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New FF Hum Tum & Love? (PART 13 page 68) (Page 65)

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Hey guysTongue

no no no the engagement preparations are not over yetLOLLOL
but i told u that the part was almost done naa so im here to post it before
im gaayab for goodLOLBig smile
short one but still better than nothing naa
so enjoy the part till im back
and once again im sorry for again being gayabOuch




That same evening, Khanak was waiting for Karan so she can start her drama again. She was sprawled on the couch watching God knows what on TV as she wasn't even paying attention to it. As she hears the door opening she puts a hopeless expression on her face and the moment Karan steps in the house she loudly and deeply sighs. He looks and gets confused to see her. What confused him more was that she was wearing shorts and a stevedore which meant she came home hours ago.

He throws his jacket on the kitchen's counter and puts his phone and car keys on it. He opened the fridge grabbed two beers and sits beside Khanak offering her one.


Karan: what's wrong?..aur tum ghar kab aa gaayi? (having a sip of his beer)

Khanak: don't know...maybe three hours ago...

Karan: three hours ago?! Tum kam pe gaayi hi nahin kya?

Khanak: gaayi thi but I wasn't in mood so came back home

Karan: why what happened? Tujhe bhi tere voh item friends ne pagaal kiya?

Khanak: yeah but that's not the problem..I mean I'm used to it now so... I'm just tired

Karan: of….?

Khanak: everything!...work..our daily drama..Mumbai...I think I need a break from all this

Karan: you mean holidays?

Khanak: why not...(facing him) let's go somewhere naa? let's go to Goa for a week or so

Karan: I'm not sure Sunshine...I mean I have lots of work aur aise overnight decision lena

Khanak: first of all it's not an overnight decision..main kafi dinon se iske bare mein soch rahi thi and then...Mona's right don't be such a workaholic! I don't even remember when we last went for holidays...c'mon Karan main pagaal ho rahi hoon I seriously need this break

Karan: I understand Khanak but...I've just started my new project so how can I just leave it like that? (it was annoying her to fail now so she had no choice but to play her last card. If he refuses to this one then she will have difficulty to convince him. She makes a sad face)

Khanak: yeah...you're right I'm sorry...I forgot how much your work is important to you...I guess I'll have to endure that stress for some more time (she puts her beer on the table and stands up) I'm going to rest for a while feeling tired...(and she heads towards her room. Karan felt bad watching her leave disappointingly. Khanak wasn't from those who complain for every little thing. So if she's asking something it must be a serious matter. Nothing is more important than Khanak for him so how can he refuse anything to her)

Karan: Sunshine..(she stops in her tracks hoping that it worked. She looks at him) when are we going? (her eyes twinkled that happy she was)

Khanak: seriously?

Karan: haan baba...now tell me when before I change my mind

Khanak: I don't know jab tum kaho

Karan: main kal Shaan se baat karunga and then I'll inform you

Khanak: cool I'll wait!

Karan: vaise is Shaan coming with us? (she pretends to think for a while)

Khanak: hmmm...main usse phone karti hoon usse inform karne ke liye aur phir tum kal pooch lena

Karan: okay…goodnight then

Khanak: goodnight









She runs in her room and locks the door behind her. A big smile on her face she excitedly grabs her phone and calls Shaan.


Shaan: hello partner!

Khanak: Shaan! Guess what Karan maan gaaya! (his eyes widened in surprise)

Shaan: what??...Khanak this is cheating yaar tumne dono mein se asaan target ko liya...now how the hell am I going to convince Shilpa now that she hates me coz of that stupid drama thing!

Khanak: relax I'm sure maan jaayegi...tumhari uss se baat hui?

Shaan: nahin abhi tak nahin hui hai

Khanak: then what are you waiting for?!...usse phone kar milne ke liye bolo aur phir baat karo and plzz don't act too smart

Shaan: mera kam hai aur mujhe pata hai apna kam kaise karun

Khanak: good...and one more thing..Karan kal tujhse iss bare mein baat karega aur tujhe aane ke liye bhi propose karega but you will refuse first aur uske toda insist karne ke baad maan jaana okay?

Shaan: fine ab phone rakh sakta hoon? Shilpa ko phone karna hai

Khanak: tum sab samajh gaaye?

Shaan: yes Khanak!

Khanak: you never know...

Shaan: I hate you woman! (she smiles)

Khanak: love you too stranger!


Shaan stares at his phone smiling. The way he was feeling right now reminded him that night at the beach when Khanak said that she loved him he was exactly feeling the same way. Maybe it was just the way she used to say these words or he was going mad he thought...he shakes his head and focused back on Shilpa dialling her number.


Shilpa: why did you call me?! phirse koi natak karni hai kya?

Shaan: you still angry?

Shilpa: of course! tumhari waje se mujhe yeh stupid khel khelna padta hai aur sab se jooth bolna padta hai

Shaan: okay then can we meet? tumse sorry kehna hai

Shilpa! No! mujhe tumse nahin milna!

Shaan: c'mon Shilpa mujhe tumse seriously baat karni hai...and I promise tumhe bohut achi tarah manaounga (she thinks for a moment) hello? Shilpa you there?

Shilpa: fine! main abhi bahar hoon todi der mein aati hoon okay?

Shaan: done!...par toda jaldi karna

Shilpa: okay (she hangs up and shaan gets very happy)

Shaan: okay now that she agreed mujhe usse manana hoga...how? (he thinks for a sec and smiles) Shaantanu Khandelwal har ladki ko apni charm aur good looks se pata sakta hai...(again something disturbs him) par yaar mujhe tho Shilpa ko patana nahin manana hai...usse pataounga tho Karan mujhe jaan se marega (he throws a glance at his phone) Khanak ko phone karta hoon..I'm sure voh mujhe bataayegi ki usse kaise manana hai...should I call her?

Sunil: of course! (he looks up and saw his dad)

Shaan: dad? aap yahan kya kar rahe hain?

Sunil: bhai main tho bas yahan se guzaar raha tha aur dekha ke tum Khanak ko phone karne mein hesitate kar rahe ho

Shaan: nahin dad main bas...

Sunil: no..no excuses Shaan...maine tumhari baatein sun li! Tho ab yeh batao ki Khanak ko kya batana chahte ho?

Shaan: actually dad batana nahin hai poochna hai...

Sunil: oh acha poochna hai...kya?

Shaan: yahin ke manana kaise hain (he looks at him shocked)

Sunil: bewakoof! Tum yeh baat khud Khanak se pooch loge!? (shaan looks at him confused)

Shaan: haan..usse pata hoga naa

Sunil: vaise tho teri har baat tere baap pe jaa chuki hai lekin iss mamle mein toda tede ho...par koi baat nahin main hoon naa...main tumhe batata hoon

Shaan: really? apko yeh sab karna aata hai? (sunil smiles)

Sunil: agar aata nahin tho tumhari mom jaisi khubsoorat ladki mujhse shaadi karti?

Shaan: mom?...ab iss mein mom kya karne aa gaayi?

Sunil: ab jab pyaar teri mom se hi hui naa tho manana bhi ussi ko tha (instead of helping shaan was totally confused now)

Shaan: hold on dad ek sec...aap mujhe yeh mom se pyaar aur usse manane ki baat kyun kar rahe hain?

Sunil: time pass...arre main yeh sab iss liye bata raha hoon taki tum samjho ki Khanak ko kaise manana chahiye

Shaan: Khanak?...par dad mujhe tho Shilpa ko manana hai (he looks at him surprised)

Sunil: kya? tumhe Shilpa se pyaar hua hai? (shaan's eyes widened)

Shaan: What? Nooo!

Sunil: tho tum usse manana kyun chahte ho? (shaan sighs)

Shaan: dad...plzz bas kijiye...mujhe Shilpa se pyaar nahin hua hai

Sunil: tho phir?

Shaan: tho phir kuch nahin dad! mujhe kisi se bhi pyaar nahin hua hai...mujhe bas ek baat ko lekar Shilpa ko manana hai issi liye Khanak ki help chahta tha...pata nahin aap kahan poonch gaaye

Sunil: nalayak! tho phir itni waqt se mera time kyun waste kar rahe ho! (he leaves from there annoyed and shaan was surprised by his accusation. Shilpa knocks at his open door and he gets even more surprised to see her)

Shaan: tum?!

Shilpa: what tum? tumne mujhe bulaya bhool gaaye?

Shaan: no but I thought tum baad mein aaogi

Shilpa: okay...so you want me to leave?

Shaan: don't be stupid yaar of course not! (she sits on his bed making herself comfortable and shaan sits opposite her) but seriously tumne tho kaha ke tum baad mein aaogi

Shilpa: I know par tumne kaha naa ke tumhe zaroori baat karni hai so I thought it must be important right? wait a sec it is important naa? oh God Shaan tumne phirse mujhe bewakoof banaya!

Shaan: Shilpa calm down I was serious

Shilpa: you better be Shaan coz I'm already very upset with you so don't make it worse (he smiles)

Shaan: okay so if I'm not wrong you are not upset because of the coffee thing but the drama one right?

Shilpa: yes! (annoyed)

Shaan: then I have the solution! tujhe manane ke liye bhi aur iss drama ko khatam karne ke liye bhi (she raised her brow)

Shilpa: really? what's that?    

Shaan: Goa! (she frowns looking at him confused)

Shilpa: Goa?

Shaan: yep Goa! We are going to Goa

Shilpa: we are not going anywhere alright! tum Goa kyun jaana chahte ho?

Shaan: chutti manane...and trust me hum kuch der ke liye kahin aur jaayenge tho voh Mona Rosa ko koi aur milega pagaal banana ke liye

Shilpa: don't you think unhe yeh lagega ki hum as a couple ghoomne jaa rahe hain?

Shaan: kyun tum unhe jaane se pehle inform karogi kya? (she nods in a no) nahin naa tho phir unhe kya pata chalega

Shilpa: I don't know...I'm not feeling like going anywhere

Shaan: c'mon yaar! vaise bhi do you even remember when was the last time we had a great time together? kitne saalon baad London se aa gaayi ho and for the first time you're staying more than just two or three days which is quite weird actually but I want to enjoy it...and you don't have much work here anyway so why not make your stay memorable? (she smiles)

Shilpa: how sweet lover boy par yeh sab tum mujhe manane ke liye tho nahin bol rahe ho naa?

Shaan: you're my best friend Shilpa aur jab tak tum yahan ho I wanna spend as much time as I can with you (she sighs)

Shilpa: I hate you Shaan coz I can't stay mad at you! not even just for a day (he laughs slightly) so when are we going to Goa?

Shaan: it's a matter of days I'll inform you tomorrow

Shilpa: okay...I should go now it's getting late

Shaan: I'll drop you

Shilpa: don't pamper me too much lover boy I don't wanna get used to it

Shaan: you deserve it (he grabbed his car keys and both left)










Shaan was happy that Shilpa agreed also. He really didn't think that it will be that easy for him but he was glad that the difficult part was done. Karan was supposed to talk to him about Goa which he didn't and that was confusing Shaan. So to keep the plan on track he decides to indirectly remind Karan.


Shaan: btw how is Khanak feeling now? (he looks at him confused)

Karan: she's fine...but why are you asking me?

Shaan: nahin actually voh kuch ajeeb si thi aaj kal aur kal usne kaha that you guys are going somewhere so just wanna know

Karan: arre haan! We're going to Goa...Sunshine needs a break..you didn't know about that?

Shaan: how would I know? She just told me that you're planning to go somewhere

Karan: well now you know...you wanna come? (shaan smiles)

Shaan: sure! (as he uttered the word he remembered that khanak told him to refuse first) no!..I mean I'm not sure

Karan: why?

Shaan: I don't know..matlab...yahan pe kam hai and I think Khanak wants to spend some time with you varna voh mujhe kal batati

Karan: actually I was supposed to invite you and it's exactly what I am doing so stop acting like an ass and answer my question

Shaan: itne pyaar se invite kar rahe ho so how can I refuse...

Karan: no but seriously Sunshine will be happy also (he smiles mischievously thinking about their plan)

Shaan: yeah I'm sure about that...



With that Shaan gets back to his work feeling happy and proud of himself. Karan was trying to work but his thoughts were disturbing him. Shaan didn't know about their trip to Goa which meant Shilpa was wrong and there is nothing between these two otherwise Khanak would have herself invite him. And now that Shaan was coming he didn't know if Shilpa was also a part of it. Shilpa is Shaan's very close friend so he might invite her. He wanted to ask Shaan but what if he informs Khanak? She will again think he's not over her and will again start to dislike her for his sake. He rubbed his forehead to erase his thoughts and got back to work with no other choice left but wait and watch.












Khanak and Karan were at the airport waiting for Shaan. Karan was trying to call him but his phone was off.


Karan: Sunshine where is that idiot? usse pata hai naa humari 11 baje ki flight hai?

Khanak: for the third time Karan yes he knows! And don't worry voh time pe aa jaayega usne kaha ki usse ek kam tha aane se pehle so chill

Karan: kam? (he frowns)




Shilpa: Shaan where the hell are you going?

Shaan: Shilpa wait a sec yaar

Shilpa: but Shaan check in ke liye right pe jaana hai so why we are going at the left? (he just ignored her and smiles when he noticed Khanak and Karan)

Shaan: there they are!

Shilpa: they? (she confusedly looked at the direction to see Khanak and Karan)

Khanak: hey guys! See he is on time (to Karan) and I'm sure it's only because of Shilpa (shilpa smiles nervously looking at Karan who looked lost. Infact she was equally surprised to see that it was a group trip and she didn't even know about it)

Shaan: guys I think we should go varna late ho jaayenge

Khanak: exactly! Lets go Karan tum hi tho jaldi mein the naa then what are you waiting for now?

Karan: heuu..nothing let's go...

Love and Luck to All

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Yupee!! Ab goamai maja aayega thanx 4 d update

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LOL...Nice one !!
Go Goa !
So SHANAK have tricked them again into a holiday !
Continue soon !!

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Update update update
Update update update
Update update update

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thanks noorya for considering us n updating before going gayab..
so both of them tricked karan n shilpa n made them accept to go to goa..
wow!!!!!i'm excited..
but u r busy with ur sis' engagement..
girl u better update soon after the engagement..
expecting u to update soon..

Edited by RB81 - 31 May 2011 at 10:02am

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wow norrya awsoem update loved it i love when shaan and khnak plzns something thy r so cute...love the convo b/w shaan his dad his dad is sso funny nalyak mera tine kyon waste kiya...and finally off to goa hope karan and shilpa will come close and shaan will realised his feeling fr khanakDay Dreaming

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awesome...1 suggestion plz take up writing as yr profession you'll rock and yr buks will sale lyk damn awesome...!!!!

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thanks noorya..superb update..thanks 4 the pm...

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