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MG FF: You are always on my mind; Pt40, Pg40 (Page 31)

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plz update soon

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Polks now am threatening u... update soon... AngryAngryAngryAngry
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Dear Readers,

Firstly I want to apologies to all of you for being so tardy in posting an update. Thank you Gouri for threatening me.

I have been really busy for the last few months and was unable to write.

Hope you all enjoy this part. I am not sure if it is any good but hey after a longhiatusit is not bad.

Love always,


Part 39


The morning had passed by without any thing going wrong,
there had been no glitches during her meeting with the employees of the company
and they had received her with respect.
Many of them had been concerned about their jobs and she had assured them
that they had bought the company to grow it further and they she was not her to
fire anyone. In fact she actually needed
all of them and their support to take the company to new heights.

It was now 2pm and she had just had her lunch. She had told her secretary to hold all calls
while she ate. This was the only time
she had a few moments to reflect on what was to happen that evening and as much
as she knew that everyone was excited and they were on her side, it was still
hard to believe it was happening.
Finally her daughter would have a real family if all things went well.

Just then she heard a knock on the door, she looked up and
gestured the secretary to enter. The
secretary seemed nervous. On being asked
what the issue was, she was informed that her daughter was on the phone and
wanted to speak to her. She told the
secretary that there was nothing to worry about and that she should transfer
the call. It was easier to tell a
stranger not to worry but harder to stop one's own worrying nature. She wondered why Geeta was calling her. Was her daughter having second thoughts about
meeting up with Daadima and all? She
picked up the call and asked, "Beta, is everything all right?"

Geeta,"Yes, Maama.
How was your meeting with the employees?"

Geet, "The meeting went well. Some of them were concerned about their jobs
but I assured them there is nothing to worry about."

Geeta, "That sounds great, are you busy? I need to ask you something."

Geet, "I was just having lunch. Ask what you need to." Secretly she hoped that it had nothing to do
with the family meeting later on.

Geeta, "Well you know that meeting today."

Geet, "Yes" she replied now worried. What if Geeta had decided she wasn't ready? She couldn't really blame her child; it was a
lot for someone to digest.

Geeta, "Well I was just wondering what I should wear. You know considering that I am meeting my
Daadi for the first time. I don't know
what her likes and dislikes are and I definitely don't want to offend her."

Geet, "Beta, your Daadima is really nice. She is also modern so don't be concerned with
your wardrobe. Just be there on
time. That is one thing no one in the
Khurana family can deal with. If you are
punctual you are in their good books. So
what time should we expect you?"

Geeta, "I will be there around 5:30pm. My last lecture ends and 3pm and Radha's ends
at 4:15pm. That will give us enough time
to get ready and come over. "

Geet, "We will be waiting, see you in the evening. I have to go Beta, work is calling me."

Geeta, "Bye Mamma.
See you later."

She smiled as she hung up. It was an amazing ability that father and
daughter possessed. The both had the
ability to get her worried. Usually for
the worst reasons. She remembered all
those years ago when she had arrived in Delhi and had started working for
Maan. She remembered the day she had
refused to transfer Daadima's call over to Maan's office. She remembered him yelling at her. How time had managed to change
everything. She picked up the files on
her desk and proceeded to the next and last meeting for the day.


They had gotten ready in a hurry and were now applying their
makeup in the car as Sameer drove them to the Khurana Mansion. He had insisted in going with them instead of
going with his parents. As he drove the
car he was amused at how much effort the girls were putting into their looks
when in reality they were only going to see family. He was dumb enough to point it out the them
and he realized his mistake as soon as the word left his mouth.

Radha, "What do you mean it is only family?"

Sameer, "You know what I mean. Why put on a curtain when you are going to
open the door?"

Geeta, "Now where did curtains and doors come into the

Sameer, "You are basically going there to open yourself to
your family, let them into your life.
Show them who you are. That is
what I mean by opening the door."

Geeta, "Yes, so what?"

Sameer, "You want them to see who you truly are. The natural beauty, the caring person, the
talented individual. The makeup although
nice will just mask some of the reality.
That is what I mean by curtain."

Radha, "Sameer, let me tell you a secret so that in the
future you don't have to dig yourself out of a hole you made for yourself. Everyone wears makeup. Curtains are only drawn when you cake on the
makeup. Plus Geeta's outer beauty is
nothing compared to her inner beauty."

Sameer, "Thanks for the advice.."

Radha, "You make me sick."

Sameer and Radha went back and forth with
their bickering and to Geeta it seemed that it would never end. She wanted to laugh at them but her nerves regarding
the upcoming meeting prevented her from doing so. They pulled up to the mansion just as the two crazies finished their back and forth.


As she saw her walk in she couldn't resist, she walked up to
her and enveloped her into a hug not giving Geeta any time to orient herself to
the surroundings or the people.
Initially she was taken aback but when she realized that this was
probably how most grandparents treated their grandchildren she let her self reciprocate
the hug.

Daadima after having her fill of the hug stepped back to
take in her great granddaughter. She was
gorgeous, she looked just like Geet but was taller, the Khurana gene at works
she thought. She teared up a little
thinking about the what ifs. This was
not the time to cry and make other uncomfortable; it was time to make things
right after all she was still the matriarch of the family and it was her duty
to make sure everyone got what they deserved.
Savitri Devi was nothing if not fair. She broke out of her thoughts and started to
introduce Geeta to the rest of the family members before letting the others
know what had actually happened all those years ago.

Although some of the information was really difficult for
many to digest it was even more difficult for Geeta to hear it all over
again. She had to excuse herself away
from everything to calm down a little. She
was not sad anymore but angry. Angry and
frustrated, frustrated because she felt helpless; helpless at not being able to
do anything. Angry at the thought of her
helpless mother all those years ago. Not
that her mother needed help, she had only known her mother as a strong woman
but at that point she realized that her mother was not always the independent
woman she was not.

She made her way to the garden and sat on the swing. Growing up she never had a garden and it
seemed like such a let-down at the moment cause this place actually helped her
calm down a little. She heard her mother coming and closed her eyes. She felt the swing shake just a little as her
mother sat next to her.

Geet didn't really know what was going on in Geeta's head
but she was certain it had to do with the rehashing of the story of her
life. She for the first time was
hesitant to approach her daughter regarding anything; they had always been able
to talk about stuff without any limitations.
She knew she had to talk and hence she started, "Meerah Pyaara Baccha,
what is wrong? I am sorry that you have
to go through this."

She had to put her mother out the misery she was probably
feeling and thus said, "Meerih Paayi Mamma, don't be sorry for putting me
through this, this is nothing compared to what you went through. I am just angry that I can't do anything."

Her daughter was feeling helpless something she never wanted
her to feel, "See that is where you are wrong, you already have done so much. You gave me life by being my reason to live,
your existence forced me to become independent and live. You made me realize that I was capable of so
much more than what I thought I was. So
never ever think that you haven't done anything."

Okay so she gave her mother a reason to live but she also
was the reason why her parents were never able to start a life together, "But
you had to leave Papa and the two of you had to suffer."

Oh, No! Not another reason for her daughter to feel guilty
how could she tell her that she was not the reason for their separation "That
was our decision, we were bound by other obligations not just you and couldn't
just think of ourselves, but that is all in the past. Wait a minute, you just called him Papa, I
didn't think you would after knowing the truth."

"Why are you surprised Mamma, you raised me better than
that. I know that biology alone doesn't
make relationships; in fact in this instance I would say nurture outweighs
nature. After all it was Papa who kept
tags on me and even defied you when he came to Harvard to see me move in. Now who in their right mind would have the
guts to defy you, if not for my own father?" was all Geeta could say.

"When did my baby grow up?" she asked as she took
Geeta into her arms.

Just then they heard the noise of a car approaching, maybe
someone had stopped by to see Daadima.
After a few minutes they decided to walk back into the house. The last thing they wanted people to think
was that there was something wrong and get worried about nothing.

Geeta told her that she would join the family in just a few
minutes she needed to talk to Radha.


As she entered the main room she felt her heart getting stuck
in her throat as she saw them. Why were
they here? From what Maan had told her
they were told to stay away so why were they here? Geeta had gone to talk to Radha in the next
room and all she could think of was getting these people out of here before her
baby saw them. She looked at Maan
signalling him to do something.

Just then she heard her venomous voice, "Oh! So you just
couldn't stay away. I knew you would
show up sooner or later." Naintara's
voice rang in her ears.

Before she could answer anything, she heard Maan say, "Naintara
behave yourself. Don't make me do anything
that you will regret later."

Still confident in herself Naintara replied, "What can you
do Maan Veerji? Does Daadima know about this relationship of yours and Geet,
what does she have to say that about the fact that the two of you have been
something of an item for all these years?"

Now it was Daadima's turn to talk but it seemed that today
was a day for people to get interrupted.
And before she could say anything Geeta walked in and Naintara couldn't
help but make another snide remark, "Oh! So you had the audacity to bring your
bas***d child here too!"

"Naintara mind your words, Daadima is here have some
respect," was all that Dev could say.

"Excuse me, who is this lady? And why the hell is she
causing such commotion?" Geeta asked.

"Beta, she is an insignificant chapter in our family's long
history," replied Daadima.

Everyone was taken aback by Daadima's words, she had managed
to sum up Naintara's existence is such a simple yet eloquent manner. And the bonus was that it managed to take
away all of Geet's apprehensions about this confrontation within seconds. She had dreamt about the day she would
confront her victimizer, maybe even thank them for what they had done cause
without them she would have never had the pleasure to have her wonderful
Geeta. Now the time was here and she
didn't have to say anything because she felt like a Queen with her entire army
to protect her.

"Daadima how can you say that, I am your
daughter-in-law? I have always only had
the best interested of this family in mind." Naintara said still believing that she held
the right cards to manipulate her grandmother-in-law.

"See Naintara that is where you are wrong, if you only had
the best interested at heart you would have never let your husband marry
someone just for their money. You would
have never victimized a young innocent to get what you wanted. And truth be told all you ever wanted was the
money and the prestige that came with the Khurana name."

"Daadima those are all lies, how can you believe this woman,
all she wants is your money. How can you
even think so low of me." She was not going to give up just yet, who was Geet
to come back into their lives and claim an inheritance for her and Maan Veerji's
illegitimate child.

Ignoring her all together Daadima decided to address Dev, "Dev
how many children do you have?"

Dev, "Why are you asking this question, Daadima?"

Daadima, "I am just asking because I am wondering if you
recognize your own blood."

At this point everyone's eyes landed on Geeta and before
anyone could say anything, Dev walked over to Geeta and said, "You are my child?
How grown up you are?"

Before he could continue, Geeta stopped him, "Excuse me I am
not your child and you are not my father."

Shocked by her saying Dev said, "How can you say that?"

"I can say that
because my father is standing right there," Geeta said pointing to Maan, "my
father is the one who worried about me and tried to provide the best for me
regardless of the distance between us. "

He couldn't have been prouder in fact it was the proudest
moment of his life, all his other successes in life paled in comparison to this
moment. His child had spoken. Yet he knew that this wouldn't be the end,
Dev as he noticed had just stepped back and was now looking at the floor in
shame but Naintara was still ready to fight.
That woman would never learn when to give up.

"Daadima please don't be fooled by Geet and her daughter,
they are here just for the money. Who
knows whose child she is, she doesn't even look like a Khurana." Naintara
pleaded with Daadi hoping that the old woman would be persuaded by her argument.

"Hey lady! Stop repeating yourself again and again. Neither my mother nor I are here for
money. Do you even know who she is?"
Geeta stepped in, she had now found her footing and was ready to give this
deranged woman all she had.

"She is Geet Handa, and why should I stop stressing on the
point that you both are here for money when that is the truth." Naintara spat
out her word.

"No she is not Geet Handa, she is Geet Khurana , mother to
Geeta Khurana, love of Maan Singh Khurana, sister of Raj Khurana, partner in a
very successful architecture firm and yes she is very rich. She has so much money that you can't even
dream about." Geeta continued, "And guess what she made it all happen on her
own, she didn't try to live off money that my ancestors worked for. She could have all those years ago claimed
rights to the money on my behalf but she has pride unlike you I see." She of
course couldn't help smirk as she said the last line.

Geeta was on a roll and there was nothing anyone could tell
her that would make her stop, "Plus Daadima knows the truth and I am guessing
that is why you were summoned her today.
She didn't get to the age she is without seeing her share of betrayal
and stupidity. Maybe she decided that it
was better late than never to make things right. And also I want to thank you."

No one had dared talk to her in such an insulting manner
other than Maan. Her blood was boiling
but she had never learnt to back down so she asked, "Thank me for what?"

"Lets see there is a list, firstly for marrying such a
spineless weak man, secondly for making up a brilliant plan to cheat my mother
and her family, thirdly for taking your eyes off your stupid husband, fourthly
for recommending my mother abort me as that made my mother want to bring me
into the world and fight for that, fifthly for giving my mother a reason to
live and last but not the least for having a hand in bring my parents
together. Thank you for my existence, if
it weren't for you Geeta Khurana would not be here."

"Enough! I don't have to hear this. I have been insulted enough for one day I am
leaving" Naintara believed that since the truth had come out in the open there
was nothing to do but walk out with some dignity.

"Not so soon Naintara, I am cutting you and Dev off from the
Khurana inheritance. The money will be
put into a trust for women who have been duped into fake marriages. I am sure that this will appeal to Geet and
Geeta more than laying claim to the money as theirs as you already know that
they have enough of that plus what is Maan's is already Geeta's. Daadima had spoken and that was the end of
the conversation as signalled by her walking away from the situation.


Why so soon Mamma?

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Me jumping in joy!!! Me first me first!!!
On ur thread !!! Yeppy!!!!
Uff finally u updated.. How much we missed it !!!

Update was simply mind blowing
Kitna Sara mind blowing parts everything was just prefect

Loved Geeta calling maan papa
That was so sweet...
Hated nt uff that beep beep
Loved cute unionbit of daadi & poti.. Especially Geeta 's nervousness & geet remembering the past was so apt!!!bravo

Now the cake taker was Geeta saying dev.. Maan was her father
Maan feeling proud wow & feeling dev's feeling at the same time just brillainy
Love u
Thanks a million

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welcome back polki
Missed you and your updates
Awesome update::
haha luvd sameer and geetas bickering
Wow hats off to geeta,,she truly proved that she is Maan Singh Khurana'z daughter and just lyk her dad she can't bear her mother being insulted...
Cont soon Xx...
Interesting precap x

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just loved the way Geeta spoke...she was...simply brilliant...
update soon...

SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved the way Geeta stood up for her mother and when she said maan was her dad...loved it...awesome update as aways...LOL NT on her face
vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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RB - oh ok...wont call u RB... LOLLOLLOLLOL...
Sweetie...finally my threatening worked... LOLLOLLOL
very nice update... loved the way geeta handled it... called maan papa... understanding that what maan did was what a father wud do... mere sperm donation doesnt make someone a father...
aaahaa... geet spoke to NT so well... hahaha... loved it... she thanked NT for her existence...
loved the way daadi cut NT... and said that she is someone useless to the family... finally dev n NT have been cut from the family's inheritance...
ok now that my threatening worked i am threatening u again... LOLLOLLOLLOL
this time no making me wait for so long... last time i was pateinet coz u went on ur long nice world tour... this time i wont be so nice... LOLLOLLOLLOL
precap makes me feel that geet is in a hurry of marrying maan... n geeta is asking y such a hurry... dont tell me geet is preggo... ufff maan n his passion n non use of protection... LOLLOLLOL
@Polks - i shall now bug u on FB... LOLLOLLOL
@Muski - y u r still awake??? shudnt u hv gone n slept???

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