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New FF Hum Tum & Love? (PART 13 page 68) (Page 38)

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Originally posted by sshriyaa84

hey dear noorya thanx for the pm  it was really very good loved the little cute nhok-jhok sort of argument between ShaNak
shilpa and karan WOW!! cant wait for more

thank u ShriyaaEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by sayni

great updateThumbs Up

thank u Smile

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Originally posted by lovekwshilpa

my shonaDay DreamingDay Dreaming
party timePartyParty
now shiran story start hogi jiski kab se w8 thiiBlushingBlushing
plzz conti
yes she is back and their story will startLOL
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Originally posted by anmol_sunshine

amazing update
plzz continue soon..................

thank uEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by sana.shanak

very nice update...sorry for the late reply..........:(

thank uEmbarrassed

and its completely fine dear u can comment whenever u can
ur never late hereLOLLOL
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Hey guysEmbarrassed

sorry im late but im back with a very LONG part (9 pages)LOLLOL
here u will have all ur answers about ShiRan story
and very soon ShaNak story will start alsoEmbarrassed
Siggy credit to Pooja as usualHug




Karan and shilpa kept looking at each other dumbstruck. Karan had least expected to meet Shilpa after soo many years. Khanak turns to see who karan was staring at and gets equally shocked to see shilpa. Her gaze moved from shilpa to karan and she was anticipating his reaction. But he wasn't reacting at all..he was just wondering why fate was being so cruel to him. Why fate brought this girl back in his life after five long years…the girl he loved the most..the girl who made him believe in love..but this same girl killed his faith in love. Its been five years since they broke up..five years since she left him and today she was back and standing right in front of him.

On the other hand Shilpa could not believe karan was standing in front of her…her first love..the man she loved more than life itself. Her eyes get moist and she looks at khanak who was still in shock. Seeing both of them after five years was something she never expected. It wasn't soo painfull to see khanak again for her but she wasn't able to bear the pain by seeing karan…they both get lost in their past. With every passing moment their faces were expressing a story of their past..their love..the time they spent together…





After karan and shilpa confessed their love to each other, the happiest person was khanak.

Even thought karan was dating shilpa he never forgot khanak. He made sure to spend a lot of time with khanak as she was his priority in life. And shilpa accepted this fact without any problem. She respected karan and khanak's pure friendship and wasn't one of those girls who want her boyfriend only for her and create a drama because he was giving more time to his friend than her.

Everything was going smoothly in their lifes and with time shilpa became a very close friend to khanak. She dated karan for years and they were very happy together..they even decided to get married once their lifes are established. But little did they know that destiny has something else in store for them.

The day of the graduation karan had noticed that shilpa was very quite and looked upset.


Karan: kya hua Shona? tum itna pareshan kyun lag rahi ho?

Shilpa: nahin…kuch nahin im fine

Karan: Shilpa tum janti ho tum mujhse kuch chupa nahin sakti naa…hua kya hai? (she takes a deep breath)

Shilpa: mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai…its very important…actually mujhe..(but before she could tell him anything khanak disturbs them)

Khanak: oye lovebirds! Tum dono yahan ho aur maine kahan nahin dhoonda tum logon ko...vaise i dont wanna disturb you guys par graduation ka time ho raha aur phir mujhe kam pe bhi jaana hai…tho chalein?


All three of them leave as the graduation ceremony was about to start.

After it was done khanak had to leave as it was her last day of work at the bar where she will meet shaan so karan and shilpa were left alone with their friends to party. Shilpa takes karan somewhere where they can talk and where they are alone.


Karan: shilpa…ab batao ki aisi kya baat hai jo tumhe poora din iss tarah pareshaan karta raha..

Shilpa: karan…actually baat yeh hai ki…(her eyes get moist and karan gets tensed)

Karan: shilpa..shilpa kya hua tum theek tho ho naa? (not able to speak shilpa tightly hugs him and cries like a baby. Karan hugged her back confused but trying to calm her down) Shona…dekho roo mat sab theek hai main hoon naa…(hearing this she tightens her grip on him)

Shilpa: kuch bhi theek nahin hai karan...kuch bhi nahin...

Karan: Shona…dekho tum mujhe apni pareshaani batao tho sahi...hum milke usse solve karne ki koshish karenge

Shilpa: I love you Karan...i love you soo much...plzz yeh baat tum kabhi bhoolna mat (karan's tension was growing as he never saw her behave like this)

Karan: shilpa...mujhe dekho...

Shilpa: plzz...plzz mujhe aise hi tumhare bahon mein rehne do…bas aur kuch der ke liye...(karan quitely tightens his grip around her and stayed like this till she calms down) karan main jaa rahi hoon...(she brokes the hug and looks at his confused face)

Karan: jaa rahi ho matlab…kahan? (she wipes her tears and turns her back to him)

Shilpa: London mein mujhe ek bohut bade laywer ke saath apna internship karne ka mauka mila hai...(karan gets shock)

Karan: London...? kitni waqt ke liye? (shilpa closes her eyes and tears roll down her cheecks) Shona?...kitni waqt ke liye? (she looks at him with her teary eyes and he got his answer) matlab...hum dono?...tumne humare bare mein ek baar bhi nahin socha...?

Shilpa: tum bhi tho mere saath jaa sakte ho naa...tum apna business London mein start kar sakte ho…

Karan: aur Khanak?...usse yahan akeli chor doun? jo vaada maine aunty aur uncle se kiya hai usse tod doun?

Shilpa: karan hum teeno vahan jaa sakte hain aur...(he cuts her)

Karan: nahin...hum teeno nahin jaa sakte...sirf tum jaa sakti ho...Sunshine ki saare sapne yahan Mumbai mein hain..aur main apni khushi paane ke liye uske sapne nahin tod sakta aur naa hi main usse chor sakta hoon...tho sirf tum jaa sakti ho...(she knew karan will never chose her over khanak but still the last ray of hope she had broke with what he just said so she gave him a faint smile)

Shilpa: tum mere saath aa nahin sakte I can understand...lekin mujhe phir bhi jaana hoga aur yeh baat tujhe samajhni hogi...(karan knew he has no right to stop her. He can't be selfish and stop her from living her dreams just because he deeply loved her. So he takes a deep breath trying his best not to break down in front of her)

Karan: jao…(shilpa looks at him shocked) yeh tumhara sapna hai aur main nahin chahta ki tum meri waje se usse poora naa karo...main tumse bohut pyaar karta hoon shilpa lekin main selfish nahin baan sakta...tumhe ek golden opportunity mili hai apna sapna sach karne ka..tho usse meri liye mat gavaao

Shilpa: karan...(but once again he cuts her)

Karan: shona plzz...iss se pehle ki main kamzor pad jaoun jao…jao aur apna sapna poora karo


Shilpa was badly crying and karan takes a step towards her to hug her but stops. If he hugs her now he'll become weak and is not sure he will have the courage to let her go. So he just looked at her for a last moment and with a heavy heart he leaves from there leaving behind him a shattered shilpa…




They both didn't know how long they stood like that. Karan kept staring at shilpa forgetting where he was or what he was doing. He wasn't able to handle his body's weight and was about to collapse at any moment. Shilpa kept watching him intently. She wanted to rush over to help him but something held her back. Her vision blurred with her tears and she was feeling helpless.

Shaan joined khanak and karan and was surprised to find shilpa. He gets very happy and did not even notice the tension around him.


Shaan: Shilpa!! (his voice brought her back to reality and quickly wiping her tears she managed a smile)

Shilpa: hey bday boy! (they gave each other a warm hug)

Shaan: finaly you're here yaar!...tumhe pata hai main kab se wait kar raha tha

Shilpa: sorry voh...trafic mein phas gaayi thi (he wraps his arm around her shoulders)

Shaan: god I missed you soo much!...tumne India aane mein itna time kyun lagaaya?

Shilpa: I know but I was really busy...but don't worry iss baar main ek do din ke liye nahin aayi hoon...i took a quite long break (shaan gets very happy)

Shaan: now that's great! (his eyes fall on karan and khanak and he realised that he didn't introduce them) ohh crap! main bhi kitna stupid hoon...shilpa inn dono se milo (she looks at them nervously still keeping her fake smile) yeh dono Mumbai ke sab se best dost hain...Khanak and Karan...karan aur main ek project mein saath kam karte hain infact jiski property tumhe hume dilvaani hai (then he looks at karan) buddy yeh hai Shilpa jisse main tumhe milvana chahta tha..and I must say tum kafi betab ho rahe the milne ke liye (karan was trying his best to control his anger but shaan wasn't really helping him) tho? Kaisi lagi tumhe humari lawyer? (karan looks at shilpa with hate and hurt then manages a cool expression looking at shaan)

Karan: tumhari choice hai tho im sure achi hi hogi...vaise maine suna hai ki laywers apna maqsaad poora karne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain (and looking at shilpa with his painfull eyes) logon ka dil bhi tod sakte hain...(shilpa's eyes get moist and she looks down) excuse me guys...(showin his empty glass) I need a drink (and he leaves from there)

Shaan: isse kya hua hai?

Khanak: shaan...tum apne dost se baatein kar main karan ko dekh ke aati hoon


Giving a last glimps to shilpa khanak rushes to see if karan was fine. Karan was sitting at the bar alone with his drink in his hand. His eyes were fuming with anger recolecting the last ten minutes of his life. Khanak saw him sitting there alone and slowly walks towards him and rests her hand on his shoulder.


Khanak: you okay? (karan gave her a faint smile)

Karan: im..im great mujhe kya hoga?...i just needed a drink

Khanak: karan tum...

Karan: sunshine can we go home?...im really tired

Khanak: sure...lets go

Karan: shaan?

Khanak: its ok I'll message him


They both left from the party without even saying bye to Shaan or a member of his family. After reaching home khanak sent a message to shaan saying karan wasn't feeling well so they had to leave.

Later thank night, khanak wasn't able to sleep. She was in her room standing near the window thinking about karan and shilpa. When karan told her about their break up khanak was feeling very bad but never showed her pain to him. She remebered karan's state when that night he told her the news...




After karan left shilpa that night, he directly came home and when khanak joined them for the party her friends told her that karan left very early so she headed home quite worried for him.

She entered the house and gets confused seeing around her as it was quite messy. She rushes towards karan's room but he wasn't there so she quickely comes down and see a guy's shadow at the balcony. So getting more confused and worried she goes there.


Khanak: karan?...what the hell happened here? (karan looks at her and despite the darkness khanak could clearly notice his red blooded eyes) karan tum..tumhe hua kya hai?

Karan: its over khanak..its over...(she looks at him confused)

Khanak: its over?...what is over?

Karan: voh jaa rahi hai...yahan se aur mujhse...bohut door (khanak understood that he was talking about shilpa)

Khanak: yeh sab kaise.....?aur voh jaa kyun rahi hai? (karan couldn't tell her the truth as she may feel guilty so he just holds her hand with his teary eyes)

Karan: sunshine...duniya mein agar main apni dil ki har baat kisi se share kar sakta hoon then its only you...maine kabhi tumse kuch nahin chupaaya hai...but plzz tum shilpa ke jaane ke bare mein mujhse kuch nahin poochogi (khanak looks at him confused) voh kyun jaa rahi hai..kahan jaa rahi hai..nothing...

Khanak: but karan tum...

Karan: plzz...(he was begging her) dont ask...pehli baar tumse kuch maang raha hoon so plzz don't refuse...(khanak takes a deep breath and agrees)

Khanak: theek hai nahin poochungi...par kya tum usse jaane se rokh nahin sakte?

Karan: nahin...I cant...I cant be selfish..i just cant...(khanak rests her hand on his shoulder and not able to control himself anymore he hugs her tightly crying his heart out) bohut dard ho raha hai khanak...bohut dard ho raha hai...

Khanak: I know...i know...


She caresses his back and her eyes get moist but she immediately wipes her tears thinking if she breaks down then it will be harder for karan. So she needed to be strong to take care of him and help him through this dark time of his life.





Khanak was deeply lost in her thoughts wondering why karan wasn't able to tell her the truth when she hears a sound of breaking glass and panicking she rushes outside and finds karan breaking bottles at the bar. She couldn't say anything to him so just quitely keep watching at him and waited for him to calm down.

When karan broke the last bottle he was crying like ever rubbing his hair...and not able to handle his weight he collapsed. Khanak rushes to him and kneels down helping him to sit.


Karan: kyun?...kyun voh wapis aa gaayi?...kitni mushkil se jeene ki koshish kar raha tha...par ek hi pal mein sab kuch wapis vahin pe aa gaaya...why is God testing me soo much sunshine?..akhir maine aisa kiya kya hai?

Khanak: karan...tumhe yaad hai mom humesha kehti thi ki bhagvaan humesha ussi ka imtehaan lete hain jinse voh bohut pyaar karte hain...aur tum tho bohut ache ho tho voh tumhare saath kuch bura kar hi nahin sakte...sab theek ho jaaye you'll see

Karan: kya theek ho jaayega?...voh shaan ki dost hai kya yeh theek ho sakta hai?... main uske saath kam karne vaala hoon kya yeh theek ho sakta hai?...nahin khanak...ab mujhe roz uska chehra dekhna hoga..uski awaaz sun ni hogi..uss se baat karni hogi...yeh sab mujhse kaise hoga?

Khanak: its gonna be hard karan...but you have to be strong...main hoon tumhare saath..aur jab bhi tumhe meri zaroorat pade main tumhare pass houngi (khanak caressed his hand to reassure him she'll always be there and gave him a warm hug) come lets go you need some rest (she helped him to stand up and takes him to his room).








The next day shaan was already at office and for the first time karan was a lil bit late. He enters the cabin and sees that shaan was already there but without uttering a word he walks in.


Shaan: aaye aaye janaab...aaj kuch jaldi nahin aa gaaye?

Karan: heuu...sorry voh trafic bohut tha...

Shaan: Mumbai hai and Mumbai is known for its trafic!...vaise tum aur khanak kal aise choron ki tarah kyun gaaye? mujhe bataaya bhi nahin...

Karan: voh...meri tabyat kuch theek nahin thi tho chalein gaaye...

Shaan: nothing serious naa?

Karan: no im fine

Shaan: but yaar tum shilpa se milne ke liye itna betab the par theek se mile bhi nahin (hearing her name karan clenches his wrist) she is a very nice girl tujhe bohut pasand aayegi...

Karan: mujhe uss mein koi interest nahin hai

Shaan: trust me dude you really gonna love her...she is a one man woman type and still waiting for her Mr Right and who knows it can be you

Karan: shaan! Agar tujhe saara din yeh bakwaas karne ka mood hai tho main ghar hi jaata hoon!

Shaan: chill bro! main tho bas...(just then someone knocks at the door) come in (shilpa opens the door smiling looking at shaan)

Shilpa: goodmorning!

Shaan: hey lawyer! (shilpa smiles and as she sees karan also there she losts her smile looking down) tum dono tho mil hi chuke ho naa kal (she looks at karan managing a smile)

Shilpa: hello (karan looks at her with no expression on his face)

Karan: morning...

Shaan: tum dono itne formal kyun ho? Shilpa you don't worry kuch hi din mein yeh tujhe mujhse bhi bura treat karega...

Karan: kam shuru karein?

Shaan: yaar tu jab se aaya hai kam ke elava kuch karna hi nahin chahta...tujhe tho shilpa ko better jaan ni chahiye

Karan: hum yahan kam karne aaye hain dude kisi ki life ke bare mein jaan kari nahin (shaan gets annoyed and looks at shilpa)

Shaan: listen don't mind hun...actually ladkiyon ke mamle mein yeh ek number ka sadu hai

Shilpa: no its ok...vaise he's right we should start

Shaan: fine lets just do it...vaise yeh tumhare liye koi bada kam nahin hai ek do din mein kar hi dogi aur...(just then his phone rang and khanak's name was appearing on screen. He takes some distance from the two and answers) hey Love...(she cuts him)

Khanak: mera naam mat lena! (shaan looks at his phone confused)

Shaan: okay...par kyun?

Khanak: listen sirf haan ya naa mein jawaab de...karan is with you right?

Shaan: yeah

Khanak: so don't you take my name...mujhe tumse milna hai..now

Shaan: now? I can't mujhe bohut kam hai

Khanak: stranger it's really important so you better don't argue!

Shaan: but kha...heuu I mean...kahan?

Khanak: coffeeshop

Shaan: theek hai im coming in ten mins

Khanak: and listen..karan ko mat batao ki tum mujhse milne aa rahe ho...tell him that you have a meeting or something

Shaan: ok don't worry...i'll manage (and he disconects the phone) isse kya hua? (and he turns to deal with other two) guys...mujhe ek kam aaya hai so I have to go

Karan: what?? dude tumhe iss waqt kaun sa kam aa gaaya?

Shaan: mujhe kisi se milna hai..it's very important

Karan: Shaannn

Shaan: it's not a date dude its work

Shilpa: its ok main..main baad mein aati hoon

Shaan: don't be silly shilpa...karan ko project ke bare mein sab pata hai...tho tum dono property ke bare mein discuss karo tab tak I'll deal with my work...(saying this he rushes from there avoiding futher questions and karan and shilpa are left alone in the cabin)










Khanak was waiting for shaan at coffeeshop nervously stiring her coffee when shaan sits on chair in front of her.


Shaan: kya baat hai LoveGuru?

Khanak: thanks for coming

Shaan: no problem...so tell me whats wrong?

Khanak: shaan...im gonna be straight...mujhe tumse shilpa ke bare mein baat karni hai

Shaan: shilpa?...wait a sec! don't tell me voh tujhe bhi pasand aayi Karan ke liye!

Khanak: what?? Noo!...and what do you mean by mujhe bhi? aur kisko pasand aayi hai voh karan ke liye? (shaan smiles)

Shaan: mujhe!...she's really a damn good girl yaar and she'll be perfect for him (a slight smile appears on khanak's face remembering their old days but as karan's heartbroken image flashes her smile vanishes)

Khanak: stop it! (shaan looks at her confused and she controls her anger) mujhe aisa kuch bhi nahin kehna tha...mujhe bas yeh jaan na hai ki tum shilpa ko kaise jante ho?

Shaan: well...kuch saal pehle she handled a case for us and she was damn good!...phir waqt ke saath hum ache dost baan gaaye (khanak takes a deep breath)

Khanak: shaan...kya yeh property milne ke liye tum koi aur lawayer nahin le sakte?

I mean...zaroori hai ki voh Shilpa hi ho? (shaan gets confused)

Shaan: kyun shilpa ke saath kya problem hai?

Khanak: nahin koi problem nahin hai...and im just asking for this case...if you want I can advice you a very good lawyer

Shaan: khanak baat lawyer ki nahin hai...she is my friend and the case is not a big deal she can easily handle the thing...and she came here just because I asked her...

Khanak: I understand shaan but...

Shaan: but what khanak?...why do you have a problem with shilpa?

Khanak: listen I just don't want her around karan (shaan kept looking at her confused like ever)








On the other hand karan and shilpa were awkwardly staring at each other like statues not moving an inch nor uttering a word. So finaly to break the ice karan takes the file and sits on his chair.


Karan: plzz Miss Malhotra...baithiye (she quitely sits)

Shilpa: karan...you don't need to be soo formal (he looks at her from his file)

Karan: im sorry...par jinn logon ko main janta nahin main unn se casually baat nahin karta

Shilpa: karan tum mujhe saalon se jante ho (he raises his eyebrow)

Karan: really? (throwing the file on the desk) im not sure about that...you see..mujhe lag raha tha ki main tumhe janta hoon...but I was wrong...tum kabhi voh ladki thi hi nahin...so no..i don't know who you are

Shilpa: why are you being soo rude to me?

Karan: (making a sarcastic face) ohh im sorry did I hurt you? (and coming to his angry mood he comes close to her) do you even know how it feels when someone hurts you? (seeing the pain in his eyes hers get moist) tumhe kaise pata hoga you're a lawyer afterall...maine tho sirf suna tha ki lawyers don't feel anything...but unfortunatly dekha bhi...kabhi bhi kisi ke saath ya kisi ke feelings ke saath khel sakte hain...(shilpa wasn't able to say anything so she just kept looking at him with her teary eyes) you know what...im suffocating so I just better get the hell out of here! Shaan aayega tho ussi ke saath kam ke bare mein baat karna kyunki mujhe aapse koi bhi baat karne mein dil chaspi nahin hai got it?! (saying this he angrilly leaves from there and shilpa was just watching him walking away till her vision gets blurred with her tears)

Shilpa: you're right karan...i don't feel anything...tumse juda ho ke iss dard ke saath tho rehti aayi hoon..and now im used to it...so yeah I don't feel any pain...i don't feel anything anymore (wiping her tears she runs from there)







Back to coffeeshop. Shaan and khanak were arguing over Shilpa.


Shaan: khanak we are arguing for the past twenty minutes yaar! Mujhe waje tho batao ki tum shilpa aur karan ko saath mein kam karne kyun nahin dekhna chahti?

Khanak: shaan reason dena zaroori hai kya? isn't it enough that im requesting?

Shaan: no khanak im sorry!...maine usse London se yahan bulaaya hai ek mamuli si kam ke liye and she still agreed..aur ab tum kehti ho ke kisi aur ko hire karun just because you have god knows which issue!

Khanak: shaan why don't you understand! main kab se keh rahi hoon ki main nahin chahti ki voh karan ke saath kam kare kya tum itna bhi nahin kar sakte?

Shaan: khanak main tumse kitni baar bol chuka hoon that I just can't do that! why don't you just give me the bloody reason!? is it embarassing or something? or am I too stupid to understand? tumhe kya Karan se pyaar ho gaaya hai jo tum shilpa ko uske pass dekhna nahin chahti?! (khanak looks at him hurt)

Khanak: you know what...just forget it! tumse baat karna hi ek galati thi (she leaves and shaan regretting his words runs after her)

Shaan: khanak...khanak wait im sorry (he holds her arm and stops her) listen im sorry

Khanak: shaan tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakte ho! Karan is my best friend he's like a brother

Shaan: I know..i know and im sorry okay...(khanak takes a deep breath and calms down)

Khanak: kya tum meri baat maanoge?

Shaan: khanak you know my answer...shilpa is a very close friend and I can't just dump her like that...just give me the reason tho at least main baat ko tho samjhun (khanak gets annoyed and brutally frees her arm)

Khanak: fine! tumhe reason jaan ni hai naa? tho sun lo! (almost yelling) This girl broke his heart! (shaan's expression changes into complete shock) dil toda hai usne karan ka! aur voh bhi itni buri tarah...ki voh aaj bhi uska samna karne ki koshish kar raha hai!

Shaan: you mean...?

Khanak: yes! Karan and shilpa dated each other...and then she left...(she then tell him the whole story and shaan was feeling very bad for his friend)



They left the coffeeshop after khanak got angry on shaan's comment and were at the park near it sitting on a bench. Shaan was deeply looking at khanak and her concerned face and she was ficused on the view in front of her)


Khanak: life's soo strange naa?...karan aur shilpa ko ek saath dekh kar mujhe yahin lag raha tha ki voh dono kabhi alag ho hi nahin sakte...they were just made for each other and loved each other soo much that...that somewhere I started thinking that someday it might happen to me...but she left.....karan bohut buri tarah se tooth gaaya tha aur uske samne main kamzor nahin pad sakti thi...din raat yahin kehti thi apne aap se ke I have to be strong...to take care of karan...help him move on in life...karan ko samhalte yeh pyaar ki soch bhi mere dil aur dimaak se gaayab ho gaayi and today I don't believe in love...and karan...he is back to where he was five years ago (shaan holds her hand)

Shaan: hey...iss bar tum akeli nahin ho...im with you...aur rahi shilpa ki baat tho main usse humesha ghar pe bulaounga aur property ka kam akele hi handle karunga so karan ko usse baar baar milni nahin padegi...(khanak gives him a faint smile and rests her head on his shoulder)

Khanak: thanks stranger...(shaan wraps his arm around her and drops a soft kiss on the top of her head)

Shaan: anytime buddy...(they stayed like that for a while and suddenly something strokes shaan's mind  and he gets worried) khanak...mujhe abhi issi waqt office jaani hogi

Khanak: kyun kya hua?

Shaan: voh tumse milne ke liye mujhe...karan aur shilpa ko office akele chorna pada (khanak looks at him with shocked eyes)

Khanak: what???!...lets go before something wrong happens! (and they both quickly rushes at his office in shaan's car)

Love and Luck to All

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awesome  update!

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great part...so we and shaan know the whole truth...technically karan can't blame shilpa completely for leaving him....b/c when they wre parting he wasnt mad at her n also..if he wanted to stay bk so khanak cld fulfill her dreams than y cant shilpa also fulfill her dreams?...y sld she b d only one to make sacrifice 4 their luv...im not saying that karan n  khank shld make the sacrifice either..i mean if they loved eachother so much than they cld have prob maintained long distance relationship...u no they both cld visti eachother every few months...so its not only her fault n he shldnt be mad at her...hopefully shaan will find out exactly y shilpa left n tell khanak n they both will make karan realize that shilpa's not at complete fault n will try to get them together!!!!..oh  n loved the shank park scene...it was cute...thanks for the pm n plz continue soon! :)

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