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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 9)

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Chapter 6

Leelu, can you serve my breakfast in Baba's study…I want to have a chat with him…Nakusha heard


Yes Roops beti, right away!! Leela replied




Nakusha was amazed to see the stable, she had never seen a horse so close quarters let alone a good stable, what all she got to see in her village were mules or donkeys, nothing so graceful and high breed.  The stable was spotlessly clean, the horses she learnt had their own doctors and likes and dislikes too..alongwith fancy names.  Each horse had their family tree and lineage traced out….and she even learnt that this is not only the stable…


There is another farm, on the other side where breeding etc are taken care as here there is not enough space for all horses….


What do they do with so many horses…Nakusha wondered aloud….


Bajirao handed her an overall, why did you agree to such a stupid idea…do you have any idea what kind of work you will be doing, he asked instead startling Nakusha….


Nakusha observed him, he looked to be a kind hearted man but then she was no judge and it was too early ….


Believe me I have nowhere to go, as you must have read my aunt is in the jail now and maybe people will not like to keep me, who would like to get into trouble…..


Why the organization with whom your aunt worked….


Naku was surprised to see Bajirao knowing about her aunt…she was not expecting it ….


Err will you believe me if I say I did not know them nor they know me….though my family was very proud of her, my aunt rarely visited us and even if she did she came alone…somehow she did not believe in mixing her work with her family……maybe that is why she brought me to Ayi Sahib but I doubt if she knew that Raja Sahab would not approve of it…


Yes that is the problem…he is not fond of her family…Bajirao cut in….


Lekin kyu, she is after all his wife….


Bajirao opened his mouth to say something then changed his mind, Nakusha turned to see Dutta Sriram Patil coming towards them in long strides….


So you have seen everything he asked….


Yes Sir, Nakusha replied promptly…..


What are you waiting for then, go and get changed…I see you have got your uniform too….


Bajirao directed her towards the toilet cum change room….


Bhau, what shift do I fit her in…definitely not the night shift and she will also need a proper toilet for herself if she has to work here….Nakusha heard Bajirao speaking in undertone


Why what is the problem with the toilet….


Bhau she is a girl… the last thing Nakusha heard as she went out of range, she smiled…..




Ayi Sahib got ready for the evening….Today her son Dutta's first biggest deal hence they would be celebrating, meaning they would be talking about horses, races, breeds etc etc., the topic which did not interest her the least.  She did not understand how could people spend their entire life on horses…once again she had tried but then she never really could grasp the subject, she saw it as a wasteful pass time of the rich and wealthy, nevertheless it was their family's prestige and nothing can be said against it…the earnings sustained the family, after all even if you sit and eat, the wealth will finish if it is not appropriately generated.


Ayi Sahib looked at her reflection, when she had come in as a bride, once realizing now truly married to this household she can do very little instead try and get herself adjusted to it, she did try to get interested in the housework, as she had seen her mother and grandmother but things were here in large scale, even if you do not have your breakfast it is prepared, the ingredients are nothing but the best, whatever the price maybe, the vegetable/ meat/ fish come from specified vendors who have been supplying to the family over generations just like the servants, from the father to the son, mother to the daughter…it is rarely somebody from the outer circle is employed except for experts like doctors, trainers, mechanics, that too with a lot of screening…we don't employ just servants, we also ensure their livelihood for life…Ayi Sahib remembered the answer Raja Saab had given during his interview with one of the channels / magazines….if they fall sick, he knows his son or daughter will be employed and his family will be taken care….


It sounds definitely nice but then the main reason is they buy trust and ensure the family is bounded to the Raja of Patilwadi for life…for they know if they are caught anyway doing some misdeeds it is not only them whose life will be endangered but also their families.  Naturally her middle class way of running the house did not come into any use, during that time too Leela who was about 5 years older to her was already taking over the rein of the household as a housekeeper from her mother, if Ayi Sahib wanted to do something, she would raise her eyebrow and say well things are not done that way here…here we adhere to traditions very much and things are done just the way they have been done for generations now….everything is as per tradition and generation….in short she scared Ayi Sahib, shooed her away from the kitchen or from doing anything in the house…soon Ayi Sahib realized her only job was to bear children, no not even raise them as they would be raised as per tradition, by the nurses and the ayahs under the directive of their father…..


Is Ayi  Sahib still scared of Leela, well not really but then she is more wry of her now…they avoid each other most of the time, trying not to step into each other's territory.  Leela thankfully did not have a daughter but she is training Kanta, her niece or cousin, Ayi Sahib is not sure to take over from her.  Hopefully when Kanta will take over, Ayi Sahib will be too old to do anything to with this Haveli, hopefully by that time Dutta will get married and his wife will deal with Kanta…what she does and how she handles will no longer be of any interest to Ayi Sahib as most probably Dutta will marry someone who will obviously be very different from her taste and likings….


Ayi Sahib, Raja Saab is ready and is waiting for you at the head of the stairs, her maid announced….


Ok now she has to make an entry with her husband, as per tradition of course and after that he will hardly glance at her when she tries to make her invisible in the party standing or sitting in various corners….


Ha chalo, I am ready too….




Nakusha was scrubbing herself, inspite of doing the filthy job, she somehow enjoyed herself, first she wanted to prove that she is worth it, the Patils ensured that they wore proper uniform, gloves, musk and had proper tools including amused onlookers but she was amused too, remembering the toilet back there…no wonder Bajirao was hesitant for it was covered with posters, wild posters of men's imagination about a woman, from top film stars to prone stars with their comments on, Nakusha's ears burnt and she could not wait to be out, nevertheless it was the other side of the prim and proper Patils…to keep their staff happy they allow them to paste their wild posters….


Tying her wet hair in turban, Nakusha got out of the bathroom, tomorrow sharp at 5 a.m. she has to report to work…since you will not be doing night shifts to start with you better come on time, I don't want any revolt here….Bajirao had told her while she finished today….


She realized she was hungry and today was the party obviously Leela will not remember her, Nakusha picking up her dupatta walked out of the room going towards the kitchen, she knew it and it was huge…Kanta looked up to see her but then said nothing, she was busy supervising the food being poured into serving dishes….Nakusha picked up a plate..went to the other side…picked up some rice, dal, a bit of vegetable, papad and then stood inspecting if there was anything else she could pickup when the cook took out a dish from the oven and kept it on the table, it looked good and smelled awesome……Nakusha's mouth watered, not wasting time picking up a serving spoon she took a helping…..


How dare you?  Screamed Kanta… is Bhau's favourite dish and you have ruined it…..


One thing Nakusha had come to know in this house there were no bickering regarding food…so she was really surprised to hear Kanta screaming……


I have not taken all, just a bit of it….I am sure he will not eat all….


You have taken before he could even take it…Kanta pointed out….


Well, I am hungry and the party is on, I have to report to work at 5 a.m tomorrow morning….


As employee of this house you are not supposed to eat before your 'malik' does….a cold voice spoke….


Nakusha looked past to see Leela standing…..she knew that was not true as she had seen many servants munching while they worked including Kanta…..


Nakusha gave a stiff smile…..yes but then I am employee of the stable and inside the house I am Ayi Sahib's guest or have you forgotten that……as her guest I am entitled to my likes and dislikes…..


Momentarily Leela was loss of speech she was not expecting an answer back but when she opened her mouth to reply she noticed Nakusha was walking out of the kitchen in long strides…




Nakusha went at the back of the courtyard, behind her room to be precise…though her room was nice, she wanted some fresh air, sitting on top of a bonnet of a car, she helped herself with the food, yes the dish was real tasty, she did not know what it was but it was just awesome, unlike anything she had eaten before… she chewed she smelled cigarette, turned her head to watch him standing and observing her leaning against another car….



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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Awwwww Baaji is nice... Yaaay.. I knew my baaji wud never be mean... But Hailaaa Dutta is quite heartless lol.. just like his dad!
I feel so sorry for AS.. she wud walk in the party with SP but then he wudnt even look at her.. Meanie!
Aww bechari is hungry and that kanta ki to Angry.. n leela She's so rude.. im glad NAkku replied bak and walked away lmao..
hailaa she sat on a car and ateLOL.. aww bless her.. Hmm was it Dutta at the end? Hailaa he smoke... Hmm not surprised if he does.. His dad probably smoke cigar lol..
Great updatee... Continue soonEmbarrassed

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vikadesigirl Goldie

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ohh baaji is so nice and considerate of her! loved nakusha standing up to leela regarding the food.. and haila she took first helping of dutta's fav food.. hmmm.. then him staring at her as she ate her food.. i hope it is dutta standing by the car..

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great update............leela is so rude, good that naku answered her back............who was watching her?.......dutta?

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I haope she is sitting on his fav convertible....and i hope she drops some gravy on the bonnet too....make them clash..make dutta lose each argument with her....make him fall flat and hard...he kindda deserves it....

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shruti10august Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Tin, this ff is realy cool. Here naku is inteligent, i lyk it. Baaji is very gud, bt dutta.....
I m realy waiting for TaSha luv story to start, it vl be different altogether. Please itna mat tadpao, please start their luv story.

Thnx for updating it on regular basis Smile

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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a nice updt..........Naku gav a vry good answer to Leela.........Who was it watching her???? looks like Dutta.............He smokes?????? maybe ....afterall arrogant..........continue soooooooooooon.........
BTW, than fr clearing my doubt.........

Edited by ushankitvc - 10 January 2011 at 11:36pm

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hey  nice  update  dear..........
finally  naku  was  work  under  baji..................hmm..........interesting.................
who  admire her while  she  was  eating?????????????
looking  fwd...............

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