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New FF Hum Tum & Love? (PART 13 page 68)

...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 4:03pm | IP Logged

Hello OdhiniansTongue

for the past few months i
kinda desapeared from thi forum so i have decided
to be more active here and for that im startin a FF
i think its the best wayLOLLOL...
also i got some pms requesting to start a FF
so thank u for likin my first OSEmbarrassed
This story is goin to be about 4 characters
but im gonna introduce them only in the second part
of the FF...
anyway here is the startin hope u guys gonna like itWink
oo and the story is completely different from RBO
Thanks Naz Di for helpin me lots with ur awesome
titles and ideasHug
PM List
1. sampar
2. Yasharanrocks
3. imane568
4. priya_cool_123
5. rbo_d_best
6. cadbery
7. angel_9
8. iluvmanar
9. Ammu_SunshYn
10. Fariba100
11. p.fashion.d
12. krock
13. blackdollphin
14. AzaraA
15. shamasallfav
16. rafia 24
17. Deepali88
18. sshriyaa84
19. indian_beauty
20. nine2
21. sana.shanak
22. NazNgs
23. loveshanak
24. togepe30
25. dalilangel24
26.  -shamima-
27. sweetvidisha
28. sidma_love
29. sr-medha
30. shiksha_03
31. RB81
32. adventure_gurl
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Part 2 page 6
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Part 4 page 20
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Part 10 page 55
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Part 13 page 68

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...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 March 2008
Posts: 6079

Posted: 02 January 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

Here is the first part peoplezzEmbarrassed






Today students were graduated for their final year in Mumbai and from tomorow they will start their new life. In this occasion students are usually happy n excited but it wasn't the case for Shaantanu Khandelwaal. After his graduation instead of spending time with his friends n close ones he is sittin all alone in a bar…a glass of scotch in his hand…since he is there he had the same glass but did not have a slip of it…everyone left the bar but Shaan was still there lost in his thoughts. A girl was watchin him from the begginin…she was workin there as a bartender…and usually she goes home around 10:30 pm but she was still here n it was more than 11:30. She did not disturbed shaan but now she really nedded to go home so she walks toward him n stops behind the bar.


Gal: listen…I know u look upset but I really need to go now…(shaan looks up at her)

Shaan: im sorry I was just……

Gal: wanna talk?

Shaan: what?

Gal: apne problem ke bare mein…baat karna chahte ho?

Shaan: thanks but…ek ajnabi ke saath apne problems share karna…its weird (the girl sits on the chair in front of shaan)

Gal: iska matlab yes…aur rahi baat ajnabi hone ki…tho main itna keh sakti hoon ki tum abhi abhi graduate ho gaaye but still look upset…doston se alag ho rahe ho issi liye??

Shaan: nahin…actually mere parents ke waje se…

Gal: oooo…tho tere parents aaj tere saath nahin the…

Shaan: yeah…lekin ab mujhe adaat ho gaayi hai…its not the first time but it still hurts

Gal: Whats the big deal?? Graduation tumhara tha…apni naayi life tum start karne vale ho aur vahan tumhara hone zaroori thi tere parents ki nahin…(shaan looks at her surprised)

Shaan: what do u mean? Agar meri jagah tum hoti tho tumhe bura nahin lagta??

Gal: for ur kind information aaj meri bhi graduation thi…lekin meri baat alag hai…main khud apni family se door chali aayi hoon yahan…kyunki mujhe apne sapne poore karne hain

Shaan: issi liye tum aisa bol rahi ho…par main tho apni family ke saath hoon naa

Gal: but its ur life dude…I mean itne choti choti baton ke liye apni life ki best moments spoil nahin karni chahiye…you've just been graduated and u should enjoy this moments with ur friends…par tum devdas ki tarah yahan depressed ho……tumse kuch kahun tho meri baat maanoge?

Shaan: well…koi stupidity naa ho tho why not

Gal: tumhe apne parents se iss bare mein baat kar leni chahiye…u should just tell them how you feel

Shaan: no…I think unhe bura lagega

Gal: aur aaj tak tumhe jaise feel hua hai uska kya?...jab tak tum bataoge nahin voh kabhi samajh nahin paayenge and they will repeat the same mistake again n again…aur agar tum unhe batana nahin chahte tho unhe blame bhi mat karo…(shaan thinks for a while)

Shaan: maybe you're right…

Gal: I know im right! You know life mein kabhi yeh maybe word use karni nahin chahiye…we have only one life n we shoud live it to the fullest…har din aise jeeni chahiye jaise voh last ho…no tension, no tears, no sadness…we should enjoy every moment of our life spending it with people we love and live our dreams…(shaan smiles listenin her)

Shaan: tho tum kabhi pareshaan nahin hoti ho?

Gal: main stupid nahin hoon jo tumhari tarah apni life ki khushiyaan spoil karun (n she takes the glass from his hand n wash it)

Shaan: shayad tumne dekha nahin par maine pee nahin liya tha…

Gal: issi liye tho maine liya…tum isse peene vale the hi nahin…jab se aaye ho yahin glass haath mein hai…listen stranger tumse baat karna mujhe acha lagta hai but seriously…mujhe ab jaana hoga

Shaan: ya sure…but thanks…u know its weird kyunki main tumhe janta tak nahin aur jo baat maine aaj tak apni family ko nahin kaha voh tumse kaha and I feel much better now…so thanks…

Gal: it was my pleasure stranger!

Shaan: btw tumhara naam kya hai?

Gal: Sunshine

Shaan: are u serious?? Yeh tumhara real naam hai?

Gal: nahin…but that's how people call me (shaan smiles)

Shaan: anyway im…(before he could introduce himself the gal cuts him)

Gal: don't…jin se main phir kabhi nahin milti unka naam jaan ne mein koi faida nahin

Shaan: tumse kisne kaha ki hum phir nahin milne vaale? Infact main tho kal tumse phir se milne aaounga…

Gal smiles: kis khushi mein ?

Shaan : c'mon…abhi jo main apne parents se baat karunga tho tumhe batana hoga naa

Gal: theek hai…agar hum kal mile tho tum mujhe apna naam batana

Shaan: hum zaroor milenge…

Gal:  bye stranger…

Shaan: see you tomorrow…Sunshine…(they smile to each other n shaan leaves)








The same evening, when shaan reaches home sunil n madhvi were waiting for him. They get very happy seeing him and madhvi hugs shaan.


Ma: congratulations beta!! Im very happy for you

Shaan: thanks mom…(then sunil walks toward him)

Su: shaan beta…aaj main bohut khush hoon…im very proud of you my son…(shaan just smiles)

Shaan: thanks dad

Ma: beta tum apne doston ke saath enjoy kar rahe the naa thaag gaaye hoge…jaa kar araam karo hum kal baat karte hain…(shaan at first hesitates to talk to his parents but remembers what that girl said to him n decides to do it)

Shaan: mom…actually…mujhe aap dono se baat karni hai

Su: theek hai…aao yahan baitho…(madhvi n sunil sit next to each other n shaan sits in front of them)

Ma: shantanu kya hua hai?

Shaan: mom……aaj jab aap dono mere graduation mein nahin the tho…tho mujhe bohut bura laga tha…itna bura ki mujhe aisa lagne laga ki aap dono ke liye apki business aur meetings apke bete se bhi ziada important hai…(madhvi looks at sunil surprised)

Ma: but beta hum…(shaan cuts her)

Shaan: nahin mom…let me finish…mujhe aap dono par bohut gussa aa raha tha…aur aaj tho…aaj tho main ghar bhi nahin aana chahta tha…par kisi ne mujhe ehsaas dilaaya ki galti sirf apki nahin balki meri bhi hai…kyunki maine kabhi apse apni dil ki baat share nahin ki…aur issi liye ab mujhe aap dono se koi shikayat nahin hai…

Su: shaan…beta hume humesha aisa laga ki tum apni khushiyan humse ziada apne doston ke saath share karna chahte ho…issi liye humne kabhi uss mein interfere karne ki koshish nahin ki…

Shaan: I know dad…and im really sorry

Ma: we are sorry too beta…and I promise hum tumhe phir kabhi aisa feel karne nahin denge……ab jao araam karo


Shaan hugged his parents n went to his bedroom. He was feelin much better after this conversation and all that was because of that girl. He smiled thinking about her…how he opened his heart to a complete stranger and how this same stranger changed his life in one night…


Shaan: sunshine…jisne bhi usse yeh naam diya hai bohut soch samajh kar diya hai…todi ajeeb si hai…mujhe mera naam tak batane nahin diya…koi baat nahin…kal jab milenge tho naam ke saath tumse dosti bhi karunga (he smiles n went to sleep)









The next day, Shaan got up early in the morning n got ready to leave. When he reached the bar he quickly rushed inside n find it empty. Only one old man was sittin alone in a table drinking. He then saw an employee n thought to ask him about the girl.


Shaan: excuz me…kya aap mujhe bata sakte hain ki apke bartender ki duty kab shuru hoti hai?

Employee: sir yahan kahin bartenders hain…aap kisko dhoond rahe hain?

Shaan: voh ladki jo kal yahan thi…lambe baal…big brown eyes…usse log sunshine bhulate hain!

Employee: oooo…sorry sir par kal uski job ki akhri din thi (shaan gets shocked)

Shaan: what??...tho phir ab voh kahan hai?

Employee: pata nahin sir…uski studies khatam hue tho usne yahan ka kam bhi choda…

Shaan: kya aap mujhe uska naam bata sakte hain phir?

Employee: yahan tho usse sirf sunshine ki naam se hi jante hain…usne kabhi apna asli naam bataaya nahin (shaan gets very desapointed)

Shaan: okay…thanks…(he sadly walks toward the door when the old drunked man called him from behind)

Man: milegi…(shaan turns to face him) fikar mat karo young man…ek din voh tumhe wapis milegi…yeh sab tho kismat ka khel hai…kabhi paana tho kabhi khona…kabhi milna tho kabhi bicharna…but if you truly believe in it…then one day you will find her…kismat khud usse tumhare samne laake kada kardegi…


Shaan does not give any importance to the man and leaves. He stops outside the bar his hands on his waist.


Shaan: that's cheating sunshine…tumhe pata tha ki hum aaj nahin milenge…ab main tumhe thanks kaise kahunga? Pata nahin hum life mein dobara kabhi milenge bhi ya nahin…(he looks up at the sky closing his eyes when he feels the warmth of a sun ray caressing his face and it made him smile again) milenge…im sure hum milenge sunshine…

Love and Luck to All


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sampar Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Hey Noorya......i m shai.....i loved it yaar....awesome.....perfect....really liked S & S meeting....waiting for other characters intro.......

btw i love ur ff in DMG forums....i m not active there sooo i dont comment, but i loovvvveee that ff....ur too good yaar......keep rocking girl



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Yasharanrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 5:20pm | IP Logged
noorya u rock.its awsme superb.haha  sunshine i mean khanak i hope let dem meet soon.plzzzzzz cont soon............ n the VM is gr8.........

Edited by Yasharanrocks - 03 January 2011 at 5:43am

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accountband Goldie

Joined: 13 February 2007
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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
Cool start i am liking it. Loved the symbolic "sunshine" and i hope we get to meet your characters soon. Absolutely love it so far!
Do update soon!

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accountband Goldie

Joined: 13 February 2007
Posts: 1109

Posted: 02 January 2011 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
Oh and one more thing...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the intro video you did to promote the idea of this fan fiction it's too good...i am so impressed...LOL...
Please continue soon.

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
hey noorya.... loved ur ff. dear..... waiting eagerly for the next part

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
Hey Nooorya ... nice start Clap... waiting for other characters to unfold ...
Shantanu Khandelwal naaam padhkar ... one starts droooling ... imagine first episode & KT looking irresistible .... wowoowowww

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