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MG FF: You are always on my mind; Pt40, Pg40 (Page 21)

Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
awesome...superb...loved it..

princess14 Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
great update!!! i saw this a little late haha but nevertheless it was amazing!! hope you update soon!
libra25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged
veil_of_roses IF-Dazzler

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polki moi waiting for next updateEmbarrassed
sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
can't wait when geet will tell the entire truth to her family!
continue soon!
Poli.Geek IF-Rockerz

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Part 37


The truth, the truth you say

Did it really have to come out this way

Come today when I felt I had it all

You decided to break the mould

You said your love for me would never die

But not telling the truth is as good as telling a lie

The more of all I think

The more I sink

Was there are really a reason to lie

It's not easy for me to take it all in stride

I always believed that you never lied

And as sad as it sounds, it has affected my pride

Can't hold the burden anymore

You said the truth and now I shall hurt more

Was our bond so fragile

That you believed I couldn't tackle

The pain which in a way was a miracle

The feeling of family is new for sure

I wonder will I ever feel like before.

Now what am I to imagine

What could have been

It hurts and I don't know why

I feel trust was an issue

Why! Why! Why!



As she drove through the streets of Delhi, every now and then coming to a halt as the millions tackled the heavy evening traffic, all she could think of was- what next?  What were they expecting from her?  Why had they waited for so long to tell her the truth?  Where were the others who had written in the early pages of her life?  How many people knew about all this and had kept quite?  Why had those people kept quite?   

Damn it this just wasn't working out, the traffic was a huge hindrance.  She needed to get out the city to think, she needed to be free to think, she needed to let go.  She picked up her phone and called the only person she could think of.   It had been a short phone call to the point and precise, informing where she was and that they needed to come right away.

One the other end on the line, Radha hung up and looked at Sameer.  Feeling a little sad since he had worked so hard to make the night special, but there was nothing she could really do.  She informed him that she had to leave and that she would make it up to him. 

Sameer knew the only thing that could have brought the night to an abrupt end was if Geeta needed Radha and that it had to be an emergency.  He was understanding and decided to go with Radha, maybe he could help and since Radha had no idea what had actually happened she agreed to let Sameer come along with her.

As they reached Geeta not knowing what had happened they approached her with haste.  The taxi ride had been anxiety ridden for Radha as all the worst case scenarios ran through her head.  It had been hours since she has seen Geeta and as soon as she saw her it seemed that all her fears had materialized and turned to reality.  From the looks of it, it seemed that Geeta had been crying for house.  Her eyes were red and puffy. 

On seeing Radha all Geeta could do was say, "I don't know anymore."  She repeated this line again and again and scared Radha even more.  Radha hugged her trying to assure her that no matter what it was all going to be okay.  While this was going on Sameer  stood at a distance not knowing what he should do.  Just as Geeta had calmed down she saw Sameer and had a furious reaction.  She demanded to know why he was there.  She rambled on questioning whether he had come because her folks had asked him to.  It took Radha another 10 minutes to calm her down and let her know that Sameer was there on his own, that he hadn't spoken to any of the adults and that all he wanted to do was help. 

That is when Geeta realized that she had called Radha during her date with Sameer and on realizing that she had interrupted a well-planned date she started to apologize vehemently.  It took another 10 minutes to quieten her down again.  Realizing that they were still in the middle of the street Radha had Geeta sit in the back with her as Sameer took to the driver's side.  She asked Sameer to drive to them to their apartment but when she saw Geeta hesitate she asked him to just drive, she didn't care where but somewhere that would take them out the city.

Hours had passed since Geeta had left angry and Geet was pacing back and forth worried out her mind.  Maan had tried calling Geeta multiple times but all those time only her voicemail had greeted him, he had even tried calling her apartment hoping she had gone there after storming out, but again had just gotten the answering machine.  He finally gave up and walked up to Geet. 

"I told you that she was not ready to hear the truth, I told you."  Geet told Maan. 

"Geet have some faith in her, she will absorb it and it will all be okay." Was all he could say.

"I hope so." She said as she slumped onto the couch. 

He sat next to her taking her in his arms and just rocked her as she cried away to sleep.  It had been a long day.  As he stretched her out on the couch and covered her with a blanket his mind kept on racing, many many dark thoughts ran through and he tried his best to chase them away.  He kissed her on her forehead and walked to the kitchen.  He poured himself some coffee and tried to put himself in his daughter's shoes.  'What would she do?' he asked himself.   He should have thought his way cause he knew exactly whom to call now.  He dialled her number and waited.

"Hello" was the greeting from the other side.

"Hello, this is Mr. Khurana.  Please don't make it obvious that I am calling and just tell me if Geeta is with you."

"Hello Mom, yup it was nice." She replied hating herself for being sneaky.  Whom did she owe her loyalty to?

"Where are you all?" was what he asked next.

"Sorry Mom can't tell you that, it is a secret.  But you will know when the time is right.  I promise." Those were the last words to him before she hung up. 

He was angry that the stupid girl wouldn't tell him where daughter was, who was she to deny him information?  He wanted to get in his car and go fetch her.  Didn't she know what state her mother was in?  He decided to go to the gym while Geet slept and maybe just maybe work out his frustrations.  Why to the woman in his life like leaving,  first Geet now Geeta?  Just as he was about to walk out the house, he heard her voice. 

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Oh! You are awake. Thought while you slept I would work out."  He replied.

"Did you hear from her?" she asked expectantly.

"No, but she is safe.  I called Radha, all she would tell me was that Geeta is okay but other than that she wouldn't tell me anything else." He was obviously frustrated.  She had seen that look on his face many times.  "Who does she think she is, denying me information about my own child?" he continued angrily.

"She is your daughter's best friend, her family that she was able to pick.  She is the person who regardless of her idiosyncrasies is one stable and trustworthy person.  If they are together you can be at peace that they are safe." She told him lovingly.

"How can you be so sure? " he asked still worried.

"Would you trust Adi with your life?" she asked him.

"What a foolish question to ask, plus what does Adi have to do with this anyways?" he looked at her.

"It is not foolish, just answer my question." She said.

"Yes, I trust Adi with my life. " he replied. 

"Well just as you trust Adi, she trusts Radha.  Be happy that your kid has someone to turn to in times of need and stop cursing the innocent in your head.  She needs our blessings to deal with the Khurana who is with her." She told him teasingly trying to distract him from the situation.

"It is getting late, let's get some sleep.  We know she is safe and that she is with someone.  She will call when she is ready." She took his hand and led him to the bedroom. 

Although hesitant and feeling like that he should be doing something he had to accept that he was in this situation helpless.  All he had now was to trust the one person whom he had trusted for the last 20 years.  She had raised their daughter and she knew her best.  He went along with her and although sleep came slowly, it did eventually come. 

As he drove out the city he thought it would be best to call his parents and let them know that he wouldn't be coming home that night.  He asked the girls if it was okay, not wanting to betray their trust.  They still were unaware of what had happened to Geeta as she had not spoken since they had started driving so all he told his father was that he had gone out with some friends and that had accompanied them on an impromptu trip.  He quietly listened to his dad yell at him for being careless and inconsiderate for not just leaving without even letting them know before the trip but after some time his dad had calmed down and told him to be safe.  He was glad it had been his dad and not his mom who had answered the phone.  His dad had always been stern but also had also understood him best.  He told his dad he would call the next morning to let him know where they were and check in. 

After hanging up he looked behind and saw that Geeta had fallen asleep in Radha's arms.  Radha was still awake just sitting quietly with an assuring embrace around her friend.  He had friends he depended on but he had never really witnessed the kind of love these two had for each other.  If he hadn't known them he could have sworn they were sisters, maybe even twins.  He realized that although he had prepared the meal they had not eaten and seeing how things were he was sure Geeta too had gone without food.  His mom always said that man should never think on an empty stomach so on seeing the dhaba he pulled over.  When Radha hesitated to wake Geeta up to eat he took it into his own hands. 

He gently called out to Geeta and on seeing her confused when she opened her eyes he told her that she needed to eat, she refused food and that is when he put his foot down, he told her if she wouldn't eat- he wouldn't drive and on telling her it was now her decision he put the keys in his pocket and walked away, but not before he pulled Radha along with him.

After a few minutes of resistance she surrendered and joined her them.  She sulked the entire time and forcibly ate the food that had been ordered for her.  She had always wanted to eat at a dhaba but she had never imagined that it would be under such circumstances.  She realized that eventually she would have to tell them what had happened and why they had found her in the state she was. But that all would have to wait at the moment she was going to not enjoy this meal to the best of her ability just because she was eating didn't mean she had to enjoy it. 

After the meal was finished and had been paid for they all once again went back to the car and continued.  All of them were in their own bubbles.  Geeta was glad she was where she was and with whom she was.  How lucky was she to have such people in her life as it for the moment seemed to even drive to the end of the earth just for her.  Radha for the first reflected on who truly Sameer was, she saw the assertive person who he could be by the way he dealt with Geeta and this prompted her to see him in a different light and Sameer for the first time and probably for the last time had managed to take reins of a situation and forge its course, he realized that the women who sat in the back, the women who were always vocal were quiet and seemed to trust his judgement.  All in all regardless of what had brought them at this point seemed to be positive for all three. 

Sameer after about an hour pulled them in front of a hotel and after checking them in fetched the women and gave them the keys to their room.  He told them he would see them in the morning and left after walking them to their room.  After a long day it was easy for the three to fall asleep.  Some day in the future this day would become a story they would reminisce about.

As dawn turned to day she got dressed, for some reason she was totally at peace.  She had woken up with an eerie  sense of quiet.  For the first time in 20 years she felt a sense that everything was going to fine, fine was an understatement she felt great.  Yes, the day before had been stressful and the way her daughter had reacted was worrisome but all the players in this situation were grownups and she trusted them, she trusted the conviction with how she had approached life to this point and she was certain that she would prevail, they would prevail.

He awoke to her singing, she had never been a good singer but today the sounds were serene.  Unfortunately he didn't feel so, he walked up to her and wait a minute did he just see her smile.  What was there to smile about, last evening they had finally told Geeta the truth and she had walked out.  How could she be smiling?  He was sure this was another one of the important lessons she would teach him. 

She saw him from the corner of her eye and turned around, she gave him a quick hug and told him to get ready quickly.  She reminded him that in about an hour they were meeting Daadima and that she for one wasn't planning to go there with an undressed man.  Pushing him into the bathroom she went down stairs to the kitchen and started on breakfast.  Never think on an empty stomach Pinky would say and today of all days was  not an empty stomach day.  They had confronted their daughter with the truth yesterday today was the day to talk to the rest of the family, of course Daadima was going to me their main focus but not wanting to repeat their misfortune again and again it was best for Vicky and Raj to hear the truth at the same time. 

In 30 minutes he had gotten ready and had joined her at the table to have breakfast, they discussed how they would break the news to Daadima and had agreed that Geet would be the one to start off the conversation cause although they both had suffered, she had been the one who had been betrayed and the one who had made a huge sacrifice raising Geeta without any help.  They had decided that once everyone had absorbed the truth and Geeta had returned , which Geet was sure would happen although Maan had his doubts; they would introduce Geeta to Daadima and the family and vice versa. 

After breakfast they walked to the main house and were greeted by a cheerful Daadima.  She for the first time in years had gotten up early and had commanded the servants of the house like an officer commanding his troops.  She had waited for years for this moment and as soon as she saw Geet she couldn't hold herself back and took her into her arms.  She cried, tears of happiness she said.  After initial greeting Maan and Geet asked the  family if they could talk.  They made it clear what they were about to say would answer all their questions and they would answer any if there were still any left. 

They settled in the living room and Geet started, "Daadima please before I start I want to let you know that I am very happy and I don't feel bad about anything.  I love you all and always have.  Please don't feel bad for me once you hear what we have to say."

After being assured by Daadi; Geet and Maan told Daadima all the events that had occurred all those 20 years ago, how Geet's family had forced her to get married to a guy from Canada who seemed very decent however after their first night together as husband and wife, he had left her and she had found out that the marriage was nothing but a farce and that he was already married.  He had married her just for the dowry and abandoned her at the airport in Delhi.  Her family had demanded she forget what had happened and had forbidden her to tell anyone about the situation as they were afraid that their reputation would be tarnished in society.  However, there was a bigger issue as she had found out that she was pregnant.  They had forced her to get an abortion but she had resisted and had run away however her brother had found her and had tried to kill her.  If it hadn't been for Maan who had been in her village she would be dead.  She had disowned her family after that and had come to Delhi to make a new life for herself and her to be child.  She had just stumbled into the job as Maan's secretary and after months of first getting to know each other as boss and secretary and then as something more, Maan had asked her to marry him.  She had resisted as it was not just her but also her child that was in the equation however after knowing the trust Maan had said he did not care and that the child was his.  They had taken Daadima's blessings and it was just then her past had surfaced and come back to haunt her. 

Geet took a break as she was certain that what she was to tell Daadima next was what would bring the most pain to the fragile wonderful old lady.  She took Daadima's hand in hers and told her that the man who had betrayed her and whose actions had almost led he to death was none other than Dev.  On seeing Daadima's expression change to disbelief Maan quickly took over and continued that although it seems unbelievable it is the truth, he continued that had wanted to bring out the truth but had been stopped by Geet all those years ago because they didn't want to hurt her (Daadi) whose health was very poor at the time.  Geet had insisted on leaving as she couldn't bear to live under the same roof as Dev and not having him at home was not an option as she (Daadi) had wanted all her grandsons by her side.  Considering Vicky wasn't at home Maan couldn't want to oust her other grandson. 

He explained to her that once Geet had left Dev had confessed his sin to him (Maan) and had therefore gone to live on the outskirts with Naintara.  Dev had been so selfish that he hadn't even attended Vicky and Raj's wedding or any other family milestones.  He only visited Daadi when he had needed money and on seeing this Maan had given Dev a small fortune and asked him to stay away from the family.

On seeing tears in Daadi's eyes Geet moved towards her and wiped away the tears.  There was not a dry eye in room.  She shook her head and reminded Daadi of what she had requested before they started.  On seeing the strength in Geet, all Daadi could do was smile and run her hand over Geet's head.  However the serene look didn't last long as she asked about the baby. 

On hearing about their baby both Geet and Maan couldn't resist but give a huge smile.  They quickly continued the saga and told Daadi that Geet had moved to New York after the baby was born and that she had raised her and that she was now a beautiful mature woman who was smart and funny and caring.  They also told her that she was at the moment in India and that hopefully she would get to see her great granddaughter soon.  They told her how they had gotten together again and how they had decided to be a family.

She was glad that they had found each other again, but how can you find something you never lost.  She smiled at how they had managed to conquer all the hardships and how they had managed to raise a child.  However, they were soon reminded that they had never told her what her great granddaughter's name was.  To which they replied in unison- Geeta Khurana. 

She couldn't contain herself she demanded to see Geeta right that moment.  They told her what had happened the day before and told her they were certain that Geeta would come back once she calmed down and at that point everyone could meet each other but in the mean time she just had to be happy with pictures.  She was glad that Geeta looked like Geet and that there was no an ounce of resemblance to Dev.  She still had to come to grips with what he had done and what he had gotten away with.  She decided to lay down 'Grandma' justice but she had to plan it all carefully.  In the mean time she was going to enjoy her family back together.


"Who told you to bring us here?"  

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hay finally u update... thank a lot dear...

first i ready n then back to commm
sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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maan and geet did the right thing by telling geeta the entire truth!
loved th re-union of geet and dadi!
continue soon!

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