crossed when the time comes, plus there is something called long distance relationships."

Radha, "But they never work."

Geeta, "How do you know?"

Radha, "Well before coming to Harvard, I was dating this guy and when I came to America, we decided to have a long distance relationship and it didn't last."

Geeta, "So what, just because one didn't work out, doesn't mean another wont.  If everyone was to think like that then there would be no couples in the world.  Also exactly how long had you known this guy before you came to Harvard?  I never heard you talk about him."

Radha, "For your information I had known him for a month.  Plus he wasn't that special so I didn't talk about him."

Geeta, "In that case, I vouch for Sameer.  He is special and you better give him a shot.  Stop with your negativity.  This doesn't suit you, you are one of the most adventurous positive people I have ever met.  So start behaving like yourself."

Radha, "I am scared.  What if I really like him?"

Geeta, "It is normal to feel scared, and if you like him, you like him.  Enjoy," she said with a big warm smile.

Radha, "Isn't it easy to give advice, when are you going to follow your own advice.  If I remember correctly the deal was that you would go out with Aakash and I will go out with Sameer.  So how come I am giving Sameer a chance but Aakash is nowhere to be seen."

Geeta, "Yes, it is easy to give advice, but you will be happy to hear that I am going out with Aakash tonight.  Since I didn't want to be the third wheel while you and Sameer were having dinner, I agreed to go out with Aakash.  If nothing else, at least it is a free meal."

Radha, "How come you didn't tell me about this?"

Geeta, " I was more focused on Sameer and you, as sad as this may sound, I like you a lot better than Aakash.  Now I am not sure how long this will last.  But for now you are on the top of my list."

Radha just smiled and hugged Geeta.  Geeta who was still in a playful mood decided to tell Radha exactly the same thing she had told her cousin, "hey, leave some loving for Sameer."

Unlike Sameer Radha did not turn Red, she just hugged Geeta tighter and said, "Nope."

The rest of the morning and majority of the afternoon was spent picking out clothes, accessories, shoes for their respective dates.  The girls were a bunch of giggling messes totally oblivious to the fact that on the other side of town there was a reunion taking place.



She entered the outhouse with caution, if Nakul was wrong she definitely didn't want to be on the receiving end of Maan Veerji's wrath.  Although he had a clean heart and was always pleasant, he was known for his temper above all, and through the years of working for him, being invited into his family, giving birth his nephews the one thing she had learnt was that he held his privacy very dear. 

She had tried knocking but had heard nothing, so as she entered the house, she decided to speak up trying to make aware the person or people inside that they had a visitor.  "Hello anyone home?"

She heard whispers and then his voice inviting her in, "Come on in, Raj."

She walked in with some apprehension, if Nakul was right then the person who was with Maan Veerji was none other than Geet, the woman who had brought happiness into Maan Veerji's life and left him lonely when she had left.  That name was too special and for once she hoped that it was Geet and no one else that Nakul had seen. 

She saw the two of them from behind and decided to speak, "Maan Veerji, Daadima sent me to'" and before she could finish the woman turned around.  Raj felt her heart stop; 'was it possible to have a heart-attack in your early thirties out of pure joy,' she wondered.

Although having never seen Maan's youngest brother she knew he held a special place in Maan's heart.  She knew that he had returned home and had supported Maan when he had felt let down by other members of the family.  She knew that it was Vicky's wife who had become a companion to Daadima and had taken care of her while Geet was not present.  She felt gratitude towards this woman who had taken care of her Daadima, she needed to thank her.  Geet turned around to see Vicky's wife.  And at that moment all she could say was, "Rajji?"

What happened next was beyond Maan's comprehension.  The two women were running to each other, hugging, crying, wiping each other's tears, asking questions which were impossible for anyone else to understand, crying some more, hugging some more and then smiling from ear to ear.  Maan had to finally step in and ask what was going on.

Maan, "Hello, will someone tell me what is going on?"

Geet, "Maan this is Rajji."

Maan, "No Geet this is Raj, Vicky's wife.  She is not Rajji."

Geet, "Maan I know my sister and this is Rajji."

Maan, "No it can't be."

Geet, "Why can't it be?"

Maan, "Because your sister is little and she is in Hoshiarpur."

Geet, "If we both grew older how can Rajji remain little and she is not in Hoshiarpur, she is right here."

Finally Maan had to accept that Raj was none other than Rajji.  Rajji had only had glimpses of Maan as girls while she was little in Hoshiarpur.  And Maan seemed  to have blocked everyone related to Geet's family once she had left him.  No wonder they have never really connected the dots while living under the same roof.  He had only mentioned to Geet that Vicky was married to a girl called Raj, he had never really told her that Raj's full name was Rajeshwari. 

Geet once again turned her attention to Rajji, "What are you doing here, how, when?

Rajji, "Geet didi, I am sure there are many questions running through your mind, there are answers to them all, where do I start?"

Geet, "Start somewhere, anywhere.  But I want to hear it all."

Rajji, "I can't believe you are the same Geet that managed to steal Maan Veerji's heart.  Wait a minute, where is the baby?  Is it a boy or a girl, what is the name?"

Geet, "Rajji, the baby is not a baby anymore, she is a 19 year old grown up.  Her name is Geeta."

Rajji, "You named her Geeta?  What were you thinking?"

Geet now annoyed, "What is wrong with the name Geeta, and why are you asking me the same question Maan asked when she was born."

Rajji, "Well forget it, no one is going to change has name now.  Geet didi did you ever find you know who?"

Geet, "I found him and that is why I left.  Rajji Dev is Maan's brother, you have been here for so long, how can you not know that, haven't you seen him around?"

Rajji, "Dev is Maan Veerji's and Vicky's brother.  I knew they had a brother called Dev, but I never thought he would be the same Dev.  Geet didi, I have never seen him since he married you on false pretences.  For some reason as unbelievable as it may sound we are never in the same city.  They didn't even come when Vicky and I got married.  Wait, does Geeta know the truth?"

Geet, "She knows that Maan is her father, but she doesn't know the rest.  We are going to tell her, but not before we tell Daadima."

Rajji, "Daadima, I forgot.  She sent me here to see if really Geet had come, and I forgot all about going back to tell her that it is truly you.  I have to go, will come back as soon as I can."

Geet, "Rajji take your time, I am not going anywhere.  I want all the information, how, when, why?  First go and tell Daadi what you were sent here to find out."

Rajji, "Geet didi don't move.  I don't want another 20 years to pass before we see each other.  I will be right back."  Saying so Raj turned the corner also running towards the main house to give Daadi the good news. 


What are you doing here?

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oh god vicky is married 2 rajji thts nice
n waiting for sameer radha n geeta aakash dinner/date
n want dadimas wait 2 end n knw d truthn meet geeta
want 2 knw hw will maan react whn he knws abt geets dinner
god sooooo manyyyyy things running in my mind
awesmeeeeeeeeee updateeeee
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Finally Radha you update..Reunion two sister..Maan also going back to his family..when Maan find out that his daughter going for date..i don't what going to happen..I am waiting for Geet meets rest of family..

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Hey update was really good...continue soon :)
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yet another awesum update
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A beautiful update.
Thank you so much.

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