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FF- Raj Gharana,Ch39, the end, pg76, updtd on 21.2 (Page 76)

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
First of all........Happy Anniversary for "All is well" wishes for da coming to da update it was truly special.........luved da way D was showing "Haq" on N jus like an lovely now what happened in those 2 it a wedding?? D&N or B&R.........what a cliffhanger dear.......luving it as always.....monday come fast care

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Hi Tin.. thanks for updating in spite of your busy schedule. been really tied up today what with WC starting off with a bang and a win for India :)
hmm.. waiting to see what all has happened in the past 2 weeks for AS to be so happy and content. And Baaji kisses Roops on her hand like a gentleman in front of the haveli.. so hmmm.. that relationship has also had something happen to it, in the last 2 weeks kya?!
glad to see Dutta and nakku act natural. he is now trying to get her aunt free as quickly as possible. BTW, do we need to fret about what Kanta told Dutta that night? will it be made common knowldege soon? also i know he told her not to go to work from now on.. am sure Bolt ko kuch nahin hua hai na? better not, please..but then if she should not go to work as she had appt with ADv Sen, that would be one off ona..but he says from now on, dont go to wor.. so wht's cooking in his brain to say that i wonder..shaadi? after which he would not want her to work there obviously.. but he also knows naku enjoys her time there and should spend time there.. but these thougts were before they became close, so maybe now he wants things to progress to the next level and give their relationship the social blessing too?! 
whoopie.. so Dutta finally tells eeveryone that Naku has accepted his proposal.. gosh that was great, esp in front of all those ppl who are considered to be RS's family! breakfast gale mein na atak jaaye LOL

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Hey Jayati
Thanks for this weekend update.
So much happened in between two weeks,which i guess we will get to know in bits & parts in upcoming updates.
I am glad to see change in AS ,the reason must be something related to her children's happiness.
I really liked dutta's thoughts on how he wanted his morning to be.I also liked the fact that he is confindent in nakku making the haveli home.
I am curious about bolt,& u are increasing suspense.
I was laughing really hard when dutta announced about nakusha being his fiance.OMG what a kodak moment it must be to see RS,female RS & Leela's face.LOL

Congrats for the first anniversary of AIW.

Have a nice weekend.

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Hey Jayati Hug
Thanx alot for the wonderful updateHug ...loved it like always
So finally naku agreed to marry duttaDay Dreamingthat"s just awesome ...can"t wait for there wedding ....btw AS is very happy ...can"t wait to know what happened in past 2 weeks .....The morning after was really sweet and cuteDay DreamingOmg dutta announced naku as his fiance ...Haila Sabko zor ka jhatka laga hoga LOL.....i hope they don"t choke on there food LOL...
thanx yaar ....will wait for the nxt update.....
u take care and see ya around...
Love and hugs
Happy anniversary to AIW...

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Chapter 39, the end

Hmmm my fiance, the girl who agreed to marry me finally….The second that ensued seemed like an eternity before Raja Saab burst out. ….

What rubbish Raja Saab banged his fist on the table…..I will not give consent to any such alliance…The time has come to cleanse this house of certain influences that has marred our …

Dutta cut in and replied in a very matter of fact manner " Does not matter Baba as I have not asked for it…..and as ridding this house of certain influences, you are right ….He did not miss the horrified expression on Tai Sahib's and Leela's face….Whilst Kareena looked least perturbed, Jagat was trying to understand what was going on….

This is my property and I will cut you out from your inheritance….Raja Saab barked….

Your prerogative, I am perfectly, capable of earning my own living and secondly there is a part of my inheritance on which you have no control, like Serumix and the other stud farm, for Nakusha and myself it is more than enough….

That will not give you this kind of luxury, priviledges

But a lot of free air to breath and room to feel home…Kala Tai is already packing her things and I guess I should pack mine too….and ask Roops to pack hers….Dutta added coldly..

Roops? What are you implying? She is not going anywhere….

Oh Baba how can you be so dumb? I am sorry I thought you have a better understanding than any of us in matters of the world, Nakusha toh itna gussa karti hai mere par, ankh kholke dekhiye, she says as she thinks I don't see most of the things unless pointed out…..

I am not interested in what Nakusha says, I give a damn and my children are not going anywhere…Raja Saab roared..

I am going to marry Nakusha for sure and Roops, Bajirao….Infact I quite like her choice…she has chosen well….….varna we would have seen another daughter of this house coming pack to Patilwadi after some years. My baby sister will be happy and thankfully you cannot stop her.

Two ordinary upstarts coming into my house and taking my children for a ride, I will not have it…Raja Saab fumed…Leela tried to calm him down…..

Dutta, please forgive my saying but what does Nakusha have in her that you insist in marrying her..Jagat asked….

Spirit…Kareena replied….a spark inspite of facing all odds she wants to fight on for her survival and with dignity …Dutta was surprised to hear Kareena's reply but then she is an artist and thus having good observation power….

Dutta could not agree more, very nicely put by Kareena, yes it is the first thing which struck him, in spite of her sad eyes searching her family she never missed anything in this Haveli….she showed him how sad his mother was, she showed him how deeply in love his sister was with his own employee and the best of it she refused to accept any sympathies, anything which she thought she did not earn it…

She was an ordinary girl with an extra ordinary spirit…. Kareena said interrupting Dutta's musings.

But Kareena, that is very generous of you but don't forget to mention that she was the reason that I, nearly lost my life yesterday, Gauri Devi added sarcastically glaring at her niece. The latter lowered her eyes….

Oh yes that reminds me, how is your neck Ataya, did it hurt when I hugged you….Dutta interjected

Better…eerrr much….eer I am feeling much….being intelligent Gauri Devi realised what Dutta was hinting at…

Kareena suddenly giggled….Gauri Devi glared at her…Leela froze…..

"You know what Ataya", Dutta took out a piece of paper…."this is a notice, a legal notice that says that for hurting my prized horse, Thundering Bolt, I demand from Gauri Devi Gaikward, a sum of Rs.25 crores to compensate for incapacitating Bolt and, consequently, causing major mental harassment to my employee Baji Rao and my fiance Nakusha Ganpath Rao….."

Dutta put the paper in front of Gauri Devi…..

What rubbish….her saddle was not buckled properly, why would she hurt Bolt?…Raja Saab barked

"Dutta…how can you blame me…Gauri Devi screamed….what is wrong with you"…..colour rapidly draining from her face.

"Woh do kauri ki ladki ke liye you are blaming my mother…." Jagat exclaimed….

Dutta stopped him . "Jagat Bhau, please remember that you are talking about my future wife, and I fully expect you to give her due respect in my house. And here is a copy of the specialist report, Bajirao got it yesterday as he had his doubts. Our grounds having the most horse-friendly conditions, how could Thundering Bolt possibly sustain such a bad injury?"

Dutta looked straight into his aunt's eyes…..

Dutta Sriram Patil, if you are trying to threaten my sister in my house I will not tolerate it….

Yes of course but when your sister and your housekeeper blind you with their so called obedience in the name of keeping your class intact by their classless activities, am I, the one to carry forward your lineage and our legacy, supposed to sit back quiet and watch…." Dutta mocked and none in that dining room could miss the steely determination in his voice.

"First of all Dutta other than a specialist report, which could very well be fabricated, you have no proof whatsoever for supporting your serious allegations and don't you know me enough to realise to what level I can go to keep my family's name intact."

"Leelu will you please call Kanta" Dutta ordered Leela who was already looking helpless…..

I know what level you can go Baba, I know you can cut Bajirao into pieces and throw his body in a crocodile infested pool where his remains cannot be traced, I know you can do the same for Nakusha…but then fortunately I do know your ways….both Bajirao and Nakusha have lodged a complaint with Police if somethings happens to them they should come and get you arrested. Don't worry like the notice to Ataya it is also done very professionally under proper guidance with the help of an eminent lawyer who will not sell himself to you. Secondly Bajirao has not put down Bolt, yes Bolt will not be able to race in the future but then his injury is still very much raw, you can have your own specialist to check him, get your forensic expert, who will only give you the report that Bolt has been hit with something heavy…..

Bhau Sahib have you called me…

Yes Kanta, Dutta extended his hand….

Kanta swallowed, looking little scared she handed over a mobile to Dutta….

Your trusted and most obedient employee, who runs your house most efficiently….Dutta signaled at Kanta….handing back the mobile to her whilst everyone present looked on wondering.

Kanta clicked some keys….Dutta carried on, "Kanta has this bad habit. She knew her aunt was not very savvy with modern gadgets so given a chance, of course, whenever she could lay her hands on Leelu's mobile, maybe while it was getting charged etc., she often put her mobile into recording mode ….. …Leela, obviously, never noticed the same and went about her daily tasks whilst some interesting and very enlightening conversations got recorded. Conversations which Kanta again given an opportunity copied on to her own mobile and played back during her free time. Call it a perversion but it was her own way of entertaining hesrself she tells me…and this is what she found lately…."

Kanta played the clip where Gauri Devi and Leela talked about the manner they planned the assault on Bolt and how they have indulged in played pranks on Ayi Sahib in the past…..

There was pin drop silence. Stunned, Gauri Devi did not know where to look, Leela started shaking, Raja Saab with his hand on his head was dumbstruck while Jagat could barely hide his horror and embasrassament. The only individual other than Dutta and Kanta who looked happy was Kareena. She had tears in her eyes as she watched Dutta unmasking her aunt. It struck her that she could now understand, clearly, how her own parents must have been manipulated by Gauri Devi.

Leelu, with due respect let me tell you, Nakusha will not be Ayi Sahib, you cannot claw down her like the way you did to my mother, Firstly, Nakusha saw through you as soon as she entered this house and secondly she told me how my mother was in essence. The woman whom I always thought indifferent, was suffering because of somebody's conspiracy. Yours specifically, for whatever notion or perversion you may have cultivated. But rest assured that unlike your Raja Saab I will not keep quiet when the servants of the house ill treat my wife…"

Raja Saab Leela cried trying to get support from the man whom she twisted with her little finger with all the manipulation and partly made up stories..

"Leela, in case you decide to retire, I will keep my promise and give you a good pension…." Raja Saab said in a voice devoid of expressions but carrying the nuances of years of arrogance and expectations of a sense of servitude.….Leela knew she had lost it forever…

Dutta got up and walked out of the room, Ayi Sahib was standing in the corridor for she was informed by her maid about the show down, as Dutta came out of the room, Ayi Sahib caught his hands, Dutta saw his mother's eyes was filled with tears, lips moving but no words coming out….

I wish you had fought for your position long back Ayi Sahib, then we would have had such a lovely childhood but then all is not lost….

Yes beta, I should have …but as a son you have done it and a mother cannot ask for anything more….I…I promise you now I will live the way my children want me to from now onwards….dabbing her eyes with her pallu, giving Dutta a tearful smile Ayi Sahib walked out towards the lawn where the villagers were still waiting for her….Dutta watched her retreating back…when will Ayi Sahib learn to live for herself…maybe never but with Nakusha around maybe she can teach his mother finally to assert herself.


Over the weekend when the opening Ball took place, the Haveli was decked up to its best, in the colours of Patilwadi and ShiBaaji Rao Racers….Raja Saab stood with Ayi Sahib in welcoming the guests as usual, as Bajirao escorted the guests to the bar and helped them to choose their drinks, Roops stood wearing a lovely black short dress with Rishi introducing her newly found banner…Dutta came in, as promised in his Armani dinner jacket, flanked by Kareena in her Armani off shoulder gown and Nakusha dressed under the supervision of Kala Tai in a simple cream gown with a pearl chocker around her neck her hair open with minimum make up….

As Dutta showed off the two beauties on each arm, he joked and laughed. Kareena clearly enjoying the limelight whilst Nakusha kept blushing giving Dutta coy glances…

Still struggling to take everything in, Nakusha thought how lucky she has been. In spite of losing everything in one stroke, God has given her back her very own family within the shortest possible time. She thanked her parents and mused that it must have been their good wishes she was given a second lease of life full of happiness and hope for a secure and loving future. Life had literally been on a rollercoaster ride. Advocate Sen has already filed an appeal against the order on behalf of her aunt whilst Nakusha has organized and set up a signature campaign in support of her aunt…Ayi Sahib's secretary Lekha and two others from the NGO went around the ballroom collecting them. The news that the Patils were campaigning for Kalpana Rao's release was already making the rounds on the national channels…. Nakusha had no complaints against anybody anymore, she was now prepared to embark on her new life….

As promised to Kareena, Dutta danced the opening dance with her after which Raja Saab called the two pairs….flanked by his whole family including his siblings and their family, he announced the engagement of both his Dutta slid a family heirloom ring in Nakusha's finger, Bajirao put on his mother's kangan on Roops' hand….Raja Saab announced…Madhvi and I take the pleasure of welcoming whole of Patilwadi and you to a double wedding which will take place as per the date the family pandit selects after six months keeping in mind the loss Nakusha has undergone and we also hope to atleast get a parole for Kalpana Rao to be present for her niece's wedding, Advocate Sen is already working towards it…..

Then the two betrothed pairs took to the floor and danced whilst everybody clapped cheering and wishing them joy. Dutta guided Naku's steps discreetly trying to save his feet from her stamping…"Oh God, am I making a fool of myself?"…Nakusha grimaced and bit her tongue as Dutta manages to save his foot yet again. "No problem …nobody will know….or see", Dutta whispered.

Such funny dances, I never know if at all I will be able to do it properly in my life ….

Koi baath nehi, mai hu na….Dutta reassured

Pura zindagi aapka beeth jaiga sikhate sikhate..Nakusha was not happy with her performance…

Good for us, that is what we want isn't it, you will guide me and I will guide you, Dutta put his chin on her head…


In one corner Leela stood supervising the service people as they served the guests, she stood dressed prim and proper in her uniform with her no nonsense expression….Ayi Sahib came out of the Hall, she looked around and seeing Leela she went to stand in front of her….holding her hand she said….Leela I must thank you for running my house smoothly, taking care of Raja Saab, for I could have done it so efficiently….lekin bachche abhi bare ho gaye, theirs is a different generation and they are not willing to accept many things…thanks once again for organizing this party so well….

Leela bowed deep to her and replied…My pleasure…. Ayi Sahib….


Nakusha twisted her feet, not used to wearing heels she was feeling uneasy, so many guests, so many questions, such a different atmosphere. She felt the need to be alone for a short while, to let the changes sink in….picking up a plate of food she walked out of the door, she walked towards the lawn and watched the house from there, the fancy lights, the guests, the cars were all here for her, for Dutta, for Roops for Bajirao she thought…Is it true, she pinched hesrself or was she dreaming and would suddenly wake up in the refugee camp and resume her daily morning routine of going up to the river and hoping to see her family emerge from the water. Lost in her thoughts, she walked towards the backyard and, suddenly, realised that she was in the workshop area. It reminded her of the other night when she sat having her dinner on top of a car…Smiling she once again got up and sat on the bonnet of a car which was there…making herself comfortable she started biting into her food, watching the stars and the moon. She recalled a childhood conversation with her Baba about her dead grandparents who had become stars in the sky….Which one is Baba, which one is Ayi and which one is her little Bhau…she thought and asked herself if they were watching her from there and were happy for her. Her eyes misted and a tear trickled down….

You do have an expensive choice for a dining table….Dutta muttered….

Seeing him she blinked….is it a maybach again?

No a Fararri he replied coming to stand in front of her pressing his body against her legs….

I am hungry……

Today I don't have fish on my plate…Nakusha replied….

Kuch bhi chalega, through your hands it will be tasty……

Nakusha giggled…chal jhoote….I know how you like your non-veg….

Tum ro rahi thi….

Dutta, why me? Nakusha held at him the ring he had given a little while ago….Dutta kissed her palm…

Why not you Naku…he looked into her eyes….when I was small I often thought my mother never hugged me when I returned from school….she never waited for me outside my school like other mothers…yes I did notice her staring at me with an odd painful look but could never understand her later I went to hostel and also visited my friends' house…I always found my mother different…so I agreed with my father…what he always said, it is the difference in class, your mother never learnt our ways, I knew my sisters but then I did not know them enough it seems…then you came….I was attracted to you, I thought this attraction will pass by, I was curious too, somebody connected to my mother for I never knew her family, then of course your tragedy….when I was helping you initially I thought I was doing you a favour, also something to hold you back in this house, maybe one day to satisfy my carnal desires but then I think I lost my heart in between patah nehi kab…kaise……

Naku looked at him…in silence she could see the diamond studs in his earlobes glowing…he is everything she never wanted in a man…haughty, lofty, proud, unlike her own father, gentle, polite and soft but still she is in love with him..why?.

Why me Naku? Dutta asked echoing her thoughts…..

As you were the man who could have thrown me out of the house without a second thought but somehow everytime you rescued me, just like a knight in shining armour and also provided balm to my bleeding heart, a pillar of strength….Ayi Sahib of course did the bandage but she was too weak, you shielded me, Baji Bhau guided me just like a brother I will never have in this life and Kala Tai, no matter what she says and what she does because at times she does not say what she means asked me to listen to my heart….to be selfish and adhere it….I think I must thank Bolt also, he gave me the final jolt and then you saved me once again from sinking into depression like walking to the river every day for one month…even on the day I came here I don't now how long I stood gazing at it, hoping my family would come and stop me from coming away…you made me realize my darkest truth that they never would….

Dutta leaned forward and kissed her on her lips…..


(On the day of the opening of the races)

Dutta knocked on Kala Tai's door…

Bus ho giya a rahi hu….Naku answered….

Abh jaldi kar, kitna der sajegi…..

A rahi hu a rahi hu…Nakusha opened the door, in a pale pink sari with thin boarder and very light kundan jewerlry she was looking very pretty…Dutta inspected her…adjusted the maang on her head and then extended his arm…with a smile Nakusha slid hers through it….

Ahemahem…Kala Tai made a sound from back…..

Now what, Dutta turned….he like his father had worn the colours of Patilwadi alongwith his riding boots….

I want my ward back by 8 p.m. intact, no scratches and no swollen lips….. Kala said seriously while repressing a smile.

Naku blushed, Dutta leaned towards his sister, well I know Ayi Sahib has entrusted you with Naku's responsibility till the time she gets married to me but then I do have the permission to kiss her, specially today is the opening races and if our horses win….

Dutta Bhau koi bahana nehi…I know you….you want to it when it rains, when it does rain, when the sun rises and the sun does not rise but then I am the strict warden here….

Kala Tai aisa kuch nehi hoga for which will put your job at stake…Nakusha added from behind….

Thanks Nakusha, have a wonderful time and now let me put on my final touches before I join you at the race course….

Dutta and Nakusha went towards the waiting vintage car decorated beautifully to take them. Today the people of Patilwadi would get to see their future Ayi Sahib officially, hence Kala has taken special care to dress Nakusha up.

Yes Kala and Nakusha still share the room, Kala stayed back at Nakusha's behest, though she is doing up her the flat above her office, incase she wants to spend sometime by herself or I can use as my maayeka when I fight with your brother as Nakusha joked, me too Roops would add as Baji comes here to work everyday hence I need another place ….the three girls had blast at times bringing the house down with their laughter.

Leela was still there but not for full time, she stayed in her office mainly while Kanta carried out her work…Ayi Sahib had specially asked Nakusha to learn the ways of running such a house from Leela and Kanta…the mistake I made should not be repeated, so every morning before Ayi Sahib went to meet the villagers, Nakusha and Ayi Sahib sat with Leela and Kanta, planning the menu, which part of the house needed to be refurbished, where repairs are required, which art work needed touching up, which employee wants leave, shift change etc etc…now the meals were served at the dining room where they all had it together…as per Ayi Sahib's strict orders, just like the way I had it before marriage, children first followed by men and then my mother and aunts but here we will have all together…as one family…..


Raja Saab's car finally made it to the race course, the driver stopped it under the club house portico..Raja Saab got down in regal style, shaking hand with the secretary of the committee who was waiting to receive him, like his usual self went up the stairs talking to the officials to take his seat…Ayi Sahib got down, sighed briefly, he never waited….accepting the flowers from one of the lady officials she climbed the steps in her own gentle way to see Raja Saab standing on the top of the stairs, when she made it to the top, they both walked together towards the balcony to be seated…

++++++ the end++++++

Dear Friends,

Today as we celebrate the 1st Birthday of AIW I bring this story to an end. Thank you for your continuous support and comments. 181 pages !! wooowow….this was a long one but I enjoyed writing every bit of it. For one second I never thought this will be so long, infact this is the first story from the time I started writing about 4 years back that I deviated from the original storyline I had in my mind…it was going to be a story where Nakusha and Dutta get married under peculiar circumstances and how Nakusha adjusts in a household and earns respect for Ayi Sahib and herself…kya likhne baithi thi aur kya likh dali Razz…Anyways I must thank two people one is my partner Shweta (M-M) for suggesting the name of the story and then often reading the updates and discussing with me the various possibilities and second Kavita (Kavita DR) for taking the trouble to edit the last 3-4 parts and guiding me on various possibilities….For all the long distances phone call she made to discuss with me, I am overhelmed to receive such a professional help from someone who has extremely busy schedule. Thank you friends for your encouragement and if you have liked this story would love to hear a few words from you!!…Love Tin

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 6:53pm | IP Logged could you end it?!Cry  ish ish ish..I squealed when I say 'the end' written..hayye...but the ending was awesome..superb!!! Dutta-Naku..Baji-Roops getting engaged, Gauri revealed...Naku's little speech about what she gained in the haveli..the end bit..Kala the warden...awww..I will miss thiss FFCry..and I am glad AS is taking some control over her life..Raja dude getting better...not exactly very nice, but better tan he was, I think...and Kareena, she's so niceEmbarrassed..awwwwww so sadCry

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ShockedDid i just read "the end" Shocked *heart attack*CryLOL.. Tin.. ur FF is like my daily routine.. Cry I hope u will start another one sooooonEmbarrassed..
To the update... Ha i love the showdown between father and son! I loved how Dutta didnt back out when RS said he will disinherit him.. he can surely stand on his own feet for him n his wife.. !! And Roops-baaji's truth is out as well.. this is what i call a big brother.. he was going to tke his sister with him n marry her to baaji as wellEmbarrassed
And then Finally truth outBig smile. Ohh so thats what kanta was tlking bout in the room.. She has a habit of recordingLOL.. .But yaay ... leela finally lost her marbles and ofc gayatri devi ki toh aisi ki taisiAngryLOL.. OMG.. Kareena .. She's nice..!! ok i take all the things i said about her backLOL.. I like herEmbarrassed... Jagat can go hide his face in his mums palluLOL..
Haiiii Nakku in a gownEmbarrassed walking with Dutta and kareenaEmbarrassed.. FINALLY engagement done.. Cry < Khushi ki aansooLOL.. baaji-roops engagement as well.. Big smile 
LOL .. she will learn how to slow dance with time.. waqt waqt ki baat hain.. she will learn, im sure.. and who cares if she cant? even if she steps on his foot.. he wont say anything LOL.. Again she went to have dinner on a car.. a ferrariShocked...Sexy ferrariEmbarrassed.. I loved their convo outside... why he chose her and why she chose him.. Embarrassed Their answer was honest, pure and filled with love..
Ouuu Nakku in pink sareeeEmbarrassed. Lol kala is funny, No scratches or swollen lips hahah.. ROFLshe's now nakku's wardenWinktill shes married obv... n loool dutta lookin for excuses to kiss.. he can stil kiss without brushin herLOL.. Im glad kala stayed bak... n lol yes they have a maayka now.. roops as well ofcWink..And Finally AS and Nakku took over the house.. glad they check what needs to be done and stuff.. responsibility will be hers in the future.. infact near futureEmbarrassed..Well RS changed.. not that much.. but he did.. even doe he didnt go up the stairs with her.. they went together to sit.. im sure he regrets what he done to her for so many years..
You ended it on a very happy note.. but dil hai ke maanta nahinCry... I'm in love with this FF, ofc it had to come to an end.. but stillOuch... Anyway... Thnk you sooo much for such an awesome FF..Loved every bit of it..!! .. Im hoping to read more FF's by youEmbarrassed
Happy Anniversary to AIW againParty
Take care and thnks againBig smile

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hey jayanti

can't believe it is finisded
but is was awesome dear
btw happy b'day for Alliswell
both of ur ff's were just rocking
and with such different conepts
plz continue to bless us people with ur writing
just loved how dutta stood up not only for himself an his Ayi Sahib but also for his sister
Gauri Devi got what plant for which she had sown the seeds


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