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New FF Hum Tum & Love? (PART 13 page 68) (Page 6)

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Originally posted by rafia 24

Hi Noorya

Great FF, looking forward to reading more. Also want to take this oppertunity to say I love your VM's too as i'm new i've never been able to share my appreciation.Smile

hey RainTongue

nice meetin u...and thanks for likin my work here
and my vmsEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Deepali88

Awesome post noorya Clapi am waiting next partLOL

thank u dearEmbarrassed

im postin it in few hoursLOLLOL

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Originally posted by sshriyaa84

Dear Noorya I just loooooooooooooooooooved this part....Please continue dear...U are really very good
Big smile....I loved the suspense in particular of sunshine leaving the job on last day..yet remaining very cheerful 
and making shaan open up with parents...sunshine is an  awesome character..
Did not expect that at all
great imagination keep it up...

thank u ShriyaHug

im really happy u liked itTongue
i thought this was the best way for sunshine to step into shaan's life
and im glad it turned to be goodLOL
...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by indian_beauty

Noorya Jee Hug

very nice beginning jee Clap
I love the title n the VM is also very nice jee Embarrassed
ShiRan n ShaNak nice combo

Sunshine is also very cute jee
n Shaan n his parents convo was also very sweet jee

ab ShiRan ko bhi jaldi introduce kardo jee *asking nicely*
nikammi tu yahan bhi poonch gaayiLOLLOL
i cant believe it yaarROFL...
but thank u very much ji for this fabulous surprise ji
ab ShiRan ke liye toda wait karna padega ji but dont worry ji
bohut jald aayenge dono jiLOL....thanks for askin *nicely* jiROFL
the title of the FF was givin by my friend ji
so i'll tell her u liked itLOL..aur vm ko like
karne ke liye thank ji

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Originally posted by nine2

hey wonderful start loved the vm :)

sunshine...very nice frm discription n the characters its like shilpa bt then i want her to be khanak...so r the characters gonna b shilpa n sid or they'r gonna have diff name...lol..i sort of wanted SR..bt im happy with this as well..can u plz pm me when u continue?...thanx :)

hailaaa tu bhiShockedROFLROFLROFL

thank u sweety for followin this FF also

zarqa ne bhar kaaya hai kya?LOLLOLLOL
well my dear u'll have to wait for the next update to know who is sunshine jiEmbarrassed
and as for Shilpa n Karan im gonna use their real namesLOLLOL
and u'll get ur pm Wink

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Originally posted by sana.shanak

Really nice ff

thanks a lotEmbarrassed

...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Hello OdhiniansEmbarrassed

first of all thank u veru much for ur sweet comments
and likin the start of my FFTongue
i was supposed to post this part yesterday but did not
got the time so sorry about thatEmbarrassed
~Hum Tum & Love.......?~






Khanak Sharma : 25 years old. Despite of being today's generation and a very modern girl she has her Indian values. She has been recently promoted and is now doing a talk show called "Kuch baatein with Khanak". Before getting promoted she was workin for the magazine of the same channel where she leaded a column giving people love advises and she still owns it. She believes in love but he doesn't believe in loving one'for her love only means family friends work and life'



Karan Oberoi : 27 years old. Khanak's best friend. They grew up together and know each other better than anyone else and better than they know themselves. They both live together in Mumbai since long now after they left their home to leave their dreams. Today Karan is a very successful business man and has a very good reputation and image for being so successful in his young age. Karan is a very modern handsome guy, tall with brown chocolate eyes a quite fit body but like Khanak he has his Indian values. Every girl he knows has a crush on him but he does not give any attention to any of them, not because he thinks he is too good for them but because he has a reason behind. He loves Kahank very much and can do anything to keep her happy.



Khandelwaal family is composed by Mr n Mrs Khandelvaal. Sunil is a very big businessman, Madhvi loves her family a lot and specialy her daughter in law Khushboo and spends the most of her time with her. Akshay their older son and khushboo's husband works with his dad. And finaly the center of the family

Shaantanu Khandelwaal. Loved by everyone he's the youngest member of the family. 26 years old, Shaan works with his dad also. He always flirts with girls and had many girlfriends. He doesn't mind falling in love but he doesn't know how to love one. He loves someone here, he loves someone there.... And he is waiting for the right one to come his way.

That special girl who will change everything in his life. He is sure that one day he will meet that girl different from all. Infact he always dreams about her but every time he tries to go closer to her and see her face she would just disappear. But those long dark hair and that slim figure were printed in his mind n her laugh sounds like a melody to his ears every time he hears her in his dream.



Shilpa's character will enter later so gonna introduce her then.
























Its morning and Khanak is makin breakfast for her and karan who is still getting ready for office.


Khanak: KARAN!! Jaldi karo baba aur kitni der karoge breakfast ke liye! (he was still in his room)

Karan: haan bas do min mein aa raha hoon yaar

Khanak to herself: do min my foot! Dus se kum nahin lagega (and exactly after 10 mins he comes downstairs)

Karan: goodmorning sunshine! (khanak looks at him and he was looking dashin as usual)

Khanak: coffee

Karan: thanks

Khanak: tumhe pata hai tum duniya ki pehle ladke ho jo ek ladki se bhi ziada time lagate ho tayaar hone mein! Ab mujhe dekho main tayaar bhi ho gaayi hoon aur breakfast bhi bana liya

Karan: khanak'ab itni kum umar mein main itna successful ho gaaya hoon aur logon ne meri ek image banaayi hai'tho uska khial tho rakhna hoga naa (khanak laughs)

Khanak: acha chalo yeh baat theek hai'lekin unn saari ladkiyon ka kya jo tumhe dekh ke khud ko bhool jaati hai'aur tum ho ki unko koi attention hi nahin dete

Karan: plzz yaar tum subah subah phir iss ladkiyon ka topic lekar shuru mat ho jao'ab main todi kehta hoon ki aao bhai mujhe dekho

Khanak: haan par main ab aunty se aur jooth nahin bol sakti yaar'ek ko tho pasand karni hi hogi naa'I mean ek ladki jo tumse pyaar kare tumhara khial rakhe aur tum bhi pyaar karo (he gave her a faint smile)

Karan: ab nahin''(khanak knew why he was sayin this and karan changed the topic) aur vaise bhi'mere pass already ek aisi ladki hai tho koi teesri ki kaun si zaroorat hai? (he puts his arm around her neck and pulls her closer)

Khanak: u mean'main??

Karan: of course! Ab dekh we are best friends aur hum ek doosre se pyaar bhi karte hain'aur tum mera bohut khial bhi rakhti ho (khanak smiles)

Khanak: haan haan theek hai maska mat lagao'kam pe jao aur mujhe bhi late ho rahi hai

Karan: yes m'am! (he kisses her forehead and leaves for office khanak keep looking at him smiling)

Khanak: stupid!










At khandelwaal's, sunil madhvi akshay and khushboo were having breakfast.


Kh: mom apko voh neckless yaad hai jo apko ek magazine mein pasand aayi thi?

Ma: of course khushboo'main tho aaj bhi uss neckless ka intezaar kar rahi hoon

Kh: well mom intezaar khatam!...aaj jewellery shop mein naaya collection aane vaala hai aur uss mein voh neckless bhi hai

Ma: OMG!! Tho phir hum yahan kya kar rahe hain?? Jaldi se breakfast khatam kar aur mall chalte hain! (sunil and akshay laugh)

Su: akshay beta aaj tum factory jaa rahe ho?

Ak: jee dad shaam ko jaa raha hoon'aur main soch raha tha kyun naa Shaan ko bhi saath le jaoun usko bhi tho factory dekh leni chahiye naa

Su: baat tho sahi hai beta'lekin tum tho apne bhai ko jante ho'voh sirf vahin deals ko samhalta hai jo uske liye interesting ho (just then shaan joins them for breakfast and confirms what his dad said)

Shaan: exactly big brother!...aur mere pass ek bohut hi interesting deal hai'so thanks but main apke saath factory nahin jaounga

Ak: ok mat chal mere bhai! Maine tho bas shocha ki shayad tumhe yeh naayi project pasand aaye (shaan sits next to akshay and eats his breakfast)

Shaan: how sweet bhaya aap mere bare mein kitna shochte hain'ya apna kam bhi mujhe dena chahte hain'(sunil laughs at shaan's joke)

Ak: chote'itne saalon tak company main hi samhalta aaya hoon dad ke saath'tum tho bas do teen saal se kam kar rahe ho

Shaan: haan'par bhaya'inn do teen saalon mein humare company ko best deals maine hi dilaaya hai'kyun dad?

Su: of course!...par ab tum dono breakfast khatam karo kam pe bhi jaana hai'











Khanak was in her cabin'today her show was not airing so was busy reading her letters and reply to them. She took one of her letters and read it



"Dear Khanak,

Congratulations for your promotion and your new talk show. You are doing a great job so far and I really love watching it so all the best. I am really happy that you are not ending your love advice column because we really need your help aur sab se ziada main

I am in love with a guy in my college for the past 4 years but I am very scared to confess my feelings.

I really don't know what to do and how to talk to him'soo plzzz help me yaar"




Hopeless gal



Khanak smiles reading the letter and after thinking for a sec she starts typing on her keyboard.


"Dear Hopeless gal,

First of all thank you soo much for your wishes im really glad you guys love my show. But you guys don't worry because as long as im goin to work here im not stopping my love advice column because that's with what I've started my career and now it's a part of my life.

Now back to your problem.

Sab se pehle tho stop calling yourself hopeless gal'and as far as I know we are in the

21st century tho yeh sharmili types girls do not exist anymore'if you really love him then you should tell him'kyunki agar tum kahogi nahin tho usse pata nahin chalege aur phir koi aur ladki uss se kahegi aur tab tumhare liye bohut der hoga'so forget your fear aur apni sharam ko side mein rakh aur uss se baat kar'tab hi baat baanegi!"


Lots of love,




The whole morning passes for khanak typing the replies when for her surprise Karan opens the door of her cabin.


Karan: lunch?? (khanak smiles)

Khanak: sure! (she takes her bag and when they step out of the cabin two of khanak's female colleagues stop them just to spend some time with Karan'Mona and Rosa)

Both ladies: hi Karannn'(he smiles sarcastically)

Karan: hello girls'

Mona: you're lookin soooo handsome in black (she runs her finger on his chest n khanak was enjoyin the whole scenario) the way your suit is embracing you body'I wish'(in a very sensual voice) tumhari yeh suit main hi hoti'(karan whispers to khanak)

Karan: tab tho main isko pehenta hi nahin'(khanak just laughs)

Rosa: tum dono kahin jaa rahe ho?

Khanak: yeah'lunch ke liye jaa rahe hain

Rosa: wow! Humara bhi lunch break hai'kyun naa hum saath mein chalein?? Right Mona?

Mona: yeah babes'soo Karan'need some company?? (karan looks at khanak desperate but khanak was enjoyin his state'he then gets an idea and puts his hand around khanak's waist pulling her a lil closer)

Karan: voh'actually girls aaj meri aur khanak ki first lunch as a couple hai'so we need some privacy (khanak looks at him surprised and whispers)

Kahank: couple'? (karan winks at her adn the girls were shocked on hearin this)

Rosa: couple??!!

Karan: yeah'(looking at khanak) sunshine'tumne inko bataaya nahin??

Mona: sunshine? (karan looks at her noticing her disappointed ton)

Karan: haan'main pyaar se khanak ko sunshine bulata hoon'heuu I hope you guys will understand that we need some privacy'(then he looks at khanak with a big smile on his face) chalein'sunshine?


Karan leaves from there still holdin khanak's waist very proud of himself and khanak was trying her best to not laugh out loud. They reach the parking lot and karan happily opens the door.


Khanak: karan tujhe pata hai ab voh log mujhe pagaal karenge naa! Ab main kya bataoungi unhe?

Karan: c'mon yaar tu tho master hai inn sab cheezon mein'koi story bana lena

Khanak: par kuch aur nahin bol sakte the?? Apni girlfriend banana zaroori tha kya? Meri reputation ka kuch tho sochte'

Karan: oohh hello! Ladkiyan naa mujhpe maarti hai'khush ho ki tumhe itna handsome boyfriend mila hai'main tho kehta hoon tu humesha sab ke samne meri girlfriend baan jaa'at least mujhe chain se jeene denge log (khanak laughs)

Khanak: ok darling now lets go! (they both laugh n karan drives away)









Shaan was in his dad's cabin talking about his latest deal he will sign tonight during a party thrown for this occasion.


Su: I think yeh party ek achi idea hai humare company ke image ke liye'

Shaan: jee dad'and im sure yeh deal sab se best hoga'kyunki vaise bhi humara parter kafi young hai so im sure its goin to be great working with him

Su: voh tho hai'aur jahan tak maine suna hai he is one of the best businessman in Mumbai'so shaan main chahta hoon ki iss deal mein koi bhi galati naa ho

Shaan: don't worry dad'aisa kuch bhi nahin hoga'aur maine bhi suna hai hai ki voh kafi successful hai'lekin maine yeh bhi suna hai ki voh bohut cool ladka hai'and that's why im sure I will enjoy working with Karan Oberoi''









Khanak and Karan at restaurant:


Khanak: NO WAY! Main kahin nahin jaa rahi karan! You know i just hate those parties!

Karan: haan I know'but I promise hum ziada der tak nahin rahenge

Khanak: jooth mat bolo! Yeh party tumhare liye hai tho tum kaise jaldi chor kar jaa sakte ho'

Karan: c'mon yaar sunshine! ek shaam ki hi tho baat hai'tum itna bhi nahin kar sakti mere liye?

Khanak: dude don't you remember last time kya hua tha aisi party mein'tum kisi aur ke saath bhi jaa sakte ho naa

Karan: jaa sakta hoon'par yeh deal mere liye bohut important hai aur main yeh pal apni family ke saath hona chahta hoon (trying to make his best innocent sad face ever) aur yahan tho sirf tum hi meri family ho'(khanak gets annoyed coz he knew how to convince her)

Khanak: karan this is cheating yaar! Tum mujhe humesha yeh family ka topic laa kar blackmail karte ho! (karan smiles)

Karan: so you're coming??

Khanak: haan!...but agar main vahan bore hui naa tho sab ke samne teri pitaayi karungi

Karan: koi baat nahin'main media vaalon ko bolunga ke you're a very violent wife

Khanak: wife my foot! Jaa kar uss Rosa Mona ko apni wife bana lo

Karan: I rather die!

Khanak: karan main jaa tho rahi hoon par mere pass kuch pehen ne ke liye nahin hai

Karan: well'(he looks at his watch) ek kam karte hain abhi sirf do baje hain aur party 7 baje shuru hone vaali hai tho tab tak hum mall chalte hain'

Khanak: yeah that's a good idea










Khanak and Karan were trying to find a dress for khanak for the past two hours. Every dresses they could find in shops khanak disliked them'


Karan: khanak yaar maarwaogi kya? Poora maal ghooma lekin ek bhi dress pasand nahin aaya'teri shaadi nahin hai bas ek choti party hai deal sign karne ke liye

Khanak: listen this is really not the right moment for your jokes ok! Ek tho mujhe apne saath aane pe majboor kar rahe ho aur upar se mujhe hi itna kuch suna rahe ho!

Karan: theek hai meri maa im sorry'par yahan kuch mil nahin raha kahin aur chalte hain


They leave the shop to check another one. On their way karan saw a shop in which he got interested.


Karan: sunshine main yahan ek shop pe jaata hoon do mins ke liye

Khanak: theek hai main tab tak yahan dekhti hoon


Karan headed towards the shop he found while khanak walked towards the one where she noticed a dress she may like. Madhvi and khushboo were coming from the other side and while walking a guy accidentally pushes madhvi who loses her balance and was about to fall when khanak catches her holding her hand.


Khanak to the guy: are you bloody blind?!!!

The guy: sorry'im in hurry (he runs from there without lookin back)

Khanak: bloody idiot! (looking at madhvi) Are you ok? (madhvi smiles at her)

Ma: yes'thank you

Kh: excuz me tum'khanak ho right?

Khanak: jee

Kh: wow I love your show!...thanks a lot mom ki help karne ke liye

Khanak: aww its ok'kuch logon ke pass aankhein hai but use nahin karte

Ma: vaise mera naam Madhvi hai and she is my daughter in law Khushboo'thank u soo much beta agar tum nahin hoti tho shayad iss umar mein meri koi haddi tooth jaati ab (khanak smiles)

Khanak: aisi baat mat kijiye aunty'mujhe tho yakeen nahin ho raha hai ki apka ek shaadi shuda beta hai'you look soo young (ma smiles lookin at khushboo then khanak) acha ab main chalti hoon

Ma: sure beta

Kh: bye khanak it was nice meeting you








Karan was in a jewellery shop looking some necklaces. He wanted to buy something to khanak to thank her for going with him. He looked at bracelets rings but the most beautiful jewellery he found was that necklace. So he bought it and when he step out of the shop he bumped to a guy who was not looking where he was going.


Karan: im sorry I was'(when he looks at the guy he founds shaan) Shaantanu? (shaan looks at karan and gets surprised)

Shaan: karan? Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Karan: kuch nahin main kisi ke saath aaya tha'and I think she is goin to kill me (shaan laughs)

Shaan: ohhh'tho ladki ka chakkar hai'(karan smiles)

Karan: haan ladki ka hai par voh meri'(his phones rings and it was khanak. He looks at shaan) ek sec'(then he answered his phone) hello

Khanak: where the hell are you??!!! Main yahan kab se tumhara wait kar rahi hoon!

Karan: haan baba main bas do mins mein aa raha hoon

Khanak: Karannn!!!

Karan: fine'main dus sec mein aa raha hoon (khanak disconnects the phone and karan looks at shaan) sorry dude par mujhe jaana hoga'shaam ko milte hain (then he rushes towards the shop. Shaan was amused looking at him then he looks at the shop where karan was)

Shaan: girls''










Karan rushed inside the shop where khanak was and was lookin around to find her. Then he went inside the fitting room.


Karan: khanak?? (khanak came out from one of the rooms wearing a very beautiful dress. Karan was lookin at her with a big smile of his face)

Khanak: finaly tum aa gaaye!...

Karan: tum'you're lookin gorgeous! (khanak smiles)

Khanak: seriously?

Karan: yeahhh! I mean this dress is just made for you yaar'you look awesome, beautiful'can I say hot? (khanak laughs)

Khanak: granted'

Karan: agar tum meri best friend nahin hoti naa'tho im sure main tujh pe line marta

Khanak: shut up dude!

Karan: arre seriously yaar'agar shaantanu mujhse yahan milta tho voh tho tujhse flirt kar hi leta

Khanak: vaise tum itni der se kahan the? And who's this shaantanu boy??

Karan: shaantanu mera business partner hai and I was just in a shop

Khanak: ok now tell me'le loun kya??

Karan: you mean the dress? (khanak nods) of course yaar! Mujhe nahin lagta iss se achi dress tumhe mil sakti hai and I told you'this dress is just made for you'aur agar tujhe lagta hai ki main yeh iss liye bol raha hoon kyunki im tired then if you want hum aur shops bhi dekhte hain'but I seriously love this one

Khanak: me too!






 This is was Khanak was wearing



Karan was waiting for khanak downstairs. He was looking dashing as always wearing a black suit. He was checking his watch every five secs.


Karan: kahankkk!!! Yaar hum late ho rahe hain'humesha tho mujhse kehti rehti ho'(karan has his back to khanak when she cames downstairs)

Khanak: im ready! (with a big smile on her face. Karan turns to her and was once again surprised lookin at her'he already saw her in that dress but she was lookin stunning with the make up and hair style) let me guess'I look good right?

Karan: you look more than good yaar!...ab late hone pe tujhse gussa nahin ho sakta

Khanak: maine socha ki main the Hot bachelor Karan Oberoi ke saath jaa rahi hoon tho mujhe bhi kuch hot lagni chahiye (karan smiles)

Karan: well congratulations'I think hum dono aaj ki hottest couple honge party mein but'.

Khanak: what?

Karan: something is missing yaar (he stood behind her and khanak gets confused. Then he puts a very simple yet beautiful diamond neckless around her neck)

Khanak: wow! This soo beautiful karan!

Karan: yeh tumhe thanks kehne ke liye for comming with me (khanak hugs him)

Khanak: you're such a sweetheart

Karan: I know'jab koi gift laata hai tho sweet hi baanta hai

Khanak: shut up yaar! Varna main yeh nakli girlfriend baan ne ki natak bas karti hoon

Karan: how mean sunshine yaar! Ab tum mujhe har waqt yeh dhamki dena band kar'main tho kehta hoon jab bhi hum bahar hain yeh natak karni chahiye'vaise bhi hum dono ek hi cheez chahte hain

Khanak: kya??

Karan: pyaar se chutkhara (khanak laughs)

Kahank: karan stop your nonsense and lets go'i thought we were getting late!

Karan: we were nahin we are late'lets go (and both leave for the party)

Love and Luck to All


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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
WOW where to begin, thanks for the PM by the way. The characters are all so interesting Love Khanak and Karan at the moment and aww karan loves Khanak I see the bechara's heart breaking unless he does get the girl in the end. Loved the whole khandelwal house scene could really imagine it sounded so naturally like them. I also love the way Khanak is like some love guru/ agony aunt ties in nicely with her being a match maker on the show right nowWink.
also loved the interaction between khanak and kads/boo her complimenting mads on looking to young to have a married son was genious LOL
Love the details you give to each scene/set e.g khanaks dress ect
Cant wait for the party scene
Again ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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