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MG FF: You are always on my mind; Pt40, Pg40 (Page 40)

mishtib Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Radhaji - ab toh aapka jana din bhi ho gaya... ab to update kar dijiye... please... pretty please...

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My dearest readers,

I am not going to make any excuses regarding mytardiness. Unfortunately there are so many things going on in regular life that the brain doesn'tcorporate sometimes to create. I was totally sincere when I made my AN but wasn't able to deliver, so I am really SORRY. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to write the next part, there were so many ways that the story could have gone. However tonight when I went to bed it came to me, I got up turned on my computer and proceeded to write. Considering that it is late at night the update may not be awesome but I did try. At the moment it is 3am as I make this post so be kind.Smile

Also could you all also guess what the spoiler is about when you all make your comments, it would help a lot and maybe even motive a quicker update.Wink

Anyways I hope you all enjoy it.


Part 40

This was going to be a long night of torture she thought to
herself as she massaged the bump now forming on her forehead. It seemed that her father was in no mood to
act like a mature individual reflecting his age but had taken to acting like a
love sick teenager. She had already
caught him twice trying to sneak out the room.
She had been warned earlier in the day by Daadima that keeping her
parent's apart was going to be no easy task.
Of course at that moment she had guffawed at the warning presented to
her and now she was suffering. Of course
she had no one to blame but herself at her predicament.

It had all started a few days ago when her mother had nonchalantly
told her that her parents had decided to get married and that too in 3 days. It had been so sudden, it had only been a few
days since the volcanic eruption of family secrets had taken place and when
things we just starting to get normal she had been thrown off guard by the
sudden marriage news. Yes! Yes! She was
totally aware that her parents were grown-ups and had the right to decide their
future as they pleased especially considering that they had been apart
unwillingly for so long. But what she
couldn't understand is why it was all so sudden. She was certain that Indian weddings were
supposed to be an elaborate affair and took months to plan these multi-day
affairs so why would her parents jump the gun and decide to get married on such
short notice; something wasn't right and the detective in her who had been
dormant once she had found her dad had once again decided to make an appearance. 'Ms. Geet Khurana and Mr. Maan Singh Khurana
whatever you are hiding is not going to be hidden for long,' she thought to
herself before asking Geet, "Why so soon, Mamma?"

She had known that hiding anything from Geeta was next to
impossible, if her daughter didn't question her actions she was sure that the
sleuth Radha would sow the seeds of nosiness into Geeta's head. It was best to just tell her a short version
of the truth before more questions came her way, "Well we just thought that
since now everything is in the open and all concerned are in a good place why
stay apart; it's not like we are getting any younger and isn't almost two
decades apart long enough?" she made sure to emphasise on the two decades part
just a tiny bit.

Of course her parents had been apart long enough and of
course who was she to question them getting married, after all isn't it what
most kids want- their parents in love, happy together. Since the first part was already taken care of
it made sense not to wait for the second part.
But there was still something that didn't seem right so she decided to
push it further. "You are right but is
Daadima happy with this occurrence.
Doesn't she want to have a nice wedding for the both of you?"

"I don't know the answer to your question yet, your dad and
I decided to let you and Daadima know at the same time. Maan is talking to her as we speak." Geet replied a little nervous as she knew
that Daadima had always wanted to celebrate Maan's marriage with great splendour.

Just then their attention was seized by the loud telling-off
that Maan was receiving from Daadima. As
they rushed towards the yelling they could hear Daadima saying, "What gave you
the right to decide? I am still alive
and I have had a picture of what this day is supposed to be in my mind since
the day you were born. "

It seemed that today was not going to be the day that anyone
was going to be able to reason with Daadima cause as soon as Maan got the
words, "But Daadima, try'" he was abruptly cut off.

"No but Daadima; I don't want to hear anything." Daadima gestured to Maan that he needed to
keep shut by placing her index finger to her lips and saying "ssshhh."
Daadima then signalled Raj to come to her.

Yes, the entire family had come to see what was going
on. It wasn't often that Daadima yelled;
in fact most people had never seen her like that. Later Raj Masi would swear that in all the
years she had known Daadima she had never even heard her speak loudly let alone
yell. And as distressing as it looked it
seemed that Vicky Chacha was having an ecstatic time seeing her dad get yelled
at by Daadima.

"Yes Daadima?" Raj asked politely.

"Don't yes me; first you two and now these two. Don't the kids in this family want to see
their Daadi happy? Is it too much to ask
for? One decent wedding is all I ever wanted;
before anyone says anything I also wanted great-grand kids. Since one has been delivered abundantly now
all I am demanding is the decent wedding" Daadima said.

Of course she wasn't done yet, she knew exactly how stubborn
her grandson was, she was certain that she would have to pull out more
emotional weapons to even have a remotely nice wedding. She whispered into Raj's ear to keep some mystery
about her next step.

Raj helped Daadima up and started to escort her to her room
which was still located on the 1st floor and despite numerous requests
by her grandsons to move to a bedroom on the ground floor she had refused. Although it took her a little longer these
days her legs were still spry to take her up and down the stairs. However today she took longer than necessary
making sure that the rest of the family was following her despite her being
silent. As thy say 'Silence is Golden'
and in this case it sure was.

As she entered her room she sat on the bed pretending to be exhausted
from her walk and she knew that her plan was working like a charm as soon as
she heard Maan say, "Daadima, why do you do things like this. Was it completely necessary to come to your
room right now? You need to take it

"What does it matter to you?
You don't even want to make your old Daadi happy. Anyways I am sure that you are not concerned
about my feelings so could you please just leave I need to talk to Geeta." She
gestured the rest of the people to leave also but before they could leave the
room completely she continued her talk making sure that the others were made to
hear their conversation.

"Beta, could you open the cupboard and get me the big box from
the top shelf." She asked Geeta

"Of course Daadima, by the way what is in this box?" Geeta
asked as she brought the box to Daadima.

"Beta these are all the things I have collected over the
years to give my daughter in law. I know
all grandmas always say that all their grand-children are equal but you know
Maan was always my favourite." Daadima
replied as she opened the box.

"That is so not fair" they heard Vicky say soon after
followed by "ouch"

"Shut up and listen" was the next thing they heard positively
in Maan's voice.

"You know all I ever wanted was for my Maan to be happy and
if a quiet wedding is what Maan and Geet want then I should let them have a
small wedding but the least I can do is give my bahu all that is rightfully
hers." She said with tears in her eyes.

Not being able to bear tears in Daadima's eyes Geet walked
into the room and interrupted Daadima and Geeta's moment together. "Daadima we never wanted to cause you pain in
any way possible but please try to understand where Maan and I are coming from;
we are old and have a grown up daughter and the last time I had a big wedding
it didn't go all that splendidly. We
just didn't want out union to be overshadowed by a big wedding."

Putting her hand on Geet's cheek, "Beta I understand but
what can an old heart do. Sometimes what
the heart wants is what the heart wants," she said smiling. Her plan had worked but now she wasn't sure
is having a big wedding was that great of an idea. She had only been thinking about her dreams
for Maan's wedding she never really thought how it would affect Geet. Her sweet Geet who would do anything for the
family including ripping her heart out.

"Wait a minute, how about a compromise? Not a big wedding but not a quite one
either. No outside guests only family
members and really close friends but with all the customs and rituals of a
proper wedding. This way everyone is
happy." Geeta said.

And as soon as Maan entered and said yes to Geeta's
proposition- preparations were on the way for a nice wedding. It seemed that everyone in the family had
already decided to be from the bride's family cause 'a girl needs her family
the most when she is getting married.' It seemed a little unfair to Geeta who
thought doesn't the groom need people too.
She decided to go from Maan's side and roped along Sameer and Radha for
the ride. She faced objection from Geet
who said that after all these years of raising her she expected Geeta would be
from the bride's family to which Geeta replied, "You had me for all these years
now it is dad's turn."

Devi and Kate had already been informed of the nuptials and
were on their way to India now Geeta she had give her dad an awesome 'farewell
from bachelorhood' party. In her naive little
mind she had assumed that that was all she would have to do until she was
informed by Daadima that she had to make arrangements for the ritualistic
welcoming of her mother in her husband's home and also not to be taken lightly
keeping her dad away from her mom the day before they were to be married.

That is how she had come to be in the predicament she was in
now. After already catching him twice in
less than 4 hours she was exhausted. It
was excruciating staying awake when all you wanted to so was sleep but had an
untrustworthy father trying to escape. Dosing off and hitting her head on the chair she was sitting on by the door had now brought on a nice little bump and horrible pain to her head all thanks to Houdini Khurana for getting her into this mess. It seemed senseless that he was trying to hard considering that in less
than 15 hours he was going to be married and wouldn't have to sneak around to
see her mother. Not that he had to
before so she couldn't understand why he was trying to hard to see her mother. His current behaviour was just insane. 'Old People!' she thought and they say kids are ahandful for the moment it seemed that it was the old ones who were creating the problems.


"Are you okay?"

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
good to c u back after a long time.
thank you for the update...LOL
poor maan n Geet...aur kitna intezaar karna padega..Cry
vrsharma IF-Rockerz

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loved this part a lottt
swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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luved it...
sosweetsumi IF-Dazzler

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oh god maan u are seriously insane
dadima u are awesome she is seriously somehting
my poor geetu
keeping tabs on her father only.
hehhehe too great dear
u have made my day
now for the rest of the day i will be smiling only.
do continue
bye sumi
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awesome...superb update...

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