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New FF Hum Tum & Love? (PART 13 page 68) (Page 26)

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Originally posted by sr-medha

Gr8 update noorya
In luv wid this FF
update soon
Thanx fr the PM

oye hoye Medha meri nikammi tu bhi aa gaayiHugLOL

im very happy shaapy u're here...one more readerLOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by sweetvidisha

Wow this was good....can u plz add me in ur pm list thanks..cant wait for the next part

thank u VidishaTongue

and dont worry dear u'll get ur pm for the next updateEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by sidma_love

Noorya Hug

Nikammi how come I don't know abt a ShiRan FF ?? AngryAngry

thanx to Zarquu I got d link otherwise mujhe toh Pata hi nahi chalta na Angry

Anyways coming to d FF
Read all d 4 parts in one go & I love love love it Embarrassed

Karan & Khanak r so cute Embarrassed

Love their cute noke jhokLOL

Party scene was really good
D convo B/w Shanak & Karan was too funny [LOLLOLLOL

Awwwww Karan has a past dat didn't work outUnhappy

now Phuleeezzz bring my Shona soon Embarrassed

Continue soon & don't forget to PM me Varna Evil Smile

hailaaaaaShocked tu bhi??ShockedShockedROFLROFL

ab yaar mere ko kya pata tujhe yeh bhi padna haiLOLLOL

kitni padne vaali ladki ho tumROFLROFLROFL.....why do i feel that my band is going to be bajaoing here now that u joinedShockedROFLROFLROFL
ya Karan has a past and u will soon know about it and with Shilpa bhi entry maaregiWink
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Originally posted by Yasharanrocks

plzzzzzzzz update soon........

working on the part will try to post soonEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by AzaraA

plz update kardo yarrrrrr noorya

luv zara

Zara working on itConfused

will try to post soonnnLOL
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Hey guysTongue

finaly im here with the new update as i promised to AnkitaLOL
and its a very long partBig smile
the credit for club scene goes fully to Naz Di
and she dreamed about this scene and i stole it
and write it downEmbarrassedLOLLOL
so thank you Di for this awesome dreamHug
and i hope it turned out not that badEmbarrassed
there is a special appearance in this part
you will know why and the guy is none other than
Gaurav Khanna as he was in the dream alsoLOL
so Gaurav will play a small part as
Rohan Khanna


Shaan Khanak and Karan were at the Divine Club. It was a very good reputated and famous club so like every saturday night it was very crowded. All three of them were around a table and enjoying the evening even thought Karan was quite tired.


Karan: vaise shaan…tu aaj akela kaise?...I mean koi ladki bhi nahin hai saath mein…

Khanak: ek thi par usse chor diya tho aaj isse akela hi aana pada…poor thing…

Shaan: buddy…open your eyes and look around…left right upar niche…har jagah bas ladkiyan hi ladkiyan hai…and trust me main yahan se akele nahin jaounga

Khanak: you're disgusting stranger!

Shaan: yeah but girls like it (giving her a mischivious smile)

Karan: true! Infact girls love bad boys also…

Khanak: that's not true!

Karan: c'mon sunshine…you girls always say that you want a serious good guy…par end mein kisi bad boy type se pyaar ho jaata hai

Shaan: bilkul…aur phir tum abla naari usse sudhar ne ki poori koshish karti ho…phir usse chor ke apni importance usse realise karvati ho and all the shit follows

Karan: Ekta kapoor ki heroines hain sab ke sab (both karan and shaan start to laugh)

Khanak: plzz hun…ladkiyan aise honge but im not okay!

Shaan: really?...tho Miss LoveGuru apko kaise ladka pasand hai?

Khanak: you know I don't believe in all this naa then why this stupid question

Karan: yeah but phir bhi yaar sunshine…tumhe yeh tho pata hoga naa ki tumhe kiss type ka ladka pasand hai

Khanak: never thought about that…aur yeh aaj badalne vaala nahin hai so forget it (karan has a sip of his scotch and when he turns his face he notices two ladies he really did not expected to see)

Karan: DAMNNN!! (both shaan and khanak look at him confused)

Shaan: tujhe kya hua?

Karan: yeh do namune kahan se aa gaaye (shaan moves his gaze at where karan was looking and was amused to see mona and rosa)

Shaan: lucky you man! Teri dono girlfriends aa gaayi (khanak laughs)

Karan: shut up yaar! Seriously inn dono ko jhelne ki taqaat nahin hai mujh mein…(he looks around and quickely hides behind shaan and khanak's chairs. Mona and Rosa see ShaNak and wave to them)

Mona: hey you

Shaan: hi girls…what a beautiful surprise

Rosa: naughty girl khanak! Aaj hottie ke saath nahin ho…

Mona: righttt…mere darling Karan pe cheat kar rahi ho?

Khanak: kyun? Ek ladka aur ladki dost nahin ho sakte kya? Aur vaise bhi Karan humare…(before she could finish her sentence karan pinches her leg) Ouch!

Mona: what?

Khanak: no…nothing (caressing her leg to calm the pain)

Rosa: tho? Where is hottie??

Shaan: sorry girls but Karan was busy…

Rosa: a serious hard working hottie he is…I love it! (karan rolls his eyes feeling desperate with these two)

Shaan: hard working…god knows ki voh abhi kaun sa hard work kar raha hoga…meeting…project ya phir table ke niche…

Mona: what??

Shaan: I mean…table ke niche koi file utha raha hoga naa…very hard working…anyway ab Karan is not here but you can still join us (karan looks in horror from under the table and a sudden wish to bite shaan strokes his mind)

Rosa: sorry handsome…par abhi hum apne doston ke saath hai

Shaan: it's ok maybe next time

Mona: of course…and make sure hottie bhi ho…(with this both left and join their group of friends. Karan comes out from under the table looking at shaan with his best killer expression)

Shaan: what?

Karan: yeh tu kya kar raha tha beh?!

Shaan: arre teri madat ki aur kya?

Karan: madat?...agar voh do yahan rukhne ke liye maan jaati tho?

Khanak: exactly! Shaan tu inn do items ke saath bhi flirt karte ho…how despo!

Karan: tum tho baat hi mat kar…tum tho sach bolne jaa rahi thi ki main yahin hoon…infact table ke niche hi hoon

Khanak: karan you know I hate to lie naa…already tumhare liye ek stupid jooth bol rahi hoon iss se ziada kuch expect mat kar! And by the way how dare you pinch me! (she piches him back in his arm and he sits back at his chair holdin his arm due to pain)

Shaan: chill man…voh dono gaayi naa so relax…I think tujhe ek drink ki zaroorat hai…infact let's have a competition

Karan: main har gaaya…

Shaan: abbe sun tho lo yaar!...ek drink competition karte hain

Karan: dude…ek baar meri halaat tho dekh…iss halaat mein main sirf soone ki competition kar sakta hoon aur tu drink ki baat kar raha hai (shaan rolls his eyes)

Shaan: bloody kumbhkaran!

Khanak: I'll do it (both karan and shaan look at her surprised)

Shaan: what?

Khanak: I said…I'll do it

Shaan: really?

Khanak: yeah…

Karan: really?

Khanak: why are you soo shocked??

Karan: tune baat hi kuch aisa kaha…you and drinking?...sunshine tu ziada peeti nahin hai

Khanak: so what? iska matlab yeh tho nahin ki main pee nahin sakti

Karan: pee sakti ho…but you know you gonna lose yaar…I mean shaan aur sharab ka janaam janaam ka saath hoga

Khanak: I can't believe it karan! Tumhe sach mein lagta hai main har jaoungi? I thought you were my friend

Karan: I am your friend aur issi liye tho bol raha hoon

Shaan: dude ek baar try tho karne de usse…shayad LoveGuru LoveDaaru bhi ho

Karan: tho maine kab rokha…im just telling her that she is going to lose

Shaan: haan voh tho hai…kyunki aaj tak Shaantanu Khandelwal ko koi haara nahin paaya hai

Khanak: that's because Shaantanu Khandelwaal Khanak Sharma ko nahin janta tha

Shaan: really? I like your confidence yaar…dekhte hain kaun jeet tha hai  (he looks around and calls a waiter) tho kya competition kare? Beer? Oh…maybe wine for you…

Khanak: vodka (shaan raises his eyebrow quite impressed)

Shaan: vodka it is then…(he looks at the waiter) ek kam kijiye…two bottles of vodka and two glasses plzz


The waiter comes back after few mins with their order. The competition starts and both drink the first two bottles in a couple of mins. Karan was quite impressed by Khanak as he never saw her drinking so much. When they reached the 4th bottle of vodka shaan finaly gives up.


Shaan: ok you won…main aur nahin pee sakta (khanak gets happy with her victory and when she stands up she loses balance but karan holds her)

Karan: easy…you're drunk

Khanak: nooo…I won!

Shaan: maan na padega yaar…maine kabhi ek ladki ko itna peete hue nahin dekha tha…you sure you're a girl naa? (for being sure he starts to check her by touching her and khanak pushes him)

Khanak: back off thirky! Main teri koi ek din ki girlfriend nahin jo tu mujhe chooh raha hai

Karan: guys I think hume ghar jaana chahiye…you guys are completely drunk

Shaan: who's drunk?...im not drunk…yehhh…yeh sunshine drunk hai

Khanak: im not drunk idiot!...you are drunk!

Shaan: haannnn…yaar ab teri waje se mujhe aaj akele ghar jaana hoga (making a sad face) kaun ladki ek…ek drunk ladke ke saath jaana chahegi

Khanak: meri waje se?? that was your idea stupid!...aur ek din akele rahoge tho koi shamaat nahin aayegi

Shaan: tujhe tho adaat hai naa humesha akeli hone ka…par mujhe…Shaantanu Khandelwal ko nahin hai…aur ek yeh (pointing at karan) ladkiyan saale pe marti hai par yeh nakhre dikhata rehta hai…

Khanak: I still think…(and she whispers to shaan) he might be gay! (and both start laughing)

Karan: ok that's it lets go!...tum dono ko chaar gaayi hai tho kuch bhi bole jaa rahe ho…aur iss se pehle ki meri reputation ki satiyanaas ho lets go home!

Khanak: arre tu rukh! Reputation reputation karta jaa raha hai…mujhe abhi iss…(looking at shaan) iss…whats your name?

Shaan: Shaantanu Khandelwal (saying proudly)

Khanak: haannnnnn!...mujhe abhi iss thirky se baat karni hai…so playboy! Tujhe kya lagta hai sirf tum ladkiyan pata sakte ho? aur voh bhi apne uss…Shaantanu special ke saath!...let me tell you…you suck!

Shaan: acha?...par uss din voh tum par bhi apna asaar dikhaya

Karan: tune khanak ko patane ki koshish ki??

Khanak: haannn!! Karan isse maaro! Isne mujh pe line maara uss din jab tum nahin the!

Shaan: joothi! Maine kuch nahin kiya…isne mujhe kaha…ki aao try karo mere saath…ab jooth bol rahi nautanki…khud tho kisi ko pata nahin sakti hai badi aayi mere taarikon ko bura kehne…(khanak stands up)

Khanak: I accept the challenge! (karan looks at her confused)

Karan: what challenge?

Khanak: are you deaf?...abhi bola naa iss ne

Shaan: haan maine abhi bola…kya bola maine?

Khanak: main abhi issi waqt tum dono ko dikhati hoon…ki main ladkon ko kaise patati hoon coz you are useless!

Karan: c'mon sunshine you cant be serious yaar! Look I believe you okay…aur iss bewakoof shaan ko tujhe kuch bhi proof karne ki zaroorat nahin hai…so lets just go home naa

Khanak: you! (pointing at sid) sit down!...and both of you now just watch and learn…ab maine challenge accept kiya tho main kar ke dikhaoungi (she looks around a saw a guy at the bar so walks towards him)

Shaan: lagta hai she is "ek baar jo maine commitment kar di tho phir main apne aap ke bhi nahin sunta" type naa? (karan looks at him desperate and hits his forehead with his palm)



Here Khanak walks towards that guy who is sitting at the bar alone with a drink. She arranges her hair and adjusts her dress and puts her hand on the guy's shoulder. The guy truns and it's Rohan. He smiles politely looking at her.


Rohan: yes?

Khanak: yes…I think I know you

Rohan: excuse me?

Khanak: its ok…(rohan laughs) hum pehli bhi mil chuke hai naa?

Rohan: mil tho hum pehli baar rahe hain…but yeah maine apko dekha hai (khanak smiles)

Khanak: arre wah! Yahan tho tum hi shuru ho gaaye!...par pehle mujhe flirt karne de phir tum shuru ho jao theek hai…(rohan looks at her confused)

Rohan: what?...you're getting me wrong I wasn't flirtting

Khanak: but I am naa! Tum kitna baat karte ho yaar mujhe patane ke liye ek chance bhi nahin de raha hai…come with me (she took his hand and grabs him with her)

Rohan: excuse me par…kahan le jaa rahi ho mujhe?


She comes back at her table where shaan and karan were. They were quite panicked seeing khanak dragging the poor guy. They run towards her and karan drags khanak towards him.


Karan: sunshine what the hell are you doing yaar!

Khanak: tum deaf tho the ab kya blind bhi ho gaaye ho? Dikh nahin raha hai main iss hottie se flirt kar rahi hoon (she looks back at rohan smiling)

Karan: dude you sound like your item girls yaar…Shaan isse le jao (shaan holds her hand to help her walk and karan looks at rohan who was still confused by what just happened) im really sorry…voh actually hosh mein nahin hai tho…

Rohan: its totally fine man I don't mind (khanak pushes shaan and came back)

Khanak: of course you don't mind sexy…(karan covers her mouth and rohan smiles.)

Karan: lets go (both karan and shaan drag her forcefully out of the club and take her home)









The next morning khanak was still sleeping and shaan also spent the night at their place. Karan was already up and made breakfast for everyone. He checks his watch and it was almost 10 am so he thought that it was hight time for the two to wake up. He switches on the radio, plays a song in full volume and sits around the table waiting for them.

After less than 2 mins shaan and khanak were running dowstairs in shock not knowing what was happening. Khanak's hair was messy and you could clearly notice that she was enduring a bad headache. And Shaan was still half asleep. Karan smiles seeing them and turns off the radio.


Karan: good morning

Khanak: Karan was the hell are you doing!!!!

Karan: tum dono ko utha raha tha

Shaan: abbe neend se utha raha tha ya duniya se!...koi iss tarah soote hue insaan ko utha tha hai kya?

Karan: oh yeahh...im soo sorry...tum dono ko tho abhi tak theek se hosh bhi nahin aaya hai tho neend ki zaroorat hogi naa (in a sarcastic voice)

Khanak: karan this is really not funny! Tujhe pata hai main kitna dar gaayi thi!

Karan: darna zaroori hai ab nashta kare?

Shaan: tujhe jo karna hai kar le...main chala soone

Khanak: main bhi...


They both were ready to go back and sleep but change their mind when karan swtiches on the radio again.

They were having their breakfast when the doorbell rings and karan goes to check. When he opens the door he was surprised to find Rohan.


Karan confused: tum?

Rohan: hi…don't worry im here because of this (showing him a purse) I think yeh tumhari dost ki hai kal club mein bhool gaayi (he gave it to karan)

Karan: thanks…come on in

Rohan: no thanks I have to go…bas yeh wapis karne aaya tha…(khanak was trying to see who was at the door but karan was hiding the person)

Khanak: kaun hai karan?? (karan turns his face)

Karan: khud hi aa ke dekh lo…(khanak confused goes to check and was surprised to see him)

Khanak: tum…?

Rohan: hi

Khanak: hi…(khanak moves her gaze to karan and he goes back inside)

Rohan: voh…main bas tumhara purse wapis karne aaya tha

Khanak: purse?…(she thinks for a while) ohhh main usse bhool gaayi thi! thanks…and im really sorry for yesterday I was completely drunk aur mujhe itna peene ki adaat nahin hai so…

Rohan: its ok…I guess kisi ne tumhe challenge kiya hoga

Khanak smiles: kind of…but hey tumne kal kaha ki tumne mujhe dekha hai…? (he smiles back)

Rohan: haan and I wasn't flirtting at all…maine tumhe TV pe dekha

Khanak: woww tum mera talk show dekhte ho??

Rohan: well…actually meri choti behen…she is a big fan…tho jab bhi show TV pe aata hai tho mujhe bhi dekhna padta hai…but its cool…aur jab main usse bataounga ki main personnaly tumse mila hoon then she'll hate me (khanak laughs)

Khanak: main nahin chahti ki meri waje se tum dono jagda karo so…(she looks around) wait I'll be back (she comes back after few mins with a paper and a pen) tumhari behen ka naam kya hai?

Rohan: Priya (khanak writes a lil message to his sister and gave him the paper and he smiles reading it) that's really nice of you…tumne tho mujhe ek ideal bhaya banaaya aaj

Khanak: after what I did…I can do that at least for you…vaise sorry maine tumhara naam bhi nahin poocha

Rohan: Rohan Khanna

Khanak: well nice meeting you rohan…and thank you…for the purse

Rohan: and thank you for…(showing her the paper) this…I think I should go now varna late ho jaounga…bye

Khanak: bye… (he leaves and khanak comes back to finish her breakfast)

Shaan: wah yaar…tune tho kamaal kiya…ladka ghar tak poonch gaaya tere peeche

Khanak: shut up stranger!...rohan ne sirf mera purse wapis karne ke liye aaya tha

Shaan: Rohan…ladke se rohan baan gaaya not bad yaar LoveGuru…

Khanak: ohh haan main tho bhool gaayi…you don't care about their names naa…you care about only one thing…!

Shaan: the most important thing…(giving her a mischivious smile)










Shaan had to leave and Khanak was spending her day with Ria so Karan was left alone at home. He was in his study room but not in mood to work at all. So he hesitantly opens the second drawer of his desk and takes a album. When he opens it on the first page the name Shilpa was written…he slowly caresses it with his thumb whispering her name. "Shilpa…"on the second page there was a picture of that girl. He went through all the pages of the album and it was full of this girl's pictures. Each photo reminded him his past infact the exact moment of it. Even thought thinking about her was painfull to him those pics brought a smile on his face.

He stops on a photo where he was with her kissing her forehead. They looked really happy at that moment. This moment of his life caught all his attention and took him completely to his past where he gets lost.






It was the half of the first year in college for Karan and Khanak. This is where they met Shilpa and in a short period of time she became their very good friend. Infact Karan had fallen in love with her since months but wasn't brave enough to express his feelings to her. Of course Khanak knew about his feelings and every time she tried to make him confess her plan used to fail.

One fine day in college karan and khanak were arguing about this problem as he was staring at Shilpa who was busy with two girls while khanak was talking to him about their classes. So not paying attention to what she was saying annoyed khanak.


Khanak: karan! Im telling you agar tumne aaj apni dil ki baat shilpa se nahin kaha naa tho…tho be sure this is the last time I am talking to you!

Karan: yaar sunshine I cant do that!....tum tho mujhe janti ho naa…kitni mushkil se maine yeh baat tujhse keh diya tho shilpa se kehna is impossible for me

Khanak: so what you never gonna tell her you love her?

Karan: I will…par abhi nahin yaar it's too early…I mean kuch hi mahine hue hai naa and I don't wanna take any risk of loosing a good friend

Khanak: too early?? Are you kidding me!...(she hits him with one of her book) karan tum uss se pata nahin kab se pyaar karte ho and let me tell you pyaar waqt ko dekh ke nahin insaan ko dekh ke karni chahiye…and you are a very good guy yaar koi bhi ladki tujhse pyaar karegi

Karan: tum aisa bol rahi ho coz im your best friend right? (she puts her books aside and faces him)

Khanak: nahin yaar I really mean it…karan tum ek bohut hi ache ladke ho and it's really hard to find such a honnest, nice and caring guy like you…and trust me agar tum mere best friend nahin hote naa then I would have probably fallen in love with you…

Karan: par agar usne maana kiya tho?...main usse khona nahin chahta sunshine…at least meri dost ho kar voh meri pass tho hai

Khanak: trust me voh maana nahin karegi…aur agar kiya bhi tho im sure you guys will still be friends…karan trust yourself and on your love (he gave it a thought)

Karan: yeah…maybe you're right

Khanak: of course im right dude khanak is always right!...aur haan you better tell her today varna seriously main tujhse baat nahin karungi aur humesha ke liye tujhe chor ke chali jaoungi

Karan: khanak…tum kitni bhi koshish karo par mujhse chutkara nahin paa sakti…jo bhi ho jaaye I will never leave you and I don't care if you don't talk to me coz I will follow you wherever you'll go (khanak smiles)

Khanak: promise?

Karan: promise (they give each other a warm hug and shilpa leaving her friends join them)

Shilpa: hey guys!! What's going on here? (khanak brokes the hug)

Khanak: nothing…tum batao kya serious discussion chal raha tha vahan?

Shilpa: don't ask yaar…(rolling her eyes) these two were acting soo girly…I mean okay you're a girl but c'mon yaar don't act like a stupid bimbo naa

Khanak: if you don't like those girls then just stop talking to them

Shilpa: you know I cant do that!...i mean Shilpa sab ko jaan na chahti hai and wanna talk to everyone…I love talking that's how I am…(khanak smiles)

Khanak: and that's why we love you…hai naa karan? (looking at him) you love Shilpa naa? (karan looks at her in horror)

Karan: what???

Khanak: shock kyun ho…she is your friend and you love her the way she is right?

Karan: ohhhhh….haan…yeah…(shilpa was looking at him confused)

Shilpa: okayy…anyways gotta go have classes…and if im late Mrs Saxena mera band bajaayegi soo see ya…(she left and khanak looks at karan)

Karan: what?

Khanak: jaoo!

Karan: abhi??

Khanak: nahin agli janaam mein…of course abhi yaar

Karan: sunshine voh class mein jaa rahi hai it's not the right time yaar

Khanak: karan…agar aisa chalta raha tho right time kabhi nahin aayega…you just have to say it

Karan: I said I will…but not now

Khanak: im warning you…agar tumne abhi uss se kuch kaha nahin tho I swear main abhi issi waqt sab ke samne bol dungi and you know I will do it (he knew she wasn't lying so finaly agrees and runs after shilpa)

Karan: shilpa (she stops and turns back to karan)

Shilpa: kya hua?

Karan: heuu…voh actually…mujhe…

Shilpa: karan im getting late baat batao

Karan: actually mujhe…mujhe tumse kuch bohut important kehna hai

Shilpa: haan tho jaldi batao I really have to go

Karan: yahan??

Shilpa: yahan nahin tho aur kahan?? (he thought for a sec)

Karan: can we meet after classes??

Shilpa: yeah sure…tum mujhe jagah sms karo and I'll join you okay?

Karan: yeah…that's cool (shilpa smiles)

Shilpa: okay I really gotta go now see ya (and she quickly rushes for her class and khanak comes to know what happened)

Khanak: bataaya??

Karan: nahin…(and before khanak could say something karan cuts her) buttt…hum shaam ko mil rahe hain aur main usse bataounga

Khanak: theek hai…kahan mil rahe ho?

Karan: i don't know

Khanak: hmmmm…yeh bhi mujhe karna padega…(she thought for a while and a big smile appears on her face) idea!






After the classes shilpa got a message from karan which was saying to meet him at college's basketball court at 9 pm. She got the time to go home first and get ready after a tiring day and reached the place on time. When she entered the court it was completely dark. She looks around and did not find karan anywhere so felt a lil scared.


Shilpa: karan…(she was carefully walking trying to find him) karan tum kahan ho?


Suddenly the lights went on and shilpa turns around tacken aback. She was really surprised to see the court fully decorated with lots of red and white balloons and lilies. The ground was covered with red petals and a big heart was made by them in the center of the court with the words I Love You written with white ones. Shilpa was observing all this turning aound the court completely shocked and finaly saw Karan coming in front of her.


Shilpa: Karan…what is this?...yeh sab kya hai? Tumhe tho mujhse baat karni thi naa?

Karan: haan…issi liye tho yeh sab kiya hai…mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai shilpa

Shilpa: kya? (he takes few steps towards her)

Karan: Shilpa……I…im in love with you…(she was completely dumbstruck on hearing this)

Shilpa: karan yeh tum…(he cuts her)

Karan: plzz shilpa mujhe pehle bolne do…bohut mushkil se bolne ki himaat kiya hai tho pehli meri baat poori hone do…dekho main janta hoon ki hum ek doosre ko kuch hi mahinon se jante hain and we are very good friends…infact khanak ke baad agar maine kisi ke liye bohut care kiya hai then it's you…jab maine tumse pehli baar baat ki tho yahin socha ki…kitni bolti hai yeh ladki aur kitni pagaal hai (a slight smile appears on shilpa's lips) par tumhe jaan ne ke baad tumhare saath time spend karne ke baad I realized…I realized ki mujhe tumhari yeh bak bak zindagi bhar sun ni hai…apni life ki har ek pal issi pagaal ladki ke saath spend karni hai (he takes a step closer and holds her hands) kisi ne mujhe aaj yeh samjhaaya ki pyaar waqt ko dekh ke nahin insaan ko dekh ke karni chahiye…and you're a wonderful person…and I want to be the lucky one and spend the rest of my life with you…janta hoon ki yeh sab kuch jaldi ho raha hai but…but im madly in love with you Shilpa…(she listened karan carefully and when she was sure he was done she frees her hands)

Shilpa: bol diya?...ab main kuch bolun? (karan desapointed looks down and nods) karan tumne socha bhi kaise?...i mean…tumhe sach mein lag raha hai ki…ki yeh sab bohut jaldi ho raha hai?? (karan looks up at her confused and she hits him on his chest) stupid! Idiot! Koi itna der karta hai apni dil ki baat kehne mein kya! (he gets shocked hearing this)

Karan: matlab…

Shilpa: matlab bhi mujhe samjhani hogi ab? (karan was trying to escape from her punches but she wasnt letting him go)

Karan: shilpa kya kar rahi ho?...meri baat tho suno ek baar

Shilpa: baat sunoun? Aur kya batana hai!...ab tum meri baat suno! I hate you!! I hate you Karan Oberoi for waiting soo long before saying it! You're the most stupid guy I've ever met and I hate you! (karan grabs her hands and blocks them at her back pulling her close to him and whispers)

Karan: agar itna hi hate karti thi tho pehle kyun nahin bataaya

Shilpa: kyunki pehle tumhe kehni chahiye thi…(he comes so close that shilpa was able to feel his heartbeat)

Karan: agar mujhe pehle pata hota ke tum mujhse bohut nafrat karti ho tho main tho kab ka keh chuka hota

Shilpa: I told you you're stupid…yeh bhi samajh nahin paaye ki main humesha koi bahana dhoonti rehti thi tumhare saath time spend karne ke liye…(her eyes get moist) roz yahin hope karti thi ki kash…kash karan mujhse ek baar kahe…that he likes me…he loves me…

Karan: you're right…yeh karan sach mein bohut hi stupid aur idiot hai (shilpa frees her hands and pushes him)

Shilpa: hey! Karan ke bare mein kuch mat bolna

Karan: kyun?...abhi tho tumne hi kaha ki voh ek bohut bada idiot hai

Shilpa: janti hoon…par voh bilkul bhi idiot nahin hai…and for your information

sirf mujhe haq hai usse aise bulana…

Karan: really? Aisa kyun?

Shilpa: kyunki voh mera idiot hai and…and I love my idiot (karan smiles and takes few steps towards her and slowly wipes her tears)

Karan: and I love my pagaal Shilpa Kapoor…


Shilpa hits him one last time and then hugs him tightly. Karan wraps his arms around her and hugs her back. They stayed that way for a moment and he slowly cups her face in his palms and drops a sweet kiss on her forehead…






A teardrop falls on the photo as Karan relived this moment of his life through it. He wiped the tear on the corner of his eye and closed the album before putting it back in the drawer.

Love and Luck to All


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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Awe that was so funny when Karan hid under the table because of Mona and rosa and both Shaan and khanak nearly blew his cover and haha the drinking contest and khanak won leaving poor Karan with two drunkens to handle and that too who were calling him gay lol and awe when khanak went to patofy Rohan was so cute and awe karans flashback of his confession was so sweet I wonder what happened anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

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rafia 24 IF-Dazzler
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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
omg noorya awesome i dont know where to begin the beginning shaan cocky self rocked then the scene with roas and mona and karan under the table was tooo funny
then the drinking game, yaar even im shocked our khanak won and the two of them talli is too funny
shaan and khanak hangover funny
ahh rohan i really like him he's cute- and the way khanak was with him awesome
and karans FB is the first time where we really see he is vulnerable and soooo more intrigued to know what exactly happened with shilpa
cant wait until ur next part xx

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