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FF: FCML!! MG |update7/8 pg69/72 (Page 33)

Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

awesome part.
 loved it.
 continue soon.

thnx for commenting!..
wil updae by evening!..Big smile

Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:03am | IP Logged

Okay guyz.. let me make the story clear so that it is not confusing.. I don't know why some ppl are finding it confusing..?? anyways.. the story goes like :- Maan is living with his daughter geetangali whose nickname is geet. And his mum. In delhi. He is a MD of leading construction company of India. Khurana construction.. is indeed very rich. His wife samira died due to some problem in pregnancy .the coincidence is this that in Maan's past there is his friend whose name is Geet.. and she was his bestie from college. Samira knew that geet used to like maan from more than just a friend.

And now u'll see Geet's re-entry in Maan's life'.huh' hope its not that confusing now..


Okay guyz' here is a next part. Hope u all gonna like it!..


Part 3


Guzar na jaye



Guzar Na Jaye Ye Khwaab Sa Safar 2
Sab Kuchh Simat Ke Aya Hai Sirf Ek Pal Mein
Baho Tham Lo Tum Ke Fir Mile Na Mile
Guzar Na Jaye 2

 Keh Diya Hai Aj Akhir Tumse Jo
Chhupaye Ham Rahe Gumsum Se
Isse Pehle Bat Hi Jaye Raste
Apne Bhi Dil Ki Kaho Kuchh Hamse
Tumhari Jo Khamoshi
Hai Kahania Si Kehti Hai
Tumhari Jo Tamanna Hai
Vo Muh Chhupaye Rehti Hai
Tu Ru Ru Uuuoooooooo

 Sab Kuchh Simat Ke Aaya
Hai Sirf Ek Pal Mein
Baho Mein Thamlo
Tum Ki Fir Mile Na Mile
Guzar Na Jaye Ye
Khwaab Sa Safar

 Puchhte Ho Hal Mere Dil Kahosh
Hai Na Rah Na Manzil Ka
Ye Badan Mein Kya Pighalta
Jayeek Nasha Ho Jaise Halka Halka
Safar Ye Khatam Na Ho
Rahe Ye Kabhi Kam Na Ho
Mile Ya Na Mile Manzil
Bichhad Ne Ka Gam Na Ho
Tu Ru Ru Uuuoooooooo

 Sab Kuchh Simat Ke Aaya
Hai Sirf Ek Pal Mein
Baho Mein Thamlo
Tum Ki Fir Mile Na Mile
Guzar Na Jaye Ye
Khwaab Sa Safar

 He could not believe whom he was seeing in front of him! It was like ages when he last saw her in railway station 9yrs ago and everything changed since then. That was the last day of his boyhood. With Geet everything went away from him. His boyish hood, his smile his boyish behavior- he turned into a stern man altogether. It looked like his college life just ended! How ever he never understood this change in himself but others did. And now when he is seeing his Geet after so many days he just want to hug her. Hug his only friend. He came forward and without saying anything nor looking at anyone he just hugged her as tightly as he could, like he'll never let her go, like she was his last breath and he wanted to feel it before going to long sleep. She responded back by hugging him. Tears welled up in both's eyes. 

Maan broke out of the hug and just able to utter a single word!

"Geet!!" he said as he cupped her face not able to believe if it was a dream or was it a reality!

He didn't know how much he waited for this moment. The day when Samira left him, he just wanted to cry, he just wanted a shoulder on which he could rest his head on, on which he could cry his heart out, but then there was no one. There was only his old mother whom he had to give shoulder to cry on, whom he had to console.


He didn't broke down then as he had many responsibilities to be fulfilled and for that he had to be strong. It were eight yrs since when he was controlling his tears, but not now. He just wanted to share his pain. He didn't think of anything- where he was, who all were present' all he wanted was to be with Geet- without uttering a word he took Geet's hand and took her to his cabin- and she also did not protest. He was herself was much surprised to find man there.


(Geet's monologue)


Ohh gosh!. This is first day and I am late. What would Mr. Chopra might be thinking of me. I hope this guy whom we are to meet do not says anything to Mr. Chopra.


(she reached CR and opened the door)


OMG! "Maan!!"


"Maan Singh Khurana!!!!!!"


And woooffffffff!!!!  He hugged me tightly. I never thought that I'll meet him again so soon. I hugged him back- I don't know that I am happy or not! Yes I am feeling delighted to have seen him after so long' par I really don't know what to feel when 9 yrs ago I wowed never to cross his life again. God! What is your will!


What!!! Is Maan crying? I can feel my shirt going wet! I had never expected him to go all so emotional, he was never so emotional however I myself felt a tinge of burning sensation in my eyes.


But mine is obvious, i'. no no... he was my friend and that is why only I m feeling tears in my eyes and more over he is Samira's. yes! he loved her. How I can forget that! But I too'.NO.. this is wrong' I cant think that way.. how could i?!!!!!


And now he is cupping my face' I can't see him like this. What he is doing' my MD is standing there all shocked!.. and I am here in his arms.. ohh god!!....


And now he is taking me somewhere away fom the CR. But where?.. we are in office and he is behaving like it is his office.. like he owns this place' "babaji' ye kya kar raha hai.." but I don't have any other choice but to follow him.


Here we are now in a very big cabin which is surrounded by glass walls, it has beautifully dull dcor! One can see the whole office standing in there'

But the question is whose cabin is this? Is this Maan's? what job he does here? OMG what if his boss see's us here and what will he say to him'OMG..


(geet's monologue ends)


"Maaaaannnn" geet uttered finally all stammering..," ye tum mujhe yahan kyo laye ho? Ye kiska cabin hai?"


(Maan's monologue)


Now when we were in my cabin, she opened her mouth, but out of all things I expected her to say to ask, she asked something which right now made no sense.. and that too when we were meeting after almost 9 yrs.


I thought she would ask me- how was I ? what i am doing here or how my life was going or how was Samira but NO.. how could I forget that she will always be my jhalli no matter how many years may pass.


She asked me looking around all baffled!-"whose cabin was it?!!" I least expected this question, but how could I forget that my jhalli lacks common sense!..


"Geet, whose cabin do you think it is?" I asked her as I playfully sat on my chair with a content smile after almost 8yrs!.


"NO way!... is it urs?" she asked me in utter disbelief. "Maan what are you doing here? I mean what you do?" she asked me still not getting anything clear.


Ohh gosh! My jhalli is back I am just so happy and really feeling contented! I don't know after I how may days I am feeling 'complete', yes after so many days I am feeling like old Maan. The college boy!...


I cut her question by asking her- where have you been Geet? why you left me? You didn't even cared to tell me, didn't even met me, and not only this you didn't contacted me? Why Geet? Aisa kyo kiya tumne? Kya mai tumhara dost nahi tha' kya galti thi meri? Jab mujhe tumhari sabse zada zaroorat thi to kaha thi tum? Bolo geet.. aise chup mat raho.. batao mujhe.. mai aaj janna chaht hoon.. kyat ha mai tumhare liye.. kya humari dosti kuch nahi thi tumhare liye?  I asked her these question which I have been asking my self from all these yrs!.


Sh was quite looking down. I knew she didn't had any answers  and if she might be having then she is not gonna give them. She was stubborn at it I knew that fact!


"geet, to tum kab ayi delhi? Aur kaha reh rahi ho?" I asked her changing the topic my self. I didn't want her to feel guilty by my asking question.


"Maan mai aaj hi delhi aayi hoon.. aur Mr chopra ne saare arrangements kr diye hain mere hotel mein rehne ke. Mai yaha se seedhi hotel hi jaungi." She said with a straight face.


" achha.. tumne aisa socha bhi kais eke tum yahan delhi aaogi aur aur kisi hotel mein rahogi?" I said , I was hurt and it clearly was visible in my tone ." tum mere saath  ghar chal rahi ho.. maa tumhe dekh kar khush honge" I said without giving her chance to say anything


"nahi Maan.." she finally said." Mai kaise' mera matlab hai tumhare ghar.. tum bekar mein pareshaan hoge" she said with her face down

" tum itni zada formal kab se ho gayi Geet..? tum aisi toh nahi thi.. kya sachh mein tum mujhe apna dost nahi manti ho?" I was much more hurt than before I don't know ke vo itni formal kyo ho rahi hai mere saath..


"nahi Maan aisi koi baat nahi hai' mai kal aa jaungi.. itni der ho gayi hai..  tumhe bhi ab ghar jana chahiye.." she said.. but she is definitely being so indifferent.


"maine kaha na.. k tum mere saath mere ghar chal rahi ho.. to bass chal rahi ho" I said determined and with stern voice.


She then said nothing but nodded giving her approval.


(Maan's monologue ends)


Meanwhile Adi knocked Maan's cabin


"Sir Mr. Chopra is still waiting" Adi informed


"hmm theek hai'' geet tum yehi ruko mai abhi aata hoon" I said ." Adi tum Geet ko project ki details aur file ki copy de do.. I am coming"


"Ji sir" Adi said


(Maan left)


Adi handed over the Chopra project file to Geet. And gave few details of the the project to her. When Adi was about to leave Geet stopped him!


"Adi ji.. ek baat poochni thi.. " geet said  hesitantly.


"ji Ma'am" Adi inquired


" vo.. ye Maan.. yah ape kya kaam karta hai.. I mean vo.." Geet was hesitant and was feeling awkward to ask anything about Maan directly from the one who was him self unknown to her.


"Maan sir MD hain Khurana Constructions ke" Adi told her in utter disbelief and surprise knowing that she doesn't even know about Maan and in CR few moments ago Maan hugged her like she was some very important person in his life.


"kya MD??? Maan MD hai!... " geet's eyes became bigger in disbelief and shock!


"aap mazak  kar rahe hain na Adi ji? Mera mazak bana rahe hai!.." geet said laughing loud.


" just then Maan entered his cabin and saw Adi who was surprisingly looking at Geet with his mouth half open in surprise and get was laughing uncontrollably.


"What's the matter' what's the joke of the day Geet? Why are you laughing like Madmen?" Maan asked out of curiosity.


"Maan ' ye Adi jib hi na .. bade mazakiya hain' abhi abhi inhone joke of the day nahi balki joke of the year mara hai!"... geet said between her hysterical laughter.


"what's the joke Adi?" Maan asked Adi who was still looking at Geet in disbelief.


"Adi"  Maan called out again which brought Adi to senses


"who sirrrr'.. maine Geet ma'am ko bass yehi bataya ke aap Khurana Constructions kr MD hain '.. aur ye hasne lagi!" adi said horrified of Maan's reaction to it' but was majorly surprised when he saw Maan's lips curved in slight smile instead of anger..!!


"adi tum jao.. kafi der ho gayi hai.."


"ji sir" adi said," good night sir.. good night Ma'am"


(Adi left)


"geet plz hasna band karo aur ghar chalo kafi der ho gayi hai.." Maan said.


After sometime they reached home. Geet was little uncomfortable, though this had been her second home in past but now it did not belonged to her. She was thinking about Samira.. that she is finally going to meet her today after that day on station when her tear filled eyes could not hide emotions from Samira that she had for Maan..  she knew that Samira that day had understood what she had for Maan.. but it was very late till then.


The car stopped and so were the thoughts on Geet's mind. The driver was told to bring the bags to mansion.


Maan led her to mansion.


As she walked into the mansion all the faded memories came back to her mind like a film that was running before her eyes. She remembered how she used to spent her time here.. how she used to chat with Maan's mother whole evening. That period of her life was the best part that she still cherished.


They reached the door and stepped in. it was the same as it was 9 yrs back. Nothing had changed.


Just then she saw a very beautiful girl came running all through the stairs and hugged Maan.


"papa.. aap aagaye!... I was waiting for you" she said as she hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.


part 4 




Ok guyz.. that is is.. hope its long enough'

And I hope u all liked it!...

Pls press like button and also your appreciation /criticism is welcome!



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Originally posted by MaanEET_FAN

Originally posted by Nikita-Sharma


aww niks!....
thnx for reading.. wil wait for ur commnt!Big smile
will read priya for u!
me not a big maneet fan..*no offence*.....but d concept is really very will surely read n commentEmbarrassed

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nice update!
n finlly geet is here! me happy!Tongue
short update but atleast geet made her entry!

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome part.
love it.
finally geet n maan met.
so amazing.
thank u.
plz update soon.

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loved this new concept

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amazing update!
loved d way he hugged her!
n geet wz laughing soooo much when she came to know maan wz d MD of KC
she still didn't believe it na! hehehehe
she is seriously one jhali!
loved it loadzzzz!
n wt will geet's reaction be when she comes to know that sameera is no more
waiting for that
LONG update!! loved it sooooooooooo much!

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